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About Soltek Energy, Solar Installers

Soltek Energy
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Soltek Energy is a leading provider of solar power solutions throughout Australia in both commercial and residential environments. The company has a team of specialist renewable electrical engineers who are experienced in solar technology. The Australian company aims to help customers lower their energy bills while reducing their impact on the environment - both things that can be achieved through a high quality solar power system. Soltek Energy is accredited by the Clean Energy Council, giving customers assurance that they are getting the best possible service and expertise. The company can also offer advice on making the most of government rebates and incentives.

Soltek Energy Solar Reviews

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Helpful discussions on panel arrays for a difficult roof profile. Good team of installers which left site tidy on completion. Timely responses from Soltek Energy's service staff. Entirely pleased with the installation. Show additional information
I received 3 quotes from SolarQuotes and 7 other quotes external to SolarQuotes. Soltek's quote was unreachable by any of the 9 other retailers/installers. I could get a premium system from Soltek for a mid range price system with other installers. The installation was smooth without any issues. The system has been working 100% as committed from day 1. SolarQuotes website has been immensely helpful in gathering the required knowledge to get the best deal for my solar system. Keep up the good work Finn! Show additional information
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Soltek were very professional, from quoiting to final installation, would have no hesitation in recommending this company. Show additional information
Not a pressure sell - listened to what I wanted and quoted accordingly. Installed within a week of order. Show additional information
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They communicated well and turned up on time, very friendly and were able to answer my questions. Still waiting for the wifi access so i can check what is happening. Show additional information
I received 2 quotes, Soltek and Smart Energy Answers. Both were very professional and to be honest, I would have been comfortable dealing with either. In the end, it was an economic decision, but not by a huge margin. Show additional information
We had an issue with the metering for the Enphase micro-inverter IQ7+ 5.36kWh system with 16 LG 335w panels. First I had to ask why they were not active and my system was only showing production and not consumption readings. When the meters were setup (about 2-3 weeks after installation), and this seems to have been done remotely (unless it was me that mucked around with the installer toolkit- whoops ;) ), the system stopped working and failed to start each day without being shut down and restarted. The readings were nuts. Damien came out to my place with the installation guys and ran them through the process to get the meters correctly connected. This also included a call to Enphase support. Now this has been sorted, all is well and the system is running at full power again. It did take a while to get them to fix the problem, but at least now the guys know what to do on installation days. I'd say that Soltek have quality options at very competitive prices. Show additional information
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Soltek's price was marginally better than others for a similar system (Winaico 310W panels + IQ7+ microinverters).
Was a toss-up between Soltek & Solaray in the end and I chose Soltek for the offer of a slightly bigger system with the more highly regarded Winaico panels.
Unfortunately there haven't been too many sunny days since the system was installed, but even so the output has surprised me: Lightly cloudy days have produced more power than we can consume, however on the dark / heavily clouded days it struggles to keep up with our consumption. >35kWh on a full sunny day from a 6.2kW system.
Although I was surprised at the additional cost of having the Enphase microinverters, this is a decision I don't regret. They seem to activate and assist in producing electricity from the smallest amount of light that is available. The Enlighten monitoring software is enjoyable to use to track our production + consumption.
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Supplier, installation and customer service was great but AGL my electrical retailer have still not installed smart meter after 3 weeks of phone calls. Poor performance on AGLs behalf. Solar is only currently effective on 1 meter until smart meter is installed. Show additional information
Even though Solar Quotes could not provide the 3 quotes for me I used the information on the web site to get going and try to understand as much as I could about solar panels, inverters, installation etc. I used the reviews on the Solar Quote web site to vet which companies I would contact - the companies I contacted where Green Solar Energy, OTI Power & Soltek Energy. I found all 3 companies to be very helpful, answered all my questions but were not pushy in any way. I would recommend all 3 companies but in the end I had to make a decision and went with Soltek. The decision was based on price, presentation from Damien, the sales rep, and reviews from the Solar Quote web site.
Once I accepted the quote, the following day an installation date was organised and had the panels installed within the week - the installation process was exceptionally quick and hassle free. Vincent in the office has been very patient, answering all my questions, and organizing the certificated etc that I need to get my smart meter reconfigured and the Ausgrid application processed. The system has only been in for a week and I can easily see how much each panel is producing.
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No problem with the solar system installation which was terrific. Main delay was in getting a "Smart Meter" installed which at the time of writing is still not installed
The "Solar Edge " Wi-Fi monitoring system is superb!
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Resources from this site were very helpful. Show additional information
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From start till the end, Soltek Energy had been pleasant to deal with. Damien was knowledgable and presented the system that I was looking for, explained all that I wanted to know, and did a quick follow up with me. Then came the installations in which the guys that came was awesome and quick in installing. They took the time to explain how to run the system and then some. Had a few queries due to the installation was just a week before Christmas so holiday season was round the corner. Had some delays and still waiting for my meter change but I cant complain as well, its Christmas then new year. Overall, Would definitely recommend Soltek Energy for solar installations. Not forgetting Cindy, the person helping with the queries whilst Damien is taking a holiday. Show additional information
Soltek had a lot of work on but still installed within the promised timeframe. Communication was good, system performance is great. Would recommend them. Show additional information
Damien (sales) is very knowledgeable and you will see that by the way he talks and explain things. He answered all my questions with details and I'm satisfied with all his explanation. Vincent, from the back office, is very accommodating and gets back to my follow up questions promptly.

