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About LG, Solar Panels

LG solar panels review

LG Solar produces high quality, tier 1 solar panels and are part of the giant South Korean company LG. While current production capacity isn't clear, in 2017 the company produced around 2 gigawatts of panels. While this is only 23% of what the world leader Jinko produced in the same year, LG Solar is still a large player - and is focused on the premium panel market.

UPDATE: On February 23, 2022, LG announced it would be exiting the solar panel business. We've been informed by a source at the company it has put aside "megawatts" of solar panels for warranty claims if needed in the future.

All the panels LG Solar currently sell in Australia have a 25 year full replacement product warranty, which is one of the best available in the world.  Unlike most manufacturers, their product warranty includes the cost of labour required to install replacement panels. 

LG Solar now sells four models of panels in Australia, the NeON 2, the NeON H, the higher efficiency NeON R, and the more entry-level Mono X Plus. The NeON 2, H and R have product and performance warranties of 25 years, while the Mono X Plus has a 15 year product warranty with a 25 year performance warranty.

LG has offices in every mainland state capital. While Tasmania misses out, this is much better coverage than most tier one manufacturers who usually only have a single office in Australia, or in some cases, none at all.

LG Solar Panels Are Reliable

LG claim that by the time they had installed 360,000 in Australia, only 9 had been returned - mostly due to poor installation.

LG Is A Huge Company

LG Solar is part of LG Electronics which is part of the South Korean corporation LG which used to go by the surprisingly chipper name, Lucky Goldstar. LG is enormous and has a market capitalisation of over $14 billion.

The net wealth of the entire population of the nation of Tonga comes to less than $14 billion. This means the LG Corporation has more money than some countries.  (Note I’m not saying the value of Tonga itself is less than $14 billion, as the whole can be worth more than the sum of its parts. For example, I’m sure we could get Lex Luthor to pay more than $14 billion for Tonga as a whole.)

LG is involved in a wide range range of areas covering chemicals, electronics, and communications. The company has so many fingers in so many pies I'm surprised they haven't grafted extra arms to their CEO.

While LG headquarters is in the South Korean capital of Seoul, solar panel manufacture takes place in the industrial city of Gumi, which, through some dark sorcery, actually manages to have a worse climate than Seoul.

LG has been tooling around with solar cells in some form or another for over 20 years, but they only entered panel manufacturing in 2009.

Mono X Plus panels

The original "Mono X" series of LG panels was phased out of Australia a few years ago - but LG have re-launched the Mono X line with their "Mono X Plus" panel series, which carry a lower 15-year product warranty compared to the NeON series of panels. 

NeON 2 Panels

LG NeON panels come in two different types, the LG NeON 2, and the LG NeON 2 Black.  LG NeOn 2 panels can have an efficiency of up to 21.4% which can make them very useful for making good use of a limited amount of roof space.  The LG NeON 2 Black has slightly lower efficiency, but some people like its dark colour, so I highly recommend it for people who think black is the new black.

All the panels are salt mist and ammonia corrosion resistant and so are suitable for installation anywhere in Australia.

NeON R Panels

LG Solar's NeON R panels are of even higher efficiency than their NeON 2 panel and are up to 22% efficient.

NeON H Panels

The NeON H rooftop range will be available in 370W – 385W capacities in Australia from June or July 2021. Offering an efficiency of 20.1% – 20.9%, the NeON H is comprised of 120 half-cut solar cells.

To see more specifications of these products and compare them against other brands, see the SolarQuotes solar panel comparison table.

LG Chem Produces Battery Storage

LG produces a home battery storage system  that is made by LG Chem and not LG Solar - these two parts of the company probably have nothing to do with each other.

Warranty Claim Procedure For Orphaned LG Customers

If you have purchased LG panels from a company that has since gone out of business, you should contact LG on 1800 042 568. They have advised that they have a dedicated dealer network that can arrange replacement of panels under warranty. Labor costs involved with panel warranty replacement are covered.

A Reliable Solar Panel At A Premium Price

LG panels have an impressive 25 year full replacement warranty on the NeON 2, R and H.  This is among the best in the industry.  At the time of writing June 2021 they are no longer the lowest cost panels with this level of warranty coverage. But if you are looking for high quality, reliable panels, then LG solar is a very good choice - and as the reviews below indicate, many Australian customers agree.

