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About Soltek Energy, Solar Installers

Soltek Energy is a leading provider of solar power solutions throughout Australia in both commercial and residential environments. The company has a team of specialist renewable electrical engineers who are experienced in solar technology. The Australian company aims to help customers lower their energy bills while reducing their impact on the environment - both things that can be achieved through a high quality solar power system. Soltek Energy is accredited by the Clean Energy Council, giving customers assurance that they are getting the best possible service and expertise. The company can also offer advice on making the most of government rebates and incentives.

Soltek Energy Solar Reviews

We follow up with all reviewers after 12 months to see how their system is going since it was installed. These are all the reviewers who have responded to our 1 year follow up:
Damien the guy from Soltek Energy came to our place a few minutes before his appointment time, which made me think punctual, that's a good start. He showed us a photo of our house taken from Google Earth in the summer to show us how parts of the roof would be shaded by trees on our neighbours property at different times of the day, then went on to explain which was the cheapest option up to the dearest option and how we would benefit from what option we would choose. When we decided between all three quotes (all the people you put us onto were very knowledgeable) we went with Damien. We made a day that was suitable for us for the guys to come and install our system, and they turned up right on the dot and started. I have to tell you I thought "these blokes will never get all this up in one day" I have never seen blokes work as hard as these fellows, they knew exactly what they were doing and had the whole system up and running by 4.00 o'clock pm. I am very pleased I found your site, because it made my decision a lot easier. Well done and thank you.
Best Regards
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The advice on our system needs (now & for the future) from Damien were by far the most informed, knowledgeable & cost effective of the three companies we spoke to. Installation was seamless. The system has been operating as stated. Very happy. Show additional information
We went with a platinum supplier from Very good site, and made it so much easier to decide.

The information provided prior to the quote was easy to understand and helped make the decision. The quote was comprehensive in that it layed out all the options, so very easy to compare options.

The installation was done at the day and time agreed, and no broken roof tiles. (20 spares as per advice form other quotes, so now we have 20 spare tiles.)

Only had these for a week and a half, but monitoring shows that we are getting good value.

Monitoring was very easy to access.
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Thank you for your time & information it made the whole experience easier!!!!! Show additional information
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Re "Value for money": i haven't received an electricity bill since the solar panels were installed so i can't advise re value yet. Show additional information
Damien's price for LG neon and SolarEdge combo was the best for LG panels combo. Price was even better than Enphase system of the same inverter size plus it can be oversized a little bit more. Having one part of the roof facing west that can fit just 7 panels, and the rest facing north, a SolarEdge or an Enphase would perform better (at higher cost) compared with a Fronius or an SMA which should work as well.

