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Solar Power Nation commenced operations around 2010. The company currently facilitates solar installations in New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria, South Australia and Western Australia. Its head office is in Sydney, with offices also in Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne and Adelaide.

The firm utilises a variety of solar panel, inverter and battery brands in its installations, and while focusing on the residential market appears to dabble in commercial projects as well.

Solar Power Nation reviews and ratings listed below from Australians who have used the company have been somewhat mixed, with customer and after sales service issues being mentioned quite often.

If you've had a system installation via Solar Power Nation, we encourage you to add your review of the firm, its products and service.

Reviewers report paying: $3,000 - $7,000 for depending on hardware choice and installation difficulty ( how is this calculated? )

Panels, inverter and battery brands

The views expressed by reviewers are theirs alone, and do not necessarily reflect those of Peacock Media Group, which makes no representations as to the accuracy of the reviews. For our full disclaimer and further information, see our Terms of Use and our Review Guidelines.

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Good system with interstate free finance.

It was good solar system in that budget with interest free finance option.
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Skip this Installer

I had the solar panels installed in Oct 2023 and the power monitoring system fail in Nov 2023 notified then of the fault straight away and still after 23 emails it is still not fixed, no one has came to have a look only email response. Latest email Feb 2024) "We have shared the details to the installer and waiting for their availability once it will be scheduled we will get back to you." Who runs their repairs?? Installer when they get around to it. Not recommended Solar installer company.
Panel rating: 4/5
Inverter rating: 4/5
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Solar Power Nation

Avoid Solar Power Nation at all costs! I trusted them due to their Clean Energy Council (CEC) approval but was utterly wrong in doing so. Three months into our contract for a solar installation, not only have they missed the completion date, but they've also been shockingly unresponsive to my inquiries. This experience has been a nightmare, and their lack of professionalism is alarming. My trust in their CEC approval was misplaced, and I strongly advise others to learn from my mistake. Don't fall for their apparent credibility; Solar Power Nation is a regrettable choice that could cost you both time and money. Steer clear to spare yourself the frustration.
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Exceptional value for money

Skeptical to begin with, paying just 2599 AUD for 6.6kW system (Longi 425w panels x16 and Growatt 5kW inverter).

3 weeks between contact and installation.

Working well, would have paid around 5000 AUD for the next cheapest company.
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Very professional and good customer seevice

Very quick turn around on the quotation request with the very good price compared to other installers.
After signed the contract , installation took place within a day.
Their installation work is very professional and the solar panels and the inverter I have bought from them is Canadian solar and Goodwe.

Panel rating: 5/5
Inverter rating: 5/5
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Buyer beware.

I've been waiting since April for panels and still nothing. They won't respond.
Over $600 deposit paid.
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Western Australia - If you are in WA - Do not use them

Appalling, they sent me a picture of where the solar panels are to be placed ... wrong unit. They showed me a picture of my neighbours place opposite me and the panels were place in their driveway

Installation was ok, but the team failed to follow up that everything was working and walked away. Then they supplied the incorrect connection notification to Synergy (which they admitted 2 weeks ago in September 2023), installation date early June 2023.

Customer service is abysmal, you go through the installer, complaints area and told "dont worry", "dont worry" and so it goes on. You email them and no-one responds, they dont put you through to a Manager to try and sort out your problem. In my case, they royally stuffed up.

And I have paid up in full.

4 months after installation date, I am still trying to get them to do their job properly ... Do not use them
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Bad customer service

For 6 months after installation we are still not connected to the mains and getting no rebate from the solar. Now after the last phone call saying they will send documents to powercor they haven't and now we can't contact them cause when we ring the number it just hangs up straight away
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It felt like a con job to start with but they moved fast and I feel I got excellent value and a system that suits my home.. their after sale help has been really good,

Quoting process was fast and really good .. install was only a few days after I paid my deposit.. they did a fast thorough job .. tidy and have helped with grid installation. After sale service has been really good too. I wish I had asked for a photo of the panels on my roof.. I'd like to know exactly where they are placed.
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Installation not covered by warranty

Every day since installation (21) the mains trip between 11am and 1pm. I asked them to send someone out but have just been told that this is not covered by warranty as the system works. Ergo, the take no accountability for the installation issues.

The representative was patronising and unhelpful.

I now have to pay for electrician.
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Original Review on 14-11-2022:

SolarPowerNation- very late responses.

When I contacted SolarPowerNation the representative was very professional, courteous, and obliging.

