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Diamond Cell Solar is a Solar Power Installation company based in Bungalow and serves QLD. Here are their reviews as submitted by visitors to SolarQuotes
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My solar system was installed in 2014 in Perth, Western Australia. The company went into receivership in 2016 and was not contactable after that. YSolar took over and I couldn't contact them either. So I haven't been able to have my solar system serviced as some of the panels and inverters are not operating properly.
I was also told that the buy back would be doubled from $0.08 to $0.16 per kw, but only received $0.08 from Synergy.

Inverter rating: 1/5
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We are pensioners and Western Power for past 3 invoice already gone more than $550.00
What too say?

Inverter rating: 1/5
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Can't get any help at all and we are getting no power reduction total rip off.
Sales man was James Dunkley who doesn't return calls
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Had 8 panels installed by Diamond Cell Solar in 2013 and they weren't running to the expectation so another 2 were installed free of charge as per the contract. Everything was running fine until a panel stopped working in August 2016 and we discovered that they had gone into liquidation and YSolar had bought them out. YSolar have been nothing short of a headache to deal with, they have replaced 1 panel but another panel stopped working in the process of it being replaced and it has been like getting blood out of a stone to get it replaced. After Emails and calls and no one has been answering for the past few weeks, email bounce back and pho0ne is constantly engaged.
Looks like they have gone under too because when you google search it says CLOSED everyday except Sunday.
My issue is I still have a product that isn't working the way it should and it has a 25 year manufacturers warranty and NO ONE knows who to contact regarding getting it sorted.
It is the biggest waste of money and i have ever spent.
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Original Review on 13-06-2015:

I asked for a reciept for the deposit..waited for a month..when I rang they told me no one really wants a reciept. I told them i did, waited another 2 weeks for it and emailing daily. Then they rang saying they under charged us.. so needed to part with more money. The System Micro inverter was supposed to be state of the art, 24/7 monotoring... First full bill..I had to pay. apparently one or two panels were down. So why was this not picked up?? Diamond cell or Y solor are dodgy operators.. eveyone I have consulted have advised to rip the cheap imported crap off and start again. Bit hard to swollow when you are still paying them off.. So a company that charges inflated prices for imported crap, goes broke and does not honour there obligations to the working man who works hard to do the right thing, starts again with a new name and rips more people off... so basically no one will touch our panels because they are cheap...over priced crap. and rest asured they will rip someone else off again. I hope this is usefull to your web page Fin.
Kind Regards
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Panel rating: 2/5
Inverter rating: 2/5

Value for money: 1/5
Quality of System: 1/5
Installation: 3/5
Customer Service: 1/5

8 months later we asked Andrew: "Are you happy with the performance of your system so far?"

No, salesman said "you can expect at least $800 credit to you because of the size of the system we installed.." we still get a bill!
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Yes I would like my money back but they have closed down!!!
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They appear to have disappeared, buyer beware
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Roof leaks. No savings on power bill and not at all helpful when I call them.
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My roof is leaking from the holes they drilled my celing is ruined and falling down. Water damage all over my house. Now they gone under and im left with nothing. Worst mestake of my life...still paying it off.
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Salesman was typical, smooth with promises made but not kept. Installed promptly but follow up is very sad. 4 panels stopped working 4-5 months in and took 3 months to replace. No compensation for power lost. 12 months later 2 panels stop working and so far have been waiting 2 months for replacement. No follow up when call placed to inform them of this and we were told they will fix it when someone is down this way but no indication of when that will be.. Definitely way overpriced for what you receive. 6 panels down out of 20 in less than 2 years. Promises of 30 units per day. Have reached this only once or twice. Friends with " lesser quality ?" systems are well over this amount of power and for far less outlay. Would not recommend to anyone at this stage. Should have stuck to just paying the high power bills as this has not been of any significant advantage yet.
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This supplier was willing to travel the 1.5 hours from their office to us and have a look at our house and talk to us in person. None of the others that quoted offered this service.
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Save yourself a lot of money and headaches and DO NOT go with diamond cell they just want to take your money they don't care who they rip off I bought a 5kw system that can only produce 4.4 kw MAX output that is what inverters are rated at system has been installed for 4 months averaging 11-12 kWh per day ring diamond cell and get nothing but lip service.
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The extremely bad, windy and rainy weather did not stop the installers from completing the installation. Even returned on a dubious weather day to complete the works. Amazing.
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Supplier did not fully explain the after installation process. I.E. The time it takes to arrange the password and user name for monitoring via computer as installed APS unit. Just over weeks now and waiting. Install time was quite quick within 2 weeks.

I felt that the panels were not cleaned to remove dirt and grime. Should these be kept clean to improve performance. I would have expected far better service for the money spent from Diamond Cell Solar with Black Diamond 250 w panels with micro inverters with esp monitoring unit with strong competition in the market, but hey was I expecting too much?
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I had 2 companies call me, however, the second company rang me about a week after the first. I had already decided to go with the first company and everything was arranged by phone and then email. I also sent photos by email to save time and to save an assessor travelling to my home, which is a remote area. I was most impressed with the customer service, the efficiency of the whole process and cannot fault any part of the process. To sum up, this is a company I would highly recommend. I only wish I had done this earlier, since I didn't realize it was so cost-efficient. Many thanks Finn for your initial contact which got the ball rolling.
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You provided fantastic information to help me choose supplier and system.
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Have only had my solar system for three weeks but so far all seems to be going very well. The people from Diamond Cell were very pleasant and helpful.
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