Initial installation was on an extremely hot 40+?C day in Sydney. Installer had to stop midday and come back to finish installation later in the week. They also replaced some broken tiles I already had on the roof as a free service. It looks nice and tidy overall.
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Firstly, the SolarQuotes site is one of the most helpful sites I have found on the web and the info and reviews played a major part in making my final decision on which company to go with. I must have spent at least 20 hours trawling through the various articles and reviews before making my final decision.
The final decision was very close, and I am very happy with the result so far. I think one of the reasons why I signed with Damien, was the fact he is an engineer and really knows his stuff - from the technical point of view. I wanted a system that was high quality, as well as being future proof. We would like the option of possibly installing a battery system at some stage in the future (when prices drop somewhat) so we designed the system on that basis.
I don't think I would have found the level of choices had it not been for SolarQuotes - well done guys
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1 company quoting (Captain Green) didn't bother to call me for 3 weeks and only after you contacted them, they didn't even seem interested when they phoned, I guess they just ticked the box. Soltek & Solaray contacted ASAP and both sent me quotes quickly. It is important to look at the reviews as advised and this helped me make a decision between 2 good companies and 2 similar quotes. The system was installed very quickly and on a day of my choice, the 2 installers were very professional, polite and cleaned up after they had finished. My installation was a little complicated due to available Nth Facing roof area....I left it to the company to select the best configuration and although I am happy with the end result I would have liked to discuss the layout with the supplier more to have a better understanding. I choose a high end installation for maximum results and the ability to take care of future innovations and this is what I achieved, love the portal that shows me individual panel results and overall results. So far so good and look to many years of free power. Thanks to for making it so easy Show additional information
Soltek was the only vendor that offered the LG 315 Panels with the SolarEdge Inverter for the absolute rock bottom best price.
I spent days on the phone with multiple vendors about future proofing for batteries and scalability of the system to increase the size and SolarEdge was the best inverter that could be updated with additional 3-phase models and continue to work with the current system as well as a battery.
The install was done within a few hours and completed fine on the same day. Damien installed the wifi monitoring and it all connected and worked flawlessly.
I had a bit of trouble getting the site API key, but SolarEdge support managed to assist me with this.
Overall I am extremely pleased with the quality, and size of the system and look forward to seeing the benefits of solar power on my future bills.
I would definitely recommend them again to anyone looking specifically for LG 315W rated Panels and not the standard 250/265W panels that most other vendors try to sell you. The main driver behind this was scalability to increase the size of the system without sacrificing or be limited to roof space.
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The advice provided was invaluable in helping us choose a system that best suited our needs. Service and support was excellent through the stages of planning, installation and post-installation. At this early stage the system installed appears to be performing at a level that meets our expectations. Show additional information
The supplier was readily available and willing to change the inverter make/model and the installers arrived when they said they would, were very quick, competent and very careful to not damage my roof. I could not have been more pleased. Show additional information
The knowledge of Damien of SOLTEK was absolutely instrumental in my decision. He spoke to me for over and hour and answered every question I posed. His knowledge of solar was extraordinary and he made suggestions that were not driven by charging me extra.
I was expanding an existing system so already understand how solar works, but his advice was fantastic and I have now got a 5.1 kW system in place that is functioning at and above expectation in terms of electricity production. It is also a system that is already ready to take a battery in the future, again an aspect that Damien advised me about, including waiting two years as the price of storage batteries will drop dramatically.
The installers arrived on time on the day, finished the job and cleaned up, very professional from start to finish.
I would highly recommend SOLTEK.
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I went with Soltek as Damien was on the phone within an hour, came to site fully prepared and reviews on your site suggested he was highly reliable. Install completed within 2 weeks despite rain. Very impressed. Show additional information
The sales people from the major players are not to be trusted in my opinion. There seems to be a number of dodgy Bros offering quotes below the norm. I suggest people employ a good 'medium' size company for supply and installation. Soltek provided that service. Show additional information
A very positive experience all-round. Knowledgeable sale people. Very competitive price. Quick and efficient installation. Would recommend them to anyone considering installing a solar system. Show additional information
We were told by the salesman (Russell) that Damian would help us with the installation of the Sunnyboy Portal so that we can track the system on our PC or Tablet. I confirmed by email with the person in admin that this would happen on the day of installation. The installers who came to install the panels and inverter did a great job but were not interested in helping us with the computer, so after spending a lot of time trying to do this ourselves we still haven't had any success with that. I have emailed Damien and Russell but so far no reply. A little disappointing. We will probably call the SMA phone number and hopefully they will be more helpful. Show additional information
Overall a very good experience. It felt like these guys knew the installed product and its strengths. Small issues on communication cable wiring and a couple of cracked edges on tiles which I would have preferred to be replaced from the spares I had offered to the installers. In one case the installers found a crack through the centre of a tile and I was happy that they replaced it for me. I guess it is a case of how much cracking is too much? The tiles were still serviceable. Show additional information
Hi Finn - after getting a call from Damien from Soltek Energy same day and meeting with him the day after - talking to him, plus looking at customer reviews on the web, it was immediately apparent these guys knew what they were doing, had a lot of successful installations under their belt both large and small, plus the price appeared reasonable for quality components on a system which supported 3 phase and 2 x panel arrays, so we signed up right away and let the other quoters know not to go ahead. The installation, after being delayed a bit by rainy weather, went ahead flawlessly including internet connection, all complete in 1/2 day. Of course the proof of the pudding is in the next electricity bill but after monitoring our systems output reasonably regularly we're confident that especially given our prioritisation of power usage during the day, we should save a realistic amount from our power bill based on the size of our solar solution. Show additional information
Once the paperwork was signed, returned and the deposit paid installation was promptly organised and carried out for maximum return. Show additional information
The entire process from quote to finish was extremely pleasant. It is really nice to work with sales people who respond to your questions in a timely manner, and take the time to explain things.

The only small hiccup that was encountered was a slight over estimation of the number of panels that could be placed on my north facing roof. After a couple of quick phone calls with Damien this was all sorted out and we ended up placing some additional panels on the west facing roof. This ended up providing a good boost in output for the late afternoon anyway.

Today produced just over 60kWh of output (near perfect day with almost no cloud), so very pleased with the end result.

