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About Springers Solar, Solar Installers

Springers Solar
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Springers Solar is a SolarQuotes Client (what does this mean?)

Springers Solar have served the community for over 10 years and in that time has provided over 5,000 solar panel installations. You can be guaranteed that you will be treated as our most valuable customer.

Springers Solar are renewable energy ambassadors specialising in the supply of sustainable and efficient products and equipment.

We are an award winning company receiving an industry award from Clean Energy Australia and also a Green Project of the Year Award.

You can rest assured our service will be prompt and efficient and we only stock the very best products.

Springers Solar Solar Reviews

I like the fact that they do everything frome sales to instalation and electrical work needed all trades are in-house. Clearly to give a accurate quote an inspection is required and there response was excellent the quote was professional providing a detail description of requirements and what was to be delivered. Show additional information
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Solar Quotes is a brilliant informative site. Really fabulous to use. Just a shame it doesn't cover the Queensland Rebate Scheme. Show additional information
Very nice to deal with, got a Sunnyboy and they came back to help me connect to the web properly, Show additional information
From the initial contact by David Whinnett (he turned up exactly on time) to review our needs, answer our many questions and provide a quote. to the installers (who turned up on time as well!), we felt like we were dealing with a group of true professionals.
There were no pressure tactics to sign a contract with Springers, only quiet confidence that this mob knew what they were on about.
We have known about Springers since we arrived in the area 30+ years ago, their longevity is a testament to their professionalism and high customer service standard, so agreeing to use them for our solar installation was the definite way to go.
We have not been disappointed, the system installed working perfectly and, with the additional smart meter we purchased, we can review, at any time, the performance of the solar panels against our ongoing usage.
Would highly recommend Springers for solar needs.
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Installation is occurring as I write this email. Show additional information
Springers Solar have recently supplied and installed a Tesla Powerwall 2 to my existing solar system. I received quotes from three suppliers of varying equipment and specification. Two of the suppliers were unable to supply Tesla Powerwall 2, as they were unavailable and actually stated nobody had them in stock. They also stated that the Tesla unit was more expensive than their proposed packages.

Springers Solar had available stock and their price was actually lower than the other two quotes (Springers Solar also committed to possibly lowering their price once they had a site inspection). Eddie Springer visited my house to inspect the site. He was straight forward and easy to deal with and as committed, he was able to offer a better price. He also delivered his confidence in their workmanship and committed to keeping all wiring concealed where possible. One of the main reasons I chose the Tesla Powerwall 2 was the neat integration of the whole package.

The installers arrived on-time on the install date and they worked efficiently and neatly. Paul and the other two guys did a great job of the installation and they did in fact conceal all wiring as committed. Paul's knowledge of the Tesla Product was evident and he had the system operating which he was able to demonstrate with the Tesla app very quickly. They even took time to clean up once they were finished.

The only issue I had with the entire process was that the Tesla Powerwall 2 had some slight paint damage on the outer housing, which evidently happened in transit. Initially, Springers offered to repair the damage which I was fine with, as it was minimal. After a couple of weeks they phoned me to say that they would actually swap my unit for a brand new one. I was surprised and pleased.

Springers Solar exceeded my expectation at every level. The entire process from admin to install was very efficient and easy.
I'd have no hesitation in recommending them based on my experience.
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We only sought 2 Quotes through Solar Quotes because we had already contacted Springers whom we had met at a Caravan Expo and we were waiting for them to visit to quote.
Later, I did notice Springers are on your list, and rightly so as so far we have been impressed with them even though a delay in install. [ Christmas hols, I guess ]

Of the 2 quotes you gave us, we only heard from one. We found them very helpful and they put together an impressive Quote
In a way we were sorry we could not go with them, particularly as they would have installed prior to Christmas.
Springers won out in the end at slightly less dollars and the better inverter system - 21 x Enphase mini - V Solar Edge

We have found your site to be very useful and educational and do thank you

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Being late to the solar game, we decided to go for a higher end solar/hybrid system - LG Neon2 panels, Enphase microinverters, and a Tesla Powerwall 2 battery.

Springers patiently answered all our questions, and provided us with a number of options - all viable and with different costs, although we went the whole hog with 4.6 kW of the best panels, and AC microinverters with the Tesla battery.

Quoted delivery and installation times were reasonable, although a late schedule change on another job meant they were able to install the whole system after only a couple of weeks, well ahead of the original time quoted. The installation team were quick, neat and efficient, and Paul who did the final electrical connections took the time to explain everything to us (as well as tidying up our switchboard).

The final installation is super neat, and we have the whole house backed up with the battery (we have avoided 5 power outages in our first 3 months, not to mention possible power spikes). We chose the more expensive set-up, but are glad we did - even cloudy and rainy days have not required grid power. 3 months of self-powering, and we wouldn't hesitate to recommend Springers Solar to anyone. The service is top class from the whole company.
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We had considered to get a solar system with batteries for our house (which is three phase) for a long time and dealt with a number of companies - only to find that many of them are pure salesmen with little actual technical knowledge and struggle with anything that is off the beaten track.

Springers were very different: I got to deal with people that were able to answer all my questions and if they did not know an answer right away were open enough to say so (instead of giving you some BS story) and came back with the right information a day or so later. - And I had many questions, so I really appreciated the patience and diligence they showed in this process.

