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About SolarPro, Solar Installers

Gold Partner

Solarpro is celebrating a decade of quality solar installations around Sydney’s Northern Beaches and the North Shore. In 2009, we were the Company that installed the first innovative SolarEdge system in Australia. In 2018, we have opened a Solar Power & Battery Storage Showroom in Allambie Heights where, by appointment, you can view Sydney's largest range of solar storage batteries including sonnenBatterie, Tesla Powerwall 2, LG RESU & VARTA.

Solar Batteries & Solar Pool Heating

We offer you the latest world class solar technology from established brands that you can trust. We specialise in quality, optimised Smart Solar Power Systems & Batteries. Unlike many other solar companies we are also specialists in solar pool heating systems.  So, if you are not only running an air conditioner but a swimming pool as well, we are the ones to call.  We have innovative ways to use your solar power system to run a pool heat pump as well as other options.

Maximum Power & Money Plus Great Warranties

Our objective is get you the best value for money possible.  Your system will be designed to get you the maximum use and financial benefit from the energy you can generate. Our top of the range solar systems gives you the flexibility to have panels on East, West and North roof aspects, to manage shade from trees and for each panel to produce its maximum possible power at all times. Optimised systems can increase your power output by up to 25%.

Choose from high performance LG or REC solar panels combined with a SolarEdge all in one optimized system OR a Fronius string inverter and your choice of additional optimising technology.  We select products with industry standard or above warrranties.  LG leads the industry with 25yrs on its solar panels.  Solarpro warranties its installation labour for 10 years.

No Building to Large or Small (including Units)

From small homes and businesses to large scale commercial installations, strata units and local government, if you want to get the best possible from solar please contact us. Whatever your choice, Solarpro will guide you through every step from our free assessment and professional installation to our comprehensive after sales service.  We want you to enjoy and benefit from your system.  We try to do as much as we can for you from start to finish in the process and we are local for any concerns or issues that may arise later.


SolarPro Solar Reviews

We follow up with all reviewers after 12 months to see how their system is going since it was installed. These are all the reviewers who have responded to our 1 year follow up:
The system comprises LG NeON2 panels connected to a SolarEdge SE5000H 5.0kW inverter.
Performance over the first month is as expected.
A cautionary note: Rather than storing the data for download to one's home computer system, SolarEdge Inverters send data back to a cloud database via the Internet and one logs in to their website to retrieve the consolidated data. The advantages of improved support and ease of use need to be weighed against security and privacy concerns. It is unlikely that the data is held within Australia. SolarEdge's terms and conditions (acceptance of which is required to access the data) are of concern as they allow passing of personal data to third parties which is at odds with their privacy policy, and it is not clear which holds sway; one is required to opt out of the receipt of promotional material; the indemnity clause is not reciprocal; and the terms can be amended at SolarEdge's sole discretion. If push comes to shove the choice of law is that of the State of Israel. Unless and until the Terms and Conditions are amended use of their inverters and the associated service is not recommended.
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We found your website very useful and went with SolarPro because of the reviews from there. Your information helped clarify what we need. Many thanks. Show additional information
The installation crew were ready to change the layout we had decided with the salesman but we got the panels where wanted them in the end. They could have done better in lining up the rails for the 2 rows of panels (using a string line), leaving the panels up and down in relationship to each other. Show additional information
We have been very happy with the whole of the process of dealing with Solarpro. Gavin was thorough and knowledgeable in designing a system that met our needs and in answering our many questions. He offered us a range of choices of quality equipment and could justify his recommendations. Julie in the office has been helpful in managing the administration side of things. The installation team worked like troopers on a baking hot day and got the panels onto the roof efficiently. We are only 24 hours in as owners of a solar system but it is exciting to see the electricity that we are generating. Overall it has been a very easy process and I would happily recommend Solarpro to anyone looking for a quality solar system. Show additional information
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Solarpro was by far the best and also took the time to go to the house and discuss the options available. Show additional information
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What in particular I liked about SolarPro that they did a comprehensive site inspection and explaining everything about solar before giving us a quote. Show additional information
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Great outcome and installation from SolarPro, just a little on the pricey side Show additional information
This was the only provider which came to the site rather than quoting on the basis of satellite maps. The salesperson was specifically qualified and knowledgeable in the field rather than a average salesperson. Show additional information
Very knowledgeable team, fast service, good comms and an amazing system design and install! Would (and have) recommend SolarPro to anyone looking for a well designed and installed top quality system. Show additional information
Sales person (Gavin) brilliant.
Extremely knowledgable regarding all things solar, explaining pros & cons of 3 main systems, & various components of each.
Spent over an hour with me, ensuring I understood the above so as to make an educated decision on best system & components to suit my needs & budget.
Happy to answer all questions then & after.
Walked around the site sourcing best location for components, especially the inverter. Picked ideal location for the inverter (under house close to switchboard, easily accessed by door same location) which other company didn't (opposite side of house which would have resulted in extra cabling).
Zero pressure, pleasure to do business with.

