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About G Store, Solar Installers

G-Store is a Total Home Energy Efficiency services provider, operating in Melbourne for over 10 years. They know solar, offer consultative energy management focused solutions, provide free measure, quote and solar mapping services so you have opportunity to understand the different types of output results you can expect based on the solar system you choose to install on your home.

Due to significant experience in the Victorian residential & commercial solar industry, Premium Authorised Installation provider status has been achieved with the very best manufacturers of solar components.

Only CEC Accredited Installers are used.

Service, before and after sale has been the keystone focus of G-Store since its inception over 10 years ago and is the reason for thousands of happy customers.

G-Store current absolute premium recommended solutions are with products from LG Electronics for solar modules accompanied with Enphase Micro Inverter technology.

Due to development in the Energy Storage space in Australia, G-Store is able to provide quality advice on Total Energy Management solutions for your home or business.

G Store Solar Reviews

We follow up with all reviewers after 12 months to see how their system is going since it was installed. These are all the reviewers who have responded to our 1 year follow up:
We went with G Store for the following reasons :
1. The sales person , Adam , assessed our usage history ,inspected our property and took the time to design a system which best suited us .
2. The quote was very competitive ,
3. Adam answered all our questions promptly and clearly demonstrated that he knew what he was talking about .
The installation was faultless and the system is performing very well . All in all a professional service which made what seemed a complicated project straight forward
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I chose the system to obtain the highest performance panels and make upgrades simple. The alternative lower cost, lower priced panels would require me to spend significant amounts on and continuing tree lopping visits.
I was hard to communicate with during the preparatory phase. Messages were left but I did not find them. The supplier failed to try my e-mail - the links to which had been established - hence there was a 2 week gap from initiation.
The physical installation was good - being accomplished in one day.
Electrical issues were found when the inspector came - and tiles discovered broken.
Eventually a repair was affected and it was discovered that the LAN connection was not happening for the Enlighten software monitoring system.
An electrician was engaged by G-store to fix this. an antenna amplifier was installed - using of my extension leads to fix it close to the installation, and later it was demonstrated by G-store to work. Accordingly the final payment was made.
Now, the monitoring system "falls" in and out - so clearly the fix is not sufficient and G-Store are clearly not monitoring my system as they proposed - as I have had no contact since - that I can find.
Not very satisfactory
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I chose Gstore to install my solar panels because they checked for any issue with my property (morning shading) before providing a quote for panels with micro inverters. I knew this would give me the best output from the panels due to shading issues as well as panel layout due to roof space.
The instal was quick and professional.
Very happy!
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All three suppliers recommended by Solar Quotes offered very good products and provided offered excellent customer service.
We choose the plan recommended by G-store because it seemed to fit best with when we consume energy (orientation), the presence of trees on and around our property (micro-inverters and very efficient panels), and the fact that we would like to stay at the house for some time.
The installation happened within the time frame they stated it would, the installers were careful and cleaned up, the panels and inverters have all been working and the Enlighten internet monitoring is great for seeing how the weather affects the solar generation, how much power different appliances use, and when we should use things like the dishwasher. washing machine, chargers etc.
If you get your power through Powershop you can see lovely black lines on your energy usage chart showing when you are using no power from the grid.
Our installation went in early October, which has changeable weather here in Melbourne. Looking at the Powershop charts we've seen our daily usage drop by about half (being more than half most days, but less on other days, when we use the oven for example, to take it to, on average, about half the amount we used before the panels were on the roof (12kw hrs to 6kw hrs).
Naturally, it's taken over a month for our energy supplier to organise altering the metre to allow for credits to be counted, but it is going to happen, so that's positive. Once the metre is adjusted and credits are taken into account, I think we should be seeing at least three quarters of our energy use covered. On clear days we export a lot: more than we use, but on very overcast days we use more than we produce. More will be exported to the grid over the summer months than the winter months because of more hours of daylight, but I think our electricity spend over the year will likely be a quarter or less of what it was before we put on the panels.
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Waiting for installation next week. Show additional information
We felt comfortable with G Store right from the word go. Received good advice from Matt about all aspects of a solar installation. Once we decided on a suitable system it was installed and running the next day thanks to the deferment of another job. The installation process was carried out by two technicians who were professional, competent and efficient. They took time to explain anything we queried in a patient and friendly manner. We were most impressed!
All paper work was taken care of and all I had to do was sign.
Would confidently recommend G Store to anyone who thinking about going solar
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Great system, communication and service from sales to installation. Highly recommended. Show additional information
I was incredibly pleased with the service from Adam at G-Store. No pressure and plenty of info sent through as requested. The install was done in one day and looks to have been done to a top standard. Show additional information
Helpful service and knowledge. Matt was willing to discuss all sorts of panels, pros and cons, not just the ones they sell. Spoke about how quickly technology can change and what life cycle we were looking at for the panels and whether to get batteries yet. Thorough discussion. Love looking at the computer for daily updates on how the system is performing. Show additional information
We were very happy with the service that we received from G-Store.. From the quoting to the installation. They did what they said they would do and on time too. very impressed. Show additional information
Has not have much customer service yet. One thing I'm not very satisfied is I've got micro inverter but I can't monitor power generation down to each panel. I can only monitor total power generation for whole PV system.

