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Solar Power Nation Reviews

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About Solar Power Nation, Solar Installers

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At Solar Power Nation Our vision is to make solar power affordable for every Australian . To achieve this we have sought out solar adviser's from across Australia to join us in this task. With upwards of 7 years experience for all of our Directors and staff from various other solar companies and jobs, we have a team that is ready to put together a solar package to suit your needs.

Solar Power Nation Solar Reviews

We follow up with all reviewers after 12 months to see how their system is going since it was installed. These are all the reviewers who have responded to our 1 year follow up:
Paid deposit at the beginning of october. Mac was super helpful and got us a good deal. However, the Panels we ordered were out of stock hence the original estimate of install of Dec 8th has been now pushed to 15th Dec. Two days until the 15th and still no one has contacted me despite sending emails and making phone calls.
Will have to see how we go.
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Good job.everything went with plan Show additional information
Overall experience was great. Now waiting for my mothers house to be installed. I would say you must try solar power nation, great prices. Show additional information
I paid the deposit for a 5kW system, they assured me it would be installed within 4 weeks, did not happen, then after 5 weeks, I was told, sorry we cannot install the system as you live to far afield from Melbourne, why couldn't they have told me that before they got my deposit of $430, was told it would take 7 days to refund my deposit, but they were quite happy to hold on to my deposit for 5 weeks, not happy jan. Show additional information
Please be careful of Solar Power Nation company they did ask me deposit for the solar panel installation. I did pay some money over the phone with credit card Since the customer service was so terrible they gave me the wrong quote for the product . I refused to go ahead and cancelled the installation. They never returned my money back, no service, no ethics. They have shocking customer service. Please never pay before you get the product. Thanks Show additional information
Every thing was good???????? Show additional information
Everything was good from deposit till installation. Show additional information
Its given time 4 to 8 weeks for installation but installation done in 2 weeks only and installers done a great job.....also to sam for recommending such system and support Show additional information
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Show additional information
Everything went smooth from deposit till installation Show additional information
People, please be aware of Solar Power Nation. I paid my deposit for my Solar panel installation. I called after 4 weeks as I had not heard anything from them to ask for a refund. After calling for a week, their excuse is the manager, Chris is not there to refund me my money as he is the only manager to refund. They promise Chris will call back but he never did. So disappointed about this Company.

Supplier Reply

Hi June,

Thanks for your feedback. First of all installation time frame according to the legal contract after paying deposit and Signing contract is 4 to 8 weeks. So we are still under that time frame. You paid deposit end of October and we cannot install until you provide us with signed copy of Acceptance offer.

Also we require to get approval from Western Power as that is part of regulation. We are still committed to install the system provided you send us signed form and we will get it install in next two weeks. Please accept our apologies if any inconvenience is caused to you but as explained we need to follow the regulations.

If you have any more questions or need any clarifications please do not hesitate to contact me. I will be more than happy to assist you.
Kind Regards,

Vish Batth
Accounts Manager
P: 1300 853 393
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After several problems with installation date changes, panels and product being delivered as I live in Ballina NSW, I had Vish step in with issues getting resolved quickly.
Installer was Joel from Tweed Heads who did a fantastic job and I have no hesitation at recommending Vish and Joel to friends who are looking at installing solar in the future.

Many thanks.
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Paid for a system installed months ago and still can't get elec credit because paperwork not submitted to my supplier. Despite weeks of calls, requests, frustration and time wasted . Pointless paying for system I effectively can't make use of. I thought I had all the details covered when searching for installers and no-one mentioned this little detail which can render your money completely wasted. I suggest you don't pay the installer until your elec supplier verifies the installation has been registered. The industry needs to change it's practices to prevent other people suffering the same fate.

