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ABN: 64 141 600 991  ABN active since 21 Jan 2010 | Helioenergy Pty Ltd
ACN: 141 600 991  ACN active since 21 Jan 2010 | Helioenergy Pty Ltd
Helioenergy is a Solar Power Installation company based in Rydalmere and serves NSW. Here are their reviews as submitted by visitors to SolarQuotes

Helioenergy Solar Reviews

Old customer up-grade solar system to 5Kw

1. Mr Gao is very nice and quote me 2 options (a) Fix 1.9K old system, or(b) fix + up-grade to 5Kw new system;
2. Installation staff are Polite and Tidy, very good service;
I am very happy to get their excellent service again.
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Shan and team were excellent. System fitted, clean and professionally installed.
No question too silly and no rush or pressure. Came out and discussed requirements and options in person. From the other two recommended suppliers got one who wanted to just talk over the phon eand the other just didn't follow up.
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PV made easy

After a few months of research mainly with the SQ site, we worked towards obtaining 4 PV quotes, 2 from SQ, 1 from Council initiative and 1 from a Community preferred supplier. As we live in a heritage house in a heritage precinct the Council has an approval process to go through, issue was mainly around "minimal impact" in the heritage precinct which minimised the number of north facing panels visible from the street. From the 4 quotes and the Council approval constraints, Shan was the one who consulted / worked with us for a PV solution of 3 PV arrays on 3 roofs with 2 strings and taking into consideration the tree shading issues.

Provided the deposit, within the week installation underway and done in 2.5 days and was very neat and tidy, no rubbish left on site. I asked a few question of the installers and received very good answers and demonstration of how stuff worked and this was from the apprentice electrician.

Shan just makes it easy for you, answers your often PV misunderstanding questions and provided technical guidance so you can understand. Final quote, invoicing, payment and grid connection / meter exchange all easy.
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Excellent customer service from start to finish

Went through the 3-quotes process and ended up with 2 excellent solutions proposed by 2 well recommended providers.

Have 3 phase power and a large flat roof space but significant shading from a gum tree during winter so needed some form of panel optimisation. Ended up having a choice between SolarEdge single phase inverter and Enphase microinverters with both solutions tied to mid range Tier 1 panels.

Both providers were very attentive, knowledgeble and both had reps come onsite. Shan from HelioEnergy provided more compelling arguments for the microinverter solution. Shan's technical background and patience in explaining the technology and installation process was most welcome.

Ended up installing 40 QCell Duo G5 panels each fitted with an Enphase IQ 7 microinverter. Individual panel monitoring plus household consumption is provided via the Enphase Enlighten app. The installation process was trouble free. The HelioEnergy team started and finished on time, were friendly and cleaned up upon completion.

After more than a month, the system is operating very well... The whole family loves monitoring the power flows.

Thanks very much to Shan and the team at HelioEnergy.
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Fast, efficient and hassle free.

Highly recommended Shan Gao and the team did a great job very polite, on time and clean up after the installation,
The system perform as expected.

The price is comparable to 2 other solar quote recommended installer, however Helio system include the 3 phase inverter at no additional cost.

Thanks again Shan and the team for great installation, job well done.
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Top Marks all round

Owner Shan Gao from Helio Energy wqs the last company I made contact with and only 1 of 2 companies out of the 5, I had quotes from, to come out and inspect property. All other quotes to this point had recommended the 6.6kW to 8 kW systems. After discussing with Shan my needs long term,Shan was the only Company to recommend using 10kW systems who also gave me 3 options. I had it mind to take the dearest quote, but after asking Shan which was the better overall system he would install if this was his property,it came in being option 2, which I went ahead with "saving me an additional $2,000".
Installation took 2 full long 12 hour days,Shan's staff were fantastic,hard working and very polite and afterwards have organised change of meters as well. Very professional,patient and answered all my questions with additional information/examples where needed.

I would highly recommend Helio Energy Pty Ltd to anyone.
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Highly recommended

HelioEnergy and Shan made the whole process easy, clear and professional from initial discussion, through quoting and installation to commissioning.

Very satisfied and do not hesitate in recommending.
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Install has taken a while. Waiting for energy supplier to install meter. Helioenergy very helpful and polite. Install very neat. Good communication. Show additional information
Of the three suppliers referred to us, HelioEnergy (Shan Gao) impressed from the outset. Shan called in person and was patient and generous with his time helping us clarify our solar system needs and explaining the technicalities and answering many questions. We needed a large 20-22KW system to supply our 60 Apartment 5 storey building’s Common Area Electricity usage.

