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Hareon solar panels review

Overall Rating From 8 Reviews:

Hareon solar panels review

Average Customer Rating:
( 4.00 / 5 )

Hareon Solar was established in 2004 and, today, is one of the few companies that handle the entire production process of their photovoltaic materials and products in a completely vertically integrated system. This means that the entire production chain, starting from the Research and Development stage, is completely managed in-house as well as the manufacturing process of mono and polycrystalline ingots, mono and polycrystalline wafers and solar cells that takes place into their five production lines in China. China is also where Hareon Solar has based it’s headquarter, although there are detached offices across Europe, Asia, the US and Australia (specifically in Sydney).

The sales network of Hareon Solar relies on branches in Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Japan, Australia and the United States and recently, has partnered with US company Nereus Capital for the installation of 150 MW of solar power plants in India; this project will be developed over the next two years.

If you want to find out more about Hareon Solar’s line-up of photovoltaic solutions, read the reviews here below from customers who previously bought their solar panels, or delve into the products below to find the ones that best meet your needs.

Rating Comments Name State Postcode
See above comments
Bought From: Solar E Pty Ltd Review Date: 28 October 2015
Anon WA 6151

Bought From: Soltek Energy Review Date: 28 May 2015
Colin NSW 2571
The same comments for the inverters.
Bought From: RK Solar And Consulting Services Pty Ltd Review Date: 22 December 2014
Arthur NSW 2263
I have 3 banks - one bank of 8 on one supply to inverter. one bank of 5 and one bank of 7 connected together on another supply to the inverter. The banks are tilted at 15, 20 and 25 degrees respectfully. The panels are installed on aluminium frames on a flat roof and ARE adjustable. I have been reading/researching a bit about tilt of panels for optimum power generation and think I should probably tilt them up more to get the better benefit during winter as I was feeding almost as much as I was using back to the grid during summer. I don't recall anything being discussed or documented about the tilt of the banks before or during installation. I have yet to contact the installer to discuss the options on this.
Bought From: Soltek Energy Review Date: 19 November 2014
Ian NSW 2087
I question the their efficiency/performance as I have very seldom reached peak output. My supposedly 4500 watt system seldom reaches peak output!
Bought From: RK Solar And Consulting Services Pty Ltd Review Date: 13 November 2014
Richard NSW 2065
As above: We have not yet been going for 12 months (installed Sept 2014, now it's June 2015). The panels are Hareon HR-250P-18/Bbf x 12 connected in one string. Our first 2 Electricity bills since installation have pleased us immensely with the cost reduction - possibly more than expected. Since the supplier installed a 4KW inverter, we could/should add another 1KW of panels (4) and would achieve even more savings.
Bought From: Soltek Energy Review Date: 12 October 2014
Les NSW 2122
No problem with the panels they are doing their job perfectly
Bought From: Horizon Solar Review Date: 12 May 2014
Catherine NSW 2567
They sit on display and silently do what they are supposed to do! No issues at all to date.
Bought From: Soltek Energy Review Date: 25 April 2014
Andrew NSW 2118