Supplier Reply

Hi Pete
Thanks for your feedback. As we have informed you already and we even gave you the number of the installer with his accreditation detail as he didn't submit the paperwork for your job with us. He informed us he will do it but he never did anything on it. He informed us saying he got some serious personal and family problems due to which he needed to go to Fiji. We respected his reason as they were personal problems within his family. He promised every day but due to his personal problem he is still not able to do so. We gave you his contact number and Accreditation number as well. We really apologise for any inconvenience as this is causing us delay in processing Government related paperwork and Your paperwork as well. For any other question you have please call our office and ask for Mac and he will help you about this.
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I was very impressed by the service and product. I ordered the system on the Tuesday and was told installation would be approximately four weeks. I received another phone call two days later to say they would be installing it on Monday. Then on the Sunday I received another call to say it was expected to be bad weather on the Monday and would it be OK for them to come that afternoon. So from ordering to full installation it was less than a week. The fellows that installed the system were very friendly, efficient and professional. I have no problem in recommending this company. Show additional information
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Had a great experience with solar power nation.Mac their sales consultant was very quick to reply to any questions I had no matter time of day or night. From me accepting quote to system being installed was less than a week.As far as I can tell system is working great.Installers broke one tile, but alerted us to this and replaced it. Only slight issue was English was clearly a second language for everyone I spoke a little hard to communicate with at times. But did a great job ,so would highly recommend. Price was excellent. Show additional information
Good job done and I am happy with it so far. Show additional information
20 Seraphim panels and Zever inverter at a great price. Install Team was great and know what they were doing. It happened exactly the way it need to be. Show additional information
The workmen arrived when they said they would. They worked very hard from dawn until dusk until they had finished their work. The installation was explained to us in a competent manner. We recommend this company. Show additional information
July they gave me quote including meter but when they installed they didn't put meter also they didn't told me any thing I find out after months when called them they said because your energy provider cancel your permission.
But when I call my provider they said they just lodged application 1 of September like 45 days after installation, isn't that illegal? Also every time they said my manager will call you but not anyone called back so finely I put application against them to fair trading.
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Happy with what I got. Going solar is future of energy and I am happy I got it installed. All the best Show additional information
EXCELLENT SERVICE AND STAFF Show additional information
I ordered my 5.4 system on the 18th July 2017 and was told installation would be about 4 to 5 weeks.
On the 29 August I was told they didn't have the panels that I ordered but if I paid more for better panels I could get the installation in 2 weeks , i paid the extra
and waited and waited that was August. it is now October and repeated emails to the company ,no reply's , I rang and they were to get back to me , no reply rang again
and now they say they don't have those panels but will give me better ones and will ring tomorrow for an installation date in 2 weeks !!!!!! we will see
They ring daily and get you to sign up and get the deposit quick , that is it , no communication from then on
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Canadian solar panels and solax x1 boost inverter installed and producing 29 kWh on day one. I cannot thank enough the installation team for installing this great system. I am waiting and very excited to see first bill after solar. Yes price for 5kW system was great . Installation was done in two weeks. Thank you solar power nation Show additional information
Overall experience was good. They were committed to make it happen. I would say they are honest company Show additional information
They are probably the best price offer on the market. Got my quote for 6.48KW (24 x 270w) with Canadian Solar Panels and 5KW Zeverlution 5000S.
Very impressed with the quote. I got a further discount for not being able to provide 6.6KW (24x 275w). I have it installed within 3.5 week.
It could have been within 2 weeks if I accepted the 270w panels instead of 275w panels earlier.

The installation team in Perth are friendly and keep informing you. The installation crew are very friendly.

Hopefully no more problems :)
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Great install team. System was installed in 3 weeks after deposit was paid. Well done Solar power nation. Show additional information
After signup for solar system 5.4kw Jino panels and zever solar inveter, which was instock with a 10-15 day installation date. They kept delaying install, out to 6-8 weeks, always saying panels out stock, same panels that were instock at time of agreement. They had me sign a contract to change to seraphim panels that were in stock at an additional cost to me and to be installed within 4-5 weeks. This put original install time from 10-15 days to over 3 months. Finally had a install date booked, but next day a phone call saying the panels on the contract were not in stock and wanting me to change to a panel that they don't even advertise on their website. I warn everyone not to deal with this company. Show additional information
I placed my deposit for a 5kW system in July and after took the deposit they send me a receipt, in there they include a deal with modification to the quote. And obviously i'm not happy, so after complaining they said they will refund my deposit.

Till to day (06/10/2017) I am still waiting for it. Ring them many times they keep saying they will refund me next week, next Monday, oh tomorrow yo will get your refund, on and on. And that was in August, now it is October and I am still waiting for my refund.

I've contacted Consumer of fair trading and still waiting for their help.

So please beware of SOLAR POWER NATION!!!
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I would reccomend them to everyone.
Took them 5 weeks but install was great. From sales to install communication was good.
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Still waiting for the panels to be installed and still getting the run around from the company about the installation date. They have our money.