The HelioEnergy quote was competitive with the other two quotes we got. The two men doing the installation under Shan's supervision were very good, careful, polite and hardworking - they know their jobs.

One of the other installers sent an overpriced quote and later asked what discount they needed to give to get the business. Others overestimated the ROI and payback period and were very light on technical specifications. Warranties varied greatly and were largely ambiguous. It was not until you read the fine print and pushed for details that you really saw that the loosely claimed warranties came with many caveats.

Our panels are flat mounted on a 2-degree sloped Klip Lok roof. We chose flat rather than angle mounting as this avoids additional wind loading and also gives a longer and flatter output over the day and seasons. It also means that you don’t have to seek council permission for the installation. We also had to make sure that the roof would carry the load of the panels which came to 1700Kg all up. This load required us to obtain a Structural suitability Compliance Certificate before work could start. HelioEnergy was able to provided us with an independent consultant at half the rate of the original consultant used by the builder of our complex.

As Shan and I are both Electrical Engineers, it was a pleasure to be able to discuss the electrical details of our installation with him. He showed no bias in the pros and cons between the various brands of panels and inverters and answered all the questions I raised.

We settled on 72 Jinko Solar JKM310-M60 310W panels, a Fronius 3 phase SYMO 20kW inverter and Solar Analytics Monitoring for our panels, these components being the best value for money taking into account claimed panel and inverter longevity, warranty and output per panel plus extensive monitoring.

We opted not to go with micro-inverters or optimisers as our panels are never shaded during summer from sunrise to sunset and very minimally early morning during winter. I always opt for the simplest system where possible and appropriate - fewer components mean greater reliability.

As I mentioned earlier, we opted to use the Solar Analytics Hub to monitor the panels’ performance and also breakdown of individual panels. This is a much more sophisticated monitoring system than that included in the Fronius itself. Solar Analytics monitor the actual solar insolation in your area and compare that with the output of your Solar System on a daily basis. This is graphically shown on their excellent App together with many other performance criteria apart from cost savings etc etc. It’s uncanny how the performance graph shows exactly to within a few minutes when clouds pass over the panels.

Our Solar Analytics system is connected via 3G mobile to their website. Apart from a Master Account, they also set up an additional read-only account of our system on their website so that all apartment owners can monitor our Solar System in real time. Shan also organised a Lifetime subscription with Solar Analytics for us, an option no other supplier even mentioned or offered in their quotes, and is a big saving long term.

Coming to the Inverter now, the best location for mounting it turned out to be down in our MDF Basement room. This was due to the fact that a 20kW inverter, running at full capacity, and even with a 97.5% efficiency, still puts out around 500W of heat. This meant that we could not mount it inside one of our sealed Electrical Cupboards on the top floor and required us to run the six DC strings all the way to the MDF room. More expensive, but much safer from the point of possibly overheating the Electrical Cupboard (cutting vents in the Cupboard doors is prohibited).

As it turned out, mounting the inverter in the basement MDF room was a good choice even apart from the heat factor. The Inverter, when running at full power, and even well below that, puts out a fair bit of fan noise. Had we mounted it the Electrical Cupboard, it would have been too noisy for the apartments on that floor.

Our MDF basement room has very poor to no mobile reception. Although I was told that the Solar Analytics Hub stores up to 14 days’ worth of data, and can therefore cope with intermittent loss of mobile connection, Shan went the extra mile and came back to reinstall our the 3G antenna in a better location, ensuring that we always have an uninterrupted connection. This makes Live monitoring properly real-time (every 10 seconds) and also means that we get an immediate warning if one or more of our Solar Panels becomes defective.

Installation of our system was carried out in a thoroughly professional manner with Shan keeping a close eye on the job and often doing some of the work himself. He also looked after the application process for our Solar connection to the grid so that we would be credited for our feed-in power.