Hareon has 70 solar panels in our database

Model Type Size PTC Performance Ratio Californian Approved
HR-160-24/Aab (72 Mono cells)Monocrystalline16014489.69Yes
HR-165-24/Aab (72 Mono cells)Monocrystalline16514889.70Yes
HR-170-24/Aa (72x5 Mono cells)Monocrystalline17015389.76Yes
HR-170-24/Aab (72 Mono cells)Monocrystalline17015389.76Yes
HR-175-24/Aa (72x5 Mono cells)Monocrystalline17515689.20Yes
HR-175-24/Aab (72 Mono cells)Monocrystalline17515689.20Yes
HR-180-24/Aa (72x5 Mono cells)Monocrystalline18016189.28Yes
HR-180-24/Aab (72 Mono cells)Monocrystalline18016189.28Yes
HR-185-24/Aa (72x5 Mono cells)Monocrystalline18516589.35Yes
HR-185-24/Aab (72 Mono cells)Monocrystalline18516589.35Yes
HR-190-24/Aa (72x5 Mono cells)Monocrystalline19017189.89Yes
HR-190-24/Aab (72 Mono cells)Monocrystalline19017189.89Yes
HR-195-24/Aa (72x5 Mono cells)Monocrystalline19517690.00Yes
HR-195-24/Aab (72 Mono cells)Monocrystalline19517690.00Yes
HR-200-18/Cb (60 x 6 mono cells)Polycrystalline20018089.90Yes
HR-200-18/Cbb (60 Mono cells)Polycrystalline20018089.90Yes
HR-200-24/Aa (72x5 Mono cells)Monocrystalline20018090.05Yes
HR-200-24/Aab (72 Mono cells)Monocrystalline20018090.05Yes
HR-205-18/Cb (60 x 6 mono cells)Polycrystalline20518489.95Yes
HR-205-18/Cbb (60 Mono cells)Polycrystalline20518489.95Yes
HR-210-18/Cb (60 x 6 mono cells)Polycrystalline21018990.00Yes
HR-210-18/Cbb (60 Mono cells)Polycrystalline21018990.00Yes
HR-210-18/Dbb (60 cells)Polycrystalline21018990.00Yes
HR-215-18/Cb (60 x 6 mono cells)Polycrystalline21519490.05Yes
HR-215-18/Cbb (60 Mono cells)Polycrystalline21519490.05Yes
HR-215-18/Dbb (60 cells)Polycrystalline21519490.05Yes
HR-220-18/Cb (60 x 6 mono cells)Polycrystalline22019890.09Yes
HR-220-18/Cbb (60 Mono cells)Polycrystalline22019890.09Yes
HR-220-18/Dbb (60 cells)Polycrystalline22019890.09Yes
HR-225-18/Cb (60 x 6 mono cells)Polycrystalline22520289.60Yes
HR-225-18/Cbb (60 Mono cells)Polycrystalline22520289.60Yes
HR-225-18/Dbb (60 cells)Polycrystalline22520289.60Yes
HR-225P-18/Bb (60x6 poly cells)Polycrystalline22520289.91Yes
HR-230-18/Cb (60 x 6 mono cells)Polycrystalline23020689.65Yes
HR-230-18/Cbb (60 Mono cells)Polycrystalline23020689.65Yes
HR-230-18/Dbb (60 cells)Polycrystalline23020689.65Yes
HR-230P-18/Bb (60x6 poly cells)Polycrystalline23020789.96Yes
HR-235-18/Cb (60 x 6 mono cells)Polycrystalline23521189.70Yes
HR-235-18/Cbb (60 Mono cells)Polycrystalline23521189.70Yes
HR-235-18/Dbb (60 cells)Polycrystalline23521189.70Yes
HR-235P-18/Bb (60x6 poly cells)Polycrystalline23521290.00Yes
HR-240-18/Cb (60 x 6 mono cells)Polycrystalline24021589.75Yes
HR-240-18/Cbb (60 Mono cells)Polycrystalline24021589.75Yes
HR-240-18/Dbb (60 cells)Polycrystalline24021589.75Yes
HR-240P-18/Bb (60x6 poly cells)Polycrystalline24021690.04Yes
HR-245P-18/Bb (60x6 poly cells)Polycrystalline24522190.12Yes
HR-250P-18/Bb (60 Poly cells)Polycrystalline25022590.16Yes
HR-255P-18/Bb (60 Poly cells)Polycrystalline25523090.20Yes
HR-260P-18/Bb (60 Poly cells)Polycrystalline26023289.04Yes
HR-270P-24/Ba (72x6 poly cells)Polycrystalline27024389.93Yes
HR-275P-24/Ba (72x6 poly cells)Polycrystalline27524789.96Yes
HR-280P-24/Ba (72x6 poly cells)Polycrystalline28025290.00Yes
HR-285P-24/Ba (72x6 poly cells)Polycrystalline28525790.04Yes
HR-290P-24/Ba (72x6 poly cells)Polycrystalline29026190.07Yes
HR-295P-24/Ba (72 Poly cells)Polycrystalline29526690.14Yes
HR-300P-24/Ba (72 Poly cells)Polycrystalline30027190.17Yes
HR-305P-24/Ba (72 Poly cells)Polycrystalline30527590.20Yes
HR-310P-24/Ba (72 Poly cells)Polycrystalline31027689.03Yes