Installation not so great - initially.
Installer called me at work saying he couldn't understand why the inverter had to go under the house when it would be far easier to simply place it next to the switchboard.
This location gets BLASTED with full heat of the summer sun midday to mid afternoon - hottest time of day!
Advised me Solaredge have no problem with this.
I mentioned Gavin advised shade is preferable, hence under the house in close proximity of the switchboard.
He replied Gavin is the salesperson...
Didn't have time to fluff around so I advised the guy to go ahead with his preferred option but look out if I find out it could create a problem.
Wasn't happy after the conversation, especially considering the time & advise Gavin gave initially.
Once home went online to check Solaredge specs. Sure enough, above 50degrees the inverter suffers temperature derating.
Printed the chart, showed it to the guy.
He'd already installed the inverter on the western wall.
Not impressed, I suggested leave it where it is with a reduction in the installation cost, or move it.
He rang his employer, reduction in cost not possible.
I instructed the installer to move the inverter to where the knowledgable "salesman" Gavin suggested it should go.
(I since spoke to an electrical engineer mate of mine who suggested an inverter definitely should not go where this installer wanted it due to the blast of summer sun)
We now have a large hole in the double brick wall filled with silicone!
The whirlybird had to be moved to make room for the solar panels. They didn't think to cut the sarking foil away from under the new location. The whirlybird therefore can't suck the ceiling air out; nor did they place sarking under the tile where the whirlybird originated. Also the ladder dislodged part of the manhole framework. Have to get them back to rectify.

Other than that the rest of the guys were very professional, pleasant, friendly.

Admin easy to deal with & friendly.
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Very smooth and professional service. All members of the SolarPro team know what they have to do and do it well. Show additional information
Having a real person come to the house personally to scope the decision-making and installation issues was decisive for us Show additional information
I had them put in a battery as well, so that's why the cost was right up there. The quote was well detailed and the office and the installers were well coordinated. The PV on its own was the best part of 10k because i went for the LG Panels. The sonnen battery is 10kW with expansion inside the same box possible if needed. The installers were really professional with great attention to detail. The turnaround time from accepting the quote to install date was under 4 weeks and one of those was because i requested a short delay. Show additional information
Can't rate the product yet as still waiting for agl to switch the meter over... disappointingly slow, 3 weeks since panel installation and still no date. Show additional information
Very happy with the end result and keen to see how well the system performs over coming months. We installed an optimised Solaredge system with LG Neon 2 panels. The monitoring system indicates a storage battery may prove worthwhile in the future but disappointed they add substantial extra cost and extends the return period so we won't be rushing out to buy one.
Thank you for your professional advice - it certainly helped us narrow down the competitors vying for the business.
Cheers, Rod.
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As it happens Solarpro is installing the system today (when I received your request for feedback). This includes a Tesla Powerwall 2 battery, which we weren't expecting for several months.
I have read and appreciate your advice about the marginal economics of batteries. I have spoken to Tesla Australia about a likely software upgrade to include weather forecasts in the operation - eg to top-up with off-peak grid power if an overcast day is forecast. Apparently charging a battery from grid is not permitted in the USA (something to due with the credit scheme for batteries) and so Tesla has not needed to consider weather forecasting previously. In any case I realise that grid charging is not a good reason for buying a battery in Australia but look forward to experimenting with the system.
So far I am very impressed with the professionalism of the installers.
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Still to be installed (our choice) but Richard was an excellent sales person, spending lots of time with us discussion our options. Show additional information
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The amount includes Sonnen battery system and enclosed solar pool heating. Installation starts tomorrow. Show additional information
Early days yet - have had the system (LG panels, optimisers, SolarEdge 3 phase inverter & 3 phase Sonnen Battery setup) running for a week; and it has been really good.
No news yet on when Energy Australia will upgrade the meter.

