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Soltek Energy Reviews

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About Soltek Energy, Solar Installers

Soltek Energy is a leading provider of solar power solutions throughout Australia in both commercial and residential environments. The company has a team of specialist renewable electrical engineers who are experienced in solar technology. The Australian company aims to help customers lower their energy bills while reducing their impact on the environment - both things that can be achieved through a high quality solar power system. Soltek Energy is accredited by the Clean Energy Council, giving customers assurance that they are getting the best possible service and expertise. The company can also offer advice on making the most of government rebates and incentives.

Soltek Energy Solar Reviews

We follow up with all reviewers after 12 months to see how their system is going since it was installed. These are all the reviewers who have responded to our 1 year follow up:
Soltek were very professional, from quoiting to final installation, would have no hesitation in recommending this company. Show additional information
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Overall we had a good experience with Soltek and team. We ended up with the LG panel because we wanted the 25 years product warranty that came with it. The system is producing above expectation and we are extremely happy with it. Show additional information
We have received very professional recommendation given by Damien. The installation was also very quick and followed by great customer service. The "Solar Edge " Wi-Fi monitoring system is fantastic! Show additional information
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The Installation is not applicable as the Solar is being installed in the 5 days. So far I have been pretty happy with both Soltek and the finance. I was not happy the other two companies as they did not get back to me, I also sourced quotes from other companies, one being Green energy but I was not happy with them as I did not feel I could trust their quality of work. Show additional information
Sales person (Damien) was very knowledgeable, as he was a certified electrician and solar installer which quicken the overall process. He helped with advising on the various build he can provide and advised on all the technical question I had. He also provided advise on various systems build for the configuration I needed.

Communication was prompt and clear, with a very clear documents advising the various options between the different configuration and price. This means a single link was provided for each system size configuration with multiple panel and inverter options, with appropriate links to config etc. This made life easier in general, during the decision making process.

Also they were very competitive with their prices and I found them to be the cheapest price in market (at the time of purchase) for a 7.2 kW LG NeoN R - 360W panels I have installed with Solar Edge Inverters with Modbus included.

Projected installation dates during sales was advised as 7 weeks, but then was pushed by 4 weeks after deposit, which was annoying. But this is a one time affair, so this was not much of a deal breaker on the whole experience. So I did not have any major issues in regards to installation, so that was good.
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Solar Quotes made something that seemed daunting, doable.
All the suppliers who quoted for us gave us confidence that we weren't being taken for a ride.
Soltek were very easy to deal with from quotes, to being patient with our processes as a church, to carrying out a professional installation
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No problem with the solar system installation which was terrific. Main delay was in getting a "Smart Meter" installed which at the time of writing is still not installed
The "Solar Edge " Wi-Fi monitoring system is superb!
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Damien came to see me on 25 May, we discussed all options and he offered me three quotes. I opted for the LG 350 panels and Solaredge power optimiser.
Basically i took my own advice - you get what you pay for and I have paid for quality.

I had also received quotes from two other platinum installers but went with Soltek

The install took place last Friday. The guys arrived at 7am and were finished by midday, I was very happy

Its too early yet and has been raining most of the time but we have generated 19 kWh
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Customer service post sale, pre-install felt a little hands off.
The installers were excellent and really knew what they were doing. On a split level house and tricky cable run I have no exposed conduits and a really neat inverter install next to the meter box.
Quote provided was simple to follow with several options listed in an easy to compare table. Damien was very knowledgeable and happy to come out and go through the system with you.
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Overall Soltek were very good to deal with. We had an extended waiting period before installation could be completed because these guys are so busy
we selected Solar Edge Inverter SE5000H system with LG 335W panels.
These guys gave us the best upfront quote with 3 variations of panels & 4 different Inverter Options so they made it very easy to understand the variety in quality & price levels

Most other suppliers just quoted 1 system & 1 price so the variations ranged from 3.000 to 25,000 both with & without batteries

