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DMS Energy is a Tasmanian owned and operated company, focusing on the commercial, residential, agricultural and wholesale sectors of the renewable energy, heating, lighting and electrical industry.

DMS Energy offers quality, industry recognised, energy efficiency and energy consumption reduction solutions.

When assembling our range of energy efficiency products, DMS Energy is guided by one key principle: Each and every product is put through its paces in terms of testing and quality. Products are only included if they are absolutely error-free and harmonise perfectly with each other. The LG solar panel range is one such product.

DMS Energy strives to honestly; ethically and accurately assist Tasmanians to meet their energy efficiency goals.

In an industry that is often guided by dollars, DMS Energy takes a step back from the corporate greed and bases our strategy around honest, ethical and accurate advice, with individually tailored solutions for each project.

DMS Energy’s primary aim is to educate and to inform, rather than sell. DMS Energy’s number one goal is to put you in a position where you just aren’t buying any power. In short, DMS Energy is here to make a difference for the long term benefits of all Tasmanians and their children.

We have extended our range of products to include LG panels, solar hot water, energy efficient heating, and LG LED lighting to name a few. The DMS Energy portfolio is one of quality. With the emergence of mass produced, profit geared energy efficiency solutions, we have steered clear of the ‘quick buck’ mentality of the ‘race to the bottom’ volume sales companies. DMS Energy offers quality brands, quality service and quality workmanship.

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no warranty / reply

sales / quote was good
solar went well / other work was bad - holes in wall , water heater moves / not secured , control for air con damaged etc
I was told by company that these issues would be fixed before Christmas last year - still waiting with emails NOT being returned or answered

Panel rating: 5/5
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Very glad to have chosen this company

I bought my 5 KW system from Adrian at DMS in 2012. Great service, great installation and really happy with the products.

I also really like the online monitoring, which helped me realise one of the string of panels wasn't working, alas after not bothering to monitor it for the whole Summer. DMS came, identified the problem as a blown fuse, repaired and installed a new internet connection. Great.

Today, I realised the internet link was down again, and had some queries. Called them up. Nick took all my details and followed up with a call about an hour later, having monitored the inverter from the weblink. Great service or what? And 8 years after my purchase.

He informed me that the SolarEdge inverter still has four years left on the warranty and if there are problems I get a new inverter!! 12 year warranty!! I wish my toaster/s had that!!

Inverter rating: 5/5
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Quality Installation

Had our 6kW system installed almost a year ago. System has been faultless and in accordance with our expectations of a solar system in NW Tassy.

Wanted to use a local company that had an actual physical office rather than some outfit that did everything by phone and utilised contractors. DMS do all their own installation work. They came out to our place and went through options regarding brands of equipment, system size and design, types of tarrif etc. Competent, professional and friendly and patiently answered all questions.

Installation went smoothly. Installation team went about their business with no fuss in a professional manner. Being an ex ADF electronics technician I at least had some insight into what constitutes good installation practices. Afterwards the installers went through everything and made sure I understood the few user accessible controls. Excellent documentation supplied post install, and DMS arranged the grid connection in a timely manner.

Not super cheap and not super expensive (in my view). A very good job at a fair price.

Panel rating: 5/5
Inverter rating: 5/5
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Everything as expected

I went with DMS after discussing solar with two other people who had used and recommended them. They came and explained the system and process, tested our home voltage (needed reducing which TasNetworks did very promptly) then provided quotes for two sizes of system and two brands of panels. We chose for a 3KW system due to budgetary constraints. The installation was smooth and seamless and even the waiting time was close to their estimate. We opted for the extra real time motoring which I highly recommend as it enables us to modify our habits. We also discussed and changed to tariff 93 and time our hot water accordingly. We just received our first quarterly bill and it looks like a payback time of around 6 - 7 years which is more than acceptable.
Panel rating: 4/5
Inverter rating: 4/5
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The sales person was very pleasant and informative, the installation team was very friendly and did quality work
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Original Review on 14-03-2018:

I am still waiting for installation of the system but the timeframe provided has not yet expired.
They tested my current supply to see that I am getting 240 volts, they do their own installation, they service what they install.
They are a local company with a good track record, I did a lot of research before going with them.
Their quote was in the middle of other quotes that I received and they came on sight to explain how they would locate the system to get the maximum benefit from the system.
They have been to the factory to see how the product is made and showed me pictures from their tour.
They explained how the panels are made and what I can expect to generate.
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Panel rating: 5/5
Inverter rating: 5/5

Value for money: 5/5
Quality of System: 5/5
Installation: N/A
Customer Service: 5/5

8 months later we asked Craig: "Are you happy with the performance of your system so far?"

My system is a 5.3kwp and has to date exceeded my expectations and has met everything that DMS Energy had said that it would. Since March when the system was installed it has generated 3.84MWh without a full summer yet to reach its maximum. Not bad for Tasmania. My Solar Edge inverter is also performing well and I can monitor it from my Ipad and so can my installer so if there is a problem with any panels etc they will know. I no longer have to have a metre read as this now done electronically so no waiting to let the meter reader in the yard because we have a dog. Yes I am truly happy with my system and DMS Energy.
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You were able to provide me with only 2 quotes, one hounded me from their call center each week, the other contacted me initially to gather information but I never received a quote despite me following up with them! I went with someone who actually came to my house and discussed everything with me which was greatly appreciated.
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DMS were the only ones who showed any interest in the job. They came armed with lots of information and gave three prices for different quality systems. The other company's I contacted were either were too busy or seemed uninterested in quoting or getting the job.
We had a lot of bad weather during the installation process and the only problem was that I wasn't kept informed whether they were showing up or not each day. Otherwise I was very happy with the workmanship and staff.
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They are a fantastic local company that offers good quality service and backs it up
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