Supplier Reply

Hi Cathy

The system can be modified to add on panel monitoring. Enphase charge a once off payment for this of around $300. Please contact us on 03 9571 0552 to organise this if it is a feature you wish to utilise.

Part of our customer service is fast turnaround times on installs and from what I can see yours was around 9 days. If there is anything else you require from a service prospective please feel free to call us, outside this you will receive our usual customer service calls over the years to come, whether it be due to a monitoring alert or just to say Hi.
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Excellent and thoughtful service from both the sales and installation teams Show additional information
The installation happened faster than expected resulting in GSolar didn't come out to finalise the quote! The quote was generated based on nearmaps with 6 panels on the north and 6 panels on the west. It did contradict another quote we obtained some years earlier which mentioned the northern roof was too small and i did wonder slightly about g solar's quote. When the installer came out, true enough it was amended to 3 panels on the north and 9 panels on the west. Not ideal as it would have been resolved earlier if they did come out like i requested. But not a big deal as more panels on the west might work better with our electricity use. Installer came with 1 phase cables due to g solar's mistake again so that delayed the installation by another 3 weeks but again I was ok with it as that means the payment is delayed too! The inspector from the regulator was happy with our installer's work thus I'm happy overall. Show additional information
It was a great thing to have the three quotes set up by Finn because it gave us a great of confidence that we would get a system that actually worked. Show additional information
G-Store were very professional and stood apart from the other 2 suppliers by taking extra time to design a solution that suited our needs. We have had the system installed for a month now and are very happy with our decision. Show additional information
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Great service, awesome product and a fanastic install. G Store took care of all our needs including the paperwork. Apart from payment for the system we didn't have to lift a finger. Quality is measured by the deliverence and these guys delivered on every level, for a bit over 10kW to produce in the 60kW range on days during August was far above the estimates given before we purchased. Bring on summer, we are glad we decided on the premium option on all accounts. Show additional information
Pity that it takes 40 days plus from installation date for your energy supplier to be advised and for your surplus electricity that is sent to the grid being actually paid for.

Supplier Reply

Hi Julie and Bill

Just to clarify on your comment, the energy provider is notified as soon as we get the Certificate of Electrical compliance. It takes some energy suppliers up to 40 days to facilitate the meter changeover in a lot of cases this happens within 7-14 days. Some retailers are more efficient than others.

As you are self consuming around 80% of your energy, your feed in since install is approximately 80kW. The feed in tariff is a very small part of the financial benefit of having solar.

If you require further clarification feel free to give us a call.
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This was a new experience in a field of little knowledge for me.Adam from G Store spent the time to discuss the various options and the system that would best suit our requirements..I have been very happy with the installation - nil mess, arrived on time and I have been advised our system is working to design. Have heard from our electricity supplier re adding our system to the grid in timeframe that was mentioned. For us the installation of solar was a good environmental move. Look forward to seeing what gains we achieve on future electricity accounts. Show additional information
I would like to say thanks to Adam and the guys that installed our system. He answered all our questions explaining easily for us to understand. We received prompt service and installation within 7 days. Can't complain with this efficient service. The installation guys were thorough and let us know what they were doing at all times and answered all questions. I chose the LG Neon 2 which are a bit more expensive but as they say "you get what you pay for" and am happy with the system. All paper work was taken care of as well so not a lot I had to do. No problems recommending G Store to anyone who wants a good reliable service. Show additional information
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Sales very good but installation very slow. Panels put up quickly and efficiently 3 weeks ago but still waiting for final connection at switchboard so it is operational. Getting a bit frustrated now just want it finished. Show additional information
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Show additional information
Adam from G-STORE came to meet with us and explained everything in easy to understand terms. The team that did the installation was very professional and efficient and clean! Highly recommended bunch of people Show additional information
They didn't properly assess what was required to modify the switchboard so when the installation guys turned up the work couldn't be fully completed as an additional switchboard was required - which wasn't included in the quote. Subsequently, they fitted the additional switchboard - at no additional cost to us. So a bit of a delay but great customer service! Show additional information
Adam from G-STORE was excellent in explaining the solar system I required in easy to understand terms, I would highly recommend G-STORE to anyone thinking of going solar. Show additional information
Only day 1 of the installation so unable to really comment on the full operation but the ease of the process, the non pushy sales process yet excellent customer service- its all been a very simple and enjoyable process. Ive been put of solar in the past because it all seemed too complicated and the information was inconsistent or complex, finally I found a way with GStore and i'm a really happy customer! Show additional information
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Completing a survey such as this one week following installation doesn't really help anyone who's considering buying a solar system. The reality is that to be meaningful the survey should be conducted at six and maybe 12 months AFTER installation to (a) rate system and installation quality, (b) system efficiency (does it meet it's design parameters) and (c) what the after-sales service has been like.

