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About Alpha-ESS, Solar Batteries

Alpha-ESS solar batteries review

Energy storage manufacturer Alpha ESS was established in 2012. A Chinese company, it has offices in Australia, the UK, Germany and Italy.

In Australia, the main Alpha-ESS product line is the Storion SMILE. This is an all-in-one unit, meaning the system includes batteries, a battery management system (BMS) and an inverter.

The battery modules used in the Storion SMILE are lithium iron phosphate chemistry; widely considered the safest type of lithium ion battery technology.  Alpha-ESS sources battery modules from another Chinese company, EVE, which has been in the battery business since 2001. 

The Storion SMILE range is available in various capacities and AC/DC/Hybrid coupling options are available. This unit does have blackout protection capabilities. As for power output, that varies with the model - for example, the 5.5kWh model has 2.8kW nominal output, while the 16.5kWh is 4.6kW. 

Alpha ESS Warranty

The warranty for Alpha ESS solar batteries guarantees a minimum of 80% of their original capacity after 10 years, assuming the system is connected to the internet and is only used for self-consumption. If the system is not internet connected, the warranty plummets to three years. 

If the system is used for puposes other than self-consumption, assumed to include use as part of a Virtual Power Plant (VPP), the warranty will expire earlier - when total energy of 2.92MWh per kWh of usable capacity has been dispatched from the battery.

For a deeper dive into Alpha ESS, check out Ronald's review (just bear in mind it was written a while back and some information may no longer be current) or view further specifications here.

We haven't heard a lot of how these batteries are doing in real-world conditions in Australia, so if you're an Alpha-ESS battery owner we'd really appreciate you adding your review by clicking the button towards the top of this page.

Alpha-ESS Solar Battery Reviews

Bought From: All Green Environmental Solutions Show additional information
Bought From: Smart Energy Answers Melbourne O Show additional information

Poorly installed by Solar secure, virtual no customer service when system shut down after 5 days and no one came out for 18 days to spend 4 minutes to reactivate which could have been told over phone

Stay away from solar secure operations. Very poor service or CARE. SYSTEM done on performance since battery installed, 5 months and $800.00 to get another company out only to find one bank of 10 panels offline as plug had not been put back in..
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Bought From: Green Vision Solar ODEV Show additional information
Bought From: Aussie Farmers Group SA Show additional information
Bought From: Say Yes Solar Show additional information
Bought From: Green Vision Solar ODEV Show additional information
Bought From: Greenultimate Pty Ltd Show additional information

Amazing battery - no issues in 9 months

I haven't noticed the battery to be honest. It's been quietly working in the background. I have the 13.3 kwh battery with inbuilt inverter, with my solar panels installed I'm expecting to have the combined system pay back within 4 years. A family of 5 with a pool and PHEV, I consume on average 3-6 kwh/day. Over the last few summer months, as part of VPP, I've been credited ~150$ - win.

The app is great, i probably open it daily. It's easy to see my consumption vs generation. The app even allows me to purchase or sell to the grid within specific times to a specific battery %. I've used it a couple times to top up when rainy/cloudy.
I have had one issue where the battery one morning kept resetting and my lights would turn on and off during that cycle (connected to battery backup). I don't know what issue was but i physically went to battery and reset it and haven't had issue since.

No blackouts yet so I can't comment. But happy and satisfied with setup so far.
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So far the battery seems to be operating very well- it has charged back to 100% almost every day since install, and there have been no problems with its operation. Will be interesting to see how the performance continues over time.
Bought From: Mondiaux Pty Ltd
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The 5.04kWh Alpha ESS B3-Smile battery has performed well so far and has resulted in 89% self-sufficiency. The Alpha monitoring app is basic but functional. The monitoring dropped out but after re-configuring the WiFi settings is was re-instated and is now stable.
Bought From: Smart Energy Answers Melbourne Metro West
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Poor after sales service

6/2/22. Felt the impact of not having access to lights last night, when our grandson and his parents visited. Feeling angry.
We have a SMILE-5 system that has not been functioning since Monday 31/1. Our electrician ran tests promptly and found the unit to be faulty. Phone calls on Tuesday did not go through . Our electrician sent an email to tech support who responded by sending a manual for us to run tests. These had already been done and our electrician described in detail the technical issues. We do not have power for our main lights. Also connected to this circuit is our modem, our refrigerator and our freezer.
I finally got through by telephone on Friday, Our electrician provided more information. In the meantime, we are without power and not getting the financial benefits of having access to solar.
Our electrician acted promptly and was unable to speak to anyone until Thursday.
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Decent battery, terrible software

A decent enough unit, bought and installed through Evergen. Despite promises of a VPP any day now, it took several years to even get on a pilot and there have been no grid events for onselling battery power. This may be an Energex issue, but it's still disappointing

Apparently due to electrical regulations, seamless transition from grid to battery isn't possible in QLD, meaning I have to physically throw a breaker in our electrical cabinet. I actually would need to check if this also isolates the PV, as I've read elsewhere.

