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About Soltek Energy, Solar Installers

Soltek Energy
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Soltek Energy is a leading provider of solar power solutions throughout Australia in both commercial and residential environments. The company has a team of specialist renewable electrical engineers who are experienced in solar technology. The Australian company aims to help customers lower their energy bills while reducing their impact on the environment - both things that can be achieved through a high quality solar power system. Soltek Energy is accredited by the Clean Energy Council, giving customers assurance that they are getting the best possible service and expertise. The company can also offer advice on making the most of government rebates and incentives.

Soltek Energy Solar Reviews

Great service and only company who visited our home.

Sales/quotation process on site by an engineer, not a smooth talking sales person over the phone.
Installation all very neat and completed in one day with an obviously well experienced team.
Customer service was great as was follow-up after the installation.
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Quality system at a competitive price

Sales and quoting was first class
Installation was confirmed then rescheduled , our tv was unplugged and our air con vent was dislodged. They came back to fix the tv next day which was great but I’m concerned about what has gone on in the roof space and will have to get up to check. All the connections were managed by Soltek which was helpful.
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We had the system installed a few days ago. The system was what I wanted. LG 335w panel plus a fronius symo inverter 5kw.
Still early to say if I made a good choice. It was sometimes hard to get in touch with Damien after we agreed to the system.
Further i'm having some trouble with the web monitoring system.
I may have to get the company back to check it out.
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Soltek responded within 24 hrs of your contact. They offered 2 systems: 1XDC string inverter and 24X 240V Enphase inverters. Through their advice and your information we chose individual inverters to cope with shade. LG supplied 25 yrs product performance and product warranty, Enphase had 10 yrs product warranty and Envoy monitor 5 yrs warranty which helped our decision. We like the on-line monitoring facility of Enphase via Envoy monitoring to tailor our use which will help us choose our energy retailer (Soltek organised our initial AGL meter board changes with smart meters - yet to decide finally on supplier). Minor faults were rectified quickly after informing them (including repair of roof tiles). They also organised disposal of our old solar panels. An excellent experience all around (from a perfectionist!). Show additional information
Sale person was good and explained in details.
Installation was fine and only issue I had was panel layout in solar edge app was not as panels installed and random. Contacted them 2 or 3 times. But can live with it.
I hope the quality of inverter and panels is better as I spent 2k above fronious and canadiannsolar brand.
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Everything was installed and connected in one day by a competent three man crew who were happy to have me watch, and insist on some minor refinements.
It's fun watching the old analog kwhr meter now turning backwards. That pleasure will end when the digital Nett Meter is installed.
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Quality Power Optimised System

Karan, our Soltek Consultant, was knowledgeable and friendly and quoted on a suitably sized system for our requirements.
The installation was completed 1 week after signing the contract which was exceptional and the job site was left in a clean and tidy state with the installation team being, friendly, efficient and informative.
As I already had a 2 kw solar system, a second phase was connected which required an upgrade of my existing Smart Meter which Soltek arranged and was promptly installed by my energy retailer.
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All went very smoothly and is working well so far. Gives good power output for winter. The only problem is that the power company needs a completely upgraded power board / fusebox before they can install the smart meter. This should have been communicated to me by the sales person or the installing electrician at the beginning. now there will be more delays until the meter box can be fixed up. Show additional information

Great team at Soltek

I was highly impressed with the entire sales cycle, from first call to installation and post sales support. Damien gave me all the options, was not pushy or sales-y. Sam and team of installers were punctual, polite and incredibly efficient. I would highly recommend Soltek. Show additional information
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What made the biggest difference in their favor was their ability adjust to specific needs and be clear on details. Show additional information
Having bit of issues with the internet connection on the inverter but finally get fixed by the electrician with soltek Show additional information
So many things have gone wrong from app not working initially, to installer placing panels behind a satellite dish which casts shadows on the panels, making 2 function sub optimally. Their customer service person is not efficient at all and it's taken ages for their mistake to be fixed. It's only being fixed next week. Overall not a great experience

Supplier Reply

Hi, the two issues arose on the installation date of 09/07/2019.

The first issue (no access to remote monitoring) is now rectified.

For the second issue, our install team is heading back on Monday 22/07/2019 as per discussion to move the two panels that are being shaded by the satellite dish.

Please accept our sincere apology for the inconvenience and our office will endeavour to speed up the coordination process.

If you have any issues please feel free to call our office and ask for Cindy
to expedite your queries.
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The initial installed Solar Edge inverter failed after a week and it took 2 weeks to get a replacement installed. I also ordered and paid for a 3 phase inverter but when the replacement was installed I realised it was only a single phase (as was the original). I asked for the single phase inverter to be replaced with the ordered 3 phase unit and Soltek informed me that the single phase unit was cheaper and offered to refund the difference and a the same time they told me that the "New Smart Meter" that is installed will do a "net" usage across all three phases, but unfortunately when I rang AGL they told me it only did the net calculation per phase. I spent my whole career in the electrical supply industry and have quite a bit of experience in Revenue metering and so far I cannot determine which of these situations is correct ct from the information I can get from the meter. My searching for information on the "net" metering process online has led to many hearsay/anecdotal evidence which support both theories.

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Great experience working with Soltek

Following discussions with a range of suppliers, we selected Soltek to install a 30kW solar panel array (90 panels) on our church roof in 2018.
They offered value for money, superior product knowledge, and demonstrated prompt and clear communication with our many questions.
The installation went smoothly and we are very happy with the final results and the dramatic reductions in our power bills over the past 12 months.

