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About APsystems, Solar Inverters

APsystems solar inverters review

APsystems was originally founded in the USA's Silicon Valley in 2010. 

Focosing on power electronics at the module level (MLPE), APsystems has more than 130 patents.

The company offers a number of microinverter solutions, including the DS3 (single-phase) and QT2 (three-phase) as well as their APstorage products, like the ELS-5K PCS.

The dual-module DS3 model series available in Australia offers 625, 750 or 880 watts output and is fully backwards compatible with APsystems' QS1 and YC600 microinverters and accessories, which have now been discontinued in Australia. 

The DS3 features 2 input channels, each with independent MPPT, encrypted wireless Zigbee communication and carries a warranty up to 20 years in Australia.

QT2 series is APsystems 2nd generation of native 3-phase quad microinverters and is reaching power outputs of 2000VA to adapt to today’s larger power PV modules. With balancing 3-phase output, 4 DC inputs, encrypted ZigBee signals, the QT2 benefits from an entirely new architecture.

Based on APsystems' MLPE technologies, the ELS-5K PCS offers a modular, single-phase AC coupling energy storage solution for residential solar. When paired with compatible low voltage LiFePO4 batteries, it becomes an ideal AC coupling storage solution for residential PV applications.

APsystems has a Australian office in Surry Hills in Sydney where a local team is based providing dedicated sales, logistics technical support. The company also holds a local stock products in Sydney.

If you are experiencing issues with your APsystems products, you can call customer service on +61 (02) 9007 7984.

APsystems has shipped more than 5 GW+ of products and serves customers in more than 120 countries around the world. 

Find out what Australian customers think of company's products below, and if you have APSystems microinverters installed; please add your review.

APsystems Solar Inverter Reviews

Only reason for not giving 5 starts is because some of the inverters failed. Technology can fail and I am not judging APSystems.
Bought From: RK Solar And Consulting Campbelltown
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So over the last 7 months we have saved only $230 of our electricity bills so if we save $300 a year and our solar panels cost $7900 it will take 26 years to pay for itself and we would probably need new panels before then. Not worth it wish we didn’t do it.
Bought From: NGSS National Grid Support Service Pty Ltd
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Great performance of the system throughout the day with one inverter on northern roof, one inverter on eastern roof and one inverter on the western roof.
Bought From: SolarBright
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The inverters do not operate all the time
Bought From: Diamond Cell Solar
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Constantly have problems with these inverters not being able to be connected to the wifi, show up as NC- not connected.
System is less than 12 months old and have had to have 4 inverters replaced with a huge lead time on the repair,
i do not recommend this product at all- wish i went with Solar Hart
Bought From: Ausave Energy
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American made. Looks snazzy
Bought From: Ausave Energy
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I have installed a 9 kw system with 36 panels and mini inverters. So far I had to call the installer back 3 times and he had to replace 3 panels an one inverter inn the past 3 years. Now I have 2 panels that are not working and I was told to contact aps directly for which are not contactable as the NSW contact number being the Australian he’d office rings out.
Bought From: Inverter Review Supplier Name Withheld
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Power bill has gone down 3/4
Bought From: Sunwise Energy PV
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We have micro inverters so far so good.
Bought From: Solar Today
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My system is using APS microinverters (i.e. AC current with an inverter under each panel). Since installation I have been getting consistent performance across all 8 inverters/panels throughout the year, with performance being easy to monitor online directly through my WiFi internet connection and real-time 24/7 monitoring. It is a very well-installed system that has been subjected to all types of coastal weather over the past year and shown no variation in performance whatsoever. A winner!
Bought From: Sunny Afternoons
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It is unknow if they are actually working. After trying to track down someone to come and have a look- (we have a 30 year warranty) Apparently unless the digital display box which can be remotley read but has stopped working can not be accessed they can not confirm they are Not working therefore it will be at our expense for someone to come and see if they are working...round and round we go, unhelpful.
Bought From: Diamond Cell Solar
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One of the micro inverters stopped working within a couple of months of installation. Unfortunately we were away for 3 months at the time and didn't know about the problem until we returned, which wasted a lot of energy that would have been exported into the grid. We were told by the salesman that our system would be monitored and any problems would be flagged and fixed within a couple of days. This was clearly not the case! Due to the fact that we returned at the start of December, we had to wait until the next year to have it fixed. Other than that, they seem to be working well.
Bought From: SolarMyHome
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Bought From: Gryphon Solar VIC Show additional information
The contraption the company to test the inverters is too complicated for me to operate, but based on the power bills they seem to be working OK, instead of 300 dollar bills we get 180.
Bought From: RK Solar And Consulting NSW
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Initial interference was experienced with our TV reception during daylight hours. 2 attempts were made by the company to fix this. The second being most effective due to the installation of an extra TV aerial tuned to Gippsland channels. We were not charged for this work.
Bought From: Solar Dynamics
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Great that it allows each panel to perform to the best of its ability given shade etc and that you are able to monitor it all online.
Bought From: SolarMyHome
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I've had 2 failed micro inverters which were replaced by the supplier (Sunwise). With a 5KW system I imagined all my electricity usage would be covered. However, I find that even on full sun days (in Winter) the max it puts out is about 3KW and about 1KW on cloudy days, leaving me with an electricity bill to pay. Maybe my expectations were too high for this system
Bought From: Sunwise Energy PV
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They seem to work fine... not sure what else to say :-)
Bought From: Gryphon Solar VIC
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We chose a microinverter system. One of the ten inverters 'cooked' itself about three months ago ( our system has been installed for less than a year) and has been replaced under warranty by the installers. The technician said that he had not seen one of these inverters fail internally before - not an ambient temperature cause. Otherwise they seem to be working well.
Bought From: SolarMyHome2
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We have 6 of the APS-YC500 micro-inverters in operation now for about 9 months. These micro-inverters appear to produce an output proportional to the available panel exposure under the variable shading conditions we have experienced during the winter months, right down to completely shaded. As far as I can tell, this is making good use of the available sunlight under these variable shading conditions.
The remote monitoring provided by these inverters in conjunction with the ECU control unit and the manufacturers website, provides a very useful tool for online monitoring of the system performance in real time for the whole system, or panel by panel, or the entire historic record by day/week/month/year (provided the ECU control unit has internet access). It is also supposed to report individual panel or inverter failure immediately - but no failures yet so I can't comment on this.
Bought From: Future Energy Australia
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APsystems has 9 solar inverters in our database

Model DC Voltage AC Power Efficiency
YC1000-3-K480480 V1163 W94.50
YC200-EU55V max22095.00
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