Panel fit and finish of the battery unit is poor, and the clips are of poor quality. No complaints with the quality of the front panel and controls. The main issue, however, is the complete lack of any local API for the battery controller - in fact, there aren't any local listening ports. Despite being advertised as having modbus, all data is sent to a cloud based service overseas, and a simple wireshark on a mirrored switch port shows that it's all completely in clear text, which is horrifying. All battery data is accessible through the Evergen app and website, but there's no API for that either, just an option to download some CSVs.

As I paid a large some of money for this and own it outright, I would expect better, especially from Aplha-ESS. Having no local API for data management is bad enough, but pushing it out over the net in cleartext is completely unacceptable. Not much that can be done about it though, as I'm behind several layers of installers, resellers and management.

TLDR it works fine as a battery, I find comfort in the battery chemistry that is less likely to catch fire, I've save a lot of money of the years and expect to pay it off in around 7 years since commissioning, but the lack of API access is extremely consumer unfriendly and the security is trash quality. Have a good firewall ready.
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Alpha-ESS 10.1P (rated 9.1 kWh) has plenty of storage to last us through peak time-of-use charges and overnight, even when we have people around and are using more electricity (lights, fans, cooking, etc.).
The Alpha app is relatively basic but easy to understand, reliable, and gives us all the information we need to monitor the performance of the system. Very straight-forward to connect and network.
Bought From: Stag Electrical Solar and Refrigeration NSW
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Battery not operating

The battery has not be operating consistently from March to September,. Since September to early November - complete shut down. Promises have been made re replacement and nothing has happened despite emails asking what is to happen. .
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Bought From: Solar Power Nation Show additional information
Bought From: Climat Air Show additional information
Bought From: ShineHub Show additional information

Works well to eliminate all peak usage

During summer most weeks we draw zero off the grid. During winter we charge batteries overnight to be used during the day to offset the peek usage. Works really well. Have a 10kw battery with 6kw of solar with a family of 5.
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Bought From: Project Solar Show additional information
Bought From: Smart Energy Answers NSW South Coast O Show additional information
Bought From: Your Green Planet Show additional information
Happy happy
Bought From: ShineHub
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Bought From: Kozco Energy Group Show additional information
The 13.3kw Solar battery works well in harmony with the solar inverter and solar panels. Also provides timely and up to date information through the App, which installed on my mobile and iPad.
Bought From: Natrix Solar
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Bought From: Global Solar Solutions Show additional information
The battery is the Alpha SMILE-BAT-13.3P which has a capacity of 13.34kWh.
This battery uses the very safe lithium chemistry - Lithium Iron Phosphate.

Also the Alpha -ESS system has a great App for the phone so that you can see where the power is coming from and going to.
Bought From: Kozco Energy Group
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Bought From: ShineHub Show additional information
Bought From: ShineHub Show additional information

Amazing battery

Perform well, and save a lots of money. Installed by a Chinese company, called Delight Solar. The sales and electrians are all quite nice, really good experience.
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If you can afford the solar system, you can also afford the battery too.
Bought From: ShineHub
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Bought From: Smart Energy Answers Sutherland Shire - South Sydney D Show additional information
Bought From: ShineHub Show additional information

Not so happy with it.

Didn’t make much difference. Don’t waste $6000 + on this.
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Nice Battery. Shameful Security

So I got this battery as part of a Shinehub PPA type install. I wasn’t originally planning on a battery, but this deal seemed too good to ignore. I do wish I had though.

The problem with this system is the complete lack of security. Initially the problem for me was the total lack of API access, so that I could do some automation based on the battery level, etc.
While failing to get API access, I thought I’d see what sort of traffic the system sends. Expecting it to be encrypted.
What I found was that it was totally unencrypted, with no real authentication. That’s bad enough. But worst of all, the server side (in Singapore!) sends my battery my home address totally in the clear.