All we can say at this point is that G-Store have lived up to their word with regards explaining the pros and cons of various systems/options and what they'd do and when.
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Excellent and responsive communication with Adam
Full explanations of whole installation and service
What was promised was provided
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We were very pleased with the process. The G Store personal we had contact with were well informed and professional. The solar panels are in and working well.
Now it get an aircon to use some of the power we are going to generate over summer.
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Professional, gave sound advice, could explain the benefits of all equipment for our site. Fearless independent advice. Always prompt and fast follow up of my questions by phone and email. The installation crew were fast efficient thoughtful and solved a difficult wiring to our switchboard. Very good and left no rubbish on site. Highly recommended. Show additional information
Awesome company to deal with. They have proactive and professional throughout the whole process. I'm really glad I chose them. Show additional information
We paid, probably twice what we had to for a system in order to get a good system from someone who provided good service. Unfortuneately it felt like once that G-STORE had our money they quickly "moved on". Did not answer emails, did not answer phone calls. They messed up the paperwork for our electricity supplier and I then had to perform all the follow up work. If I had to do it again I would probably just buy the cheap system from EuroSolar or TrueValueSolar. You don't expect service when you buy budget.

Supplier Reply

Hi Roger, I was disappointed to read your review. Here at G-Store we pride ourselves on Quality of product, installation and customer service, as a whole package. Knowing you were budget conscious I worked out a solution using a quality LG Neon module for $400 more that the competing quote for a REC panel solution. The installation took place with a week, was signed of by an electrical inspector and G-Store followed up with our own independent inspection a week after you finalised your account for our own quality assurance. This is something you wouldn't get from the two suppliers, let alone most others out there. I acknowledge you sent an unanswered "email" which on return of your call I found in our junk mail. As for unanswered calls, that is hardly a fair comment as you rang at 12pm and 3pm last Tuesday while I was out of the office. Your call was returned around 4pm when I was finished with my appointments. I will also draw to your attention the offer I made to make an appointment with you to address any other further needs which until this time I have had no feedback on. Good news is your quality solution is performing above expectation and you are self consuming the majority of your power production. Show additional information
We chose G Store to instal our solar panels because they were prompt in replying to our request for a quote and were prepared to come and do a site visit. Adam was informative and gave us clear options based on our energy use and latitude. He gave a recommendation for a particular brand of panel and inverter but was not pushy, which I appreciated. He was prepared to build a system that best fit our needs and budget.
The installation was not without some issues but the crew were very professional and got the job done.
All in all very pleased with the whole process.
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Unlike the other solar company recommended to me, G-Store was happy to have a rep come out to eyeball my place and talk to me. He spent an hour and half which I think was great service. G-Store was able to source the latest generation panels that hadn't yet arrived in Australia and get them on my roof within a few weeks. Their installers were experienced and professional. It seems they under-quoted a bit on the work required on my switchboard as they were not able to complete that part on the day and had to come back a slightly frustrating 2 weeks later. On the plus side, they did not charge me for the extra work that involved installing a new switchboard box alongside my existing one. Overall I am very happy with the value and service provided for a premium system. Show additional information
I didn't want a company way out of my area. One company only went by price - recommended by a neighbor. I always want best quality at best price. G store were good in time spent and explanations given. I have nothing really to compare with but I think every thing was really good. However all the paperwork is not yet complete so its probably a little bit to early to be completing this questionnaire. Show additional information
Customer service pre-installation was excellent, very pro-active and informative (thank you Adam), one of the main reasons we chose G-Store. The other reason we chose G-Store, even though they were not the cheapest quote, is that they use top quality products and we were happy to pay for a quality system. Once we had approved installation, customer service dropped off a little, possibly because staffing issues. On the day that installation was completed, the installer told me that G-Store would contact me regarding accessing online information for our system and confirmation that our system was working properly. I waited a week to hear from G-Store, anticipating a final invoice, and finally had to ring them and was told they were short of staff. Overall we are happy with our solar installation to date (it has only been installed for a short period) and our electricity company has already been in touch with us regarding feed-in tariffs. Show additional information
G-Store came up with a few different options based on my needs and price range and advised me of the pros and cons of each system. They were not pushy and when I was ready, they arranged installation quite quickly. The installers turned up on time and were very professional, polite and did a nice clean job. Show additional information
Seems to be quite a lot of competition in the market place. A will tell you his is the best value for money. B will say same thing. Deciding is the difficult part. Show additional information
We are very happy with our solar system. The guys at G Store were prompt, professional and very easy to deal with. Bring on the solar revolution! Show additional information
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