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Hello Solar have offices in Melbourne, Adelaide & Sydney

Hello Solar Solar Reviews

We follow up with all reviewers after 12 months to see how their system is going since it was installed. These are all the reviewers who have responded to our 1 year follow up:
From the girls in the office to the guys that installed the system they were great to deal with. Show additional information
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Ordered and paid a deposit 16th March 2018 for installation 26th May. They contacted us 24th of May and said we had to pay an extra $1000 as the board at the front of the house needed upgrading, brand new board placed there 16 months ago. David the owner advised that he was happy to cancel the contract and give a full refund which was $1469. They put $1000 back into our account but have not returned the $469 deposit. The installer came around and advised us that the system they were going to install would not work to its full capacity. I have read reviews where this is not the first time this has happened. Consumer and Business Services has advised that if they do not pay the deposit back we can and will take action. Show additional information
I would say non-professional solar company. I have paid in advance on 19/10/2017 for installing a solar system in my house but now it is 108 days, still waiting. Every day I did call them for follow up but getting an awful excuse that still they are waiting for approval from the energy distributor, what a drama?!!! (it will take only one business day for getting approval) and every time when I call them they are convincing me by saying area manager will call you back for discussing but till this time they didn't ring me back. Soo many time I told them to cancel my order and refund the advance that I have paid but they don't want to do that as well, so ended up in a complaint with Consumer affairs Victoria.

On 06/04/2018 I received a call from a person introduce himself as legal advisor of hello solar and he stated that he is going to take legal action against me for writing review on GOOGLE and he said to me like if you are not removing the review I will proceed with legal action. He offered me, if you remove the review he will pay the advance money back and he will not proceed with legal action. I removed the review so that I could get the advance money back but they did not give back my advance money back. Avoid, avoid, avoid this unreliable company.
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Hello Solar made installing solar easy from start to finish. Great service, quick installation + their installer Andy gave fantastic customer service.
Travel to regional areas. Highly recommend
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It may not be the "absolute" best panels and inventor available, but with your information and my own research it was a very, very, hard deal to beat. Their time frame was impeccable and their installer extremely thorough and knowledgeable.
I would recommend to everyone.
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Just waiting on Energex to turn on the system otherwise everything went smoothly. Show additional information
As mentioned in previous correspondence, general I found the process of acquiring the information I needed to make my solar discussion very distasteful. With the exception of one of the company reps I spoke to, (9 in all), every representative from the 8 the remaining companies seem too have an agenda to discredit other solar providers.
They all stated their products were superior to other companies and made up ridiculous statement regarding panel quality, system install quality, compliance with 'some' standard or governing agency and manufacturer reputation and quality.
I get that these companies are about selling a product and making money, but to make claims like superior panel quality when in fact their panels are made by the exact same manufacturer and simply branded with their company name, (takes 2 minutes to trace and disregard using the internet), is time wasting, deliberately misleading and frankly deceptive behaviour.
Price was also used as a selling tool with claims like, "our systems costs more because we are again aligned to 'this and that organisation', and our system is a better system due to there superior quality", when in fact there not! Same system, same manufacturer, even same sticker location on the Inverter, just a different name on the sticker.
No wonder several of my friends relayed similar stories to me when I told them I was going to get solar and none of them had ever gone ahead with an install!

My advice to buyers.
Its simple, find a local supplier with local installers at a price that you're happy with, communicate well with them regularly and stick to the guidelines regarding deposits. No more that 10%, often they will take a holding deposit as low as $50 to put the order through. Definitely don't pay any more, if they hassle you about it put your foot down and tell them to back off or you will go elsewhere. You have nothing to loose, remember they 'need' to sell the systems you don't 'need' to buy one from them!
And remember, if for any reason you feel unhappy with the sellers actions or information the lower your deposit, the easier it is to walk away from the deal.

