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Horizon Solar Technologies sets out to find the best energy solutions for Australians' needs, while helping them to lower consumption and costs.

The company is medium-sized and locally owned, with around ten years' experience in the solar power industry. All installations are performed by individuals who have been accredited by the Business Council for Sustainable Energy in order to maintain the highest level of quality.

A 12-month installation warranty is offered by Horizon Solar Technologies, as well as a five-year inverter warranty and 25-year cover for efficiency. Solar panels manufactured by the likes of SilexSolar and Sharp are used by the firm.

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Ridiculous and Unreliable

Highly unreliable have signed the agreement but no response from the providers. They don’t bother to get back nor complete the commitment. Would NOT recommend them at all.
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Excellent service with great savings. Highly Recommended!

Got my system installed within few days and company has been really good in explaining the benefits which is clearly evident from my electricity bills.
Panel rating: 5/5
Inverter rating: 5/5
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Horizon Solar - don’t risk your investment by choosing this company.
Customer service doesn’t exist.
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Original Review on 12-05-2014:

The biggest headache was actually trying to choose a system, there are so many!!
Horizon Solar were on time and available to answer all my questions which I then checked with Finn, everything always checked out well.
Installation was quick and efficient, very happy with their service.
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Panel rating: 5/5
Inverter rating: 5/5

Value for money: 5/5
Quality of System: 5/5
Installation: 5/5
Customer Service: 5/5

8 months later we asked Catherine: "Are you happy with the performance of your system so far?"

My system performs really well SO LONG AS I DON'T TURN ON THE AIR CONDITION !!!!
Last quarter I used 1009kw and sent back 1000kw to the grid my bill was $169,
I am only 6 weeks into the next quarter and have used over 1200kws and sent back next to nothing because using the airconditioner for 6 hours a day deems the whole system useless.
When trying to get some answers from HORIZON SOLAR I was met with rudeness and arrogance so now waiting for Endevour energy to see if they wired the thing right cause something is very wrong WHEN I USE MY AIRCONDITIONER
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The sales rep provided hand written quotes on badly photocopied templates. He got his sums wrong a couple of times. He failed to return calls and emails several times.
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One of the criteria I used was that if a solar provider wasn't prepared to come to my home to give me an informed quotation then I wasn't interested in them. The Horizon rep that came to our home was very knowledgable and quite happy to comply with our request for a specific brand of inverter. He was able to look at the specific situation that the installers would be faced with and gave us a fixed price contact for supply, install and test the system . The price included everything so there were no hidden costs.
We have been using it for about 4 weeks and it all seems to run very well. The real test will be when we get our next electricity bill.
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Thanks for your input on a 3 phase invertor, we have decided to install a 5kw 3 phase inverrtor.
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Overall, trying to obtain quotes took a fair amount of time, as you had to do further research to see whether the claims made by each supplier was a true representation. Most companies were quick to remind me that panels XYZ from a competitor were made in China but it did not seem to concern them that the panels they themselves were promoting were also made in China!

I cannot rate the quality of the system yet as I am not hooked up to the grid yet. Only a few weeks after the installation took place was I informed that the electricity supplier now needs to "grant approvals" for systems >5 kW which could take up to 6 weeks followed by another 3-7 weeks wait for the availability of a meter. The installation took place about 6 weeks ago and I am yet to use any of the precious energy being generated from my system!

I am thoroughly not impressed with the delays and unfortunately, the solar panel supplier inform me that they are unable to do anything to speed things up. Had I'd been informed of such an "approval" requirement for systems >5 kW, I would have opted for a slightly smaller system.
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Solar panels installed in 2010, hence the price which was great then. Solar panels generate a peak output 5% greater than quoted which is awesome. Following a severe storm our roof leaked near the solar panels. An installer from the company arrived within 24 hours to inspect the roof and verified that tiles around the panels were in good shape, found unrelated cracked tiles and fixed them for us! Great work.

After multiple calls and emails over 2 years we still have not received the $300 usage monitor. Either uncoordinated company or not caring. I will be claiming a refund for this.
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Great company, the office people most helpfull a lot of information and a will always return calls and answer question. Very happy with overall service will use the company for my commercial premises.
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The thing that I liked about Horizon Solar was that it was the only Solar company that was willing to take just $100 deposit and also allowed us to visit their warehouse look at the actual solar panels (BOSCH) that we selected and see how they would look like. Mark the sales representative was patient, professional and very accomodating in answering all the questions that we had.

I would recommend Horizon Solar anytime for reasons mentioned above.
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Thank you for the contact. You gave me only Jims Solar replied to me and they were very fast to get me an email with a quote but Horizon called my husband and he arranged to meet with them. The website helped us alot as my original quote was almost $50,000 so thanks heaps you saved us quite a bit of money as we weren't sure of the amount we should have been charged.
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I sought quotes from about 10 suppliers, coincidentally at the same time their was a story in one of the Sunday papers and I was able to use that information as leverage too. Comparing all of the quotes and information I was given was an interesting task (but something I enjoyed).

My reason for choosing Horizon was not only the very good (relative) price but also their offer of interest free finance (not a lot offered this), and whilst it hasn't been installed yet, I am (so far) impressed with the quality of information they provide and their responsiveness.
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To date the panels and inverter have been installed and the meter should be in the next two weeks. All up about an 8 to 10 week exersise. I wasnt expecting this time frame, a bit long, but all things consided I am still happy with the process.
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Installation of meter by Energy Australia is too slow. Horizon Solar is not responsible for this.
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Ripoffs and lies in sales. Never recommend them to anyone. Still not installed weeks overdue, well after agreed date. A long story of not keeping to agreements. Next time I would definitely go with someone local. Did not turn out cheaper.
Poor record keeping and coordination with supply. Took the money, with payment in full, but panels still not supplied nor installed by local electrician. Beware companies who do not also install, but get other contractors to do install. There may be warranty issues. Consultant who sold system to me has left the company.
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I was able to trade airconditioning work with the person that carried out the solar on my house hence why I made that decision.
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i got both solar panels and a hot water service.
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Service was generally good, but the company did not do any site inspection prior to the date of installation and then found the roof was not large enough. This meant that the job had to be aborted and an existing solar hot water system had to be relocated.
Meter has not yet been installed so the performance of the system can't be commented on.
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