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About G Store, Solar Installers

G-Store is a Total Home Energy Efficiency services provider, operating in Melbourne for over 10 years. They know solar, offer consultative energy management focused solutions, provide free measure, quote and solar mapping services so you have opportunity to understand the different types of output results you can expect based on the solar system you choose to install on your home.

Due to significant experience in the Victorian residential & commercial solar industry, Premium Authorised Installation provider status has been achieved with the very best manufacturers of solar components.

Only CEC Accredited Installers are used.

Service, before and after sale has been the keystone focus of G-Store since its inception over 10 years ago and is the reason for thousands of happy customers.

G-Store current absolute premium recommended solutions are with products from LG Electronics for solar modules accompanied with Enphase Micro Inverter technology.

Due to development in the Energy Storage space in Australia, G-Store is able to provide quality advice on Total Energy Management solutions for your home or business.

G Store Solar Reviews

We follow up with all reviewers after 12 months to see how their system is going since it was installed. These are all the reviewers who have responded to our 1 year follow up:
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Excellent Product Quality, Professional Service & Installation.

“From our very first contact with G-Store, Sales Manager Matt provided us great assistance and support for the design of our large 12kW LG/Enphase System along with a very competitive price to match. The installation by Cliff and his Team was done with great care and professionalism. The attention to detail with the installation was very impressive and we thank you so much for a flawless job from start to finish. We are extremely happy with the Excellent Product Quality of our system and would highly recommend G-Store for any Solar System Install. Well done guys!!!”
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A quick turnaround from sale to installation. The installers were great and the equipment was installed in a neat and tidy way. Show additional information
While I didn’t use SolarQuotes to obtain the quotations, I am more than happy to provide a relies on my experiences with the G-Store. The sales person, Adam Remigio, was very professional, courteous, and knowledgeable. I wasn’t looking for a bargain-basement system, but rather a system using quality brands and products. The system install is a 20 panel system using LG 335W panels and Enphase 270W microinverters. The system’s performance is impressive and it is quite common to see it produce its maximum (inverter limit of) 5.4kW in the middle of a clear summers day.

The most outstanding aspect of dealing with the G-Store was their helpful and holistic approach to helping with the installation. Our house needed additional electrical work on its supply and switchboard - both of which were too small for the intended future electrical loads. Adam was most helpful and arranged all the additional work to be done and coordinated in with the solar work. I fully appreciate Adam’s ‘above and beyond’ approach to customer service has he has made what could have been a difficult exercise to coordinate (solar installation, switchboard upgrade, incoming supply upgrade, and provision for air conditioners) run very smoothly.
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I purchased a system consisting of 14 LG 330W panels with microinverters. G-Store provided an excellent service. Their sales people were responsive and informative and explained the issues clearly. Installation was efficient and done in a very efficient manner. The system works as promised. It was a completely hassle-free installation. I could not have asked for more. Show additional information
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G store did a great job of explaining everything in a technical manner without confusing me or throwing too many options at me to choose from. They were absolutely professional, quick to respond to all my questions and above all, they weren't pushy. The installation was very quick (by lucky chance) and I had the system installed within 2 weeks of going ahead. It only took 4 additional weeks for my energy company to start paying me the feed in and all in all it's been a very smooth process as gstore organised it all extremely well. I got a 3kw system with the LG neon 330kw panels with emphase microinverters on each panel and I am a very satisfied customer! Show additional information
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Adam at G Store took time to help us understand what we were paying for and why they were recommending this particular solution. With so much conflicting information available and so many providers who all tell you they are the best, it was great to not be pressured and to be encouraged to do some reading before deciding. We feel confident that we have the right system and at a good price. Installation was quick and efficient. Would recommend G Store Solar. Show additional information
The whole process from start to finish was very professional. They provided me with all the information that i needed to make a informed decision about the system i was purchasing. They also accommodated body corporate issues by way of reducing the visual impact of the property without loss of generation. They were very prompt with the installation, less than two weeks from deposit, and also had it installed within the timeframe allowed. The installation itself was very good as i also work in the electricity industry and i was very impressed with how it was done. I have no hesitation in recommending this company. Show additional information
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Yes, I cannot find any paperwork indicating the kW of my system!

Supplier Reply

Hi Leif

The system size is indicated on your Tax Invoice and CES provided to you at the time of install. Shannon has also followed up and emailed the CES to you the week before last along with another copy of your manual.

