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About G-Store, Solar Installers

G-Store is a Total Home Energy Efficiency services provider, operating in Melbourne for over 10 years. They know solar, offer consultative energy management focused solutions, provide free measure, quote and solar mapping services so you have opportunity to understand the different types of output results you can expect based on the solar system you choose to install on your home. Due to significant experience in the Victorian residential & commercial solar industry, Premium Authorised Installation provider status has been achieved with the very best manufacturers of solar components. Only CEC Accredited Installers are used. Service, before and after sale has been the keystone focus of G-Store since its inception over 10 years ago and is the reason for thousands of happy customers. G-Store current absolute premium recommended solutions are with products from LG Electronics for solar modules accompanied with Enphase Micro Inverter technology. Due to development in the Energy Storage space in Australia, G-Store is able to provide quality advice on Total Energy Management solutions for your home or business.

G-Store Solar Reviews

We follow up with all reviewers after 12 months to see how their system is going since it was installed. These are all the reviewers who have responded to our 1 year follow up:
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I learned about G Store from my friend over lunch. I contacted Adam who effortlessly made it happen. Cliff the Installer was brilliant. This was a good experience and I highly recommend G Store. I also had a very informative introduction by Shannon in his office. Show additional information
We decided to take the plunge into solar after years of deliberation. Matt, G-Stores Gippsland representative was the first person that actually explained things in a way that made sense. He was very much take it or leave it and there was no pressure to buy. Initially he advised us with our power provider which will save us $1500 a year, the solar will be an added bonus on top of that. Using meter data, our negotiated provider discount and a tailored system to fit our needs we are looking at saving between 50 and 70 percent on our bills. Lee their dedicated Gippsland installer went above and beyond even returning after completion to modify the system and make sure it was working to it's optimum, stating "he like things to be as good as they can be". We have probably seen nearly a dozen solar companies over the years and G-Store is the first one that made sense to us. Their new showroom in Gippland will be an added bonus for people like us. Show additional information
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Matt and Shannan in the office were efficient, professional and responded very quickly to all queries and questions I raised. They know their stuff.
Paul Clark, the installer, was fantastic. A true professional who is highly skilled and knows the product extremely well.
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The prompt and on time installation of the unit was most impressive. The installers did a very professional job and took all packaging and other rubbish with them. We have had our first quarterly power bill from our provider which showed a nil balance owing and a small credit. We are very happy with the unit and our dealings with the G-Store. Show additional information
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5 stars end to end, strongly recommend. I spent a couple of months researching the best solar options and hardware. Based on my research, I contacted GStore as the they are suppliers of the LG panels that I wanted. Adam was great in explaining the best options and he spend time trying to design the best solution within my budget. Installation was smooth with good qualified installers, accommodating my special request for internet connection. I forgot that I was in the middle of switching my electricity retailer, Shannon in the GStore office was great in resubmitting the paperwork to the new electricity retailer. Above all, the system capacity solution is almost perfect for my consumption, I changed few appliances consumption to peak generation time as recommended by Adam. Thank you for a job well done Show additional information
Adam was very patient and helpful. Shannon and the team in store have responded well to every query. We have enjoyed the first few weeks of our new solar equipment and we are pleased with all aspects of it. Show additional information
Very happy with G Store and the installer they sent to lay the solar panels. All aspects of the process was easy and comfortable to deal with. G store are very competitive price wise and are quick and thorough with all the questions I had. All working well and smile everyday the sun shines. Highly recommend G Store. Cheers, Theo. Show additional information
Made a point of understanding my requirements looked over 2 years of power usage and made a recommendation on a system. Show additional information
After learning about SolarQuotes from G-Store and requesting quotes through you we were able to educate ourselves using the materials and links on your website. We chose G-Store because of their excellent customer service, thorough explanation of the available options and they came in with the lowest quote on our preferred option of LG panels & Enpase micro inverters. The installation team of Simon, Jezz & Brad led by Paul Clark were superb. The job took a little longer than promised due to a combination of our very steep roof and two days of near gale force winds. In the end we couldn’t fault their enthusiasm, ability to work under very trying circumstances and professionalism. All work was carried out to a very high standard and the tidy up was excellent. The compliance inspection was done very quickly. The follow up service from G-Store has been exceptional. The Enphase monitoring app is easy to use and very informative. Show additional information
So far we are more than satisfied with G-Store and Enphase S270 Microinverter panels. Customer Service was friendly, informative, and the team did what they promised to do, on time. The MyEnlighten app is certainly informative, and will change the way we use our electricity Show additional information
We did heaps of research before we made this investment, and very nearly gave up because we were feeling so overwhelmed by the experience. Then along came GStore to save the day! Our experience with them for the supply and installation of a solar PV system has been fantastic! Every single aspect of dealing with them has been terrific, from the original sales discussions, to the installation right through to the after sales support. They are real professionals!!
We received a very competitive quote from them for a system with LG Panels and Enphase micro inverters. Our sales person was very knowledgeable on all aspects of solar electricity and very patient answering all our many questions. He provided very clear and helpful information on all aspects of the system components & installation. What really clinched the deal for us was the warranty support & after sales support delivered by GStore. Clearly a company who believes in the customer support & service ethic, which seems to be a rarity these days.