A very good and tidy job done by the installers, including removing our old pool solar tubing from the roof first.
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Damien and his team were very attentive to our needs and constantly changing requests. But because of that, in the end, we were provided with the exact system that we were after, which was a system that we could add a Tesla Powerwall when the time came. We're very happy, our new ducted air has been running, and the power meter is spinning backwards. Awesome. Show additional information
It was installed quickly, although with a few hickups,
1. the installer called in sick on the day
2, a week later they game and did the job, but found one panel to be defective, but installed the other 11 panels,
3 came a week later and installed the final panel.
Otherwise they did a good job. Just how good we won't know for a while.
Tradesmen were pleasant and efficient.
Original consultation with Damien was good. He came to the house and did not rely on Google Earth to asses the job.
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Excellent service. Installation was organised to fit in with our travel plans and minimal disruption to household. Turned up when they said and kept us informed as to progress & timing. Quick & efficient installation. Show additional information
Very friendly and knowledgeable people to deal with

But! .. when it came to installation day (confirmed over email multiple times) nobody showed. No phone call no emails, no nothing. Kinda disappointing especially if you take an day of work to make sure everything goes smoothly.

After calling them, I got an story about people being sick, I understand that can happen, but see the above, no calls or email from them. The best they can do is call me back somewhere next week for another installation date......

Obvious my trust in them is not very high at the moment. looking for other options so I don't rely on a phone call i might or might not get, or an install team that might or might not show up

very sad considering that the technical people i spoke too seem to know their stuff
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Solar quotes were great and all three companies provided a professional response and gave us very similar expert advice. After undertaking some research we decided to go with Soltek based on the quality of the product, price, industry knowledge and in the longer term battery compatibility. The only downside was that there were a couple of delays in the installation, but once installed our solar has worked above expectations. Show additional information
Fantastic system, excellent customer service and advice, very professional and quick installation. Overall very happy customer. Show additional information
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Highly recommended installation was completed without any complications Show additional information
Please do not publish my surname - only first name and state Show additional information
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I fully bought into the concept of needing individual panel power regulation, and Soltek's Solar Edge offering was very impressive.

I've got a system that works well now and has expansion capacity in the future as battery tech matures.

Very pleased with the product, service and installation.
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Damien came in person to the house, and gave us excellent advice as to the most suitable set up for our place. They organised the rebate and all the meter changes etc.
The installation was very efficient and the system has been working perfectly; each day we are getting around 8 KWH of energy for the 8 panels, and it's not summer yet!
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Very good supplier. Bent over backwards for us. Good advice, quality delivery and that bit extra that ensured all our expectations were met or exceeded. Show additional information
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I can't actually see the solar panels because I live on a steep road! I just need to assume that they're all there!

The company response to my quote acceptance was great and the installation happened within a week. I wasn't home, but everything seems to be working properly.

It has, however, been 6 weeks since the panels were installed, and I am still waiting for a new solar meter to be installed in my meter box. There has been no follow up from the company. I have just emailed them since asking Finn about this (who responded fast and efficiently, I must add! Thank you!).
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Chose Soltek because of the high quality system and advice offered.
Great and responsive service from Damien.
High quality system with SMA Inverter and Yingli panels.
Quick installation in less than one week.
However, repeated follow-ups required by the electrician for setting up internet connections.
One month later solar is operational but internet not fully completed yet.
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I found massive differences between the companies quoting for my business. Products, prices, attitude, etc. But I also found that if you do your own research first don't dare question them or suggest alternatives in panels or inverters - because they all have their favourites due to maximum margins. If you do have specific needs due to a particular or peculiar situation, don't expect these guys to respond in a way that is balanced. They all over price modifications to their standard installs so as to make you reconsider - they don't like customisation, regardless of justifiable need. As such you may not get the best system for your situation, instead you will be expected to compromise on the system and the maximum output that could be possible. Show additional information
Better technology being offered with SolarEdge.
Only company to come out onsite..
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I chose Soltek Energy for my solar energy. Damien answered all questions without any sales pressures. Installation was done on the day promised. Installers were prompt on time & it took them about 5 hrs to get my house for solar ready. They also had the panels that is rated as quality panels, Yingli & for the inverter Growatt. My internal display shows how much electricity its producing during sunny days. Even with cloudy days I get at least few hundred watts. I am happy with the panels & install. I have no issues recommending them. My meter was replaced to a digital meter in a few days so I can get few cents for the power pumping back to the grid. Lets how much I save when I get my next electricity bill. Show additional information
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Damien Slaven was the most knowledgeable he spent time in designing a system for maximum results and best panel location on roof.The system that has been installed has produced power on the good sunny days far more than I expected.
I can can recommend SOLTEK with a 5.
I would like to thank Finn for his Service.
John Beck
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