With regards to installation, I didn't like the way they hid the cables behind the bricks as they have to remove one brick. You can tell that the brick was re-fixed. There was also a miscommunication between Damien and the installation team because when the installer came to my place, they didn't know that I wanted the inverter to be inside the garage.

Overall, I'm very happy with the finish product. It's been running for more than a month now and haven't have any problem yet (fingers crossed) and it's doing great!
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Solar Quotes made something that seemed daunting, doable.
All the suppliers who quoted for us gave us confidence that we weren't being taken for a ride.
Soltek were very easy to deal with from quotes, to being patient with our processes as a church, to carrying out a professional installation
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Overall I'm happy - I felt I got the best system for the best price compared to other offers. There was one offer outside SolarQuotes which had an excellent sales person and good product, but they were edged out by Soltek's focus on the future - tomorrow's panel's today among other things. Install was pretty good too - they got it done approx 2 weeks after placing the order, they had it done within half a day and they also assisted in keeping the install as tidy as possible by cable dropping down a double brick cavity, which had some challenges - I appreciated that. The system works beautifully and is generating in excess of 40kWH per day on these hot summer days, which is great. I know it's Christmas and holidays, but what has been slow is Soltek following up on paperwork so I can get my solar smart meter arranged from my energy retailer. Seems a waste to be able to generate so much energy and most likely not use it all and can't sell it back to the grid either (unfortunately no battery at this point) - so from that perspective the customer service could be a little better. In terms of other quotes - Solaray were quite decent in terms of the offer and communication (though well beaten by Soltek and the other company outside SolarQuotes). Helioenergy I would suggest you remove from your recommended suppliers list. They called me once from the initial search via SolarQuotes - asked me some questions, said they would call me back and never did - very poor service. Overall my solar journey so far has been positive. There's no question there's plenty of cowboys in the solar industry and SolarQuotes helped me sort the wheat from the chaff - so you offer a very good service that is well appreciated. Thanks & Happy New Year with lower power bills moving forward! Cheers, Michael. Show additional information
Quick installation 2 weeks post quote
System works really well
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In retrospect I would have appreciated much more information on solar system monitoring products available. My system does come with a solar edge monitoring portal for production data which I use on a daily basis. But I would like a much more advanced system that would allow me to obtain consumption data as well. I am still somewhat confused as to the best option for me in regards to this.
Aside from this, my solar experience has been excellent. The system was installed in February and my electricity bill has been consistently falling. My most recent December bill was $70 - I was astounded - I thought $150 or so was great, but $70? Fantastic! 12 months or so ago my bill would have been $500-600. We are a family of 3 adults and 3 small children. So wonderful to be able to run reverse cycle aircon at will - both summer and winter. I hope a battery is not too far off.
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Not 100% happy with my experience. Installation occurred over six days. Day one Monday 12hrs to get most of panels up, then came back Friday late afternoon 4 hrs & again Saturday 6 hrs to finish.
Underestimated time required to complete the work & bad weather in between.
Installers were tidy filled my bins and damaged paint work on gutters. Only get 3 out of 5.
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The sales person (Damien) was informative and knowledgeable and we liked that he is an electrician, he is a very good communicator and answered all of our questions honestly and professionally.

The staff back in the office were also very helpful, professional and pleasant. They sent through the correct paperwork quickly and efficiently.

Our installer (Blake) got on with the job on the day that was promised and did a very professional job. He is very easy to communicate with, he informed me every step of the way, and cleaned up on completion. No roof tiles were broken which suggests that Blake and his trade assistant were very competent with not only their knowledge of the product, but also their environment. Blake also took the time to show me how the inverter worked, and gave me advice on how to shut it down in case of an emergency.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Soltek to anyone looking for a good Solar system and installation.
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Process and readons for installing a smart meter could be better explained and more left to the resident Show additional information
We had the system installed a few days ago. The system was what I wanted. LG 335w panel plus a fronius symo inverter 5kw.
Still early to say if I made a good choice. It was sometimes hard to get in touch with Damien after we agreed to the system.
Further i'm having some trouble with the web monitoring system.
I may have to get the company back to check it out.
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We were very impressed with Damien's patience for answering all our questions. His subcontracted installers helped us to find an even better place for the inverter as we weren't keen for it to go in our hot garage. The panels are not really evenly spaced or level with each other but the installer explained that he had to follow the timbers of our roof, which weren't parallel or level. Still, it doesn't look too bad.
We are very happy with the user interface of the SolarEdge inverter, which also includes consumption data gathered by a modbus consumption meter that we included. Our system is 9.04kW but our LG panels managed to generate over 10.4kW on one of the very sunny days since installation. Not sure if this was an anomaly or if it will happen frequently as it has been mostly cloudy since installation. We would highly recommend Soltek and Damien.
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Soltek actually visited the site. Damien was very knowledgeable explained the issues. They provided referees, and they monitor your system after installation.
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So far so good . Energy Supplier (Energy Aust.) appear slow as its taken over 6 weeks to arrange for a new meter to be supplied and fitted Supposed to happen to-day!