We felt confident with the supplier Soltek that we got a fair deal thanks largely to your Solar Quotes website referral system.
So Thanks very much & I already recommended your website to a number of my friends
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Before presenting any solutions, Damien made certain that I understood as much as possible about solar power, including the differences between various panels and inverters, impact of 3 phase supply etc. He promptly and clearly answered all my questions and my many follow-up questions. He provided detailed information for the various possible solutions suitable for my site and usage and left me to make the decision - rather than the approach I had encountered with others where they assure you their chosen alternative is the best for you. I had had multiple quotes and Damien was much more professional in his approach. Show additional information
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I chose Soltek because of their customer service and solution focus. Damien came to my home to do an assessment of the site and our household energy usage and discussed the solar system options that would be suitable for our particular situation. I really valued his focus on developing a range of solutions given the constraints of our site. This made Soltek stand out for me as others found the site too difficult or wanted to sell me their preferred system. Damien provided a quote with a range of options and answered all of my follow questions as I continued my research both promptly and clearly. Tony and the installation team then did a great job getting the system installed. Show additional information
Very very poor service. Unimpressed and do not recommend.

Supplier Reply

Dear Pavan,

I am contacting you to clear up your experience with “Soltek Energy”.

Firstly, I would like to point out that the bad experience you had with Soltek was caused by the retailer meter (Smart Meter) not being installed until late February some to months after installation.

You Comments of below are unfair towards us and do not portray Soltek of the installation of your system. The complaints should be towards your retailer (Origin Energy), as per below.

" Very very poor service. Unimpressed and do not recommend.

Value For Money: 3 *

System Quality: 3 *

Installation: 3 *

Customer Service: 1 * "

As of 30 November the installation of a Nett Meter/Smart Meter was handed over to the Energy retailers. Previously it was the Network supplier in your case it would have been Endeavour Energy.

The sell off of the “Pole and Wires’ by the State government caused the metering to be put on the Retailer to govern.

Soltek has no control over the Retailer Metering, this is the process that we have to follow.

Soltek Energy applies to Endeavour Energy for a “Permission to connect a solar system”.
Endeavour Send back a Job number for the permission to connect
Soltek then send the Job number to the authorised person of Origin (David Hunter) to install the meter. This job number was sent to the Authorised person on the 08/01/2018
Origin send out the Meter to the authorised person (David Hunter)
NOTE; This is where it is out of our control as Origin took over 2 months to issue the meter.

Once the Meter is installed,

Origin will send an invoice for the meter to the authorised person.
The Authorised person will send the invoice to Soltek Energy.
Soltek will then invoice you the client.

As you can see Origin are the ones who your complaint should be towards, not Soltek Energy.

Pavan, we are unhappy that you wrote a bad review on Soltek for what was out of their control. We are also unhappy with the way you spoke to Vincent from our office yesterday 08/03/2018 when he was only trying to explain the process to you.

Soltek prides its self on good installation standards and communication.

We ask you to please change your comments on the SolarQuotes website;
pay the bill for the installation of the Nett Meter/ Smart Meter. We dont want to take further action on the meter issue.

Should you have any quires please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Kind Regards
Damien Slaven


B1, 27-29 Fariola Street Silverwater NSW 2128

t: 1300 844 445
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All good, happy, they were flexible with placement of inverter, designed a system with panels in two different orientations and turned up on time and completed the job. Nice people to deal with. There was some delay with installation of the solaredge modus meter to show consumption, but this was flagged and not charged until completed.
I would use them again in a flash.
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Damien provided recommended the best available solar system and the gave me most information to make an informed decision on the solar panel choice and inverter choice. Ended up choosing LG panel with Solar edge inverter including optimisers. Installation was sadly delayed one month due to shortage of inverters. The communication after signing contract has room for improvements. The installation team, Tony & co., were great. The system was hooked up the same day and I was looking at solar generation in the app within the hour, thanks Vincent. The 6.7kW system in sunny clear generates over 40kW electricity - Great choice of quality components. Show additional information
Not at this time. System is yet to be installed, probably during February. Show additional information
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Installation is scheduled for Feb due to their backlog (not an issue as we are waiting a tardy roofer to complete repairs prior to installation) so that is the only reason so far not to give 5s Show additional information
Plastic ties to bond the cables were crappy, many broke off within a week. Installer did not supply consumption monitoring meter which I thought I was entitled to! Show additional information
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We were quoted for a smart meter, but decided in order to save money to get one for free from our electricity retailer. This was a big mistake. It took weeks longer than anticipated, and required an upgrade to our board before the retailer would do it (which the solar company would have done for free). The meter also does not allow for our off peak hot water to be heated from our solar, which the meter the solar company was going to install would have. All in all, it would have been better to just get the solar company to do it. (I have provided this feedback to Soltek for advice they can give to future customers.)

