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About Soltek Energy, Solar Installers

Soltek Energy
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ABN: 35 138 588 584  ABN active since 02 Sep 2009 | Soltek Energy Pty Ltd
ACN: 138 588 584  ACN active since 30 Jul 2009 | Soltek Energy Pty Ltd
Electrical Contractor's License:   (learn about electrical licenses and buying solar)
NSW: 220517C Soltek Energy Pty Ltd 

Reviewers report paying: $5,900 - $10,400 for depending on hardware choice and installation difficulty ( how is this calculated? )

Soltek Energy is a leading provider of solar power solutions throughout Australia in both commercial and residential environments. The company has a team of specialist renewable electrical engineers who are experienced in solar technology. The Australian company aims to help customers lower their energy bills while reducing their impact on the environment - both things that can be achieved through a high quality solar power system. Soltek Energy is accredited by the Clean Energy Council, giving customers assurance that they are getting the best possible service and expertise. The company can also offer advice on making the most of government rebates and incentives.

Soltek Energy Solar Reviews

Perserverance for the installation of a complex system

- Sales process and sales person was very straight forward and provided a good range of options for consideration.
- Installers were good to work with as they had a challenging roof to deal. They were prepared to go the extra mile to find the best solution.
- Customer service was generally responsive and always provide resolution to any issues that were encountered.
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Reasonably good installer but bad customer services.

Salesman good at entrant point but I follow up service.Installers was reasonably good with only minor monitors system problems which required call back to fix it .Customer service was bad but no individuals staff . They are good except you speak to different people and different people get back to you. I paid in full same day as the system was installed but after more then 10 days I still haven’t got my payment receipt yet. Show additional information

Detailed quote, professional install, great after-sales service.

Soltek provided the most detailed quote of all the solar companies, with many different options for size of install, inverter and panel type. We went with an 8.7kW system using SolarEdge panels & inverter and wifi monitoring. There was a bit of a wait to install, but we were told this up front and it timed well as we had ducted aircon installed a week later.

The installation was done in a day and was relatively smooth. There was a problem with the original location on our roof as the screws for the mounting brackets started going through our ceiling. This was discovered early on, and the installers repaired the damage. Thankfully, we have a large roof space and there was still ample roof for the 24 panels. In fact, it probably turned out to be a blessing as we realised some trees would have added significant morning shade for the original position.

The other issue was that the installers chose an inverter location that receives sun for most of the afternoon. This location was next to the meter board, so presumably easier for the installer. However, to Soltek's credit they arranged for one of their staff (the installers being contractors) to visit and install a canopy over the inverter at no extra cost.

Mistakes will happen, and it's reflective of a good business that they rectify them quickly. Before sale, at installation and no post-sale, Soltek have been responsive on phone and email, and I thoroughly recommend them.

As to the result on our utility bills. We use Amber Electric for wholesale pricing, which does come with a risk of high kWH prices during peak demand. Of course, that also means big $$ FiT during those peak times if you can manage around them. The combination of the SolarEdge monitoring and the Amber app means we've been able to adjust our usage around to take advantage of this earning $28 in one day last week.

We've only had the solar installed for 30 days, with FiT enabled for 20 days, but can already see that the summer months will have negative electricity bills, even with the aircon running and the rather rainy month Sydney has just had. That gives us about a 3 year ROI on the solar - so we're very happy!
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Timely and tidy installations

Really apprecciate the visit from the sales team that snswered my query.
Installation was punctual and on time, and installer stayed behind to finish off some ajustment with the meter box. i am impressed with the cablings mostly hidden in the wall cavity so that it looked nice without any cablings lying around.

Customer service was rpompt in answering query too.

