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About Formosa Electrics Pty Ltd, Solar Installers

Formosa Electrics Pty Ltd
Silver Partner
ABN: 45 852 659 417  ABN active since 04 Sep 2018 | The Trustee For Formosa Trust
ACN: 628 592 567  ACN active since 04 Sep 2018 | Formosa Electrics Pty Ltd
Electrical Contractor's License:   (learn about electrical licenses and buying solar)
VIC: REC 21129 Formosa Electrics Pty Ltd 

Reviewers report paying: $3,882 - $5,800 for depending on hardware choice and installation difficulty ( how is this calculated? )

Formosa Electrics Pty Ltd is a Solar Power Installation company based in Heathmont and serves VIC. Here are their reviews as submitted by visitors to SolarQuotes

Formosa Electrics Pty Ltd Solar Reviews

Very professional and knowledgeable installer. Valued advice & top workmanship

Joseph guided me through the design process, as I was interested to have a system that covers of expenses for my new 5 KW reverse-cycle air-conditioning/heating system.
When cooling, I wanted to be 100% covered, when heating I wanted to use the energy credit accumulated over the year.
I wanted the system to be as flexible for extensions/replacements/repairs as possible and didn't want huge DC running through my house. Hence - microconverters. I also picked LG panels because of long warranty, exceptional performance under overcast conditions, and flexibility/playability of the panel (lower breakage when hit).
The installation went without any hiccups, only 2 roof tiles had to be replaced. I am confident my system will last longer than me. I am in good area (max. 10 KW systems, and my retailer - AGL - is fast and flexible (gets only 2 weeks to start accumulating the credit for feeding the grid.
The place was cleaned afterwards, documents signed and delivered, photos taken and system checked under a full domestic load. I can run all my appliances in the middle of the day on my own energy. The investment ($7,700 after all discounts and rebates) should pay for itself in 5 years.
The installer organised the Envoy monitoring and access, and grid connection permits. So, from my point of view it was an effortless undertaking.
I asked 3 installers for quotes on the same - notionally - system (power, No of panels and model, mountings, inverters, cabling). The final quote from Formosa Electrics was substantially lower than the other installers (almost $2000 less).
So, I am happy with my investment.
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Wonderful product and service. Very happy with the installation

Formosa were great at every step of our process to get solar panels installed at home. They were one of the few installers to come out and inspect the home when providing the quote and spent a lot of time discussing the best system for us. Joseph from Formosa was honest in his feedback about the type of panels and inverter that were available to us and gave us advice on what would be the best value and quality for our budget. On top of that, Formosa's quote was cheaper than the competitors for an equivalent size system.

After the quote was accepted, the installation was scheduled within weeks and done all in one day. Joseph and his team were professional during the install and took care with their installation and cleanup of the site when they were finished.

After the install, Joseph followed up with the energy company quickly to get the certification and paperwork completed so that we could start receiving credits for our panels. He also followed up in the weeks following to check that we were happy with our system. Which we were and still are.

All in all, very happy with the service and product from Formosa and would happily recommend them to anyone looks for an installer who you can trust to do a great job.
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Honest, Reliable, Affordable and Friendly Solar Installer

Formosa was an excellent company to deal with. They replied within the same day and quickly followed up with an onsite inspection, even getting on the roof to do a full shadow mapping giving me an idea of how efficient solar powers would be.

I get partial shading on my roof so deiced to go with a 7kW Solar Array of LG NeOn2 and Enphase micro-inverters. The installation also required getting my electrical switchboard upgraded at the same time and Formosa helped organise all this to be done on the same day as the solar panels got installed.

Would highly recommend this company to anyone else looking for an honest, reliable, affordable and friendly solar installer.
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Fully satisfied domestic customer

Prompt and punctual responses at all stages to - my initial enquiry - site inspection visit - specification and quotation.
Accommodated repainting of roof concrete tiles (by a seperate contractor) between a first site visit to instal the panel mounting frame hooks, then at later date, returning to install and commission the panels.

At all times friendly communication, with clear, knowledgeable advice on alternative options. Responsive to my preference for a micro inverter system.

Fully professional performance. I have no hesitation recommending Formosa Electrics for domestic solar installations.
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Professional Installer

How was the sales/quoting process?

After requesting solar quotes from this website, Joseph was the only installer that called within an hour asking the type system and panels I wanted for my parent home. I also requested 2 additional quotes with different size systems. All were emailed within a few days of my request.

How did the installation go? Polite? Tidy? Punctual?
Joseph and the team did an excellent job on the installation. Appointment was booked at 7am. Joseph and the team arrived at 7am. I also requested Joseph to call me before the installation to work out where to place the inverter to avoid direct sunlight and also call an hour before the team finishes the install. All calls were met. To my surprise the team also installed a CAT 5 connection directly from the inverter to my router. I have read reviews on wifi issues with Fronius inverters. Joseph went thru the the system and the app on the phone. All rubbish was removed from the property.