We happily commend Soltek Energy.
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Took 3 visits to have system operating correctly. Still a few remaining things needing to be sorted out.

Seems I need to chase the company to get things sorted.
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Soltek energy and particularly Karan from Soltek were great to deal with. I had many questions, all of which were answered diligently and that gave me great confidence to do business with Soltek. The installation happened a week after the deposit and the installers worked well and answered all my questions. What I liked most about soltek is they have many panels to choose from with all types of configurations offered - string, optimiser and micros. I found other companies had a limited range and would try to convince you their systems were the best, however Soltek have all the different types of systems on offer and provide you with the information needed to make a decision based on your priorities not what is best for the company or installers. I would recommend anyone looking to get solar to get in touch with Soltek - thanks Karan and Soltek Energy!! Show additional information

Fantastic installer

They were not the first to respond to my request for a quote for a solar system but they beat the other company in every single aspect. Better quality panels, cheaper system and installation a week after meeting the sale rep. The first company that responded had good panels but not as good as Soltek, they were $2000 more expensive and the installation would have happened with any luck in 7-8 weeks. Soltek kept me informed every step of the way, gave ma all the info needed to know, were very polite and friendly. The installation team worked hard as my roof has a greater pitch than average. They couldn't finish in a day as it started raining but were back as promised two days later.

Everything works great and I'm very pleased with the system I had purchased. Also they did all the paper work and notified AGL requesting the installation of the smart meter. It was an easy and pleasant experience. Based on my experience, I would highly recommend them.
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After having a rocky start with another company(the panels were delivered before they decided it was "too hard" ), I contacted Solar Quotes and selected the quote from one of your recommended suppliers, Solar Pro. The big difference was that they sent a representative to view the roof before quoting. They also directly employed many of the guys working on the job. Overall a very professional and competent service. Would definitely recommend Solar Pro. Show additional information
Damien from Soltek was the first to response to my request for a quote for a solar and battery system.

After a brief chat, he recommended just solar PV without battery will be sufficient. He is knowledgeable and professional in what he's doing and there was no up-sale or pushing from him to make a decision quickly.
His installation team was on time and everything was completed within 5 hours.

The paperwork and configuration of solaredge monitoring system took a while but in all, it was an easy and pleasant experience.
Highly recommend Soltek if you need a Solar PV system.
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Never met the sales guy - we did it all remotely which means a better price. We could cover all aspects on the phone and by email which I prefer. One of the recommended companies would only deal with you face to face (having met them before - high sales pressure) so did not follow through with them.

Soltek - Great installation with a minimal wait period. Great installation team on site.

We had a software problem with the new Solar Edge Inverter Model's Monitoring system. Soltek took ownership, kept a steady stream of communication about developments, came out again to reinstall the Inverter software and set it up. Very happy.

In my opinion, it's how a company reacts to their supplier problems that demonstrates a great company with a strong customer focus. Based on my experience, I would highly recommend them.
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Happy with everything so far.
One panel not working,awaiting repair.
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Everything went well, it did take 2 days to install and then a further week to see consumption tracking and the second inverter / array in the app, however once updated all historical info was available. Need to track further longer to ensure everything is operating 100% however first month was 1.25MWh. Show additional information
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Soltek has been very professional from initial site inspection, quoting to installation. I opted for Solaredge and the system works amazing. Apart from my own research and due diligence, Damien and his team have responded to all questions and clarified my doubts. The team of installers and support are all professional and polite.

Thanks to SolarQuotes for sending through details of reliable installers.

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Excellent Service

Soltek were very professional from quoting to the installation. System was installed within one week of deciding to go with Soltek. They are very knowledgeable. SolarEdge monitoring system is excellent. I could not be happier. Thanks Soltek Team...
I would recommend them without any hesitation.
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Opted for micro inverters because of winter shading, other quotations were either much dearer for the like for like, or a little dismissive or disinterested in micro inverter systems.
Installers were exceptionally polite and professional.
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Good customer service. Provided quotes for several options to choose with combination of various Panel brands with different inverters. Quick to answer questions and advise. Installation process was smooth. Sam was excellent , explained the system and cleaned up the site . Show additional information
Just better feed back on what to expect from solar system eg performance during summer compared to winter, what to expect with kw output Show additional information
Very fast to get organised and installed. Show additional information
From start to finish, all my dealings with Soltek were excellent. They truned up on the day they said they would, they installed the system in only a few hours. Overall I couldn't be happier with the outcome. Show additional information
We found it a mine field when researching to get solar panels. Everybody had a different opinion on what's good with panels and the different types of inverters. I believe Solarquote's website info & checklist were a time saver. We choose one of your refered companies to supply & install our system & were very happy with Solaetek. Show additional information
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Your service is excellent. So good getting independent advice and screening the suppliers. And the supplier I chose was fantastic too. Overall this has been a fantastic experience Show additional information
Thanks Finn, thanks SOLTEK ENERGY. I am happy that I am making a small contribution to clean energy. You guys made it possible. Show additional information
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Helpful discussions on panel arrays for a difficult roof profile. Good team of installers which left site tidy on completion. Timely responses from Soltek Energy’s service staff. Entirely pleased with the installation. Show additional information
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