Admittedly, this is the first and only solar installation I have been involved in, but I was impressed with the quality and timeliness of the work and would recommend his team without hesitation. HelioEnergy have been in business for more than 5 years (this was a must for us as it eliminates most fly-by-nighters) and is big enough and with sufficient resources to handle up 100kW systems, yet small enough to give personalised service. Shan's installers work directly for him, so quality is much better controlled than if the installation is subcontracted.
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First call from an intern was a little underwhelming, but sent a detail quote with many options. Later on, Shan Gao (owner) contacted us, and came to visit the site. Shan was able to answer all my questions on the spot and was willing to do the installation neatly as I required. I went ahead with the installation. Shan Gao and the team came and did a very good installation. They all were very kind to answer questions and explain what they were doing. I am very happy with the installation. One loose connection on one of the string was detected the next day and fixed within 30 mins or so. i also had two optimizer installed on two panels and an overall consumption meter. I am glad i bought a consumption meter as it helps to see production and consumption on the same graph. Overall I would highly recommend Helio Energy. Show additional information
Appreciate Solarquotes for the information and Shan and his awesome team from Helioenergy making what seemed like a risky and unknown investment ( For me ) so understandable. The Helio team were professional,polite and craftsmen like in their execution and watching the numbers come off the system every day makes the decision to take the plunge with you both very satisfying Show additional information
Shan was very professional. My install was a bit tricky with the placement of the inverter and Shan nailed it. It turns out one of my work colleagues also used Shan and he, liked me thought his team was professional and knew what they were doing. I have no hesitation recommending Helioenergy! Show additional information
Clear and good advice from the installer. Punctual and easy to work with. Show additional information
Solar quotes were able to take a lot of the guesswork out of what’s required for a competent solar system
The companies recommended were all very professional
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My many questions were answered promptly and in detail. Clear expectations of the process and timeframes were provided.
I had specific installation requirements and the pros and cons of these requirements were conveyed and addressed.
Shan and his team performed in a thoroughly professional manner to provide a solar installation we can be proud of.
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The system is not installed yet but will be over the next couple of weeks which will give us a much better indication of the system and overall experience. Show additional information
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I now recommend your service to anyone who will listen - and even to those who don’t. Show additional information
I would highly recommend Helio energy to anyone. Show additional information
I would recommend Helioenergy's Shan Gao and his team to anyone contemplating solar without hesitation. Show additional information
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Amazing from start to finish, knowledgeable, no BS, fast and efficient, quality job first and foremost. Show additional information
Insalation date October 2018.
His installers were great, hard working and tidy.
Had problems with alinta energy getting the meters changed over however Shan Gao was great at getting that sorted out.
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Shan is a true professional in his approach, and I recommend him unreservedly as someone who will give close attention to your particular circumstances in recommending what you really need as distinct from pushing a quick deal. His workers were very efficient and hard working. While the quote I got from them was not the cheapest, the product provided for the money it cost was very satisfactory Show additional information
Shan the owner of the business is very professional, he has all the knowledge on the top of his head. He is very patient and honest. He recommends only what is appropriate. We were very happy to go with what he recommended. Show additional information
Thank you firstly to this website and the mine of useful information and the "getting quotes" process.
I was impressed by the first contact from Helio Energy (Shan Gao), and that they were the only company who offered to come and inspect the house and talk about what was needed. After accepting their quote they were patient while I had roof repairs done.
I went for top quality Qcell 350W panels with Enphase microinverters in a 3 phase system
The installation was very competently done (it was a long 10 to 12 hour day). As an example, one roof tile was cracked in the process. Shan was about to go and source a replacement tile, when I mentioned that I had some spares. A less scrupulous operator might not have been so diligent. Shan's installers work directly for him, so quality is much better controlled than if installation is subcontracted. As an engineer (not electrical) myself, I had quite a few questions, which Shan was always happy to answer and explain.
I went for top quality Qcell 350W panels with Enphase S270 microinverters in a 3 phase system. The panels were connected to each phase in proportion to the usage for each phase which I'd calculated previously (told you I was an engineer).
I'm very happy with the system and would recommend Shan and Helio Energy wholeheartedly.
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Of the three suppliers referred to us, HelioEnergy (Shan Gao) impressed from the outset. Shan called in person (on a public holiday) and was patient and generous with his time helping us clarify our solar system needs and explaining the technicalities and answering many questions. In choosing Shan Gao, who is a qualified Electrical Engineer, we had confidence he and his HelioEnergy team had the skills and technical know-how and were the right choice to deliver what we wanted at a reasonable price. And they delivered a quality system (Fronius SYMO inverter, with wifi performance reporting; 20 Trina Honey 305W Mono panels - on time and to our complete satisfaction. Reviews of suppliers on Solarquotes site was of great assistance and reassured us in our decision. Research can be time consuming and it did lead to infornation overload for us, so it was a relief to get an installer we considered we could trust. One other installer quoting sent overpriced quotes via email and later asked what discount they needed to give to get the business - too late, quote realistically at the outset was the answer. The third installer quoting sent a salesperson to call and quote, nice enough guy, they were a little slow getting back and answering some questIons - the salesman might not have been across technicalities, and we did not have the same confidence in them even though they were a bigger company. Make sure you have confidence in the installer you choose. Show additional information