The installers arrived early on the day we agreed, and completed the work really quickly. The work done was neat and professional & the advice we received about looking after the system was invaluable.

The system is working really well, and we are super happy with how much of our energy needs the system is already providing! The Enphase monitor is providing up to date information on electricity generated and consumed.
We are very happy to highly recommend GStore to any one considering the purchase of a Solar PV system and want a really professional experience.
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All three installers were very courteous, professional and knowledgeable. My final decision was based on the size of the system recommended, location of panels and provision of 10 year maintenance plan. Show additional information
Excellent all round. Custom designed to fit an unusual roof and coastal conditions. Clear understandable advice on options, size, technologies.
Very prompt in following up queries and doing installation. Kept in touch after commissioning and checked system tuning and performance. Handled all the paperwork!
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The whole process of purchasing the system and getting it installed was quick and simple.
The advice provided by G store was great and they discussed various options with us and helped us to choose a system to suit our budget. They have designed the system so we can add more solar panels or a battery if we want at a later stage.
The installation team were very pleasant to deal with and did a neat professional job.
The monitoring software that comes with the system (Enphase Enlighten) is great. It enables me to see how much energy we are producing, and consuming, and it has really made me look at my energy usage and time of use more closely.
Overall G Store have been fantastic. They have taken care of all the details and made the whole process stress free.
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G store were very professional and helpful. Thanks. Show additional information
First supplier contacted me quickly, was very helpful and polite but I had the feeling that it was possibly not the best system I could get.

Second supplier only submitted a quote based on viewing the house on Google Earth!

Third supplier, who contacted me a bit later due to the Christmas break, was extremely helpful. He explained the solar system he was advising me to install so well that I finally understood just what I was buying. I think I've got the best and hope to install batteries when they become economically and technically viable for me.
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Although we used Solar Quotes to find G-Store we approached them independently based on their high ranking and recommendations through your reviewers but also as they are platinum LG dealers, one of less than 30 in Australia which also requires them to tick the boxes for certain criteria. We bought our first system and were absolutely delighted with the whole experience, so when requiring the second system 3 months later it was an easy task. We installed LG/Enphase on both properties and are surprised at the results and the performance has been well in excess of our expectations. On the second install we also installed a Sonnen battery under the Sonnen flat scheme, which is still in the process of approval in Victoria. Sonnen has agreed to pay our bills until flat goes live :), although with the assistance of the battery at the moment we are in credit but I'm sure the 7500kWh of free usage a year will assist us with our winter demand. I would have no hesitation in recommending G-Store or any of the products purchased, both processes have been seamless. Our next purchase will be a vertical garden which we will again engage G-Store for this project. Show additional information
My husband and I were overwhelmed with how much information was out there. Adam at G-Store met with us, explained some of the hardware differences and provided a completely detailed quotation. We went away and verified the information and found G-Store's recommendations not only the most suitable though also the most recommended by information we could find from Solarquotes and the internet. Installation went smoothly and the installers showed great care (I'm a bit of a fusspot). Great experience and we're so happy with our new solar system. Show additional information
Very pleased with our supplier! Thank you. Show additional information
Although we went for a Enphase system and were informed we could hook up to any battery later on this doesn’t seem to be so straight forward and even the Solar Quotes website indicates that Enphase batteries may not save you money if installed. So seems a little conflicting in recommending a system on one hand and then saying it’s not value for money on the other! Remains to be seen what batteries we can install to get maximum benefit. At the end of the day retailers are obviously receiving commissions to spruke that system to you and whilst they are good they are expensive. You ultimately have to make the decision and with so many products out there and so much conflicting advice it is not easy when handing over your hard earned dollars. I feel that although I paid more hopefully the system will deliver what my circumstances require. Show additional information
We have found the service so far to be excellent. We only had to wait 10 days between quote and installation. We did lots of research and are confident that the LG panels and Enphase microinverter system will live up to our expectations. While it is early days and we are yet to see a post-solar installation power bill, we are very satisfied customers! We also love having a system where we can monitor our production and consumption of power via an app and adjust our usage accordingly. Show additional information
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Very happy with G store and installation went very well Show additional information
My experience with G Store for the supply and installation of a solar PV system was excellent and I am happy to recommend them to any one considering the purchase of a Solar PV system. I received the most competitive quote from them for a system with LG Panels and Enphase micro inverters. Matt Russel of G Store is very knowledgeable on all aspects of solar electricity and provided clear and concise information on all aspects of the installation. He made sure that the supply and installation was done exactly as agreed.

The installers arrived on time and completed the work on the same day. The work done was neat and professional. I noticed a little water leak from the roof a couple of days later. This was fixed within a few hours of notifying the G Store.