I was given a quote which I accepted, and paid a deposit. In return I was told that the relevant date for installation of the Solar would be by Friday 11 November 2022. I have made attempts to contact them asking for confirmation of day and date for the Installation and he advised he is on to it. Well Friday 11th has now passed and installation has not happened.
Original ratings

Panel rating: 4/5
Inverter rating: 4/5

Value for money: 5/5
Quality of System: 4/5
Installation: 1/5
Customer Service: 3/5

10 months later we asked Frank Brian: "Are you happy with the performance of your system so far?"

The system is good.
I have rung the installation company on three occasions for my first clean and service and they have advised on all three occassions that due to a backlog following the Covid pandemic that my job has been noted and they would get back to me with a date and time however I still have not heard from them.
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Worst experience ever

Thought i give them a go seeing as they were good priced , Called up and was prompted to give deposit give deposit.
My gut said no but I went with it (sorta my stupidity). Called the following day for some more information and by surprise I was tossed from 1 rep to another rep , got mad and just requested a refund and said I need more time to think and was kinda rushed into it, mind you it had been less than 24 hours , they said ok for refund but it’s been more than 3 weeks and numerous calls to them and no refund. Shame on you.
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Original Review on 04-08-2022:

Happy with the installation. Service was very good and they worked with me.

Not pushy, did not try to upsell, like some others did. Good communication. System is working well. Have suggested them to someone I know. Original ratings

Panel rating: 5/5
Inverter rating: 5/5

Value for money: 5/5
Quality of System: 5/5
Installation: 4/5
Customer Service: 5/5

10 months later we asked John: "Are you happy with the performance of your system so far?"

The system is good (panels and inverter).
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Quick to setup, quick to not care

- Quick to install the system (roughly 3-4 hours)
- Left a huge mess for us to clean up, left boxes and unused screws in the box... so free screws!
- Solar panels were installed crooked, i.e. it was not flush with the other panels
- The panels were dirty

- Installed dirty RCDs
- Somehow made the electric box more dirter than before

- Quick to leave after being paid
- Didn't bother to tell us how to use the system

Customer Care:
- We were told that they have contacted our electrical power company prior to the installation however after 2 weeks they lied. It is still "pending".

Overall, a lazy job for a company that does not care
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Poor quality of work and poor customer service

Would not recommend Solar power nation I had issues caused by poor installation it took 5 months for these guys to say sorry we can’t get there so get a local guy to fix it and we will pay them anyway the local guy came and fixed the problem(they Installed a 32 amp circuit breaker on the inverter that had a 32.6 amp output found some more issues
1. CCEW has not been supplied to Essential Energy
2. CCEW has not been supplied to the customer
3. Export limiting has not been installed as per the essential energy connection application.
4. Roof tiles have not been cut and are not sitting flush with the roof as per Australian standards.
5. Tin dektite has been used and siliconed to tile. Regulations require an appropriate tile dektite be used.
6. Cables have not been appropriately fixed under panels
7. Panels have been installed with no gap for thermal expansion. Against manufacturer guidelines.
And apparently because I didn’t get it in email confirmation they will not be paying for there stuff up
Looking into it I’m not the only person with poor workmanship from Solar power nation steer clear guys

Inverter rating: 1/5
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Beware - Solar Power Nation refuses to honour its warranty.

We bought 5 KW of solar panels and a Solax hybrid inverter from Solar Power Nation [SPN]. This system was installed on 13 December 2016, and the SPN printed warranty specified that the panels would be warranted for 30 years from that date, and the inverter for 10 years.
The inverter fan failed in January 2023, so the inverter no longer worked. After two months of frustrating telephone calls and emails to SPN, they absolutely refused to honour their warranty to repair or replace the Solax inverter. The reason given for their refusal was that the SPN warranty certificate had in fine print ‘Nurjahan Pty Ltd TA Solar Power Nation’, and I should contact that company.
Upon investigation, Nurajahan Pty. Ltd. had applied to ASIC to be de-registered on 15 July 2022, and have vacated their former registered address.
I believe that SPN, the company that issued the warranty, should honour the terms of that warranty, otherwise any liability for warranties to all solar purchasers can be rendered null and void by using this simple device, and other buyers should be warned.
On LinkedIn [checked 10 Apr 2023], Vish Batth lists himself as the founder of SPN, Australia’s largest solar retailer. As the leader of SPN since 2013, he claims to have now grown the company to be one of the biggest in the country. It was he with whom we corresponded on 13 December 2016, the day our system was installed, and he remains a key executive of SPN.
I wonder whether this is a simple case of phoenixing in order for SPN to escape any liability for their warranties, a trick that could be repeated to anyone else who trusts SPN.