Overall I am a satisfied customer.
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Early days but really cranking out the power

The quoting process was nice and clear.
Installation was good. Everything works and they were polite tidy and punctual.
Customer service mostly good but we had to remind them about the paperwork for our energy retailer. All sorted quickly after the reminder.
Happy so far and I do like seeing that meter spin backwards.
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Thorough Sales Presentation

The salesman spent a long time with me explaining the various technologies available making sure I had the information I needed to make a decision.
Once the decision was made there was a simple ordering process and when the time arrived the installation took less than 4 hours.
I have been assisted in applying for a smart meter which should be installed today.
So far I am happy with my choice.
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Hard-working team with friendly attitudes

I made a purchase over the phone with Karan Kapoor for $16.45K system. Waited for five weeks to install the system. Three people’s team came to my house at 7:30am, and worked piece by piece, up and down under the bright sunlight. They completed the job by 6:15pm. QCell Peak Duo-G6+350watt X 36 panels with micro inventors IQ7A were up on my roof top. I had paid the invoice in full on the day and received the email to confirm all connection details and installation certificate the next Monday. Though I am still waiting for information setting up on array line up to shown in Enphase app. It had been three weeks out and still waiting. I need to work out the peak power rationale for electricity production for the sunny day. So far the max peak power is still at around11.1KW, it is still under the 12.6KW Solar system capacity. Show additional information

Great installation, poor follow up customer service

Soltek was good at the start, organising someone to come out to give quotes (as requested) and the sales guy was knowledgeable and gave good information and advice. After we had agreed on a price, he gave a timeframe for the installation, which I was happy to find was conservative and the installation occurred a few weeks afterwards (instead of a month later as indicated).

Installers were on-time and efficient, arriving around 7:30 as promised and finishing up in the early afternoon. The quality of their work was great too.

At the end of the install, I discovered that they had forgot to install the consumption meter, which was included in the quote but on their manifest. No issues, not their fault, so they left and I followed up with the sales guy and the guy in charge of installation.

This is where I think Soltek can improve. In the end it was me having to chase them to get a date for someone to come out to install the consumption meter. After unfortunately having to chase up the installer multiple times via email and phone, and telling the invoice lady that I would only pay the balance of the invoice after the installation was complete (per the contract), they sent out someone to install the consumption meter unannounced. It was fortunate someone was home at the time.

A month on now and they still haven’t updated the SolarEdge data with my physical layout... the panels just appear as one long list instead of how it is layed out on the roof. I have already chased them up once and feel like I will need to do so multiple times before they get this done.
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Great company to deal with.

Prompt responses our request for a quote. Damien came to the house. He gave us a very clear diagrammatic explanation of the different options and pros and cons of each. The products he offered had good reputations and warranties and his pricing was reasonable. The customer service at all points along the process was excellent and the installation was very efficient and painless. Damien, and his team from Soltek Energy, made what seemed a fairly daunting process into an easily understood and very smooth process. We are waiting for the smart meter, but in the meant time we are thrilled to have the solar up and running. I have no hesitation in recommending Soltek Energy. Show additional information

Competitive price.

Competitive price and customer service seems good. Still waiting on a few things to be finished off. Show additional information

Great service from start to finish

The sales process was very smooth and Karan answered all the questions we asked. Our installer was the highlight and was very friendly and involved me throughout the whole way.
The service was OK, brief interaction.
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Should have done it earlier

From the site inspection, the quotation and the installers and the quality of the works - very pleased. Show additional information

Quality workmanship

Good experience right through the process from sale to install Show additional information

Solar Review

Sales process was fine. Installers were excellent and professional, polite and cleaned up after themselves.

Grid connection was all organised by the company.

I have asked for confirmation of the number of panels put on twice and no response as the configuration is not what it was shown by the sales person. No photos have been sent
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Procurement and Installation

The Soltek representative, Damien Slaven, came to the property to view the location. He was very helpful and enthusiastic and answered my various questions. Soltek gave me a competitive price against my preferred equipment choices. They answered several subsequent queries I had and when the contract was signed they arrived within the expected time period. The installation was completed without a problem all on one day. I was very pleased with the experience and would recommend them.
2 other companies provided quotes but did not visit the location. I felt that the effort could have been made to visit particularly one of them since they are located within 30 minutes drive. I had questions answered by both companies.
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Knowledgeable and Great Service

Offered true advice and system options in reference to area, max-feed in tariffs on Single-vs-3Phase - thus was able to positioned the best system for roof setup and area power producer.
Installation team was great - friendly and very tidy and great to chat with.

