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About SolarPro, Solar Installers

Solarpro has been installing solar around Sydney’s Northern Beaches and the North Shore since 2003. In 2009 we achieved a first for Australia as the Company who installed the first SolarEdge system in NSW.
We offer you the latest world class solar technology from established brands that you can trust. We specialize in quality, optimized solar electric power systems throughout Sydney.

Our specific solar systems give you the flexibility to have panels on East, West and North roof aspects, to manage shade from trees and for each panel to produce its maximum possible power at all times. Optimised systems can increase your power output by up to 25%.

Don’t waste your power sending it to the grid for 8c/kWh. Let us install a system that will get you the maximum use and financial benefit from the power you can generate. Choose from high performance LG Mono-X or NeON panels combined with a SolarEdge all in one optimized system OR an SMA inverter with additional optimizing technology.

From smaller residential to large scale commercial installations, if you want to get the best possible from solar please contact us. Whatever your choice, Solarpro will guide you through every step from our free assessment and professional installation to our comprehensive after sales service.

SolarPro Solar Reviews

We follow up with all reviewers after 12 months to see how their system is going since it was installed. These are all the reviewers who have responded to our 1 year follow up:
The three companies listed all were very keen to discuss options and recommend solutions to our enquiry.

We chose Solarpro because of performance and quality of the panels and overall design solution.

Installation is due with the next week and we can comment further when the system is up and running.
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Unfortunately rain delays due to the poor Sydney weather and lack of availability of the required inverter size meant my installation was delayed by 7 weeks.
In the end i was offered 2 smaller inverters that had a combined capacity bigger than the single one I had been waiting on to be certified y the relevant Australian authorities for the same quoted price.

Installation has gone smoothly with an extra person sent along to ensure installation was completed on a rare good weather day.
The installing team were professional, knowledgable and very polite. The office staff have also been very good to deal with.

To date I am just awaiting my net meter for all systems go!
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Haven't yet placed order but will within 8 weeks once I get my roof ready Show additional information
Finn, its a thorny bush to get through if you are not technical and Im so grateful for your piloting me through it...its a bit like a mobile phone contract where the suppliers ensure they claim different strengths so you can't compare apples with apples. Its not helped by the customer reviews on their sites..impossible to tell if bad ones are edited out or how recent the reviews may be.
Prices of the two quotes were reasonably close, so I ended up doing a lot of deeper research into the technology than I anticipated or wanted...with frequent quick references and questions to your site (always answered promptly)
The Net Meter was a nightmare..current supplier agreed on no charge, sent a guy to change it on the day of the Panel installation. He opened the Meter box and recoiled..1) I had "service fuses" which he could not touch..needed L2 sparkie..2) my meter belonged to Energy Australia and he was not allowed to touch it?. Called a L2 who who quoted me $1700 to do changes..before claiming that only my Solar supplier could pick up the Net Box from Ausgrid. Between all of them I was in despair . So I gave the Net Box job to the the Solar installer and I wished I'd done that sooner..a lot simpler and worth the price for peace of mind and no running around
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I didn't get any quotes from Solar Quotes so I went through instead Show additional information
I was going on holidays and would not be available for 2 weeks. The company slotted me in before and even managed to bring the installation date forward by 1 day which meant that it was completed prior to my departure.
Their installer was meticulous with his work (e.g. 1 of 2 wires that had to be connected was 1/8th of an inch longer and it was not sitting neatly in the connection assembly. Luke removed the connection assembly, corrected the wire length and then reassembled the connection and refitted it)
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I've had the system for only about a month and had no complaints with the service and installation. It was quite expensive but I like that I can monitor the system from anywhere via the web and that any degradation in one panel does not affect the others. I got the installers to put in an extra monitor which I bought myself (~$270). That was good investment since it lets me know from my kitchen when I have excess solar power to use (for the dishwasher, for example). It remains to be seen how it all goes long term. Show additional information
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There were a number of people who had good advice and comments on PV systems (including 2 of the recommendations that you provided). Very few were able to engage on both PV and Pool Heating.

In general, I found it difficult to find impartial comparitive information between systems - however, the people I spoke with in general had an engineering background and were very helpful.
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