Feel free to direct these queries to the solar team in store on 1300 312 315

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There was a technical glitch which held up system startup for a week, but with persistence and a very hard-working electrician from G Store the problem was resolved. We are waiting for the final paperwork etc., but if it continues as so far, the Installation and Customer Service would be bumped up to the top level. Show additional information
Really good service - they downsized the system (and price) based on local conditions, to ensure best price performance, rather than push a larger system that I had expected. Very responsive. Highly recommended. Show additional information
Very informative installers and not pushy with sales. Were realistic about my requirements and did not push the most dearest or biggest system that I did not need. Installers were on time, very professional and cleaned up after themselves. Very happy with GStore.

Supplier Reply

Hi Stuart,

Thanks very much for your positive feedback.

I have just reviewed your system profile, and it is currently operating higher than expected which is a great result.

If you require anythign further in the future please do not hesitate to contact us.

thank you, Gstore team.
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Our house was a difficult install. Our electricity switchboard is located in the middle of ground floor of our two story house, so getting cables from there to the roof was a challenge, but the installers from G Store did a great job and the system has been running well. You can view our system production details here:

Supplier Reply

Hi Anthony,

Thank you for your positive feedback.

All our G store installers take great pride in their work and are always willing to accommodate for a difficult install. I am glad to hear you were satisfied with their work.

If you do require anything further from here, please do not hesitate to let us know.

thank you,

G store team.
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Adam did a good job on the sale, and ensured I had the info I wanted and worked with me to get an array layout that worked for us. The install went smoothly and the team was efficient and neat and replaced cracked tiles as required. A breaker failed a couple of days after they did the switchboard work which _may_ not have been their fault but they came and fixed that without any fuss. There was a small alignment issue with one of the arrays that they also came and fixed. The Enlighten web app and API (we bought an LG Neon2/Enphase microinverter-based system) provides a good level of access to generation data. We also paid for the add-on Enlighten Manager which allows you to see per-panel generation information. This will allow us to estimate how much benefit we might get from trimming back some branches here and there, but also to see the benefit of microinverters allowing individual panels to differ in output when shade falls on part of an array. Show additional information
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G-Store were able to propose a solution for my unit that met my requirements of being a highly performing system for the limited roof space.

Adam was patient as I took several months deciding to pull the trigger - he kept in touch without being too pushy.

Once the order was made the system was set up within a week or two and has been performing well since.
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After fully investigating the solar power options we decided to see what was available. We quickly received three quotes and G-Store gave us a lot of technical information that aligned with what we knew, so we chose them. We quickly had the system installed and we were up and running on the same day, even though it was raining. So far we have far exceeded our required power needs, just still waiting on the supplier to finish their paperwork for us to receive the payback. Great job well done. Very happy with the whole experience and we recommend everybody involved. Show additional information
I was looking for a PV system with microinverters and LG panels. Matt from GStore was the only person who quoted me for what I wanted without trying to steer me to cheaper panels or a string inverter. The price was good compared to the other quotes I received. There was no hard sell. Matt willingly accommodated the installation dates I requested and the team that installed the system were efficient and well organised. The paperwork was handled seamlessly as well. Waiting for my power company to start crediting me for power exported. I would have no hesitation in recommending GStore for a quality PV system at a good price. Show additional information
Paid a little more then other quotes but I feel the system is designed to our needs, not trying to sell us what they have. We went with micro inverters, which is what I always wanted, but one other company kept trying to push string system which I didn't want. Show additional information
Up till now, it hasn't been clear to us whether we are yet being paid for the power generated back to the Grid, who notifies us, who do we chase up?
The app that monitors power usage is very good.

Supplier Reply

Hi Steve

The paperwork for your system was lodged quite some time ago. If you haven't heard from your retailer yet, I would give them a call and ask whether they have actioned that. I'm glad you are happy with your system and all the benefits it provides. If you have any questions like the one above please don't hesitate to contact the store.
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Adam from G-Store was very thorough and took me through all aspects of the proposed design and installation. ROI report based on system design and interval data provided additional information which helped us in making our decision. Installation crew were great and very accommodating when we needed to make a few modifications to the layout part way through install. Show additional information
Solar quotes provided us with the information we needed to proceed with solar on a fully informed basis. This was backed up by the 3 companies providing priced technical solutions with supporting manufacturers' data sheets. G-Store was the stand-out with the best technical solution for our property, excellent service and a professional installation team. The Enphase Enlighten™ monitoring and analysis software is fantastic! Show additional information
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Like most large expensive products you purchase, there is always a worry & concerns are we doing the right thing? as there are so many stories For & Against Solar Systems & people's bad experiences

However with Solar Quotes excellent advise & information this took all the stresses away because it give us some basic sound knowledge & examples about getting what you pay for too.

