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About Hello Solar, Solar Installers

Hello Solar

Estimated pricing for system: $2,000 - $7,000 depending on hardware choice and installation difficulty ( how is this calculated? )

Hello Solar have offices in Melbourne, Adelaide & Sydney

Hello Solar Solar Reviews

Great, smooth process and easy to talk to

Sales process easy with local call centre. Pleasant to talk to and great explanations.
Whole process was guided, with lots of updates.
Install was great. Efficient, the guys cleaned up after, and it looks well done.
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Highly recommend Hello Solar

Had a great experience with Hello Solar.
Apart from a slight miscommunication over the Christmas break, they were great to deal with and flexible as we didn't have a firm date of moving into our new house.
All was resolved early in the new year and had the system installed less than a week after the approval was given. The guys who installed the system were great and gave me a good rundown on how it all worked.

Great to work with, would recommend them to anyone.
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Good after sales service

The sales quoting was quick and efficient
The installers were professional and punctual
After sales service is very good
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This is the second system we have had installed. Very happy with customer service and very good installation both times. Would highly recommend this company

Hello Solar use local electricians. Which is good for local business Show additional information

Great Installation very professional very happy with sales and service NW

Happy with sales/quote
Installing great Polite Tidy very Professional
Customer service to grid great NW.
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Great to deal with but!!!!!

I am very happy with the end result. I was given some poor advise as to how to obtain the Vic Gov rebate, but got there anyway in the end. Mine was a shed install on a new home. When the installer arrived he measured the distance from the house to the shed and then told me that the 6mm under ground cable was insufficient to carry the load of the system and required the cable to be 16mm. I had to have the under ground removed and replace at significant cost. So beware if you have as similar Install in mind. Show additional information
Hello Solar have a great upfront sales experience, post sales support is not very good at all though either is their project management. My initial experience was great pre-installation and pre-payment!

I bought my system in June, it was operational in about September and the app to monitor not completed until late November.
The project management was absent. This must be a rinse and repeat process. I was chasing my retailer for a smart meter and then had to get my board modified (L2 electrician I don't remember what this was). Everything happened serially and without an end to end view of what is needed for the system to go live. We seemed to stumble onto the next hurdle one step at a time which then introduced the next set of delays. This could have been very simple with a simple checklist or project plan up front - even if I had to manage it.
Chasing Hello Solar for support, once they have your money, is painful and fruitless. Oh and they want full payment essentially BEFORE they install
I don't believe that they are particularly knowledgeable about the technology either. I opted for a string system to keep the costs down and was interested in adding some enphase microinverters to optimize the system and cost/benefit. They didn't really seem to know anything about these and quoted adding them to all panels (pointless to my mind)

If you use them and get a GROWATT inverter however, the local GROWATT support is excellent - just don't bother with Hello Solar for support
Their installers were just local tradesmen who were subcontracted. They seemed to do a good job, but that is the luck of the draw I suspect

Lastly, I have a 5.5kw system my inverter maxes out at 5kw (which the app shows it is hitting). My electricity usage is about 1kw / hour. I am only receiving 2kwh of credits from my retailer. I do not know where the other 2kw per hour are going? It's not much money every day, but I would like to understand this - I will not bother asking Hello Solar again

I would consider Hello Solar again though, but the price would need to be excellent. This was a really good price and the system is in and functioning and overall that is what matters, but you need to expect a slow installation and you are in trouble if you need anything from them beyond payment date. You get what you pay for and Hello Solar compete at the bottom price range. I didn't expect premium service at this price point, but I did expect better support than what I received.
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Highly recommend hello solar they have been great was on my roof in 3 weeks up n running best company AAA plus

Hello solar was excellent to get the job done good price too Show additional information

Excellent service

Staff were excellent in their assistance navigating the solar rebates paperwork, Mohammed was great in his assistance whereas the solar rebates staff were hopeless.Installation was quick and gained top marks from the electrical inspector which was re assuring. Show additional information


No trouble with installation, or customer service but we have no idea how the app works and Zeversolar were no help at all Show additional information

Good solar system, great at sales, but lack customer service after you have signed up.

Great with selling me the system, always happy to help with questions and answers when I was looking at buying, however after I signed up, the install date kept getting delayed, when I would ring and ask for the install date, everyone was unsure, asked for the manager and was told they would ring me back with a date, they never rang back. Got an email finally confirming install date (aprox 4 weeks after it was meant to be installed).

Installer turned up on the day telling me straight away he could not fit all the panels on my roof (i had already asked many times before I signed up whether they would all fit, and was told yes as they measured my roof using computer mapping). I argued with installer who agreed he could fit them on my roof. After the install was finally done, i found a-lot of rubbish (screws, bolts, electrical wiring, terminals etc) in my gutters and on my roof.