Customer service with the setup/connection and SolarEdge portal setup was great - friendly and very timely.

I am really glad I chose to go with the SOLTEK team.
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Efficient and Reliable

Quote was done in person and effectively.
Soltek did a great job. Sadly they had to reschedule twice due to weather. The installation went without a hitch and the site was left clean and tidy.
Customer service was fine with grid connection seamless.
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Fantastic Installers

Karan provided good information regarding the panels, inverters, installation processes and all the maths that I was keen to know behind the solar system. He let me take time to make decision. Once the decision was made, installation took place within promised time frame. Too early to say how much benefits I am getting from the system, but I can say installation went perfectly fine. Will recommend Soltek Energy to everyone looking for solar installation Show additional information

Very nice and helpful

They were very helpful,not at all pushy like some cheaper companies,Micheal came to my house to talk to me,the installers were very professional just got on with the job the electrician was very nice and polite,I am glad I went with Soltek,I got LG panels and Solaredge inverters, Show additional information
Guess you get what you pay for... we opted for a higher value/quality system, not top-of-the-line, but up there.
Could have gotten much cheaper from a myriad of sellers, but no guarantees I would have been happy.
Only thing I would change is to get more panels up front, maybe 8Kw rather than 6.6Kw, as we rarely hit the 5Kw limit of the inverter, so would be nice to generate more power when the sun isn't at its best position in a clear sky.
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Fantastic job overall

Overall they did a fantastic job and I am very happy. They showed up on time and got the job done with no fuss.
They somehow during installation in the metrebox got the air con wires mixed up so it was no longer using 3 phase and stopped working, but they were quick to come back and rectified the issue.
App was setup and I can easily see how my panels are doing, what they are producing and my energy consumption.
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Finally got solar

Everything went smoothly until we had to set a date for installing. Some lack of communication. But otherwise happy. Show additional information

Great service, great support and great company!

So glad I “eventually” found Soltek Energy.

We moved into a new house in 2018 and after upgrading the pool heating to a large electric heat pump in early 2019 it was clear we needed to offset some running costs with solar or just keep paying over $6k per annum to the power company….

Stupidly, I rushed into my solar journey over Christmas time when I saw never ending TV commercials from [installer name removed]. Quick credit card deposit and I thought I’d be good to go. Fast forward to April with still no system and now working from home due to COVID I had a bit more spare time to research Solar and I’m so glad I did.

Step 1 was to call the bank and reverse my credit card deposit as dealing directly with that company was a waste of time.
Step 2 was to look for a real Sydney based business.

I found a couple and one of them actually referred me back to Solarquotes. Only after speaking with 3 or 4 different companies I learnt that my house actually has some shading issues mainly in winter. I also quickly worked out that in my situation bigger was best.

I found Soltek Energy on the site as I was narrowing down my installer criteria to Sydney based, years in business with proven track record and the fact I wanted a complete SolarEdge solution.

Soltek Energy checked all the boxes and Damien was excellent to deal with. The quoting process was quick, competitive, detailed and straight to the point. I placed an order the same day then installation was booked in 2 weeks after that.

Sam and his install team spent 2 days onsite installing the 50x SolarEdge 360W panels and two 8K inverters. The guys arrived on time and cleaned up after themselves each day. Seeing all panels unloaded was just like being a kid on Christmas day. At that point I realised I may have gone overboard with solar but so glad we got them to fit as even on a rainy day they are producing fantastic results.

October was my first full month and even with 8+ days of heavy rain the 18kW system has generated a whopping 2MW hours this month!

I purchased 50x 360W SolarEdge panels with optimisers and two SE8k 3 phase inverters.

Whilst I didn’t actually need optimisers on every panels it made sense to me for a single vendor solution plus I love the panel level monitoring.