Then we received a very speedy reply with information pack from Adam Remicio from the G-Store, this was like the very next day or two & others some time later, however after Adam's very professional site visit we were sold!
The professionalism from Adam continued all the way through from the very start to the completion and did not stop there, the G-Store installation guy's (Martin & Co worker Allan?) worked extremely hard all day on a very hot roof. This is one very satisfied client & would I recommend you! & the G-Store to anyone thinking of a Solar Installation!
Thanking You very much Cheers Paul.
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From quotation to installation G-Store were fantastic. We did not go with the cheapest option, but with what we believe was best for our situation (16 LG panels, micro inverters and monitoring). Adam was forthcoming with information and did his best to be as transparent as possible. Leigh and his installation team were professional and efficient. All up a very positive experience. Show additional information
I found the process quite stressful. As a single parent on a budget spending this sum of money, it was a difficult decision to make. I went with G Store because Adam was very proactive and forthcoming with information, patiently answering my questions. He convinced me to go with the highest quality system and insisted I’d got it at an amazing price. The real stress started when another company quoted a significantly lower price for the same system after I’d already paid a deposit with G Store. I rang G Store to discuss this, as it was within the ten day cooling off period but was told the installers had already been paid and it was too late to back out now. What followed was two companies who both said bad things about the other company to win or retain my business. I really didn’t need that. Having said that, I’m very happy with the quality of the system installed.
There were some issues with the installation process and quite a number of roof tiles were broken. The installer was wonderful in that he replaced all of the spare tiles he’d used plus purchased extras to replace others that were broken during installation. However, as I had a painted roof, I now have many tiles which are not the same colour. I find it disappointing that after all the money I’ve spent, I still have to go and spend more to have my roof returned to the condition it was prior to the solar installation. Moreover, the installer did not move back the roof tiles that were moved during to the installation process to access my switchboard. My neighbour noticed it the following day and shifted them back into place for me, but not until after we’d had a big thunderstorm come through.
In summary, I spent top dollar on the highest quality product, and was assured that this was better than any other company could offer. Whilst I’m thrilled at having a premium quality solar system installed, the process was stressful and I’m still not convinced that the cheaper company were any worse than the more expensive one. The difference in price, I was told, came down to the quality of the railings on which the solar panels sit. Though I’m still curious about how that can create a $900 difference in quoted prices, marine grade steel or not. My advice to anyone else is to take more time making the decision, ask lots of questions, and get more quotes.
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We had no response from one so we contacted another, who we knew was on your list, the firm having recently quoted through the same process for some friends, who did select them as preferred supplier.
All three provided plenty of information, were flexible with options, took whatever time we needed, were helpful and not overly pushy.
We were looking for a top quality, long-life system, which would continue to pay for itself several times over in the years ahead. In the end, the selection came down to:
Extra added value over price, including additional warranty, latest model panels, ongoing support and monitoring;
System tailored for our specific usage, without oversell on (as yet) uneconomic batteries (but maintaining that future option);
Firm was closer for support and also supplies other green product, not just solar;
Representative (Adam) clearly knew his product, with ready and clear answers and suggestions. That's not to say the others didn't, just that he went that extra mile in information, service, presentation and confidence that he would supply both what we wanted and needed.
We are looking forward to seeing how the install team backs up that performance and how the product itself performs.
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I would recommend G-Store to anyone who is planning to install solar. They are not cheap and support superior products. Their electrical contractor (Cliff) was a delight to deal with. All told a great outfit. Show additional information
Of the three companies who provided quotes, G Store had the best technical solution and best quality product. We went with a slightly more expensive micro inverster system to maximise performance and to deal with partial shading. Excellent installation team and good after sales service. Show additional information
We went with G Store for the following reasons :
1. The sales person , Adam , assessed our usage history ,inspected our property and took the time to design a system which best suited us .
2. The quote was very competitive ,
3. Adam answered all our questions promptly and clearly demonstrated that he knew what he was talking about .
The installation was faultless and the system is performing very well . All in all a professional service which made what seemed a complicated project straight forward
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Supplier Reply

Thank you for your valuable feedback in providing the above ratings,

Since being installed, we can see your system generation is close to an even offset of solar production against power consumption, with more favorable sun expected across the next 2 months and tailoring your usage habits using the MyEnlighten monitoring platform this should only continue to get better and better.

