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About G-Store, Solar Installers

G-Store is a Total Home Energy Efficiency services provider, operating in Melbourne for over 10 years.

They know solar, offer consultative energy management focused solutions, provide free measure, quote and solar mapping services so you have opportunity to understand the different types of output results you can expect based on the solar system you choose to install on your home.

Due to significant experience in the Victorian residential & commercial solar industry, Premium Authorised Installation provider status has been achieved with the very best manufacturers of solar components.

Only CEC Accredited Installers are used.

Service, before and after sale has been the keystone focus of G-Store since its inception over 10 years ago and is the reason for thousands of happy customers.

G-Store current absolute premium recommended solutions are with products from LG Electronics for solar modules accompanied with Enphase Micro Inverter technology.

Due to development in the Energy Storage space in Australia, G-Store is able to provide quality advice on Total Energy Management solutions for your home or business.

G-Store are located at 1095 Dandenong Road, Malvern East 3145 and      33 Princes Way, Warragul 3820.

G-Store Solar Reviews

We follow up with all reviewers after 12 months to see how their system is going since it was installed. These are all the reviewers who have responded to our 1 year follow up:
Our 3.35kW system:
- LG Neon2 335W x 10 (25 years warranty)
- Enphase IQ7+ Microinverter system (12 years warranty)
- MyEnlighten software (production + consumption monitoring)
- Full switchboard up grade
- 4/10 panels tilted on flat roof section of house
Because I am lazy, I stole the below comments from previous reviews (thanks guys haha). But without a doubt, I am 110% behind their comments.
Dan: “Adam Remigio is absolutely fantastic! He is knowledgeable and provided all the specifications, details and most importantly a suggestion on the system (panels and inverter) along with the precise location on the roof.” (15/10/18)

Me: Adam is extremely accommodating and easy to reach via phone/email/sms????
John: “Also they left the site clean and tidy!” (16/10/18)

Me: Lee Hampson and his installation team were an absolute joy to have over! Efficient, professional and very easy to work with ????
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Thanks for installing 5kW LG+Fronius solar system at my home on 18/10/18. The reason for having g-store install the system is because they were friendly and customer oriented, don't push to sell their products but used their knowledge to provide the best configuration for my house. They don't bad mouth other companies. Price was not the cheapest but I paid for their experience, knowledge and advice. Thanks Matt, installers and the support team members. Show additional information
GStore was the only company which did a thorough assessment of my usage and didn't recommend the maximum size system (most margin I guess). Also the quality of the components selected and the choice of micro inverters suited my situation which involved possible shading issues that may arise due to development in the future. Also the orientation selected worked out much better in terms of payback periods compared with other quotes, once I had done the research on the matter.

The response to any of my inquiries were always rapid and excellent.

The overall quality of the installation is great with the neatness outstanding compared with other roof's I see around my suburb.

My only complaint would be when installing the panels the installer had to grind my tiles down, which was fine and I was happy with. Only problem is the fragments of tiles weren't cleaned up prior to the installation of the panels, so I went up onto the roof to clean up the gutters/check out the panels and noticed shards of tiles under the panels and all over the roof. But as the panels are now fixed down I can't clean the fragments under the panels up and have to wait for them to wash into the gutters which is frustrating. Why couldn't it have been cleaned up prior. Probably no-one gets up on the roof to look at these things so they can get away with it.
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My system was only installed on Friday, so my feedback would be better informed in a month or two. I am grateful for your service as it has helped me by filtering out the cowboys (and cowgirls). I feel like I paid top dollar, but I am hoping that "the quality will be remembered long after the price is forgotten" Show additional information
We have been in contact with other companies as well, but G Store's service stood out from the very beginning: Great service, very knowledgeable staff, immediate cost estimate (where others took weeks to get back to us with quotes, G-Store took the initiative and presented us with a proposal in their first response to our inquiry). Show additional information
Excellent after-sales service including system monitoring, assistance with government and retailer forms, answering our many questions in plain language terms and providing useful tips about maximising the benefits of our solar system.

A good example of their customer focus was the install crew repaired cracked tiles that were nowhere near the solar panel site "because we were already up there" which saved us additional cost of engaging a roof repairer. Also they left the site clean and tidy!