System has been working since 30 October and has been feeding into the grid with old meter doing? going backwards/slowing down? Seems positive for us with lower power consumtion for month of November. So I'm not complaining

Solar Edge monitoring system appears to be a good system and is readily available on by iphone and PC easy to use!
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We wanted a substantial upgrade from our our old 8 panel, 2 kW system. The old system was not performing well, though as we had no monitoring it was difficult to work out exactly where the problems were. Also we couldn't find anyone to service the inverter.
We met with three solar suppliers, with two recommended by Solarquotes. We received three quotes and chose Soltek because we were more comfortable with the system components (30 x LG Neon 335 W panels with power optimisers, 2 x SolarEdge SE5000H inverters, and a SolarEdge modbus meter), and their reviews were very good. We particularly wanted individual panel monitoring, and the option to add batteries in a few years. Solteks's sales and installation teams were punctual and professional.
I wanted the cabling between the panels and inverters to be hidden in the wall cavity rather than run over the roof and walls in conduit. Soltek were reluctant to commit to this so I offered to run the conduit through the wall myself. This involved removal of some external wall panelling. This made Soltek's job of running the cables very simple.
Soltek's original quote included removal of the old system for $400. I asked whether this included removal from site. On the revised quote the cost went up to $600. I chose to do it myself, and managed to recycle 4 of the 8 old panels. One went to my son's high school for them to muck around with. The others 4 panels went to landfill.
The installation went smoothly, though I wasn't completely happy with the cable management, with some of the cables drooping onto the roof, and some of the plastic cable ties touching the roof. I was concerned that there would trap leaves under the panels. Soltek suggested I place a gutter guard along the top edge of the panels to keep leaves out.
At the time of writing this review the system has been operating for 31 days. It has produced a total of 1220 kWh over this time, with up to 55 kWh/day, and a peak output of 8.5 kW. Note that our array is oriented to the south, with the roof pitched at 7%. This theoretically reduces power production by almost 20%. By comparison our old system produced a maximum of 9 kWh/day.
The Solaredge monitoring software is good, and we've noticed trends in our consumption habits which have prompted some changes in when we run the dishwasher and washing machine, for example.
Despite the few minor issues noted above, I'm quite happy with Soltek and would recommend them.
I have also been very impressed with Solarquotes and in particular the advice provided by Finn in response to my queries.
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Overall Soltek were very good to deal with. We had an extended waiting period before installation could be completed because these guys are so busy
we selected Solar Edge Inverter SE5000H system with LG 335W panels.
These guys gave us the best upfront quote with 3 variations of panels & 4 different Inverter Options so they made it very easy to understand the variety in quality & price levels

Most other suppliers just quoted 1 system & 1 price so the variations ranged from 3.000 to 25,000 both with & without batteries

We felt confident with the supplier Soltek that we got a fair deal thanks largely to your Solar Quotes website referral system.
So Thanks very much & I already recommended your website to a number of my friends
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They came out and explained things to me instead of just sending a quote. That meant I got a better system than the standard. I did pay more but I think it was worth it. Show additional information
I would recommend these people without hesitation Show additional information
Would recommend supplier/installer to anyone interested. LG panels selected SolarEdge Modbus Meter included. Show additional information
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Solar system installed well. Unfortunately installers put foot through ornate plaster ceiling which will cost between $2,500 and $5,000 to repair. They also drilled through internal side wall which they later repaired. Show additional information
Answered calls immediately, and turned up on the day. Recommend using them to others. Show additional information
The initial installed Solar Edge inverter failed after a week and it took 2 weeks to get a replacement installed. I also ordered and paid for a 3 phase inverter but when the replacement was installed I realised it was only a single phase (as was the original). I asked for the single phase inverter to be replaced with the ordered 3 phase unit and Soltek informed me that the single phase unit was cheaper and offered to refund the difference and a the same time they told me that the "New Smart Meter" that is installed will do a "net" usage across all three phases, but unfortunately when I rang AGL they told me it only did the net calculation per phase. I spent my whole career in the electrical supply industry and have quite a bit of experience in Revenue metering and so far I cannot determine which of these situations is correct ct from the information I can get from the meter. My searching for information on the "net" metering process online has led to many hearsay/anecdotal evidence which support both theories. Do you have a definitive answer to the question as I am sure you are able to understand the differences in billing depending which situation is correct.

Also I am not sure the refund that they are offering for leaving the single phase inverter in place is correct. can you tell the difference in price between a Solar EdgeSE500H (single Phase inverter) and a 3 phase Solar Edge SE5K?

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