Solar Power Nation ABN 26 609 304 136 was registered on 17 November 2015, more than one year before our purchase.
A search of company records has Nurjahan P.L. owning the business names of SPN during 2016-2018 and ironically, from 19/03/2016 onward, that of Tesla Australia!!

Panel rating: 4/5
Inverter rating: 2/5
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Great priced system. Much cheaper for the exact same system from other suppliers.

The process was a bit involved because of price matching the quote from another supplier. The installation was spot on and the installer great. He and the supplier lodged the work with Energex and everything went smoothly.
Panel rating: 5/5
Inverter rating: 5/5
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Untrustworthy. Be careful. I dont recommend at all.

Very bad process and customer service and incorrect information provided.

** I dont recommend at all.

They are so nice until they get the payment (whether its cash or through Plenti finance) and then good luck.

its been few months and i cant even get them to provide a resolution for a fault in the installation
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Good vibes

Everything was well organised. The staff were helpful and obliging. The installers were on time, tidy and helpful. I didn't have to do anything.
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NO after sales service. Broken tile is your Problem

Solar Power Nation did the installation at my property. During the heavy rains, I got a leak. When contacted, they gave me a big run around, then finally a Roof Inspector came and wrote a report that was misleading and then decided that they just did not want to fix it. They were taken to Fair Trading, they denied responsibility. Then to tribunal, they are not responding to emails now.
I should have gone with a local company.
They also ask you to do referrals for $100 a customer, do not do this as they will not pay you after they get the new customer. They depend on referrals for customers as their reviews are so bad. Do not trust.
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Not a great system, terrible installation and even worse service

Firstly, within 1 week of my system being fitted, I had a water leak coming through the light in my ensuite. I contacted Solar Power nation, who asked for photos/proof etc...
These were sent through and then I did not hear back for 2 more days.
In the meantime, I'd called the SES, who came and put a large tarp up, but unfortunately it didn't stop the leak.
Obviously I then had to call an independent contractor to come and stop the leak. I am still waiting for reimbursement of this fee, as well as the approval to have my ceiling fixed.

Whilst the independent Contractor was on the roof, fixing the leak caused by the solar installation, he found at least 10 items that did not comply with the Australian standards of Solar installation, including exposed wires! When I advised SPN of this, they requested that I have a formal report done, which I did. I'm also still waiting for the reimbursement for this report.

After months went by and many calls and emails were made, SPN finally sent out different installers to rectify the problem at a specific time that I had advised was not suitable, as it wasn't going to be home.

I was also given 2 inverters, of which 1 needs to be replaced at my cost with a Hybrid inverter for me to install a battery.
SPN were totally aware that I was installing this system for the purpose of having a battery/ batteries fitted. They knew that I was working towards having an off grid system and yet still installed a battery that wasn't compatible.

This is an ongoing nightmare of over 6 months so far... My system still doesn't work properly, I've had to pay for a Contractor to fix my water leak, caused by SPN, I've had to pay for a report to be done, I still have to pay for my ceiling to be replastered/repainted, I still have to pay for a replacement inverter and my system doesn't work properly. I have no power at all making it to the grid.


Inverter rating: 2/5
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Avoid Solar Power Nation

They offered very competitive pricing. After signing on with them with ready to install stock. Then they disappeared (stopped responding my phone call and emails). Then continuously tried to contact them for 6 months. Then they appeared with lower profiles system with higher price (as they claim the product price has increased). They have no ethics at all, I’ve learned my lesson a hard way. By that time I’ve lose much waited for more than 6 months after signing on.

Finally, I was able to get my money back after I refused to pay more than what I was signed on.

They are not a good bunch. I would suggest everyone to avoid them.
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Most frustrating never call back

My installation was incomplete I requested and paid for a Consumption Meter so I could monitor both electricity generation and usage. The installer originally claimed he had one with him but when he finished he said he did not have one and I was to contact Solar Nation to arrange the install.
I have spoken to 5 different people on Solar Powers' 1300 number and on each occasion the staff member advised they would "Look into it" and call me back.
I have had no calls from them most frustrating they promise to call me but never do.
My installation is still incomplete
In my experience avoid there must be better ones around

Inverter rating: 1/5
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They hound you every second day to sign up once they provide you with a quote, then as soon as you sign up and pay a deposit they disappear. Now trying to get my deposit refunded. Avoid!
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It is about to be installed but happy with everything so far

