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We design and install bespoke solar solutions that reduce the energy costs of Australian households and businesses whilst improving Australia's green footprint.

Reviewers report paying: $10,000 - $20,000 for depending on hardware choice and installation difficulty ( how is this calculated? )

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I have spoken to & met wonderful people for Smart Energy especially Mr Jaiden Simke as he answered all my questions & concerns

Amazing explanation from the most wonderful gentleman Jaiden Simke

He actually made sense about my questions & concerns

The installation was exactly as Jaiden Simke stated

The other team were brilliant too

I cannot thank everyone enough for their time & great efforts

Battery rating: 5/5
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Couldn't ask for a better experience.

I couldn't of expected anything more from start to finish. Jacob was extremely well knowledgeable and prompt in organising an installation that was right for my needs. The installation was done quickly and to a high standard with no mess left behind. The invititation to join Amber energy was also well regarded as with the last NSW price spikes I earned $185 in a single day with smart shift.
Battery rating: 5/5
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Prompt installation, mostly tidy and professional

The sales process was excellent. Bradley was excellent in his approach and method of explaining the way it worked and how Amber then worked to provide wholesale rates.
Installation process was professional and respectful while here.
We haven't received the savings as discussed to date but it is early and we understand how AI works and needs to learn patterns

Battery rating: 4/5
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Enphase battery

Excellent customer service and tidy install. Works as it should. Very impressed
Battery rating: 5/5
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Great experience

From when Blake knocked on my door, then meeting TJ to go through the purchase then Coenraad completing the installation this has been a positive experience. TJ and Blake were courteous and knowledgeable, did not pressure me to purchase and were respectful of my situation. The installation by G7 Electrical went smoothly and was completed in a few hours.
The cost was reasonable value for money although I do believe that when retailers got wind of the impending rebate that prices went up a bit but that does happen when the government gives out incentives.
The battery unit and inverter are top class even though Alpha-ess didn't feature in the reviews of the top systems. The app gives you all the information you need to keep a track of your savings.
Customer service and follow up communication has been brilliant, Smart Energy has been with me all the way but best not to call around lunch time?.
I am using virtually no electricity from the grid, the battery is providing my peak time usage and Iam getting good feed in so I cannot wait to see what my charges will be down the track. A good decision, a great supplier and installer, couldn't be happier. Thank you.

Battery rating: 5/5
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Easy, professional, great customer service

Found Smart Energy great from the get-go . Mac was patient, thorough , competent , informative and pleasant . The installers were also capable , thorough and friendly young guys , and the customer service girls that I dealt with setting up my app for tracking energy etc were also very well informed and helpful . Also, such a change and relief ( these days ) to always be able to get into someone -and then they always followed up and got back to me asap . Happy to recommend all involved
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Over $20k for a system that does nothing more than look good.

Had a system installed by them 15 months ago, costing over $20,000. To date the system has not generated a single kW of power. Despite numerous phone calls and attempts to have the system fixed they have still managed to achieve nothing. When challenged for compensation they offered me $229, an absolute joke. As promised I will now be taking my complaints to fair trading, and media.
Inverter rating: 1/5
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System efficiency and customer service

One of the selling points that smart energy use is that there is a full 12 months monitoring service to ensure your panels are working to their full capacity. After outlaying $14k for the panels, we have a whole month of no solar generation at all, no alerts and no notications to an issue. Upon calling smart energy, the customer service tell me that they don't monitor systems at all and basically too bad so sad, there's nothing they will do about it. When asked why it dropped out, they refer to a grid power outage at the end of the month, however my solar dropped out at the start of the month before the grid power outage. When asked how we can ensure it doesn't happen again, customer service literally say 'we can't'. They provide no after sale service, support or follow up. Absolutely would not recommend. It was a poor experience right from initial sales through to after care and service.
Inverter rating: 1/5
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Terrible, avoid at all costs

They were not open and honest about the products that were being installed. They provided no advice on how to best utilise our new Solar and Battery Set up. After much googleing I now have it worked out. The install itsself took 4 weeks which is way too long. We have now found that they have installed it incorrectly and only half our house is actually running through the solar set up. The other half comes right from the grid. It has been an absolute nightmare trying to get them to fix it.