LG Solar Panel Reviews

Bought From: Natural Solar Show additional information
Bought From: Green.com.au Residential VIC Show additional information
Bought From: Empower Solar Australia Perth Show additional information
Have no idea
Bought From: SunEnergy
Show additional information
Bought From: SAE Group Brisbane East Show additional information
Bought From: Exceed Solar Adelaide Show additional information
Very happy with the LG (30 x 330w)panels.
Bought From: Natural Solar
Show additional information
Bought From: DQ Electrical Show additional information
Bought From: Solar Wholesalers SA Show additional information
These panels look fantastic on the roof and perform well. It is a shame LG subsequently exited the solar panel market but no question they still stand by and support their premium product.
Bought From: Total Solar Solutions
Show additional information
Bought From: Eco Electric Solutions Pty Ltd Show additional information
Bought From: Ultra Greensun Solar Southern Tasmania Show additional information
Bought From: RACV Solar Gippsland Show additional information
Bought From: Natural Solar Show additional information
Bought From: Keen 2B Green Pty Ltd Show additional information
Bought From: Soltek Energy Show additional information
Very neat installation on a flat roof not visible from below. After a year there have been no problems. I am surprised at how well they work even on the greyest of days.
Bought From: Soltek Energy
Show additional information
No problems to date.
Bought From: SEM Brisbane GM
Show additional information
My 10.5KWh 1/3 east 2/3 west facing system has produced 12MWh over the last 12 months!
Bought From: Soltek Energy
Show additional information
Bought From: EcoSmart Solar Rockhampton Show additional information
Bought From: G Store Melb Show additional information
Bought From: Natural Solar Show additional information
Bought From: SEM Brisbane GM Show additional information
A shame LG have exited the solar panel biz.
Bought From: Green Volt
Show additional information
LG have stopped making panels but still available and no problems after 16 months
Bought From: SEM Brisbane TQ
Show additional information
Bought From: Marshall Solar and Energy Show additional information
Bought From: Platinum Solar Designs NSW Show additional information
Bought From: Urban Renewables Melbourne Show additional information
The panels look really good. They come with a very good warranty. They also work fine.
Bought From: G Store Gippsland
Show additional information
Just bloody bad luck for me they are no longer in production, but they were the best. Grateful I didn't go with a battery!
Bought From: Eco Energy and Solar Solutions LG 2015
Show additional information
We have 25 Hyundai Green Energy UF Series, HiE-S400UF, each with a power rating of 400W. They are good-looking panels (not that the pitch of my roof allows them to be seen). I am impressed by how close is the daily power output of the panels facing WSW to those on a more "ideal" NNW pitch - barely 1% difference in spring/early summer. Assisted I guess by the relatively low pitch (17 degrees) of my roof. The power curve over the day is skewed towards the afternoon. If I extend, I will put extra panels on the ENE roof, which will add a useful amount of early-morning energy and flatten somewhat the entire system output.
Bought From: Lifecycle Electrical ACT
Show additional information
All going well and smoothly - thankfully :)
Bought From: Smart Energy Answers Parramatta - Inner West Sydney D
Show additional information
Bought From: Smart Energy Answers Sydney Eastern Suburbs Show additional information
Bought From: Jet Solar Melbourne GC Show additional information
Bought From: Soltek Energy Show additional information
Bought From: Replenishable Energy Pty Ltd Show additional information
Bought From: Sydney Air and Solar Sydney Show additional information
After some research we decided to go with LG panels - they cost more but their long life (25 yr manufacturers warranty) and high performance means they should be more economical in the long run. And if any solar company is going to still be around in Australia in 25 yrs to honor warranty claims, it's likely to be LG.
Bought From: SolarWide Pty Ltd
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Bought From: MC Electrical Show additional information
Bought From: SolarPro Show additional information
Bought From: Clipsal Solar Melbourne Show additional information
Bought From: Superior Solar Show additional information
Early days however we are very impressed by how much energy collection the panels are achieving even on overcast days.
Bought From: Jet Solar PV and Battery
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Bought From: Innovate Energy South Coast Show additional information
Bought From: Jet Solar PV and Battery Show additional information
Bought From: G Store Gippsland Show additional information
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Bought From: G Store Gippsland Show additional information
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LG has 81 solar panels in our database

