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Soltek Energy Reviews

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About Soltek Energy, Solar Installers

Soltek Energy is a leading provider of solar power solutions throughout Australia in both commercial and residential environments. The company has a team of specialist renewable electrical engineers who are experienced in solar technology. The Australian company aims to help customers lower their energy bills while reducing their impact on the environment - both things that can be achieved through a high quality solar power system. Soltek Energy is accredited by the Clean Energy Council, giving customers assurance that they are getting the best possible service and expertise. The company can also offer advice on making the most of government rebates and incentives.

Soltek Energy Solar Reviews

We follow up with all reviewers after 12 months to see how their system is going since it was installed. These are all the reviewers who have responded to our 1 year follow up:
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Damien provided recommended the best available solar system and the gave me most information to make an informed decision on the solar panel choice and inverter choice. Ended up choosing LG panel with Solar edge inverter including optimisers. Installation was sadly delayed one month due to shortage of inverters. The communication after signing contract has room for improvements. The installation team, Tony & co., were great. The system was hooked up the same day and I was looking at solar generation in the app within the hour, thanks Vincent. The 6.7kW system in sunny clear generates over 40kW electricity - Great choice of quality components. Show additional information
Not at this time. System is yet to be installed, probably during February. Show additional information
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Installation is scheduled for Feb due to their backlog (not an issue as we are waiting a tardy roofer to complete repairs prior to installation) so that is the only reason so far not to give 5s Show additional information
Plastic ties to bond the cables were crappy, many broke off within a week. Installer did not supply consumption monitoring meter which I thought I was entitled to! Show additional information
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We were quoted for a smart meter, but decided in order to save money to get one for free from our electricity retailer. This was a big mistake. It took weeks longer than anticipated, and required an upgrade to our board before the retailer would do it (which the solar company would have done for free). The meter also does not allow for our off peak hot water to be heated from our solar, which the meter the solar company was going to install would have. All in all, it would have been better to just get the solar company to do it. (I have provided this feedback to Soltek for advice they can give to future customers.)

Dealing with Soltek was easy, and Sam Star who was the sales person from Soltek took all my numerous phone calls and questions with good grace. There was no pressure from him, just great service.

Our system is performing beautifully - producing the same (and sometimes more) amount of energy as Sam calculated it would.
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I did actually get onto Soltek via SolarQuotes but this was a year earlier 2016. At that time with the sh*tty FIT i decided not to proceed but with the recent increases in power cost and better FIT i had another look. I received good quotes from all installers, but thought id also ask Soltek to requote and Damien was excellent and provided a great kit at a better price that the other quotes ..he even quoted LG 335W panels when others were quoting 320/330 panels...
Install was done yesterday and all went smoothly. The guys were really polite and tidy and professional in every way.

Now i just need to await EA to install the NET meter...
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Have gone with Soltek Energy but still waiting on installation as inverter is out of stock. Sales were very helpful. Shame inverter is out of stock. Show additional information
I used another similar website and received no quotes. I also sort quotes from a well known energy retailer and the experience could be best described as an attempt to sell what they wanted to sell, not what I wanted to buy. All three quotes were for systems that we wanted and to be installed where we wanted with the complexity of the install not being an issue. Show additional information
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Still looking for a replacement roof tile Show additional information
Install has still not taken place. Initial meeting was good but generally a lack of feedback and updates since Show additional information
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Damien was great even came to my house after a few emails as i wanted to sit down and discuss options with him directly.

Was open about total costs and suggested a different system to what I originally wanted, as it was more in line with how we wanted the system to run.