The only positive thing I have to say is the Qcells pannels, battery and inverter are really good.
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A1 service

Extremely happy, already seeing savings. Customer service was A1 from start to finish. Rob was fantastic at getting everything set up and follow up. The install team were awesome. Everything happened when they said it would. Highly recommend.
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Better than expected

Rob and Sherri were helpful, courteous and professional.
We have an issue with shade from neighbour trees and previous solar companies even refused to come out and look.

Rob and Cheri came and looked at our house, ran the numbers and estimated that we could achieve 20kw per day out of a 6.5kw system.
Only 6.1kw of panels would fit on the side of the roof chosen for the install so we went with the lesser size.

So far during summer we have seen daily power generation of between 15kw and 40kw from this 6.1kw system which is better than expected.
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Customer of 3 years, excited for my battery savings

I have been a customer for 3 years at Smart Energy, I was recently contacted to see how my system was going and if I wanted to explore battery options. We looked at 3 options and ended up going for Tesla Power
Waiting to see how it benefits us but have been happy so far with the service.

Thank you Joel and the Smart Energy team
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Overall positive

James Grant from Smart Energy initially had visited us after setting up an appointment with my husband - friendly, informative, very helpful. System install went well and everything was taken care of for us - all is going well, and we noticed a significant reduction in our quarterly bills. So far I would give 5/5. Top notch service.

Skip forward 18 months, today I had a very different experience. A different Smart Energy rep door knocking our street. His face mask was around his neck, not worn over his face.

When I said we only just recently installed with Smart Energy he started interrogating me about how long ago and what are our energy bills. When I asked why, he commenced a pitch to sell an 'upgrade' on our 18 month still new system.

Wouldn't hear when I said we were perfectly happy with what we already have - he obviously had not done his homework and seemed not to believe that we already were customers.

Firstly, door knocking during covid, and not wearing a mask is unacceptable.

Secondly, persisting even though we said we were already happy customers is frustrating. I had to close the door to make him go.

Some feedback to Smart Energy - maybe you need to spend some additional time training newer reps to be polite, to do their homework, and to follow covid regulations. This has left me with a bad impression after our initial very positive experience.

Inverter rating: 4/5
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I could not rate Smart Energy any less

I could not rate Smart Energy any less than outstanding! I have been seeking solar for a few years and became tired of misleading and confusing advice from other companies. Smart Energy staff members listened carefully to our needs, responded quickly with information and advice and, proposed a very easy to understand plan for our home. The initial consultant Ziah was very friendly and understanding and had all the information necessary within 24 hours including a site plan, installation options, and a quick and easy interest free payment plan. He had made contact with our current energy supplier and had easy to follow changeover information. Excellent service! The installation was brilliant! Chris confirmingly explained the process and even when there were small glinches, he informed us after he had sorted the problem. They stayed onsite during tricky weather until the job was finished same day. The follow up service to ensure we could access the solar app and to make sure we were happy was also fantastic.

Anyone seeking to purchase solar energy would be crazy not to go to the experts first! Thank you Smart Energy!!
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AMAZING - so far so good

- Door knock guy was polite and to the point - FAB
- Quote guy (James Grant) - Not your typical sales rep!! - polite, to the point, down to earth and logical - FAB.
- Install team were great, left no mess and showed me how to use the phone App and the system.
- Got constant updates via email and text with each step, although some of them were not in sync with the timeline as steps had already been completed and system turned on - just used common sense to know I didn't need to do anything.
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Big savings.