The 2019 vs 2020 comparison so far shows I’m using a fraction of what I did the year before and I’m exporting 3 times my monthly consumption so have had the first two months in credit. I cannot wait to receive my first bill!

If you are after solar and thinking about using Soltek…. Call others and get some quotes. That will give you an idea of what you want then just pick up the phone and have a chat with Damien.

Great bloke, great service and great support.
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Very Good Experience all through

The whole process oif getting a quote, finalising and installation was done very professionally and on time. The installers were proficient and efficient and did a neat and tidy job with no issues or surprises.
Customer service was outstanding and even helped with sending the necessary paperwork to my energy supplier to get a smart meter installed.
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Good Services

Soltek Energy salesperson explained various products to us as well as their pros and cons. Installation went well. Overall, I am happy with their services. Show additional information

Great solar system. Fantastic installers ans Support

Quote process went well, vere very promp for actual site inspection. Answered all my questions on the system I preferred.
Installation completed about 2 weeks after quote accepted. Gave notification of apprx arrival time, arrived on time with phone call before arriving. Spent most of day indtalling system but kept me up to date on progress. Installed in one day.
Dealth with energy provider to link system to smart metre (already installed).
Now purchasing battery with same company to get over daily high peak periods.
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A difficult job done well

Very happy with our installation. The team did a great job and came up with innovative solutions to get everything done in one day.
Looking forward to many years of generating our own power
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Everything as planned. Great experience

Quote/Sale process - The initial quote was clear and detailed. Before finalising, though, a representative of the company came to inspect the site and re-quoted the same day. From there, all the process to confirm, pay and get to the installation was exactly as planned.

Installation - I was given a timeframe for arrival due to traffic uncertainties. The installers showed up in the early part of such timeframe, explained everything they were about to do, gave really good advice about the layout of the panels and also spent some time explaining some technical details of the system itself. At the end, they left everything extremely clean (literally: no debris, no leftovers, no garbage) and the installed system looks awesome

Customer service - Soltek's office people are friendly, their communication is prompt and precise. The initial setup has been very easy and the paperwork to setup a change of meter came through very soon.

Overall, the experience we had with Soltek has been nothing short of amazing from the first contact to the final stages. I would strongly recommend this company.
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Good System and Good Quality Service

All the people we dealt with in Soltek Energy were helpful and understanding with our needs as customer. Customer service was superb.

Would like to mention Karan who was patient with our queries, Cindy for the billings, Vincent for organising the paper works with our electricity provider ensuring the smart meter is installed in a timely manner and keeping us updated with the progress. Of course to Patrick and his team for the timely installation of the solar panels, connection to the grid and the very tidy work.

We are impressed.
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Easy process, good communication

Able to explain the process in easy terms. Once we confirm the quote, installation was quick and effortless.
Soltek, organized smart meter and connection to the online monitoring
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Best Value, Service and Size System for our family needs

Overall very happy in choosing Soltek from start to finish.
Started with a great Salesperson who was very polite, punctual and communicated every step of the way. He was very thorough and informative. Provided several option and explained each system benefits clearly.
Whilst there was initially a delay of a couple weeks to the scheduled installation date due to waiting for the inverter to arrive and another week due to bad weather. The installation team on the day was punctual, polite and communicated every step. Once installed they cleaned up after themselves apart from leaving some dust on the roof tiles, which was washed away several days later due to rain.
Now we have had our 8.14Kw system installed for about a week, and I've got access to the Fronius SolarWeb App its great to see how the our system is generating great output. Very Happy at the moment. Just waiting for the Electricity retailer to replace the old meter to the new smart meter which will hopefully be next week, so we can start exporting back to the grid and hopefully start saving.
We are extremely happy with choosing Soltek due to their great service and they had the best system and value for our needs.
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Great team of installers

I went with Soltek energy as they were the only one that actually came out to my house for the quote which i liked as i like to meet the people i'm spending a lot of money with, the guys that came out to install were awsome, there team leader explained everything at the start as to what they were going to do. they were on time and got straight into the job. soltek organized with our solar company to have the grid connection done so we didnt have to deal with it which made things very easy. Show additional information

Another happy customer

Very happy with the service.
The installation company was polite, tidy and punctual.
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If you want the Best Installer Look No Further

We had a seven year old 3kW string system which was no longer producing due to shadowing and the configurations were not optimum. Since we are unable to travel due to CoVid19 we decided to use the money allocated to upgrade our crappy system by replacing it and increasing it by 264% to a 7.92kW system.

