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About SolarPro, Solar Installers

Solarpro has been installing solar around Sydney’s Northern Beaches and the North Shore since 2003. In 2009 we achieved a first for Australia as the Company who installed the first SolarEdge system in NSW.

We offer you the latest world class solar technology from established brands that you can trust. We specialize in quality, optimized solar electric power systems throughout Sydney.

Our specific solar systems give you the flexibility to have panels on East, West and North roof aspects, to manage shade from trees and for each panel to produce its maximum possible power at all times. Optimised systems can increase your power output by up to 25%.

Don’t waste your power sending it to the grid for 8c/kWh. Let us install a system that will get you the maximum use and financial benefit from the power you can generate. Choose from high performance LG Mono-X or NeON panels combined with a SolarEdge all in one optimized system OR an SMA inverter with additional optimizing technology.

From smaller residential to large scale commercial installations, if you want to get the best possible from solar please contact us. Whatever your choice, Solarpro will guide you through every step from our free assessment and professional installation to our comprehensive after sales service.

SolarPro Solar Reviews

We follow up with all reviewers after 12 months to see how their system is going since it was installed. These are all the reviewers who have responded to our 1 year follow up:
Early days yet - have had the system (LG panels, optimisers, SolarEdge 3 phase inverter & 3 phase Sonnen Battery setup) running for a week; and it has been really good.
No news yet on when Energy Australia will upgrade the meter.

The SolarPro installers were great - a few minor hiccups with setup as they had not configured full 3 phase system previously, and were unaware of the quirks with 3 phase inverter / panel configuration, but that only cost them a couple of hours in setup changes
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SolarPro's rep responded quickly, made a site visit, advised on the best system for our needs, answered all questions and put in the extra time on site and in follow up calls to make sure we understood the pros and cons of the various options. Installation was prompt and efficient, communication excellent and staff were courteous and professional. After two weeks operation we couldn't be happier. Show additional information
I am more than happy to give Solarpro a 5star rating. Richard did a great job in consulting us with the different options. Thanks for your patience, Richard. The installation was done as scheduled. We only had to wait for 2 weeks to get our solar system installed after placing the order. The installation went smoothly with a competent team and the system was up and running on the same day. The communication with the office team of Solarpro was always very pleasant. All in all it couldn't be better.
(Our system: 24 x 275 W REC panels - 6.6 Kw, Solaredge power optimizers and Solaredge inverter)
Next year we plan to upgrade the system with a battery.
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Customer service was almost non existing Show additional information
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Richard was great for all of Pre-Sales. He spent a good amount of time with me face to face explaining the options and what he was proposing and was great to work with, he sent through several proposals as we worked through the different options I asked for and provided me answers to any questions I had. Since then, installation was very fast, several weeks later and was all completed as stated on the same day. The installation team were great and everything went as planned. As for the actual system, all works great but due to the current time of year and the volume of trees around my property (all expected) I'm only seeing around half the generation of power my system can handle so I am curious to see how much better it gets when there is more sun out later in the year. Also still waiting for my energy provider to put in a smart meter so cant comment on how I'm doing in terms of all up savings etc. Show additional information
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Great service Show additional information
Once we have some feedback about the system over time we will be going back to them for a battery. The system has exceeded my expectations, couldn't be happier. Show additional information
Very happy that I used solar quotes to get quotes from reliable suppliers.
Chose Solarpro as they supplied a good quality system and explained everything face to face on site.
Installation went very well, and they kept me updated as the process was underway.
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I found that SolarPro invested time in me to make sure I was making the right decision in my circumstances. The salesman came to my property and spent alot of time with me, answered all of my questions and gave me a few different options to suit my needs. The installation was very professional and of high quality, I would highly recommend SolarPro to others looking to buy solar. Show additional information
whole process ran smoothly Show additional information
Overall a great experience and I went into it with my eyes open (paid more than a cheaper version).
I've had some difficulty using the monitoring app but possibly more me than the app.
The delay from AGL in upgrading my meter to enable feed in tariffs is disappointing (still not done).
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Experience and service was very good - the results are somewhat disappointing as I got - so far - maximum of 3 kWh from the system. i expected 80-85%, considering it is winter and the panels are split between east and west directions. I will wait with final judgment until sunnier days. For this performance, the system is very costly. Show additional information
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Like many companies, I feel SolarPro are more focused on pre-sales.