Very prompt in replying to emails.
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The reason I went for Soltek Energy was 1. The personal onsite service when quoting. The salesperson was knowledgeable and helpful with no hard-sell. 2. The clear range of options and pricing provided. I asked for pricing for a 4kW and a 5kW system and the options were simply presented in two grids of three solar panel models across and four inverter models down with the warranty for each product. 3. I felt that Soltek made it easy to make a decision as product sheets were provided and, with the model numbers, it was easy to research each product to make my decision which was a 5kW system with Jinko panels, Solar Edge optimisers/inverter plus a Net meter. (I could not get any confirmation from an electricity provider when they could install a Net meter) Total price $6960. The downside is that installation is not until January. Show additional information
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It is early days so need more time to complete opinion of what has been completed Show additional information
They communicated well and turned up on time, very friendly and were able to answer my questions. Still waiting for the wifi access so i can check what is happening. Show additional information
Installation taking place on 7-8 Nov Show additional information
The company that is Soltek Energy has installed our system quickly and efficiently.
The representative which was Damien Slaven from Soltek Energy had good knowledge about what system we would need and which system would be the best suitable for us.
We have chosen not the cheapest system but the best suitable for us. I think that we have made the best decision. After installing Soltek's solar system I can see that this system is working without a problem and producing good amount of energy / electricity.
I am still waiting for our first energy bill from Origin Australia but I am confident that our next bill will be very low.
I recommend Soltek Energy to anyone who is looking in to installing a solar system.
They provide good advise and good service.
Thank you Damien Slaven from Soltek Energy again for your service.
I will post my findings about my solar system how it works in the future and how much electricity it produces.
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Overall a very good experience. Our system is yet to be installed but Damien from Soltek has been extremely helpful, particularly by coming to the house and explaining all the options and answering any queries we had. Prompt quoting process, and we are now excited about the installation which is imminent. Show additional information
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I was really happy with how the recommendation system worked through SolarQuotes. I was a complete newbie and had no idea what I was looking for. It's a scary world out there, solar wise, so much to choose from! As it turned out a friend of mine recently had SolarTek install his system, so I gave the, the opportunity to come and quote. They gave me the best price and because I knew the person who recommended them I decided to give Solartek the business.
I am really happy with the way everything worked out. I got excellent equipment, with excellent warranties and the friendliness and serve Solartek offered was second to none.
10/10 would bang.
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Damien was very knowledgeable and his demonstration of the SolarEdge monitoring tipped the scales in their favour. Blake did the install and it ran very smoothly and according to plan. A couple of things to note for others:
* I should have been more involved in the placement of the panels. One row is on top of my hot water pipes and if laid in line with the later rows this would not have been necessary. I had to get up on the roof to see this for myself. So make sure you know "exactly" where the panels will be installed
* I assumed that the consumption versus generation monitoring would be enabled once the net meter was installed. However, there is another component called a ModBus Meter which is required and of course was not included in my system. I was surprised by this and am not entirely happy about it.
* The physical layout map has not been uploaded to the monitoring site. It has been promised but it is obviously lower priority for the installers. Chasing them up.
* The peak power output is about 25% less than the rated size which seems a little lower than expected - another thing to follow up. I am waiting for more data to get a better feel for this.
Over all I am very happy with the result and wish I had made the move sooner.
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Soltek were the only ones to offer the best rate for the install and had no hidden costs it was all detailed in their quote. They also did not harass me for the work they provided the quote and left me with it until I came back to them. Show additional information
It is now 4 months ago that we had the system installed. It is working very well. The Soltek Energy staff have been very good. Show additional information
Their advice was impartial, and pointed out things other suppliers missed. Show additional information
Soltek have been a class act from start to finish. They contacted me to do a site inspection with the quote - none of the others did that. The price quoted was competitive - not the best, but not the worst. They suggested a product and made a good argument for it. The installation went through fine - a few cracked roof tiles, which is to be expected, and they swapped them out with some spares.
I would definitely recommend them to anyone else.
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All three suppliers recommended by SolarQuotes were professional and very helpful. The resources available on the SolarQuotes website were an enormous help especially the guides on equipment (recommended and which products command a premium price). This made the potentially complex process of evaluating quotations so much simpler. As an engineer I still built a spreadsheet to analyse the cost per kWh installed and the amount of premium I was paying as a percentage and I was able to quickly identify Soltek as offering very competitive pricing across the recommended product range including the high performance spec equipment which I chose in the end because of my interest in this technology and long term investment approach. Damien of Soltek was very helpful and Blake who installed the equipment did a very neat and professional job. Blake worked with me to get the best layout on the roof to allow for future panels when battery prices improve. Show additional information
We went with this company because they would remove the old inverter while still using old panels into the 2nd side of the new inverter, whereas some wouldn't do it saying that it would compromise the new installation. Show additional information
Upgraded to new 5.28kW system, with 330W LG neon 2 panels, SolarEdge Inverter with Optimisers and battery ready. Show additional information
Thanks Solarquotes for the tools to make an informed decision on an expensive and long term investment. Can't recommend your website enough. Show additional information
On a positive note, the total installation worked out well and we are very happy to be on solar with the aid of Soltek.

However, we had no warning about the new smart meter being installed (date and time). Power was turned off without our prior knowledge so that a controlled shut down of computers and electronic equipment was not possible. Although it did not cause any residual issues it could have been better arranged.

Thank you, Finn, for making the whole solar experience so much easier to understand and have access to. Your links to relevant information were most valuable and appreciated.

Kind regards
Joe and June
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There has been a delay in responding as there was a delay in providing us with everything. Firstly there was miscommunication about the installation of the net meter and who would pay. That was sorted out as it was part of the initial quote. Then there has been a delay over access to the monitoring system, that has taken Soltek more than one email to sort out, though it is all OK now. Installation 15/6, finally sorting out access to monitoring portal 12/7. Show additional information
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We haven't had it installed yet.

Soltek were the only company you recommended that could do everything we needed. Eg full instalation including electrical board update & pulling of solar matting on back roof.
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I would give Soltek "excellent" for installation and customer service if that was on your scale; "fantastic" is a bit over the top. Show additional information
Initial installation was delayed due to weather. They kept me informed along the way and so I was never left in the dark (pun not intended).
The panel install and the new net meter install were done separately but within a couple of days of each other so no big delays.

They have provided access to SolarEdge monitoring software that I can access from my PC or my phone. However, I don't understand the graphs that it is showing me so I don't know if I'm producing and using electricity or not. May have to follow-up with them separately to understand this if I can't figure it out myself.
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After considering the quotes from three companies I chose Soltek based on the $/watt price point and the reviews of the company on Solar Quotes.

I liked the aspect that Damien came out to survey the site as opposed to other companies doing an aerial. I was going for micro inverters but the information Damien gave me convinced me that optimisers were the equivalent and were less expensive.

Their quote for 18x330W LG panels with optimisers and a Solar Edge 5kw inverter was $1,000 less than the same from another supplier.

The installation went like clockwork. Blake and his offsider very proficient. Friendly and down-to-earth to boot. I was very happy that they could squeeze in another two panels on the northern aspect. Blake consulted me about the difficulty of running a particular cable and the mutual solution avoided an eyesore. He also removed a disused Foxtel satellite. I was very impressed about how tidy they left the site with only a small amount of brick dust and cable ends to sweep up. I was extremely pleased with positioning and layout of the panels and the inverter.

That said, I felt that communication after acceptance of the quote could have been better and I expected more than I got.
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Sam from Soltek could not have been more helpful, patiently answering all my "newby" questions and supplying me with some useful links. Along with the great "101' tutoring on the SolarQuotes site I felt informed enough to go ahead with my decision to install solar. Thank you to all! Show additional information
Have not seen goods or Installation as yet, but I would recommend Soltek to everyone, honest, reliable and very flexible, upto this stage of the process. Show additional information
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The system performing normally. Show additional information