The selection process was very rigour. We sent out out EOI to approximately 12 installers of which only 50% responded within a few days and the other in two to three weeks. I excluded those who did not respond within a week, have an international call centre, only want to chat over the phone and no site visit. Our site is unique and a site visit is a must. Many also said SolarEdge does not make panels. Hmmmmm.... How can one be in the Solar business and know what manufactures are out there.

We decided on Soltek as an installer because:
- 11 years in business
- Owner of the business actually visited our home (DamianS)
- Quick to response
- Upfront with the systems available from them and pro and cons
- Quick to quote
- Consultative and honest
- Seamless
- Accepts credit card payment. This is a must because there are too many rouges out there when a deposit or job is paid and if there were an issue with system it practically impossible to hunt down. Security of the Bank to withdraw payments especially in these climate.

Why did we go with SolarEdge?
- The technology
- Single manufacturer for both panels and inverter
- Have an office in Australia (Melbourne)
- Reasonable extended warranty to 20 or 25 years.
- Good reviews both locally and international

SolarEdge is an Israeli an organisation. Science and technology in Israel is one of the country's most developed sectors. Israel spent 4.3% of its gross domestic product (GDP) on civil research and development in 2015, the highest ratio in the world. In 2019, Israel was ranked the world's fifth most innovative country by the Bloomberg Innovation Index.

Onsite Installation Experience
Team Dennis arrived on time and the installation started at 7:30am and ended at 5:30pm. They had a lot to do, removing the old system and install the new across 4 roofs. Dennis was a great communicator and the team worked non stop. There were also careful to not break any roof tiles. Dennis was the last to leave. He ensure the system is up and running before he left.

Offsite Installation Experience
The office was also great. Cindy manages all the payment processing and Vincent in the setting up the account configurations with SolarEdge. Both were quick to respond to enquires. The runner also help source some spare roof tiles incase there are any breakages. Unfortunately we did not need any.
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A happy customer

Each stage of the design, quotation and installation was easily managed by Soltek. The sales person (Mike) was well-informed and everything went very smoothly. Show additional information


Quoting process went by smoothly, we got a replacement for out current system, and the sales representative explained what would be required. Answered all our followup questions and concerns.
Installers were professional and friendly.
Took a while for the final bill to come in. When it did, they were very understanding when doing collections, and were willing to wait for a short period for funds to come in.
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Superb Install; Happy Customer

I had an idea & Damien and his team delivered. From the first to last phone call, I felt reassured.

I did my own research & Damien even told me about new microinverter technologies I didn't know about. Damien gave me some recommendations and helped me every step of the way. Customer service was excellent

Blake and the install team arrived on time and installed panels, microinverters and Tesla Powerwall as quoted. They showed me how everything worked & helped set up the monitoring apps (no hiccups)

All paperwork was provided straight away and effortlessly. Damien has even helped with ongoing support. I'm deeply satisfied with the outcome.
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Exceptional pricing, staff, customer service and quality workmanship

Sales/quoting: thoroughly &expertly explained
Installation: staff punctual, always polite, professional & tidy
Cust Service: excellent polite timely
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Expert Advice and service

Soltek Energy was the only supplier that visited the premises. Damien expertly describe available options and also had great recommendations for panel and box locations.

The installers arrived on time and installed the panels to the quoted specifications. Customer Service throughout was polite, expert and timely. All the paperwork for connection to the grid was provided soon after installation.