The SolarPro installers were great - a few minor hiccups with setup as they had not configured full 3 phase system previously, and were unaware of the quirks with 3 phase inverter / panel configuration, but that only cost them a couple of hours in setup changes
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SolarPro's rep responded quickly, made a site visit, advised on the best system for our needs, answered all questions and put in the extra time on site and in follow up calls to make sure we understood the pros and cons of the various options. Installation was prompt and efficient, communication excellent and staff were courteous and professional. After two weeks operation we couldn't be happier. Show additional information
I am more than happy to give Solarpro a 5star rating. Richard did a great job in consulting us with the different options. Thanks for your patience, Richard. The installation was done as scheduled. We only had to wait for 2 weeks to get our solar system installed after placing the order. The installation went smoothly with a competent team and the system was up and running on the same day. The communication with the office team of Solarpro was always very pleasant. All in all it couldn't be better.
(Our system: 24 x 275 W REC panels - 6.6 Kw, Solaredge power optimizers and Solaredge inverter)
Next year we plan to upgrade the system with a battery.
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Customer service was almost non existing Show additional information
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Richard was great for all of Pre-Sales. He spent a good amount of time with me face to face explaining the options and what he was proposing and was great to work with, he sent through several proposals as we worked through the different options I asked for and provided me answers to any questions I had. Since then, installation was very fast, several weeks later and was all completed as stated on the same day. The installation team were great and everything went as planned. As for the actual system, all works great but due to the current time of year and the volume of trees around my property (all expected) I'm only seeing around half the generation of power my system can handle so I am curious to see how much better it gets when there is more sun out later in the year. Also still waiting for my energy provider to put in a smart meter so cant comment on how I'm doing in terms of all up savings etc. Show additional information
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Great service Show additional information
Once we have some feedback about the system over time we will be going back to them for a battery. The system has exceeded my expectations, couldn't be happier. Show additional information
Very happy that I used solar quotes to get quotes from reliable suppliers.
Chose Solarpro as they supplied a good quality system and explained everything face to face on site.
Installation went very well, and they kept me updated as the process was underway.
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I found that SolarPro invested time in me to make sure I was making the right decision in my circumstances. The salesman came to my property and spent alot of time with me, answered all of my questions and gave me a few different options to suit my needs. The installation was very professional and of high quality, I would highly recommend SolarPro to others looking to buy solar. Show additional information
whole process ran smoothly Show additional information
Overall a great experience and I went into it with my eyes open (paid more than a cheaper version).
I've had some difficulty using the monitoring app but possibly more me than the app.
The delay from AGL in upgrading my meter to enable feed in tariffs is disappointing (still not done).
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Experience and service was very good - the results are somewhat disappointing as I got - so far - maximum of 3 kWh from the system. i expected 80-85%, considering it is winter and the panels are split between east and west directions. I will wait with final judgment until sunnier days. For this performance, the system is very costly. Show additional information
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Like many companies, I feel SolarPro are more focused on pre-sales.

Post sales support from SolarEdge has been below average and quite disappointing.
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Of the 3 companies you provided my details only two responded and only SolarPro made the effort to visit me. I found having someone on site more preferable than discussing the solar concept over the phone particularly as I am a novice in this product area. In the end I was given the choice of a number of different configurations and the pro's and con's explained which again made me feel like part of the process. Show additional information
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