Thanks to Jonathan I’m saving loads, now saving to go to America overseas, Jonathan worked hard and tirelessly so I can save and make money highly recommended Very professional company to deal with, customer service is 2nd to none. Jonathan Burgess from Newcastle has already been to my house 4 times to assist me with any issues no matter how small and trivial, very impressed with the quality and aftercare experience. Jonathan was very professional and experienced. Answered every question we had. Highly recommend Smart Energy Group to our friends and family, my sons getting a system next.
Panel rating: 5/5
Inverter rating: 5/5
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Easy process

We found Matthew and the installers very professional and efficient. The whole process was stress free and very quick.
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Neat, tidy and efficient

Quoting process was extensive although in hindsight I doubt that that the savings anticipated will be as much as indicated but time will tell.
The installation was carried out efficiently, the installers cleaned up and left nothing out of place.
The system was explained to me, an app was set up on my phone so I can monitor the performance remotely and it was connected to the grid and operating before the team left.
I have been contacted by Smart Energy on several occasions to ensure that the system is working properly and I am satisfied.
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A few hiccups, but we got there.

A few hiccups with actual set up, but Russell was brilliant and sorted everything out for us, so very happy with the end result.
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Stay away

I have been pursuing this company for two and a half years, trying to get them to find out why I am getting no advantage from my 40 panel installation. They have fed me BS for all this time, no attempt to investigate the problem and despite maybe 40 calls and promises to call back they rarely do. Turns out the installers didn’t program the inverter correctly and the system kept shutting down due overvoltage on one phase. They pretend to care but actually couldn’t give a damn.

I think they write their own reviews as my experience with them is totally opposite to the reviews they receive. They have a 5 year warranty on their installations and they will not honour this guarantee ever. They use delay, obfuscation, sympathy for your problem and outright ignorance of your repeated requests for a resolution. After all this time getting nowhere until I had to engage a solar engineering company who found the problem, and in the absence of any help or compensation I am proceeding to fair trading. Don’t touch this company.

Inverter rating: 1/5
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Great Experience.

From the initial quote to installation all went to perfection.
The sales team explained everything in detail and the installation was carried out to a high standard.
To early to obtain savings etc but I have high hopes the system will perform .
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Supply and Installation. New System Performance estimated to be good but to early to tell.

Sales very clear and precise in planning the best outcome . Workmanship of all contractors top class and all friendly and polite clean up after work spotless . One phone call by myself and installer set it running also showing me procedure for emergency shut down.
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Could not find any faults with this Smart Energy Group, professional from the start up of product.

The sales person Alex Duncan was clear explaining all information and answered any questions I asked. My opinion is: that this man is a asset to your company.

Everything was organised, connected, installed and left clean, tidy, and professional explained to me, service from start to finish was great workmanship.
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Excellent Solar Company

Excellent sales/quoting, so easy for us having all details taken care of.
Installation on time and done very quickly, very pleasant team, left everything neat and tidy.
Couldn't get better customer service and support. They are amazing!
Our thanks to all involved.
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On time, quick and expert in their field

- With a little bump but everything goes well afterwards
- The installer are already there starting their work when I came, politely addressed me, knows what they are doing, did not break any roof tiles and clean the area before they left
- They tested the system, provide initial instruction and other information before they left
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Great experience

Excellent customer service and prompt communication of delays or changes. Installation was done quickly and tidily. Old system removed cheerfully.
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Fantastic installers

The installers were excellent and most polite and courteous, a pleasure to deal with.
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Very happy so far

The company have been very informative and professional from quoting stage through to installers and after sales.
The product which they have supplied seems to be technically advanced and good quality which is reflected by the warranty offered.
I’m confident that this company will be there for us if we need them.
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Great experience and excellent customer service

From the moment a consultant called the process was smooth, fully explained and questions answered. The installers arrived when expected completed installation and left everything clean and tidy then explained next steps. Inspection and commissioning happened at time committed. Follow up calls were received to ensure each stage was completed as expected. The whole journey was pleasant from start to end.
Panel rating: 5/5
Inverter rating: 5/5
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Solar Installation

Great customer service... very knowledgeable on products and costs
Good installation team. Recomend to family
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Clearly explained