Happy with the sales team, very unhappy with install side of it.
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After initial problems with the installation Hello Solar managed to fix the problem. Now the system is running at its full potential. Show additional information


I am very happy with my solar system purchased from Hello Solar. The company has helped me with a good price and professional delivery. We are going to be recommending to our friends and family who are also interested in going solar. Show additional information
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Good value for money. Working fine. Saving lots of $$

I got 24 X 275 Watt Polycrystalline Astro panels and a Zeversolar inverter. Not the best panels around but they were cheap, do their job and is saving me heaps! During good sunny summer days, I get 35-40 kWh per day. Installation was straight forward and neat. Took about 5 hrs. to complete. They explained and showed me how to read the various readings on the inverter meter. Setting up the wi fi to my modam took a while but we got there. Phone lines are not easy to get through if they need to be contacted. Overall, happy with the whole installation and company. Show additional information

Easy to deal with Hello Solar. Great Installation

The sales/quoting process was painless and quite quick. The installation went very well. The installers were two of the most polite tradies that I have encountered. The government inspector stated that this was one of the best installations that he has seen. All follow up doc was submitted punctually to our energy supplier for grid connection. Show additional information


Absolutely disgusting business practices. Wanted a deposit before sending out full contract then messed up the contract so I called it off. Ignore all phone calls have just got my money back through a credit card chargeback. Have reported them to consumer affairs. Just stay away from these crooks. Show additional information
My experience with hello solar is that they are quite pushy. You must be patient and not immediately sign up. You need to ask them for winter pictures and pictures late in the arvo of your roof to understand shading impacts.

I believe that they may be prone to telling a few furphies, eg we have some panels from company who went into liquidation, when i think they are waiting to fill up a pallet.

I am not impressed by handing over a deposit before i see the paper work. Always told special will only last a few days.

On the good side, they were able to accommodate my requests for locating the panels over 3 sections.
Ordered on 12 December 18 with an install date start of March 19.
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Strongly recommend not to use this company. In the beginning they were really easy to deal with and great customer service and then once it came to installation there was an mistake made on their behalf and they are refusing to fix it, they are really rude and difficult on the phone and basically couldn't care less. We paid to have the solar panels on an angle and they didn't do this (we paid $30 per panel x 24 panels). At first they admitted it but now the customer service rep is saying we don't have proof and too bad (he even admitted it would be too much of a hassle to get them to come back out and we just have to accept it) Really really disappointed mostly definitely won't be recommending this company and will be taking it further. Show additional information
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We are on a single income with young kids with a very tight budget. The guys you gave us quoted us $7-9k yes it would have been nice to have that kind of money to spend but sadly we dont.

We got a 6.6 system for $3250 after Fed Gov Rebate and $2k Hello Solar special. Yes we understand its not the best system out there, and you get what you pay for, but its all we could afford to pay for. So far its been working great and we are really happy.
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Your website is excellent Show additional information
Dealing with Hello Solar was very good to start with, our sales lady Briony Langdale was fantastic.
Everything was going well,then we were told that our installation was to take place in August.
Pity about the weather ,when the installers turned up, had left all the panels and go off and do another job.They came back two days later ,the senior installer told us he had discovered asbestos behind the outside cladding, he made a phone call to his base .He then told us he could not do the installation , loaded up all the panels and headed back to Melbourne.
I then rang Hello solar, asking to speak to Briony ,but was told she was busy ,about ten minutes later a man called Dave rang and said he was from the technical section ,what was the problem, so I told him.
He told me he would make some phone calls and get back to me,about half an hour later he rang back and said the installers would be coming back in a couple of hours to do the job.
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Paid for the system in full and were told it would be installed within 2 weeks. It took 2 months. The zeversolar inverter didn’t work. Hello Solar wanted to blame too much power coming from the grid causing an error. It wasn’t. Took weeks of phone calls and frustration to get it replaced. From the time we paid until we had a ‘working’ system took 3 & 1/2 months. Our system has 6kw panels with a 5kw inverter. Our system should be generating around 20kwh per day. We’re getting less than 10kwh. Our power bill has increased due to needing to remove tariff 33 and paying the higher tariff. We have been using most power through the day having to change our usage habits. We bought solar to reduce our power bill and have had the opposite outcome. We had trees removed prior to buying solar to ensure panels get enough sun. Wish my hubby read reviews prior to signing with them. I hope this helps others not make the same mistake we did with using Hello Solar. I will be getting another company to assess my options. Show additional information
I found the website very helpful - helping clear the murky waters of solar. It gave us the confidence to look further into other solar providers & know what to ask for.
Teaslec was fantastic can’t recommend him enough - he has even followed us up after knowing we went with another provider to ensure we’re happy. I would have selected him but we went with cheaper which worried me but about 4 weeks into our solar installation we have had no issues.
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Hello solar is a great company to deal with. Installed on time and great customer service and value for money Show additional information
Only received one contact through Solar Quotes (but you did say not many of your contacts in my area) - their price was $6100 for a 6.1 kw system, I paid $3999 for 6.6 kw, that puts out a full 5 kwh as allowed into the grid - looking forward to see what my power bills are after supply authority makes final connection.