Post sales support from SolarEdge has been below average and quite disappointing.
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Of the 3 companies you provided my details only two responded and only SolarPro made the effort to visit me. I found having someone on site more preferable than discussing the solar concept over the phone particularly as I am a novice in this product area. In the end I was given the choice of a number of different configurations and the pro's and con's explained which again made me feel like part of the process. Show additional information
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Overall extremely happy with the sale, installation and system. SolarPro use their own staffs to do the installation. The installers where very knowledgeable with a lot of experience and did a great job on the scheduled installation day. The only minor downside was with the customer service / admin team. At times, it was hard to reach them and they were not always aligned or aware of the Power of Choice regulations changes that occurred around Dec 2017. As I was with a smaller energy provider it meant their level 2 electrician could not do the job which delayed the installation of the meter upgrade. Show additional information
Their engineer, Richard, explained everything to us carefully and in a way that non-scientific people could understand. It really helped to have diagrams that were explained using our property as the example. Show additional information
From the 3 companies sent to me by SolarQuotes - 1 did not bother showing up, 1 sent some random quotes by email and SolarPro came to give a quote. I had to find some alternative places for quotes to make sure I had someone to compare SolarPro to, the other company ended up providing a cheaper option, but they recommended cheaper equipment, I didnt manage to get a quote for the same equipment so I could do an apples to apples comparison.

Gavin was the SolarPro sales person who came and walked me though some different options, explained the technology e.g. why they preferred Optimisers vs MicroInverters or Strings, showed me the inverter monitoring, talked about different panel options and answered the other questions I had. e.g. Placing my inverter away from the power box.
I got multiple options priced, including a slightly larger one with North and West facing panels and they also provided some battery prices that I had asked for.

I ended up selecting a 7Kw system (LG 335W panels) with a SolarEdge inverter no battery - the battery didn't stack up for me right now, hopefully that will change in the next few years.

The install team were booked in and came in on the day planned, they had to contend with some wet weather for a part of the day that delayed the install, but the team stayed late on site until everything was installed and working, ended up being 10+ hours, a long day for them. The install team did a top job, very professional and systematic in their approach - they reviewed everything with me before commencing and made sure there were no surprises. They were neat in their electrical work - they put cabling through the wall cavity and used conduit through the roof attic area- only a very small amount of external conduit/cabling was needed near the inverter. A nice surprise was they left the site very clean after finishing, took away all rubbish and swept up, no railing offcuts, roofing screws, wires left lying around.
The head office set up the accounts for monitoring while the install was going on and by the end of the day we were away and running.

Everything is working except the SolarEdge Inverter monitoring software is showing some incorrect generation and usage numbers - that is not SolarPro's fault but they answered my query and let me know what is going on, hopefully SolarEdge get this fixed soon.
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Solarpro aren't keen on micro inverters, they prefer DC optimisers for temperature reasons.
However, my reason for accepting optimisers was that the panels selected were 335W and the best microinverter was only good for 290VA output.
Why did I like them? Well:
1) They came out to check the site in person (it's small so it needed someone to look at it).
2) The salesman was conservative in his assessment of what could be done - no BS.
3) The range of options was in line with what Solar Quotes and government advice sites were saying.
4) Things were done by the dates promised. Only exception was installation - which had to slip due to wet weather. Even then, the scheduler kindly got it rescheduled for the next day.
5) The lead installer found a way to improve on the originally proposed design at less cost
6) The installers knew what they were doing. Very professional and committed to getting the job done as quickly and carefully as possible. 8hrs and it was all done - including the cleanup.
7) All of the wiring was hidden, no conduit pipes screwed to the exterior walls.
8) The office offered to complete and submit the SWR for me as well.