For info, I used Hello Solar, they were 'keen' to sell me a system I will admit, but I talked about what I wanted and when and I kept them updated with my requirements and they worked with me to supply and install the system around those requirements. They were, maybe not happy to take a $50 deposit, but did so to get the job started, including all paperwork, install and inspections. To date everything has gone very smoothly, system is in and producing power, paperwork has gone through to the various power suppliers and sellers to complete our grid connection and most importantly, we are happy with the system and the process we used to acquire it.
To date their customer service has been good and importantly, their aftersales service, though needing a prompt, has been timely and courteous.
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The supplier was able to provide install and equipment at a reasonable price for the equipment install standard etc. Install by qualified and insured electricians not labourers overseen by qualified persons. Roof penetrations expertly sealed. Software installed. System delivering close to expected results, averaging over 30Kw/hrs per day at this time. Glad not to have salespersons who were not qualified and/or did not spuik rubbish either in equipment standards or expected results. I specified equipment and in consultation achieved what I hoped for. Show additional information
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Hello Solar gave me a good competitive quote, a good system which I am to experience over a period of time to properly assess, they have kept me in the loop of whats happening, and where they are with the installation, they have had a heavy installation load but have kept me in contact. Show additional information
The guys who did the installation were great.
Very polite. Cleaned up after the installation.
I have recommended Hello Solar to my neighbor and a staff member at work.
Could not fault the customer service.
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Dave installed our solar from Hello Solar. He was fantastic, worked so hard in extreme heat. Installation is so neat and he cleaned up everything when finished. Cannot recommend him enough. Thanks Kay Sier Show additional information
Had system installed to run along side of existing 1kW system. Took 6 weeks from quote to install which was brillian, thad initial feedback problems but that was energy supplier not Hellosolar (line voltage too high) both are running on different inverters and same roof angle they are both generating similar daily kWh per 1kW of panels, seeing as original system cost $12.000 and this $4.500 installed including a new safety switch (old one faulty) the zevercloud inverter with wifi is brilliant and the 5kW system is almost enough for zero power bills ( 2 person residence ) it has been operating nearly 3 months now and all looks great, looking forward to negative summer power bills. Show additional information
Ordered in June 2017. Had lots of silence and poor follow up. When finally got through told they were having trouble getting the approval through.
Eventually got approval and was told we would be called about the installation. Over a month passed and we got random call about our order with lots of pathetic excuses. Told should be able to get installation done on 23 Nov 17. No further contact and 23rd has been and gone. And guess what my roof is still empty.
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To be installed in January. Recommendation by others as well as evaluation of specifications. Show additional information
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Installed 20 x 270W Jinko Panels with enphase micro inverters. Ensured they included every thing in the quote & emphasised it was a multi roof installation (panels on 4 different roof sections) with pitch up to 30deg & 3ph power. Though all this info was not passed onto installer, he did a great job in fitting the panels, & the enphase envoy in the restricted space next to the internal switchboard.
Hello Solar offered a fantastic price, & together with the knowledge & experience of the installer a great result has been achieved.
Pricing from your suggested suppliers were for LG panels with enphase micro inverters & all estimates were $10,000 plus
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Lack of communication would be our greatest quibble, it took about 8 weeks from signing up to installation. In that time we got no communication from hello Solar unless we contacted them. Even then we felt we was always been delayed for one reason or another. However finally got a call to say installation would happen and it has happened now, been inspected and all OK. Now waiting for our next electricity bill. Show additional information
Most vendors simply did not follow through, one kept quoting on the wrong property and none really responded to our needs. Although contacted vendor independently you pointed us to reviews that gave us some confidence that we were making an acceptable choice. Show additional information
The sales rep from here has been open & honest to us. They came to some of our terms in relation to a payment plan system. I believe the 5kw system we have purchased is one of the best prices available. I have beeen quoted numerous systems from all companies. The quality of the panels being used along with the inverter are rated as the top from all companies and suppliers I have been in contact with. Show additional information
They were able to extend the warranty on the Inverter for a small charge and allowed an upgrade onthe panels at no charge.
Bad weather did delay the panel installation.
Awaiting inspection.
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Felt really comfortable with the sales representative Christopher. Seemed a bit too true to begin, free battery, panel upgrades and all , thought it was a bit of a sales trick. But we've had the system installed for 5 weeks now. Inspected and connected as well. Not a bad deal. Show additional information
Their prices are great, and the installation itself is good, but due to issues within sales and customer service, the experience is negative overall.
Some avoidable mistakes made:
1. Lower-specced microinverters supplied and installed relative to the ones quoted
2. Unplanned cost of switch board upgrade, even though photos of switchboard were provided during quotation phase as requested
3. After installation, the unit was enabled and put online by installer. I was forced by Ausnet to turn the unit off until the power meter was enabled for solar.
4. Solar paperwork was not sent to correct energy retailer, even after checking a few time with Hello Solar that it was. It is now more than two months after installation and still cannot use the system and have another month wait.
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Got SMA unit with Enphase battery bit of effort setting up iPhone apps but done installation average but done got good value for money Show additional information
Called Hello Solar after seeing them at the footy. price was good, products were good. installation took around 4 weeks from signing up- great online system for doing the paperwork. also , they have a good online system for contacting them it's like a nice blog page.

Everything as expected , installers were a little late (said due to rain) but otherwise would recommend
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Their $1 battery offer is bogus. I have tried several times to order any size system with the battery offer and am unable to get them to book a date. They make rubbish excuses and say that someone will call back to take a booking and deposit, but never do. When you follow up and call, they pretend that there is no record of the earlier call. If you call back as another person, when you give them the same mobile contact number their system brings up the earlier call. In my opinion they are lying and have no intention of honouring the battery deal on a basic system. Show additional information
It is not installed yet. Show additional information