------------- --- --- - - - - - - - - - - -
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Solar Panel

Sales Answered all question in a timely manner
No Problems with installation
No yet on grid due to the supply of smart meter
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Installed on the day scheduled, all seemed to go as planned

They did everything required although we have not had a bill since installation so I don't know the affect yet.
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Fast and clean installation

The sales guy was trying to sell panels of a non-established brand that I didn't want. They sent me multiple quotes but with same panel though I was rejecting for that reason. At the same time they offered a different panel to my friend. Then, I had to refer my friends quote to get quotation for that panel. It was bit combarsum to settle the quote. I am bit confused why they were pushing me to buy an less known panel where I wanted an well-known brand that they were selling to others.

However, in the end I feel like I got a good money value system in terms of brand recognition and "Solar Quote" website review. I checked on other companies and none of them could offer close to the price I payed.

The installation was neat and have not found any leak yet. However, there was no clear instruction from the installer or the company on how to operate or monitor.
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Great Price

Great value for money quality solar panels (Q cell) & solis inverter. Install went well & was quick & they cleaned up well. no complaints.
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Not bad

Great service although I found a supplier elsewhere.
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Not worthy ... don't lose your hard-earned money

Do not ever trust this company. Stay away from this solar company. Not worthy ... don't lose your hard-worked money to these people.
Panel rating: 1/5
Inverter rating: 1/5
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The sales process is horrible. They pressure you into making a deposit and without giving you a chance to review the contract first. I was told GE panels over the phone only to discover it was JA. Despite saying they will refund your deposit, like other reviews they don’t bother replying to emails. The lack of a refund breaches the clean energy council code they are part of. I have since gone with a reputable installer but aren’t finished with the deposit refund. Avoid cheap solar like these guys.
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Absolutely terrible beyond words

Quick to quote and harass you into making a decision but once that's done the nightmare begins, also didn't adhere to initial quotation criteria. Couldn't even be bothered cleaning up after themselves, had to do job three times and still not right. Initial installation woefully dangerous with the potential to burn the house down. Then the denials & accusations from spn started, had to contact all authorities to even get them to reply so customer service absolutely NON EXISTENT. DO NOT BELIEVE ALL THEIR FALSE GLOWING REVIEWS THIS IS THE WORST BY FAR SO CALLED BUSINESS EVER HAD THE MISFORTUNE OF DEALING WITH HANDS DOWN! Every step of the way after installation was shocking.
Inverter rating: 5/5
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Reasonable system great warranty and price

Overall a high quality Install delayed by corona lockdown. Electricians are hard to track down and make them keep thier word.
Battery rating: 4/5
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prompt installation

- I told them what system, products and price I was willing to buy, as I had done my research for a while.

- They were very quick, efficient and punctual, and placement of the hardware where I wanted, and cleaned up after installation.

- Customer service was excellent, from go to finish was three weeks including meter upgrade.

"I thank Solar Quotes to have provided me strong information to make an informed decision as to what system and dollar value I was investing in to save the Carbon-Footprint for Australia".

Thank You again Solar Quotes.
Abdul Rahim
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Excellent service. Custom system at the best pricing.

I found Victor was able to give me a price straight away on a system with my requested components. I had obtained wholesale pricing of the components prior to ringing so I knew what price I was looking for. Service was excellent. Installer was awesome. Cannot fault them.
Panel rating: 5/5
Inverter rating: 5/5
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Watch out!

Watch out - Poor workmanship from unreliable tradesman. This company had their tradesman instal the system on a new build. Drilled multiple holes in the outside roofing. Didnt fix work, multiple attempts to rectify. Advised of a $100 discount. Two months later Solar Power Nation ring and abuse as to why $100 remained outstanding on account. Email sent and no one ever replied. Be careful using this company as they use cheap inexperienced tradespersons and don't care about the quality of work they deliver as long as they get their money.
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Value for money same warranty as the more expensive brands.

It was what i'd expected installers were nice young fellows and worked hard, got the job done in no time.
Panel rating: 5/5
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Don't risk it, may be cheap upfront but will cost you in the long run

Taking money and getting it installed was fast but now a year later and water has been leaking through the solar panel mounts.

Calls and emails have lead to nowhere getting the problem fixed, saying an installer will be in touch or someone will call yet no one calls or gets in touch.

Go with someone reputable who will guarantee their work and the products.
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Quick turn around from order to installation.