Dealing with Soltek was easy, and Sam Star who was the sales person from Soltek took all my numerous phone calls and questions with good grace. There was no pressure from him, just great service.

Our system is performing beautifully - producing the same (and sometimes more) amount of energy as Sam calculated it would.
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I did actually get onto Soltek via SolarQuotes but this was a year earlier 2016. At that time with the sh*tty FIT i decided not to proceed but with the recent increases in power cost and better FIT i had another look. I received good quotes from all installers, but thought id also ask Soltek to requote and Damien was excellent and provided a great kit at a better price that the other quotes ..he even quoted LG 335W panels when others were quoting 320/330 panels...
Install was done yesterday and all went smoothly. The guys were really polite and tidy and professional in every way.

Now i just need to await EA to install the NET meter...
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Have gone with Soltek Energy but still waiting on installation as inverter is out of stock. Sales were very helpful. Shame inverter is out of stock. Show additional information
I used another similar website and received no quotes. I also sort quotes from a well known energy retailer and the experience could be best described as an attempt to sell what they wanted to sell, not what I wanted to buy. All three quotes were for systems that we wanted and to be installed where we wanted with the complexity of the install not being an issue. Show additional information
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Still looking for a replacement roof tile Show additional information
Install has still not taken place. Initial meeting was good but generally a lack of feedback and updates since Show additional information
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Damien was great even came to my house after a few emails as i wanted to sit down and discuss options with him directly.

Was open about total costs and suggested a different system to what I originally wanted, as it was more in line with how we wanted the system to run.

Very prompt in replying to emails.
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The reason I went for Soltek Energy was 1. The personal onsite service when quoting. The salesperson was knowledgeable and helpful with no hard-sell. 2. The clear range of options and pricing provided. I asked for pricing for a 4kW and a 5kW system and the options were simply presented in two grids of three solar panel models across and four inverter models down with the warranty for each product. 3. I felt that Soltek made it easy to make a decision as product sheets were provided and, with the model numbers, it was easy to research each product to make my decision which was a 5kW system with Jinko panels, Solar Edge optimisers/inverter plus a Net meter. (I could not get any confirmation from an electricity provider when they could install a Net meter) Total price $6960. The downside is that installation is not until January. Show additional information
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It is early days so need more time to complete opinion of what has been completed Show additional information
They communicated well and turned up on time, very friendly and were able to answer my questions. Still waiting for the wifi access so i can check what is happening. Show additional information
Installation taking place on 7-8 Nov Show additional information
The company that is Soltek Energy has installed our system quickly and efficiently.
The representative which was Damien Slaven from Soltek Energy had good knowledge about what system we would need and which system would be the best suitable for us.
We have chosen not the cheapest system but the best suitable for us. I think that we have made the best decision. After installing Soltek's solar system I can see that this system is working without a problem and producing good amount of energy / electricity.
I am still waiting for our first energy bill from Origin Australia but I am confident that our next bill will be very low.
I recommend Soltek Energy to anyone who is looking in to installing a solar system.
They provide good advise and good service.
Thank you Damien Slaven from Soltek Energy again for your service.
I will post my findings about my solar system how it works in the future and how much electricity it produces.
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Overall a very good experience. Our system is yet to be installed but Damien from Soltek has been extremely helpful, particularly by coming to the house and explaining all the options and answering any queries we had. Prompt quoting process, and we are now excited about the installation which is imminent. Show additional information