How was the customer service? e.g. did they help organise the grid connection after the install?
This is where the Formosa Electrics team stands out. Exceptional customer service from quoting to install to the administration of Solar documents.

Photos of the panel were emailed the same night the system was installed.
Panel warranty certificates were emailed and posted. REC 25 years product warranty.
Joseph also applied for the additional 5 year Fronius warranty by registering the inverter. Certificates were also posted to me.
Once the safety certificate was issued. The system was turned on and a gird connection to my retailer was organised the next day.

If you are after a professional solar installer, speak to Joseph and the team at Formosa Electrics.
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Excellent installation

From start to finish Joseph made this process really easy for us. He was one of the few providers to book a site inspection, and his knowledge on solar was really obvious. Quote was quickly provided, and questions answered quickly too. Really competitive pricing, but we also felt more comfortable going with Formosa than some of the other companies we received quotes from.

Panels and inverter were installed efficiently, the panels look fantastic, and the job site was left very clean. Jospeh explained everything we needed to know in detail. Inspection is still to occur, so we are really looking forward to having the system up and running after that occurs. Really appreciated Joseph’s approach to guiding us through the entire process. Would definitely recommend Formosa Electrics.
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Excellent service

Joseph was very thorough at explaining the quote at the initial site visit. Explained everything clearly for someone not familiar to solar panels. Always happy to answer questions. Punctual and did not leave a mess like other tradesmen. Highly recommend Formosa Electrics! Show additional information

Five Star Service and Installation

This company deserves a five-star rating. From the initial inspection on-site, a competitive quote, quality installation of panels and inverters, then taking care of all the paperwork so that the relevant authorities were notified to receive the feed in tariff from our electricity retailer. You will not go wrong using Formosa Electrics. Thank you Joseph and to your team for all your work and attention to detail. Show additional information

Knowledgeable and efficient installer

Joseph from Formosa Electrics led us through the whole process, providing comprehensive information and advice, prompt service and support with dealing with our retailer. Highly recommended installer. Show additional information

Exceptional Service and Installation

I requested a Solar quote from Formosa after a referral from a work colleague. Joseph was very accommodating and punctual and measured up in the rain and then took a great deal of time explaining the options and the process. I was very impressed and I signed up after receiving his quote the next day and the installation was then booked in for 2 weeks later.
Joseph and James were very professional with the installation, there were some changes on the day which resulted in an additional panel to get maximum solar gain. I have to say that I was blown away by the end result and the whole experience. One of my fears and one of the reasons for my delay in not getting solar earlier was because of the horror stories you hear about installers and shoddy workmanship. Obviously there are some good guys out there and I found one - Formosa wont let you down. You can rest assured that with Joseph you will only get the best installation and service available anywhere. From the time I spent with him you can see that every single one of his installations is done with the same care and exceptional standard that he would expect on his own house. He is also very practical and will explain how to maximize your savings by installing a smart meter at the same time (a must with any Fronious Inverter). Highly recommend and very happy with the end result.. Thanks Joseph!
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Easy process, great communication and excellent after service

Sale and quoting was an easy process. We were given our options, with pros and cons, and were not pushed into making a decision. Loved the detailed quote with diagrams and predictions. Formosa electrics were always available to answer any of our queries. Show additional information

Perfect experience from the Site inspection to the grid connection

All the positive reviews below are spot on, nothing to fault with Formosa Electrics. True professionals in every aspect.

Joseph from Formosa Electrics said that he completes a site inspection on all installs and I'm glad that he did. He arrived on site with a shading tool (Suneye) and did a solar access analysis. This showed us that in winter we would only have 50% Solar Access due to surrounding trees. From this Formosa Electrics advised with go with an optimised system and recommended SolarEdge as it means that every panel works independently of the others. Without having this assessment we could of just had a ineffective Solar System on our roof.

We also had Solar Analytics installed to allow us to work out where our high usage was coming from as Solar Analytics allows you to monitor individual circuits, as a result our 84kwh daily consumption has come down to around 10kwh daily imported from the grid and we have already saved $1000 in 3months.

They were not the cheapest for a comparable (identical) spec system but I felt absolute confidence that I would have a quality installation and a longer term partnership should we have any problems or want to upgrade in the future. When deciding to spend the extra money on these guys I was hoping for the best but once they were on site the money was forgotten.

I generally don't like leaving reviews, but this business deserves one, more business operating like Formosa Electrics are needed. Would recommend them to anyone thinking of having solar installed
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Highly recommended installer

I had 3 quotes through Solar Quotes and also 2 more from other companies I contacted. Of the five, only 2 took the trouble to come to my property and Joseph (Formosa) was the only one who actually got on the roof and thoroughly assessed my situation (including shading issues).