The Solar PV system, which is now almost three months old, is working very well as expected and the Enphase monitoring system is providing up to date information on electricity generated and consumed.

Well done Matt and G Store.
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Excellent friendly and helpful customer service from the team at G-Store Show additional information
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Not the cheapest - but who wants cheap crap anyway? Recently I talked to two guys who had bought cheap but then found that either the business went out of operation (probably because they weren't making a profit because they were undercutting on price) or when they had issues the service wasn't up to scratch. It's true what they say: you get what you pay for.
The sales bloke was very honest and very informative. The only thing he wasn't 'very' was pushy - he was happy for us to take our time to make the decision.
Today I changed wi-fi password and realised I could no longer access the reporting app to see how the system is going. G-Store couldn't have been friendlier or more helpful.

Supplier Reply

Thank you for your review Steve,

It is great to hear you're seeing the value in your premium solar system purchased through G-Store.

We cannot agree with you more when it comes to quality installation and a quality premium product, our service doesn't just stop at installation, we will always ensure our customers have all the support they need.

Thank you

G-Store team.

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Supplier Reply

Hi Ryan,

Thanks for your review.

I hope you find better value in your system than reflected by your review considering the electrical work involved and the premium quality of your system.

You've generated 988 kWh to date which is above what was expected so I would expect the value in this investment to become apparent quite soon.

thank you for choosing G-store.

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The installation team were thorough and swift and very clearly knew exactly what they were doing. Paul and the crew were professional and meticulous and I have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone. Show additional information
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Quality installation and supplier. Show additional information
G Store provided everything we wanted, very good service & very quickly had it installed.Graham Show additional information
It might be helpful to know in advance the steps that are outside the installer’s control. In my case it took six weeks for an electrical inspector to turn up to do his ten minutes work. Not G Store’s fault but very frustrating.

Supplier Reply

Good afternoon Tony,

Thank you for your review.

We understand your frustration with the delays caused by the electrical inspection, as this has a significant impact on our end processing STC's.

Unfortunately the delay in this case was not something we could predict, however we have endeavored to communicate to all our customers on a regular basis to update on any delays with the electrical inspectors over the holiday period or at times where inspections are taking longer than expected and will continue to provide this service. Electrical inspectors work independent of us so as stated, this is out of our control.

Great news is the system is generating power for offset of your consumption and now that the inspection is completed, we should be getting your grid connection organised shortly with your energy retailer.

Thank you,

G-Store team

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Made it really easy to compare. Having tried to get quotes prior, this made the comparison so much easier. And knowing that they were reliable, good quality and good service made a huge difference to trusting the suppliers when making a costly and important investment. Show additional information
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Excellent Product Quality, Professional Service & Installation.

“From our very first contact with G-Store, Sales Manager Matt provided us great assistance and support for the design of our large 12kW LG/Enphase System along with a very competitive price to match. The installation by Cliff and his Team was done with great care and professionalism. The attention to detail with the installation was very impressive and we thank you so much for a flawless job from start to finish. We are extremely happy with the Excellent Product Quality of our system and would highly recommend G-Store for any Solar System Install. Well done guys!!!”
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A quick turnaround from sale to installation. The installers were great and the equipment was installed in a neat and tidy way. Show additional information
While I didn’t use SolarQuotes to obtain the quotations, I am more than happy to provide a relies on my experiences with the G-Store. The sales person, Adam Remigio, was very professional, courteous, and knowledgeable. I wasn’t looking for a bargain-basement system, but rather a system using quality brands and products. The system install is a 20 panel system using LG 335W panels and Enphase 270W microinverters. The system’s performance is impressive and it is quite common to see it produce its maximum (inverter limit of) 5.4kW in the middle of a clear summers day.

The most outstanding aspect of dealing with the G-Store was their helpful and holistic approach to helping with the installation. Our house needed additional electrical work on its supply and switchboard - both of which were too small for the intended future electrical loads. Adam was most helpful and arranged all the additional work to be done and coordinated in with the solar work. I fully appreciate Adam’s ‘above and beyond’ approach to customer service has he has made what could have been a difficult exercise to coordinate (solar installation, switchboard upgrade, incoming supply upgrade, and provision for air conditioners) run very smoothly.
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I purchased a system consisting of 14 LG 330W panels with microinverters. G-Store provided an excellent service. Their sales people were responsive and informative and explained the issues clearly. Installation was efficient and done in a very efficient manner. The system works as promised. It was a completely hassle-free installation. I could not have asked for more. Show additional information
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G store did a great job of explaining everything in a technical manner without confusing me or throwing too many options at me to choose from. They were absolutely professional, quick to respond to all my questions and above all, they weren't pushy. The installation was very quick (by lucky chance) and I had the system installed within 2 weeks of going ahead. It only took 4 additional weeks for my energy company to start paying me the feed in and all in all it's been a very smooth process as gstore organised it all extremely well. I got a 3kw system with the LG neon 330kw panels with emphase microinverters on each panel and I am a very satisfied customer! Show additional information