By the time it came to buy the system I did of course get other quotes (for the exact same system) only to find that all of the others were more expensive.

Installation day was quite an event: Since we went for a larger system a whole army directed by two members of the Springer family arrived so that all the work on the roof got done on the day - the commissioning of the batteries and the overall system was done the next day.

And I have to commend the whole team: As my wife said, all of them were friendly, courteous and very respectful of our property - and every little bit was cleaned up before they left.

All in all we are extremely satisfied with the whole process and the result we got !
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Still waiting for install. Service excellent so far.
20 x LG neon R 330 panels with Enphase micro inverters.
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Most helpful part was information available through the SolarQuotes website. This gave me the information on which to base discussions with the installers.

The SolarQuotes recommendation of 3 installers seemed a bit off the pace. Two of the recommendations appeared to be different branches of the same firm, and both failed to follow through with me, apart from an initial telephone call the couldn't tell them much. I suspect they didn't really want the job. The third installer recommended (Absolute Energy Solutions) was vey good and it was a toss-up whether to go with this quote or an alternative. Ultimately I chose the latter.

Fingers are crossed regarding the installation which is scheduled for late January 2018.
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Still waiting for Rep to ring back to help with my system functions---Wi-Fi setup--Best feed in tarrif system to go with. Show additional information
The service we received from Springers was very good. They helped us design our system, offered a competitive price and their installation was also very good. They made the process of buying a solar system very easy. Show additional information
System is not yet installed. The roof hardware will be installed on Nov 14 and we will have our roof restoration work done on Nov 18. The panels, inverter etc will be installed after restoration has at least a week to cure. For these reasons I have answered "not applicable" to the installation question above.
As for publishing my response I am ok for you to use only my Christian name.
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Regarding the three supplier names sent to me by SolarQuotes:

#1 was clearly interested in selling me a microinverter system, which I was willing to consider. His opening spiel when I rang him was along the lines of "Well, you've gotta get smart about where your panels are sited..." So he sent me a proposed panel array for my property in which all panels were to go on the WSW facing roof, which is subject to almost complete afternoon shading from trees, whereas the ENE-facing roof is not shaded at all, morning or afternoon. Somehow that didn't seem so smart to me, so I didn't follow up with this guy.

#2 gave me a competitive price for Fronius + SunPower panels. Flashy website, more pics than info, but otherwise would have been in the game for me.

#3 gave me an initial quote that was well above others for Fronius + SunPower. When queried about this, they immediately revised their quote down to - guess what? - pretty well exactly what other players were quoting. My take on this: initial quote was an ambit proposal, made to cover the possibility that I might be an ill-informed idiot, dreamily numbed into submission by their slick, expensive-looking website. On being disabused of that notion, Plan B kicks in. which is to provide a competitive quote.
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The quotes were all very close however a neighbour had a bad experience and the solar company wound up so a workmate spoke very highly of Springers so I went with them. Your independence gave me confidence in proceeding with Solar Panels and batterry storage. Show additional information
My father decided to go with Springers as they install great performing solar panels (according to government testing) that have individual micro inverters which will optimise the individual panels ability to draw energy from the sun. He ended up with 26 panels plus had his roof resprayed and gutter guarded. Show additional information
Springers Solar very professional, excellent workmanship and very friendly customer service. Thanks Michael. Show additional information
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23 Panel Enphase Microinverter Show additional information
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I found it difficult to deal with a supplier that offered 10 year warranty when they didn't have an office in Queensland and had only operated "locally" for two years Show additional information
I had Springers do a solar panel addition. The crew that did the install was very good. They arrived on time, were quick in their work and cleaned up all all their waste. They were one of the best tradies I've had at our place. Greg Show additional information
They were not the cheapest quote, but these people know what they do and you know who you are dealing with, the company is a local, family-owned business and has been around quite some time. Springers also provide an after-installation review (by the boss himself!) and after-sales service as required. We have 20 QCells panels installed on north-facing roof and an SMA inverter. Installation was on-time (by the minute!) as agreed, done by a team of experienced specialists, they pulled all strings to have it completed before we went on a holiday and also cleaned up nicely after finishing. System worked perfectly from the first minute. Show additional information
The whole process went smoothly from start to finish. The salesman was very knowledgeable and open about what brands they used. He didn't try to upsell us on anything, unlike some other companies we had out. Installation only took about 4-5 hours and they actually consulted with me about where I wanted the DC cables to run down the weatherboard, and exactly where I wanted the rack-mounts for the panels to be placed. Very happy with the standard of workmanship. Definitely recommend these guys. All their work is done in-house, i.e. no sub-contractors. Plus, they are a local family business who have been around for about 20 years or so. Happy to support them. Show additional information
Very friendly & helpful installers. They did a great job. Show additional information
Excellent firm to deal with, they were easy, and smooth. Great system. Show additional information
I would have used CSA if they had a good inverter in their 1.5kw system with a ten year warranty. Thanks Solar Quotes for an excellent site that helps to clear up some of the confuision. Show additional information
Some companies were offering lift kits as part of the installation without advising the customer of the insurance implications (potentially voiding your building Insurance policy if not BSA approved). Show additional information
They were able to add solar panels to an existing installation. Show additional information
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