This same system can control the battery to get it to charge from the grid, or discharge to the grid.

If you don’t care about security, and a poor app for monitoring, then this battery might be OK. If, however you realise that this is not a good thing for your home power and the security of the Internet in general, I would steer clear.

Also, come on AlphaESS, provide API access. Don’t be backward.
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Completely insecure system. Zero API access. Poor app, and web UI. That's enough to make me seriously regret the purchase.
Bought From: ShineHub
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Very happy with my Alpha ESS

I had an Alpha ESS inverter & battery fitted in October. The battery has a theoretical capacity of 13.3kWh, with 12kWh useable.
On a sunny day I produce a bit over 40kWh/day, the battery is usually fully charged by 11am CDT.
The battery then stays fully charged until about 7pm, when draw down starts.
Overnight the battery is normally drawn down to 40% remaining, depending on use, the range is 25-52% remaining.
Summer has been so cool I haven't had a night when I've run my evap A/C all night, so that test waits for next year.
The maximum draw down the battery controller will allow is 5000W, so if you turn enough appliances on to draw more than 5000W, the controller tops up the extra draw from the grid, even when the sun is shining.
I've set a drawdown limit of 13% to extend battery life, but have not drawn the battery down to this level yet.
My electricity bill has changed from a $500 bill to a $500 credit during summer, so I'm very happy.
I just hope my battery lasts for the promised 10,000 cycles
The battery charges & discharges quietly, with no personal management required
The app is good, the only problem is if I level the app open all of the time, it stops working and comes up with a token time out error. This is fixed by closing the app & re-opening it.
I haven't had a blackout since installation, so I can't comment on its blackout performance
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Not the cheapest but excellent storage

Alpha-ESS S5 system installed 4 years ago providing 9.6kWh of storage used in conjunction with only 4.5kWh of solar panels. For the 2020 calendar year, grid usage equated to 28% of total usage in a fully electric home. Of the grid usage, 63% was at off-peak rates resulting in the total annual cost being a small credit. Installer failed however to connect back-up facility which is currently being addressed,
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love Alpha-ess app nothing really has the same information as this brand.
Bought From: Aussie Farmers Group Adelaide
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Don't waste your money

Installed this battery in Feb 2020 after highly recommend by solar installer. However this battery does not perform as what been told on Alpha ESS data sheet.
My daily usage average at 7 kWh. I have solar panel & this battery but yet I still buying grid from retailer for approximately 3kWh daily. Most of the grid brought from retailer are at night time. It shown that the battery is just a dummy unit display at my house as it only help to contribute 10% of it power at night time.
Feedback to installer and they take age to finding the issue and yet I had been told it's working normal. What ????
Provide comparison between Alpha ESS & Tesla Powerwall performance to installer and hoping for some technical explanation. Unfortunately I have been told I should not compare between this 2 model as it's different. What ???
Installer came, checked, change setting, change new smart meter the problem still not solve.
We are looking at least 90% saving with solar panel with solar battery but now it only 50% sometime less.
Disappointed. Worst investment.
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Bought From: ShineHub Show additional information
Battery was retrofitted as part of a VPP in august. Seems to work well so far
Bought From: Energy Buster
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A bit early to tell conclusively but at this stage very happy with the performance.
Bought From: AH Electrical and Solar
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Bought From: Suntrix Adelaide Show additional information
Bought From: Greenultimate Pty Ltd Show additional information
I'm disappointed......At my previous property, I had a Tesla Powerwall 2 - it provided automatic backup on mains/grid failure, and the solar panels kept working.
This system, with 2 x 10.1KwH batteries, requires manual switching on mains powerful, and solar panels cease working......
To be fair, the later issue (existing solar panels ceasing) is because i have two submarines- solar panels on one (on the shed), and the battery on the other (house).
Shinehub did a pre-instal inspection and noted my expectations.....but the installation did not deliver.....
The Tesla Powerwall offered fuil backup....Shinehub (so I've now discovered) only provided for lights, the fridge circuit and the modem circuit...
Very disappointed.
Bought From: ShineHub
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Bought From: Solar Service Group Show additional information
Bought From: ShineHub Show additional information
Just installed but everything seems to be A-OK
Bought From: Solar Service Group
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Bought From: Solar Service Group Show additional information
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