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About Solplanet, Solar Inverters

Solplanet solar inverters review

Many Australians may not have heard of Solplanet inverters, but the company that produces them has had products here under different brands for quite a while

It's a little complicated, but AISWEI was previously part of the SMA Group. Back in 2013, SMA also acquired a majority stake in Zeversolar; which then operated as a subsidiary of SMA. Zeversolar inverters were then manufactured by  AISWEI. But after SMA announced it would exit China and sell its companies there, instead Zeversolar totally wound up operations in December 2019.

AISWEI now produces single-phase, three-phase and hybrid inverters for the Australian market (and others) under the Solplanet brand. AISWEI  says it has 6GW annual production capacity and is selling more than 600,000 inverters per year.

The first Solplanet-branded single- and three-phase inverters were approved for use in Australia by the Clean Energy Council early in 2020, followed by several hybrid inverters in the middle of 2021.

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Solplanet Solar Inverter Reviews

Bought From: Ever Source Energy Show additional information
Installed 20kW at my place. It is working perfectly fine. I am using air-con and all the equipments like i normally do, so I would say good performance so far. I am aware that product comes with 10 years warranty and also got the direct customer care number of the Solplanet, Installer said they have thier dedicated support team which is very active. The app is working fine, with good insights. Thanks
Bought From: Solar Man Australia
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The inverter is good look, really like the color. quite easy to commission. Happy with the service
Bought From: Austra Energy
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It is nice-looking and no noise at all.
Installed in mid-Oct and everything all good now.
Most important is the App is very easy to understand and use. I can see my output and how much I save everyday.
Bought From: Solar Man Australia
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Solplanet 5kw 1p inverter. Very beautiful inverter. The Wi-Fi connection and app have worked flawlessly. It's easy to see what electricity is going where.
Bought From: Solar Galaxy
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The inverter needed quite a bit of work to get it to run properly, which has now been done and is running perfectly.
Bought From: Positive Energy Solutions Pty Ltd
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I loved the features of Solplanet compared to other brands like you can manage all the products with the app, I am installing it for the first time, but I did some research and saw Solplanet's review and heard from my mates as well. Moreover i loved the color of it, its suits my wall :)
Bought From: Solar Man Australia
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SIS Solar (the installer) supplied a Solplanet (AISWEI) ASWS 4000-s Inverter with our solar installation. Ausgrid had insisted on this size owing to Retirement Village restrictions. After it was turned on on March 8th when the Smart Meter was installed, it started to behave erratically- going off throughout the day and sometimes not coming on. The electrician from SIS said that the switch on the unit was 'sloppy' and indecisive- it doesn't click into place and arranged for a warranty claim to be put in the same day.

Apparently the agent has not acknowledged the claim and the manager at SIS has continued to receive no acknowledgement after a few e-mails.
Bought From: SIS Solar
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App is awful. Constantly needing to reset and big data gaps
Bought From: Hello Solar
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Bought From: Sun Group Energy Show additional information
Great inverter that isn't to big
With no display to worry about cracking, built in DC isolator
Great app easy to connect
Bought From: Innovate Energy ACT
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Model DC Voltage AC Power Efficiency
ASW5000H-S 80 - 5505000 97.85
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