Great salesperson, very informative. Install was fast and the team were very friendly
Inverter rating: 5/5
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The installer was very professional and friendly very very happy. The guys were wonderful

From start to finish everyone involved was very professional and friendly. One of the best customer service experience I’ve ever had.
Inverter rating: 5/5
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Good experience

Everyone I dealt with where polite and informative customer service was very helpful
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Smart energy solar install

We were incredibly happy with the whole process, Installation was fast, and they left our property as clean as when they arrived! before and after installation customer care service has been fantastic, ensuring all our questions are answered and understood. Highly recommend.
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Smart Energy, an efficient and knowledgable Company who can be trusted to provide what they say

The quote and sale process was very easy to understand and very positive. Our Smart Energy representative was polite, honest and clear in explaining the product, its benefits, the process and what was required on our part. He was punctual and always has responded to texts and phone calls in a timely manner. Nothing was too simple or difficult for him to resolve.

Installers were punctual and efficient and helped organise or advise what was to be done after installation.

We felt confident that the decision to install a new solar system was a good one. Benefits and outcomes that were explained in our initial appointment were immediately noticable using the smart tracker app and and far exceeded our expectations.

Panel rating: 5/5
Inverter rating: 5/5
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Reliable personal, kept me up to date on what was happening. Very helpfull with information and great folluw up from other members of Smart Energy.

Every one was helpfull, explained everything, sent photos of how panels would look on roof. Each person was polite and helpfull. The initial contact person Gabrielle, then Sam who did the contract, then the people who did the installation. All great people to represent your company.
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Fast and reliable

The sales/quoting process was great and reliable
The installation went smoother, they were polite, professional and friendly.
The customer service was great, helpful with the connection.

Panel rating: 5/5
Inverter rating: 5/5
Battery rating: 5/5
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Decision made simple

Nicely packaged offer. Overcame our hesitancy to outlay the sum required to get the installation up & going.

Sales/quoting approach ver good. Enthusiastic & knowledgeable salesperson, engaged well with the potential customer.

Installation was no fuss & efficient - kept us informed, & took us through the operation & app.

Slight hiccup as installer quoted incorrect NMI which led to energy supplier restarting the clock for smart meter installation noe due 26 May.
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Perfect Thank you

So easy didn’t need to do anything which for me is perfect!
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Very informative and a pleasure to deal with and regularly calls or email to following up on progress

Sales and quoting was informative
Polite, tidy, punctual
Organized grid connection
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Fantastic Installer

Good, very easy to understand. Gentleman explained everything to us so we understood it.

Our questions were answered easily
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Couldn't ask for a better experience

Sales/quoting process was really informative. Salesman was quite factual & informative
Installation went really well, the team were very punctual, polite & kept me informed throughout the whole installation process.
Customer service was excellent, following up on the whole process & making sure I was aware of everything I needed to be. I am thoroughly impressed with the whole operation. Well done & thank you!!
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Was quick and easy, installers done a great job, 10 out of 10 all around
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Effortless Solar

Sales team was excellent. Install team were polite and informative. A very easy process for us.
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Great install

Everything went well with the installation and very informative and helpful.
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Initial sales team were wonderful, friendly and informative. The in home consultation was even better, was supposed to be about an hour but because I had heaps of questions it lasted 3hrs and was worth every minute. Within a couple of weeks the boys were on the roof, installed the system in a day and running the very next day. Tidy clean courteous and extremely professional.

Support staff are amazing and the whole process was simple and a joy. Couldn’t be happier with the new system.

Panel rating: 5/5
Inverter rating: 5/5
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Excellent service, quick installation, very happy customer

Excellent sales consultant, very polite & consise, good product knowledge.
Very prompt installation, they were fast, tidy, punctual & polite.
Fantastic customer service, every customer service member I dealt with was very knowledgeable, friendly & very helpful.
Very happy with the grid connect customer service.
Overall 1 very happy customer! Highly recommend Smart Energy group.
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Great work

Great communication and follow up from the office team. Installation team professional/informative and efficient.
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