Model Type Size (W) PTC (W) Performance Ratio
LG210P1W-G1 (60 cells)Polycrystalline21018990.00
LG215P1W-G1 (60 cells)Polycrystalline21519490.23
LG220P1W-G1 (60 cells)Polycrystalline22019890.00
LG220R1C-G2 (60 Poly cells)Polycrystalline22019387.73
LG220R1W-G2 (60 Poly cells)Polycrystalline22019387.73
LG225P1W-G1 (60 cells)Polycrystalline22520390.22
LG225R1C-G2 (60 Poly cells)Polycrystalline22519888.00
LG225R1W-G2 (60 Poly cells)Polycrystalline22519888.00
LG230P1W-G1 (60 cells)Polycrystalline23020790.00
LG230R1C-G2 (60 Poly cells)Polycrystalline23020287.83
LG230R1W-G2 (60 Poly cells)Polycrystalline23020287.83
LG235R1C-G2 (60 Poly cells)Polycrystalline23520788.09
LG235R1W-G2 (60 Poly cells)Polycrystalline23520788.09
LG240R1C-G2 (60 Poly cells)Polycrystalline24021187.92
LG240R1W-G2 (60 Poly cells)Polycrystalline24021187.92
LG245S1C-G2 (60 Mono cells)Monocrystalline24522190.20
LG250S1C-G2 (60 Mono cells)Monocrystalline25022590.00
LG250S1K-A3 (60 Mono cells)Monocrystalline25022690.40
LG250S1K-B3 (60 mono cells)Monocrystalline25022790.80
LG255S1C-A3 (60 Mono cells)Monocrystalline25523190.59
LG255S1C-B3 (60 mono cells)Monocrystalline25523491.76
LG255S1C-G2 (60 Mono cells)Monocrystalline25523090.20
LG255S1K-A3 (60 Mono cells)Monocrystalline25523090.20
LG255S1K-B3 (60 mono cells)Monocrystalline25523290.98
LG255S1W-A3 (60 Mono cells)Monocrystalline25523190.59
LG260S1C-A3 (60 Mono cells)Monocrystalline26023690.77
LG260S1C-B3 (60 mono cells)Monocrystalline26023991.92
LG260S1C-G2 (60 Mono cells)Monocrystalline26023490.00
LG260S1K-A3 (60 Mono cells)Monocrystalline26023590.38
LG260S1K-B3 (60 mono cells)Monocrystalline26023791.15
LG260S1W-A3 (60 Mono cells)Monocrystalline26023690.77
LG260S1W-G2 (60 Mono cells)Monocrystalline26023088.46
LG265S1C-A3 (60 Mono cells)Monocrystalline26524090.57
LG265S1C-B3 (60 mono cells)Monocrystalline26524391.70
LG265S1K-A3 (60 Mono cells)Monocrystalline26524090.57
LG265S1K-B3 (60 mono cells)Monocrystalline26524190.94
LG265S1W-A3 (60 Mono cells)Monocrystalline26524090.57
LG270N1C-G3 (60 Mono cells)Monocrystalline27024490.37
LG270N1W-G3 (60 Mono cells)Monocrystalline27024490.37
LG270S1C-A3 (60 Mono cells)Monocrystalline27024590.74
LG270S1C-B3 (60 mono cells)Monocrystalline27024891.85
LG270S1W-A3 (60 Mono cells)Monocrystalline27024590.74
LG275N1C-G3 (60 Mono cells)Monocrystalline27524990.55
LG275N1K-A3 (60 mono cells)Monocrystalline27524890.18
LG275N1W-G3 (60 Mono cells)Monocrystalline27524990.55
LG275S1C-B3 (60 mono cells)Monocrystalline27525392.00
LG280N1C-G3 (60 Mono cells)Monocrystalline28025892.14
LG280N1K-A3 (60 mono cells)Monocrystalline28025390.36
LG280N1W-G3 (60 Mono cells)Monocrystalline28025892.14
LG280S1C-B3 (60 mono cells)Monocrystalline28025490.71
LG285N1C-A3 (60 mono cells)Monocrystalline28526091.23
LG285N1C-G3 (60 Mono cells)Monocrystalline28526291.93
LG285N1K-A3 (60 mono cells)Monocrystalline28525790.18
LG285N1W-A3 (60 mono cells)Monocrystalline28526091.23
LG285N1W-G3 (60 Mono cells)Monocrystalline28526291.93
LG290N1C-A3 (60 mono cells)Monocrystalline29026591.38
LG290N1C-G3 (60 Mono cells)Monocrystalline29026792.07
LG290N1K-A3 (60 mono cells)Monocrystalline29026290.34
LG290N1W-A3 (60 mono cells)Monocrystalline29026591.38
LG290N1W-G3 (60 Mono cells)Monocrystalline29026792.07
LG295N1C-A3 (60 mono cells)Monocrystalline29527091.53
LG295N1C-G3 (60 Mono cells)Monocrystalline29527292.20
LG295N1K-A3 (60 mono cells)Monocrystalline29526790.51
LG295N1W-A3 (60 mono cells)Monocrystalline29527091.53
LG295N1W-G3 (60 Mono cells)Monocrystalline29527292.20
LG300N1C-A3 (60 mono cells)Monocrystalline30027591.67
LG300N1C-G3 (60 Mono cells)Monocrystalline30027792.33
LG300N1W-A3 (60 mono cells)Monocrystalline30027591.67
LG300N1W-G3 (60 Mono cells)Monocrystalline30027792.33
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