The 5 star write ups on the company are an accurate reflection of this high quality firm.
No sales pressure. They were on time & quality installation, prompt application for smart meter installation to Energy Australia. Love the Fronius Inverter Wifi system can check Solar performance anywhere, anytime on my Iphone
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Shan from HelioEnergy was very good with product information.
His workers were very punctual with their arrival time to install the panels.
Cleaned up after they have finished at the end of the day.
Overall it was a very good experience having HelioEnergy to install my solar system.
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We were referred by SolarQuotes to 3 solar installers for quotes and after careful deliberation went with HelioEnergy Pty Ltd (Shan Gao). Shan Gao is excellent to deal with and we found him very customer focused, responsive and honest. Shan is the Engineer, system designer and owner of HelioEnergy and has a B.Eng and a M. Eng.Sci from UNSW, consequently we felt much more comfortable dealing with Shan than with the salesmen from other parties quoting. Shan will explain the technical aspects as far as you would like, and will provide advice on what is suitable for your circumstances based on the information you give him and your historical or expected usage pattern.
We had a 5kW Fronius 5.0 SYMO Inverter (3 Phase) with free WiFi monitoring and a 6.1kW power system of 20 Trina Honey MONO 305W solar panels installed, battery ready for the future. The HelioEnergy quote was competitive with (or better than) the other two quotes we got.
The three men doing the installation under Shan’s supervision were very good, careful, polite and hardworking – they know their jobs. The whole system was installed and up and running in one day. Shan came back later to show us how the system works.
GETTING INFO and Quotes:
We did fairly extensive research on solar power and found the information overwhelming and confusing at times. SolarQuotes site helped immensely and we are pleased we got the quotes through them. We are Sydney suburban based and one series of quotes (via email only) was from an installer (salesman) based on the NSW Central Coast at relatively high costs – and they did not call to meet us and check our situation or needs. For the other quote the salesman called and met us and talked through our requirements then emailed quotes to us. He was a bit slow following up some of our queries and nowhere near as technically sound as Shan whom we went with.
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I would highly recommend Helioenergy to anyone seeking:
Product knowledge
Trustworthy in-house installation
Relable after sales/installation support
Quality Products
Helioenergy offers a Solid system and Value for money. Avoid the cheapies out there, as there are too many pitfalls.
We did a lot of homework our heads were in a spin on who to trust.
Congratulations Sharn you should be very proud of what Helioenergy represents and how you conduct your business!
And Sandra and I love how we can monitor our system on our easy to use phone app! Thanks!
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Shan, who did the whole deal was great. He supervised the installation and was the certifying electrician. He is extremely qualified and knows his stuff. The upshot is my mate also had a 6KW 3 phase system installed by him and we have recommended Helio Energy to others. Show additional information
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Everthing thing was delivered as promised the installer did a fantastic job and went beyond what is reasonable. His people were very careful and thorough. Show additional information
Shan Gao is also an electrical engineer.. Very thorough advice and he spends time designing the system for you. Upfront, honest, down to earth and right advice.. Quality of workmanship beyond par.. I would strongly recommend.. A rare gem in the plethora of run by night solar installers.. Keep up the good work Helio Energy! Show additional information
Shan - the owner of Helioenergy is a qualified Electrical engineer. He advised on best selection of system and was able to answer all the questions i had in layman's terms. He never tried to up-sell me to more expensive systems, merely stated facts about the downsides of a cheaper system vs the benefits of a more expensive one. I had cheaper quotes but Shan made such a positive impression price never came into the the decision process. Installation was effortless. Very skilled, polite, tidy installers who left no trace of them having been at my house, all overseen by Shan. Highly recommended. Show additional information
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The website is great and even though I had troubles submitting my info I had help from the Solarquotes 'helpers' to guide me through it and very responsive. Lots of details on the website which is great but obviously the mind boggles when there is too much to read but that's not your fault. I almost signed up to one of those pushy companies but a fellow engineer introduced me to your website. Thank goodness. It took a lot of time to get to a supplier but hopefully it will be worth it in the end. At least I'm a lot more knowledgeable now about the systems which is good R&D for myself (I'm an electrical engineer but never really dealt with the nitty gritty of solar). I would recommend the website to anyone even though the install is not quite finished but so far so good. Show additional information
Strongly recommended.
I live in a 3 level split townhouse, and have a few quotes before I found Mr Shan Gao.
One of the quotes say I need a hire a cherry picker to pull the solar panel up to the roof,
wiring is hard to do as well etc which got me really worried.
Everything just went smoothly when Mr Shan came to install the solar panels without
even having to hire a cherry picker.
Job is done in one day and Mr Shan give me a reasonable price.
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