While there are still a few things to be done (energy retailer to process SWR - min 5days, even though I have a smart meter) the exercise was essentially painless and the quality of the kit is excellent.
I'm very pleased so far. Just a shame LG panels are so expensive ;-)
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They were the only ones to actually visit for the quote. Very sensible move.
Good service. Their own employees.
All worth the modest premium in cost over some others.
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Solarpro are installing my system today are so far have been totally professional and informative the quality of work looks amazing Show additional information
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Did a good job. Show additional information
Having previously received a number of remote quotes for an installation on a 'difficult' multi-facetted roof, I was impressed when the guy from Solarpro visited and spent well over an hour checking out the roof and going through the system and options in detail before submitting a quote. Whilst it was not the lowest quote, it was the most credible. The 15 panel 5kWp installation was undertaken efficiently, as arranged and everything was cleared up afterwards. Although a second visit was necessary to get it activated it was up and running within a week. Since then it's been producing between 20 and 32kWh per day most days, with a low of 7kWh on a completely overcast wet day. So far it's exceeded expectations, providing 64% of our electricity, with 46% of the production exported to the grid. Show additional information
David the owner was great to deal with, he spent more than enough time answering all my questions over the phone. Once I made my decision he was able to track down the out of stock item and get the installation done within a week.
The installation ended up taking longer than expected but he had his guy there the next day to finish. They ended up finding a problem before I even knew there was and arranged his guy back first thing the next working day.
Spend a bit more on quality gear, the recommended LG panels exceeded my expectations with performance.
The solar industry is full of salespeople looking for their next paycheck. When making such a large investment you need a business you can trust. Highly recommended.
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SolarPro were the only company to come to my house and Richard Lock was tireless in answering every question. I now know where every component will be mounted; something impossible to determine without an on-site investigation. Show additional information
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The service was good, I would have appreciated a bit more reliability in the dates provided for installation. Was not a problem though. Show additional information
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Peter visited the house and discussed our power consumption, viewed the roof and surrounding trees and quickly came back with quotes, layouts and economics for a couple of options. A quick check on Solarquotes to confirm the quality of equipment was reassuring, as were Finn's answers to my queries. Peter also answered my questions and came back to the house to finalise details and the inverter location when I was ready to award the contract. Installation quality was important to me and I was reassured by Peter and Dave that the panel installers and electrician were good quality. The installation team was professional and friendly, the installation went very smoothly & efficiently and the wiring was neatly done. The net meter was successfully installed and the online monitoring works well. First power was this afternoon and despite it being a bit cloudy and not that warm, typical power levels of 3.8 kW and a peak of 4.7 kW were recorded. So far so good!
Very happy with my experience and would recommend the SolarPro team to others.
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SolarPro are professional. Get the job done on time. Not the cheapest but sells quality products. Show additional information
Different components such as battery and management system do not talk to each other properly, so far not able to use battery as it will not charge - nice people but they have dropped the ball. Have apologised and accepted responsibility, hopefully will be able to upgrade ratings soon.

Supplier Reply

Hi Alan,

Unfortunately there was a faulty switch in the inverter when we opened it which meant we could not program the battery which meant we could not set the management system. A sort of snow ball effect which can happen with this highly technical technology!
After sourcing the parts and replacing them we now have your system up and running which I hope you are happy with!

David Veal
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Solarpro were wonderful. What a fantastic group of people. My previous experience with solar companies was dreadful and this group were the exact opposite. Show additional information
I chose Solarpro because they came to my house, inspected property and gave me lots of advice. After some negotiation I went with them although they were still a little more expensive. Unfortunately the discussion with the sales person was not transferred to installer. By the time I had done some goggle searches all stating inverter should not be installed in a location exposed to sun all day, he had installed inverter on a fully exposed North facing wall. I told him unless he could get me a written guarantee confirming location was OK and would not impact performance or guarantee he needed to move it to where I had discussed with sales person. He did move the inverter but wall was damaged due to large holes for cables and smaller holes for fixing screws. E-mails from Solarpro imply they will repair wall, although initial fix was just silicone in the holes, which I have rejected. Wished I had gone with another now who offered same solution cheaper.