We feel like a VALUED customer, which is a rare thing in the current corporate energy environment.
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There are many reasons why I decided to go with G-Store!
Adam Remigio is absolutely fantastic! He is knowledgeable and provided all the specifications, details and most importantly a suggestion on the system (panels and inverter) along with the precise location on the roof.
It was nice NOT to talk to a salesperson but someone who "knows there stuff."
I ended up going with the LG Neon2 335W x 16 (25 years warranty) + Enphase IQ7+ Microinverter system (12 years warranty)
All I can say the system is extremely efficient especially given there are several trees around our property.
I can clearly see both the short and long term investment of the system and look forward to adding a battery at some stage.
You will not be disappointed as these guys know what they are talking about.
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G Store performed the most detailed analysis of our past usage and put more diligence into our panel orientation proposal during the sales process.

Install was promptly scheduled and completed with a minimum of fuss.

G Store were also proactive in providing all of the documentation and from needed for the new Vic state rebate.

Everyone we dealt with throughout the whole process was friendly and professional

Very happy with the entire experience and highly recommend.
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G-Store provided great service throughout the processes of purchasing and installation of the solar solution.

Highly recommended.
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Everything promised was achieved and on time. Very professional. Show additional information
G-Store were professional from start to finish. They provided us with enough technical information to make an informed decision regarding the kind of system and components that we wanted, and had the patience to wait for us to make a final decision. They clearly pride themselves on providing a great service, and on supplying good quality solar systems without cutting corners. The installation went smoothly, and the after-sales service was exemplary. All questions were answered swiftly, and documents promptly supplied as required. I would certainly recommend them. Show additional information
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Iam very pleased with my choice of supplier G Store Thier attention to detail and commitment was fantastic. From day one to the completion of works it was seamless, Adam,G Stores consultant has repeatedly called me and advised on the connection process. Very reassuring as it’s a big commitment , all working as quoted Thanks to All at G Store Barry Hodson Show additional information
Had excellent sales support when looking at installing a new solar system, which included looking at a number of technical and capacity options and financial modelling. Good follow up service and the notification of the new VIC Government incentive finally made the installation attractive enough to install. Show additional information
G store solar, excellent to deal with, professional, on time, Adam and his installers first class. Highly recommend. Show additional information
Extremely helpful, thorough, knowledgeable, comprehensive. I didn’t feel like I was being ‘up-sold’ but that the options suggested to me were best for my situation. Adam was a professional rather than a salesman. Recommended to others. Show additional information
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Exemplary product knowledge service and follow up. Show additional information
Adam and the team at G-store solar were great right from the moment of providing a quote to delivery and install of the system. Found them very approachable and delivered what we wanted for a fair price. Would recommend them to others. Show additional information
Excellent quality and customer service, quick response to all my enquires and the installation was done just a week after signing. Won’t hesitate to recommend them Show additional information
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Good communication in the initial stages of gathering information. (Possibly too much information provided by G-Store) Only about 2 weeks from paying the deposit until installation. Very smooth installation. All done in a single day, with quick follow up from support staff to initiate the Enphase monitoring software (via mobile app). Just waiting for completion of contact with supplier incorporating buy-back of surplus energy sent back into the grid. I was told that this part of the process could take about 5 weeks. We are very pleased. Show additional information
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Matt from our local G-Store was in contact soon after our quote request. He then made a site inspection, applied for permission from Ausnet for the installation and provided quotes for a premium system. As Ausnet limited us on input to the grid, we decided to go with G-Store's quote for a LG Neon/Enphase micro-inverter to maximize the power produced by our array within the limit. Installation was swiftly arranged within the week, and deftly handled by the installer. The system was up and running, and the area cleaned up by the end of the scheduled day. G-Store provided all the documents required for the Solar rebate and it has been submitted. The only outstanding task is the reprogramming of our meter by Ausnet to monitor exports, so we are giving AGL free electricity! We are very happy with the performance of our installation, and the service we received from Matt, Shannon and Lee. Show additional information
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The team at G Store have been fantastic from day 1. Although this took a bit of time for me to be able to actually go ahead with it, one everything fell in place it was a very quick install.

From day one Adam provided me with information on how best to maximise the system for my property and to recommend a system that best fit our needs. The system is now up and running and we have no issues at all and couldn't be happier with the process from day 1 through to completion.

I would recommend G Store to anyone looking for a quality system and handle the whole process so professionally.
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It has been good in planning and install was smooth. System was a good balance of quality and price.

Once I reached out for assistance in understanding the system they were quick to follow up.

Supplier Reply

Thanks for the review Andrew,

I was disappointed to see your rating on our customer service, in particular after sales service as this is something we pride ourselves in.

We set up access to your inverter prior to the installation and sent across your account log in details, which should have been established shortly after installation. I wasn't able to find any requests received from you for updates on this either?