Quick to give me a quote, no fuss installation. Grid connection was straightforward.
Inverter rating: 5/5
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Paid in full for my solar system after install the system does not work i have rang many many time and email for them to fix it and still not fixed its hard to contact them they don't return calls they when you do get on to them they tell you they will sort it out and ring you back guess what they never ring you back if you want solar use someone else i'm about you use a company that comes and fixes solar inverters I can't see solar power nation ever fixing any system that brakes down in the years to come i dont think they will be around that long stay away from them.
Inverter rating: 1/5
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Easy process, extremely competitive price, very professional installers

It was very easy to get in touch with the company and get different quotes for different panels and inverters. I’m very happy with the price and the installation is very neat. The installers are polite, professional and very well organised. They brought all the panels here the night before to save time the next morning. The installation took about 3 hours and everything looks very well put. No problem so far and on a perfect sunny day I produce 5kw easily! I’m very happy with the result and I definitely recommend Solar Power Nation (it was previously already recommended to me by a friend).
Panel rating: 5/5
Inverter rating: 5/5
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Poor service poor quality

Was told they offer great customer service after reading poor reviews.
They also said poor reviews were written by competitors.
Took my money and never booked anything in for 3 months.
Never returned calls and emails. Didn't want to give my money back.
Then I found out the quality of the system isn't very good so a blessing in disguise I guess
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Original Review on 28-03-2019:

SolarQuotes was very helpful in getting us started on our solar experience and was a great place to answer a lot of our questions.

Went with our chosen supplier mostly on price, but have been happy with the installation and system.
Original ratings

Panel rating: 4/5
Inverter rating: 4/5

Value for money: 4/5
Quality of System: 4/5
Installation: 5/5
Customer Service: 4/5

10 months later we asked Samantha: "Are you happy with the performance of your system so far?"

Yes, very much so. Solar system working well. We went with a relatively small amount of panels (12) but these have made a huge difference to our power bill. Very pleased so far.
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Won't Refund Deposit

I have been trying to get a refund of my deposit for over 12 months...
I have spoken to several different people and they say the same thing.... ohh sorry we will do it straight away...still waiting.
Very bad company and would definitely NOT USE.
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They needed to work on their customer service in the office but actual installation workmanship was very good
Inverter rating: 5/5
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Great Installers, LOUSY After Sales Service

Ordered my system from SPN in October 2018, after many phone calls re installation date got it installed Aust Day January 26, 2019. Great installers, finished before lunch, then went on and did another installation
System started tripping out after 19 days operation.

After repeated calls (100) and emails (25) to them a technician finally came on June 1 and diagnosed an inverter failure due to too many panels on one string, thus overloading inverter balance. Goodwe sent a new inverter but no joy getting it re installed.

Repeated calls to SPN ignored.
I went to Fair Trading and got a hearing, SPN were sent a tribunal hearing date and amazingly managed to ring me within 20 minutes of receiving Fair Trading's Email. Technician came and fitted new inverter and changed panel configuration. System appears to be working fine so far.

Was promised that I would get a return call or e-mail after the installation, but as usual NO-ONE from SPN returns your call unless they are after a payment.

Panel rating: 4/5
Inverter rating: 3/5
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Beautiful Installation. Prompt Service. INCREDIBLE Value for Money.

For anyone interested in Solar Power Nation. I can give you my thoughts.
I took up the $2.5k offer for 24x 275w panels and a 5kw inverter, fully installed. I inquired on Thursday, 19th September. After a dozen or so emails back and forth from saleman, and then two or three phone calls, I made the deposit on Wednesday, 25th September.
I received a phone call on the 1st of October from another salesman saying that the panels will be installed tomorrow (2nd of October), and that my panels were upgraded, free of charge, from ET panels to Canadian Solar 285w panels (which I was stoked with, Canadian Solar are ranked in the top 10 globally).
They submitted the paperwork to Energex, as well as contacting my energy provider to come out and put in a smart meter. I didn't have to do anything - very professional of them.

My panels were just installed then. Two guys rocked up about 9am this morning with a truck. One was very experienced, and the other an apprentice. They were not electricians, but definitely knew what they were doing. Took them about 4 hours to complete. I am VERY happy with the job, all neat and tidy, and looks very good. Panels were all brand new, and boxed up on a pallet.

Electrician is coming out tomorrow to install my inverter (SunGrow SG5KTL-D).

Overall, I cannot complain (so far) about Solar Power Nation. They were prompt, professional and the job looks good. Curious to see once inverter and smart meter are in, how much power my panels are producing.

Panel rating: 5/5
Inverter rating: 4/5
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