Supplier Reply

Hi Robert
Please accept our sincere apologies for the inconvenience caused to you.
We had delay in your installation due to busy schedule of our installers to South NSW trip.We are planning a trip towards North NSW .
We will treat this in high priority from today and you will be installed ASAP.
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Great job paid deposit Tuesday installed Saturday Show additional information
The cost of the system made Solar Power Nation very competitive so I was a bit anxious if it would be a professional install. The initial install date had to be rescheduled but only a week. I was very impressed with Belel the guy who did the install as he seemed to be the boss and very professional. The job is so neat and well done. I am still waiting for the metering but so far very impressed. I expect that the company is very busy due to how competitive in cost and then when the neighbours see how good it looks then they generate business that way as well. I may end up getting rid of my gas as I will be generating so much electricity when I am connected to the grid. Show additional information
We signed the contract with Solar Power Nation 3.5 months ago - very little communication since then. I rang 10 days ago to find out what was going on and was assured that the system would be installed in 10 days - have heard nothing! We're extremely disappointed with the lack of service and lack of communication. We can't seem to find out what's going on. Show additional information
Solar power Nation great install team.joe and team were on time and very good install. i would say that they have best price with quality components. I have recommended my friend and he is as happy as me. I will definately give them 10 out of 10. Even after government rebates fallen so bad they honour the price.
i would say they are committed company who is still trying their level best to honour the price after rebates fallen . Well done
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Show additional information
I think the product is great value for the money we paid .i bought the 5.4 solar system for under 4000 dollars and am getting around 27 killawats a day . The weather has been fantastic so we are generating very well at the moment. We have 10 panels facing north and 10 facing west. By 8 o'clock in the morning we have 1 killawat already and this is only August so it can only get better. Super happy.

David and Rhonda
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Great install team servicing the Mid North Coast of NSW
Communication is the biggest failing of the team at Solar Power Nation. I paid and then heard nothing from them for nearly 2 months!
Still the job is now done, and done very well thank you.
I do believe this business is trustworthy and honest.
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deposit paid but not installed yet. 22 x 270w jinko panels with Zeversolar inverter installed. Show additional information
They could use a public relations person Show additional information
A friend of mine gave me Solar Power Nation's phone number as he was very happy with the quote they gave him and was waiting for installation.

I contacted Solar Power Nation and was given a quote for a 5.72 kw system with 22 solar panels and I was very surprised at the great saving against another quotes I received for solar panels. After paying a deposit the panels were installed in the specified period of time and the installation was performed in a professional manner by the installers after they explained where the panels were going to be placed. Metering and grid connection was also carried out in a quick manner in the specified time.

There has been a marked decrease in my electricity bill and am very happy with the outcome of installing solar panels, so much so that I referred my neighbour to Solar Power Nation and she also has had solar panels installed and stated that her electricity bill has been halved.

Thank you Solar Power Nation for your great customer care, good value and quality for money, good service and installation and especially the price.

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Show additional information
Very satisfied customer. Maybe a little polishing on customer service, but otherwise was A ok. Installers were very professional and thorough.
Have and would recommend to friends and family.
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Fully Satisfied with their services. Good job Solar Power Nation Show additional information
Still waiting for the installation which has finally been booked in for 28th August.
Bear in mind that I paid my deposit on 27June!!
Customer service is woeful once you have paid and signed up.
Show additional information
Great company, very easy to communicate with, fast installation. Rare in this day and age to be extremely happy with everything but we are. Show additional information
Very happy. Nice people.neat installation .kanav was very helpful.would reccomend these guys to everyone. It took little bit longer than expected but they explain everything . Solar power nation good job Show additional information
I have accepted an end of financial year (2017) deal from Solar Power Nation after doing much research. I think the ordered system is good and includes a Fronius inverter but Solar Power Nation have become a worry. They were very responsive when I was making the purchase decision but have become very unresponsive since. They state 6 to 8 weeks installation time but as at today 13 August 2017 I have not been given an installation date and my follow up led to them requesting information they had already been provided with ie NIM and electricity bill. I will update this review if I get an installation date and an installation but I thought I'd highlight my experience for other people. Show additional information
Excellent service right from the original, very comprehensive quote through to a really neat install. Great customer service and a very competitive price made the choice a no-brainer. Happy to recommend these guys. A great job all round and it makes me very happy indeed every time I see how much electrically I'm generating - and not having to pay for :) Show additional information