In relation to the Grid Connection process, contained within your booking confirmation we outlined the process involved and a typical time frame that this would take, also advising you that we will inform you once paperwork has been lodged to your retailer all in order to give you peace of mind knowing we would manage this for you.

As of today (7 days post installation) we have confirmed this paperwork has now been lodged with your retailer, along with all required documentation you will need on behalf of G-Store to lodge application for the State Government Solar Homes Rebate should you wish to apply.

I hope you do find value in the service we have delivered and if you need anything else let us know.

Thank you,

G-Store Solar Team.
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Adam from G-Store was very helpful and had all the information I required and supplied and installed the system on time with the specific Panels and Micro invertors that I requested. Show additional information
Have not rated installation as our build is only in the early stages.

Found Adam to be very helpful with my questions and always followed up and has been "true to his word."
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We took quite a while to make our decision to go solar and Adam from G-store was extremely patient and very helpful as we went through that process.
Installation was very quick both from when we made to the decision to the actual work on the day.
Jeff went out of his way to make sure that all wiring was completely hidden from the house exterior.
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The installation quality was excellent with the installers taking the effort to ensure the cabling was taken via the most unobtrusive route and providing me with options in relation to the 2-phase installation which was a bit unusual. My second GStore Solar installation who make available highest quality components which I wanted to use for longevity and reliability. Show additional information
Thank you for getting me onto G-Store. They are very knowledgeable and were patient with all my questions. No other business had such a welcoming feel, and they didn’t try to push cheaper products. They also installed within a week!! Amazing. Show additional information
I dealt with Adam from G Store in Malvern East and found his advice and expertise to be very helpful in making a decision on what sized system and components to use on our Solar system. Through out the whole process from my first inquiry through to the follow up after installation he guided me through the whole process and products seemlissley.
Martyn and the two other guys who installed the system were fantastic, very efficient, tidy and had it all done in four hours time just before the rain came ????
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The quotation process, and assistance provided by Shannon and Adam with obtaining our Council planning permit, was efficient, knowledgeable and supporitve. The installation was performed promptly and with a minimum of disruption. A small glitch in the installation was detected remotely and corrected promptly. G Store was recommended to us by friends and we have happily advised our family to also use them.
The delay in our smartmeter being reconfigured by United Energy, was beyond their controll. Once your solar panels are installed , we would advise all new solar account holders to follow up this process closely with their energy retailer to avoid costly delays in being connected to the grid.
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The installers were excellent. Really knew what they were doing and cleaned up well. Show additional information
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From research LG is by far the most superior panel on the market. No out of pocket warranty and backed by a well known company that has been around forever Show additional information
Matt from GStore was fantastic to deal with. Great service. Super helpful and great pricing. Using them again for our Hot Water Service. Recommended them to family who installed a similar Solar system and they are just as happy. AAA+++ recommended. Show additional information
Our entire experience with GStore has been fantastic. From the first phone call, to the site visit, and emails answering all our questions - right through installation and commissioning. I cannot fault their service, professionalism and all-round helpfulness. Show additional information
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Matt from G-Store was the first to call after requesting multiple quotes. Knew his product inside out. Answered all the questions I wanted to know. He was the first to follow up while I was considering all the quotes. Extremely happy with the whole process couldn't recommend them enough. Save yourself sometime and go with G-Store you won't be disappointed. Show additional information
Very very neat install great products as I went lg neon 2 black panels with enphase micro inverters easy to deal with great info Show additional information
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The supplier I chose (G-Store) was based on the information I received from the Solar Quotes website. Whilst this company was not one of the three quoted to me my decision was based on the reviews of G-Store on the Solar Quotes website. The information supplied by Solar Quotes enabled me to select the best system available for my needs and gave me the tools to make an informed decision. If it wasn't for Solar Quotes I'd probably still be scratching my head deciding on what system and what installation company. The dealings with G-Store before and after installation were excellent. Best Price, Best Product and fast installation once I'd made up my mind. Couldn't be happier.

In regard to the 3 companies you advised me of and had requested they quote me.
1. Essential Solar - Received call on 18/6 ... Quoted on 27/6 ... $1600 more then G-Store for exact same system.
2. Glen Clark - Received call on 19/6 ... Quoted on 27/6. Asked for quote on different components ... didn't hear back until after I had signed with G-Store. Not impressed.
3. Specialised Solar Solutions .. Didn't hear from them at all.

It was after not hearing from two of the 3 companies that I contacted G-Store and received a quote the same day ... 22/6
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The service that I have received was great before installation. During installation the crew kept us up to date throughout the day and completed without any issues.
The system is working well and G-Store did a follow up call to check if everything is going well.
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