I am very pleased with the outcome.
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Good installer

I like that I got the quotes for different sizes, different panels and different inverters all in one go. It was then easy to compare and select what was best for us.
The installation was good, the team arrived on time, made sure the system worked and left it tidy.
So far no issues.
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Well informed and easy to understand

Solar and all of the different options for both panels and inverters very well explained in our visit from Damien. Quote was clear and well laid out and reflected the options available. A lot of information provided for us to make the final decision.

Communication from the company was prompt and very clear. All of our changeover with our energy provider was handled and completed within a few weeks.

A minor issue with our roof post installation was resolved extremely efficiently by the team.
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Great explanation of what I am buying

Good options. Took time to explain the components so I understood what I am buying. If performance meets the sales activity I will be very pleased Show additional information

Very Professional

Our installation was a very positive experience. We were concerned, because there are a lot of rogue solar installers out there.

Soltek came highly recommended from a friend and I was equally happy with quality, attention to detail, politeness and customer service.

So far, the power generation exceeds what we expected.

Well done Soltek.
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Top quality system already producing better than expected results.

Of the four companies we had quote for us, the salesperson for Soltek provided the most comprehensive explanation of our options. Whilst it was amongst the more expensive quotes, we also had a choice of panels and inverters which had much shorter warranty periods. Given that we are planning to stay for a while, the higher price was less of a concern. Soltek was the first company to get in touch and asked to come out to inspect the site. Some others made that optional or were happy to provide quotes via email without seeing exactly how shading affects our location. The installation was scheduled within two weeks, and despite two days of heavy rain, they returned on day three and had the job done in one day. We have a tricky roofline for cabling, but the installers found a way to position the inverter exactly where we wanted it without the need for external conduit showing. After-sales service had been responsive as I needed help configuring the application used to monitor the system, and this was addressed quickly. Show additional information

Sales rep came and met my criteria as well as being the cheapest supplier.

Quote process - OK except Energus did not make contact until after I made a purchase which was disappointing. They replied 3 days after I advised Solar Quotes as such.

Installation - Young team, very polite. Just concerned with the level of WHS controls. Otherwise they were very helpful and easy to work with.
Grid Connection - No. I still don't have grid connection from my supplier Simply Energy. The Soltek rep made the application but left the remainder with me. It would be good if they offered some advice on there knowledge of providers. My provider is offering only 8c return which is one of the lowest but the standard supply rates are very low. We were looking to test it out as there is no long term contract or get out clause.
I had to push Soltek to send out warranties and finish the monitoring setup but otherwise helpful when I did chase up.
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Installer good they had trouble getting the MUD to show up on the software, but it now works

Check your switchboard that there is room for the new solar meter NSW Ausgrid 180mm X 270mm, as I had to get the service neautral link moved. Still waiting for Ausgrid to come back and install the new meter. Show additional information

Top solar system

Good quote, good prompt installation, they organised everything, good follow up... Show additional information

Soltek Energy delivered

Soltek came to our house and had a meaningful discussion on the panel placement, shade issues and the options to best manage. On installation day the team was prompt, polite and courteous. Patrick who managed the actual site installation was excellent. He discussed each piece of the installation throughout the day.

Customer service was fine. They were prompt with each action required with the grid connection, consumption meter apps etc. The system is installed and working well. We would recommend them to others considering solar.
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Installation was effortless on the day.

The crew were polite and punctual. The site was left tidy and the crew were always helpful and did a very neat job. There was a power issue after the installation and the company came out twice to ensure it was not the solar connection or inverter. All enquiries by phone or email were handled promptly. They advised to contact the supply company and after several visits from the supply company it ended up being a connection problem from the grid. All fixed now, just waiting on a new smart meter promised for next week. Show additional information

Great service and advice, good quality installation, and good value for money solution.

Damien provided a clear quote with options to allow us to review and select the appropriate system.
The process from finalising the quote to installation was well managed. The installation team were friendly and assessed the requirements to leave a very neat job, which fitted well with our existing downpiping.
Follow-up with grid connection worked well and Damien helped with some glitches with the app.
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