Supplier Reply


Thanks for your input.
Yes it was unfortunate that the inverter was originally installed in the incorrect position. This was rectified immediately after he had realised his mistake.
I was informed there was a miss understanding between you and the installer on the day. After a discussion with the installer he informed me that he knew the inverter was meant to be installed under the house behind the meter box as his brief had described. He was mistaken when you pointed to the wall making a gesture that you wanted the inverter next to the meter box which was on the other side of the wall of the intended original position!

Once I realised he had patched the holes with silicone I did call you directly to discuss how we were going to resolve the damaged bricks. You had sourced a local brick repair company which we were happy to deduct from the invoice and did!

I hope you are happy with the outcome now. I have been looking at your monitoring and your system is working very well.

Thanks again

David Veal
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This is the third time I have dealt with David and the team from SolarPro. They know their stuff, are easy to deal with, and are not afraid to advise me on the best approach even if it means less revenue to them. Over the years I have dealt with them for:
- Solar hot water (2007)
- Solar panels - 2kW (2010)
- Solar panel upgrade additional 6kW plus LG battery (2017)
In each case they have given great value for money and a range of possible solutions for me to choose from. Plus I can report their after sales and warranty service on the occasions I have needed it has been very good.
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I found the Solar Quotes website an excellent resource to use when planning my solar setup. I asked a couple of questions of the team and had prompt excellent responses.

I went to three solar firms for quotes and found a wide variety of prices. CaptainGreen Solar and Solar Pro were the best two organisations i found and i decided to go with SolarPro based on the following reasons:

1. The sales person visited my house and reviewed my existing roof and setup, they did not rely purely on google maps or an app
2. They provided me with the quote for the system i wanted. CaptainGreen would change the panels slightly or the setup slightly to achieve a better price. Only when i reviewed the quote did i realise that their quote was not an apples to apples quote. This wasted a lot of time in the sales cycle.
3. SolarPro were local to me in the Northern Beaches (Sydney) location. This had a very small impact on my decision.

This is the setup i opted for which has been running for about a month now with no problems:
* 16 LG 330w Panels
* Solar Edge 5KW Inverter (the newer slimline model)
* 16x SolarEdge Optimisers

Based on my experience i would have the following recommendations to anyone looking at solar:
1. The Optimisers are only worth it if you have a partially shaded roof, if not i wouldn't bother with the expense
2. The SolarEdge monitoring is a nice to have but it's not essential.
3. The LG panels are expensive but have a good warranty and a good reputation. I would consider a cheaper tier one panel with more panels if i had more roof. I would suggest opting for the cheapest tier one panels you can find that are not manufactured in China that have the warranty you are looking for. When looking at the warranty ask a specific question about the replacement. If you have a faulty panel is the warranty just a replacement service or will the manufacturer take down the faulty panel and replace it with a new one. There is a lot of value in this if so.
4. Check to ensure you have a metered connection in with the quote before signing up. This is often mandatory and can cost $600.00. Some utility companies will provide a metered connection for free (often includes a change from a analog meter to a digital meter) as long as you sign up for electricity from them. However, as they are offering this for free there can often be quite a wait between signing up and the meter being installed (it is free!).
5. Margins for solar fitters. From my experience i would say there is a 5-10% negotiating position between the first quote you receive from most solar providers and what you can negotiate them down to accept.

Solar for me is a no brainer. I have a swimming pool and the pool pump now runs only between 11am and 3pm when the solar is running well!
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Getting a solar system is a large investment so it’s important to get it right. David and the team at SolarPro have been fantastic.
David spent a long time explaining the various options before quoting, and when the decision was made the installation was prompt and efficient by Luke and Charlie. The staff in the office are great too and answer any queries straightaway. Very happy.
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The three companies listed all were very keen to discuss options and recommend solutions to our enquiry.

We chose Solarpro because of performance and quality of the panels and overall design solution.

Installation is due with the next week and we can comment further when the system is up and running.
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