We hope you can see the excellent value in money spent on your premium quality solar system and if there is anything else we can assist with, please contact the store.

thank you,

G-store team.
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I chose the system to obtain the highest performance panels and make upgrades simple. The alternative lower cost, lower priced panels would require me to spend significant amounts on and continuing tree lopping visits.
I was hard to communicate with during the preparatory phase. Messages were left but I did not find them. The supplier failed to try my e-mail - the links to which had been established - hence there was a 2 week gap from initiation.
The physical installation was good - being accomplished in one day.
Electrical issues were found when the inspector came - and tiles discovered broken.
Eventually a repair was affected and it was discovered that the LAN connection was not happening for the Enlighten software monitoring system.
An electrician was engaged by G-store to fix this. an antenna amplifier was installed - using of my extension leads to fix it close to the installation, and later it was demonstrated by G-store to work. Accordingly the final payment was made.
Now, the monitoring system "falls" in and out - so clearly the fix is not sufficient and G-Store are clearly not monitoring my system as they proposed - as I have had no contact since - that I can find.
Not very satisfactory
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I chose Gstore to install my solar panels because they checked for any issue with my property (morning shading) before providing a quote for panels with micro inverters. I knew this would give me the best output from the panels due to shading issues as well as panel layout due to roof space.
The instal was quick and professional.
Very happy!
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All three suppliers recommended by Solar Quotes offered very good products and provided offered excellent customer service.
We choose the plan recommended by G-store because it seemed to fit best with when we consume energy (orientation), the presence of trees on and around our property (micro-inverters and very efficient panels), and the fact that we would like to stay at the house for some time.
The installation happened within the time frame they stated it would, the installers were careful and cleaned up, the panels and inverters have all been working and the Enlighten internet monitoring is great for seeing how the weather affects the solar generation, how much power different appliances use, and when we should use things like the dishwasher. washing machine, chargers etc.
If you get your power through Powershop you can see lovely black lines on your energy usage chart showing when you are using no power from the grid.
Our installation went in early October, which has changeable weather here in Melbourne. Looking at the Powershop charts we've seen our daily usage drop by about half (being more than half most days, but less on other days, when we use the oven for example, to take it to, on average, about half the amount we used before the panels were on the roof (12kw hrs to 6kw hrs).
Naturally, it's taken over a month for our energy supplier to organise altering the metre to allow for credits to be counted, but it is going to happen, so that's positive. Once the metre is adjusted and credits are taken into account, I think we should be seeing at least three quarters of our energy use covered. On clear days we export a lot: more than we use, but on very overcast days we use more than we produce. More will be exported to the grid over the summer months than the winter months because of more hours of daylight, but I think our electricity spend over the year will likely be a quarter or less of what it was before we put on the panels.
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Waiting for installation next week.

Supplier Reply

Hi Laurie,

Thank you for taking the time to supply your feedback which is very valuable to our solar experience.

I can see you were installed as planned following your review, and I do hope you were satisfied with the outcome as we can see you hadn't provided feedback on installation.

You system is currently producing more than you are consuming since the installation which is a great result.

If we can be of any further assistance, please let us know.

Thank you,

G store team.
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We felt comfortable with G Store right from the word go. Received good advice from Matt about all aspects of a solar installation. Once we decided on a suitable system it was installed and running the next day thanks to the deferment of another job. The installation process was carried out by two technicians who were professional, competent and efficient. They took time to explain anything we queried in a patient and friendly manner. We were most impressed!
All paper work was taken care of and all I had to do was sign.
Would confidently recommend G Store to anyone who thinking about going solar
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Great system, communication and service from sales to installation. Highly recommended. Show additional information
I was incredibly pleased with the service from Adam at G-Store. No pressure and plenty of info sent through as requested. The install was done in one day and looks to have been done to a top standard. Show additional information