The quoted price was also very competitive, with only one quote being cheaper (but that company seemed to be focused on quantity of installs rather doing a good job). Joseph was very happy to discuss all my concerns and the actual install went very smoothly (and he was able to install very quickly after I got the Victorian Solar Rebate). Formosa did a great job, were neat and tidy, on time, with good follow up and I am confident that if I ever have any issues with my system, they will respond promptly.

I would definitely recommend them over the big companies, for their great customer service and attention to detail.
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Highest Recommendation

I've just read through the previous reviews and I must say I agree wholeheartedly with all the positive things that have been said about the company, Formosa Electrics, and the man who owns and operates it, Joseph.

All I can add is that if you want the job done properly and by a person who really does care about his customers go with Formosa Electrics. If my experience is typical, and it appears to be going by the other reviews, you can't go wrong with this company.

One other thing I should mention is that you will get the job done for a very fair price. I actually don't mind paying a bit more for quality work and top customer service, but with this company you get both and it doesn't cost you an extra cent.

I have absolutely no hestitation in giving Formosa Electrics the highest recommendation.
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Very Well done and a great guy

Its was only ok, we went with Formosa because they were only company that came on stite. The other two only came on the phone or email and would not do a visit. Show additional information

Formosa Electrics Highly recommend!!!

The sales and quoting process was excellent. Formosa Electrics representative Joseph came on site at a time that was suitable for me. We discussed options as I have very little east facing roof. I had done my research (thanks to Finn and team for making that easy) and wants quotes on two different brands of panel and Enphase micro inverters. This was no problem. I was also getting my roof restored before the panels would go up. Joseph suggested putting in all the panel footings BEFORE the roof restoration/repainting. Great suggest and that is what he did. Roof restoration took weeks longer than expected (due to some unexpected problems). Joseph kept in touch all the way through the roofing work, gave me excellent documentation regarding applying for the Vic solar rebate. When it came time to put the panels up, Joseph and his team had them up in about 4 hours. It was great. He hooked up the Enphase monitoring, I downloaded the app and hey presto! Visibility of what was being produced, consumed, exported!!!! Really glad to have found Solar Quotes and through Solar Quotes a quality local installer. Rebate and STCs made the system affordable. Show additional information

Superb professionalism and attention to detail from beginning to end.

We received 3 quotes from Solar Quotes, all of whom came to our house, which was great. All had good information to provide and were able to answer any questions.

We were a little unsure about Formosa Electrics at first due to the lack of reviews on SolarQuotes compared to the others, but that doubt disappeared when Joseph went a lot further than the other companies in investigating the property. This included getting on the roof to measure shading (which was an anticipated issue), checking the voltages and wiring, and more. His passion for solar, local knowledge and willingness to explain every detail were also appreciated.
The result of this extra investigation was a much better tailored system for our property and a more thorough and detailed proposal, which was very competitively priced.

Joseph was also helpful with explaining the Vic Solar rebate application, which we got through on the first attempt thankfully.

After receiving the rebate confirmation, Joseph was able to personally install the following week. Installation began on time, and proceeded exactly as proposed, being finished in the one day. The install was professionally done with the inverter mounting and wiring in particular looking very clean and tidy.

We also had Solar Analytics installed which has shown that so far, the system has been performing almost exactly as predicted in the proposal (only out by less than half a kWh for the month average so far).

Everything from start to finish was explained clearly including parts used, paperwork, expectations, monitoring applications, and application procedures.
We would not hesitate in recommending Formosa Electrics for Solar Installations, and also plan to use them for all other future electrical work for the house.

The paid price below is after STC credit and Vic Solar rebate.
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Fantastic customer service

After having several quotes from various sales people, Formosa Electrics from the initial quote to after installation have been honest and knowledgeable in their products. Joseph is highly skilled electrician who from the knew all the specs of the equipment I was wanting to install. The install went smoothly and was completed thoroughly and to a high standard. The level of customer service and tech support post installation has been above and beyond. I have no hesitation in recommending Formosa Electrics to anyone looking at getting a quality system at a reasonable price. Show additional information

Great installer

Formosa Electrics from the initial quote to after installation have been communicative, honest, and sincere. Joseph is highly knowledgeable in the equipment he installs and only offers the quality products. The quality of install was high, thorough and meticulous, ensuring that the job was completed properly and on time. The level of customer service and tech support post installation has been above and beyond. I have no hesitation in recommending Formosa Electrics. Show additional information

Fantastic service. Above and beyond. Best experience!

I got my choice of installer from They all had an equal shot at providing a quote with the same specifications. Joseph Koning from Formosa Electrics was a stand-out. He called me back within hours of my email, provided excellent advice over the phone, came around for a site visit and measurement at a time that was convenient, installed and cleaned up, and gave first-rate after sales support. Even connected the inverter to my wifi and phone. I couldn't be happier and have referred him to at least three other people who are considering solar instalation on their homes. Show additional information
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