Already knew about Hello Solar through several friends who had had their installations done with rave reviews of their experiences with this company.

But as with any exercise such as this one, always have to do due diligence with more than one quote.

The install team were excellent, first class tradesmen, no external conduits I was very happy about, as I'm an electrician by training.

Now I must thank you for your interest, consultation, advice and followup, most appreciated.
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We bought a new 5 kw system (Zeversolar inverter and Jinko panels) from Hello Solar as a replacement for an older 1 kw system installed in 2009 by another company. Given the installation and reliability problems that we had back then (never again will we deal with that company), and also the quite cheap cost of the system from Hello Solar (half the price of some other quotes), we were expecting average service at best, and to have to deal with installation issues. We were also aware that this time we were targeting middle of the range quality equipment. Last time we paid for premium equipment, but it just wasn't worth the extra money.
We have been pleasantly surprised with the service that we got from Hello Solar, and the high quality of the installation. Two of our friends also signed up for the same deal immediately as a result of our experience. Given our last experience, I asked lots of questions and had some specific requirements, all of which were answered to my satisfaction. It has now been installed for nearly 6 months, and we have had a trouble free run so far, with the system generating over 40kWh per day on clear sunny days, generating power from very early in the morning to very late in the afternoon. The Zeversolar iPhone app and also the ZeverCloud website is very handy for monitoring the system, which has produced 5.73 MWh to date. Thank you Hello Solar.
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I have found this to be one of the smoothest transactions ever completed seeing it was all over the phone and email. We were kept up to date at all times even over the Christmas break.

The installers were two of the nicest people you could meet (Zin & Ali) who left home at 4:00am to arrive at our place at 7:00 installed the 24 panels on two roof levels to finish at 3:00pm for a long drive home. Neighbours have told me that our installation is one of the neatest they have ever seen.

After being installed yesterday the ESV Accredited Inspectors arrived this morning, who could complain about that sort of service.

All the girls at Hello Solar have been more than courteous and helpful, 110% to them all.
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I must have spoken with about 6-7 staff from Hello Solar over a 3 month period and every person I spoke with was delightful. The installers sms’d me with an expected arrival time and they were brilliant. They worked tirelessly on the roof (temperatures in excess of 38degrees) and communicated with me to get the best outcome. They fitted my 22 panels in a new configuration than was originally planned, requiring the installation of some tilt frames. To top it off their manager David contacted me on the day of installation to check all was going well and to let me know that they would absorb the cost of the tilt frames (which made their very competitive price even better). Not many companies offer such exceptional customer service. In the end I got everything I asked for PLUS more!! I have not got my first electricity bill yet but I am looking forward to the savings from herein. Thanks Hello Solar and your installation teams. Show additional information
The worst experience of my life!


For starters the team at the Melbourne office have zero product knowledge. I was told that was only eligible for the government rebate if I had the 4kw system installed for $3999. I did a little research and of course found their claim to be false and amended my order to the 6.5kw system which was advertised for the same price.

It didn't end there.

The installers turned up with a 4kw system and told me that's what I ordered. Then they tried to tell me it was exactly the same as the 6.5kw system! After many phone calls a 5kw inverter arrived a few hours later as well as a few extra panels. I asked where the rest of the panels were and was told that's all they could fit on my roof, how convenient. There is still sufficient space on my roof for the 4 additional panels but this was ignored by the installer and the Hello Solar office.

Now three months after the installation I am still not feeding energy into the grid.
The reason for this is Hello Solar sent incorrect paperwork to my electricity supplier not once or twice, but 3 times.

After numerous calls to Hello Solar I was finally told that the manager was going to speak to me.

I waited..... No call. I rang the office and finally spoke to the manager who said she needed 1hr to look over my case and she would call me back it was about 4pm at this stage (the manger said she would be in the office until 8pm). I waited some more, no call back. I rang the office at about 7pm, the office was closed.

The next morning I received a call on a private number from a man called David claiming to be the CEO of the company.

The so-called CEO was rude, belligerent and condescending whose only interest was to abuse me and to tell me that they're not going to do anything to help.

The CEO has absolutely zero product knowledge and zero knowledge of how solar works. I was told that after 3 months I would have made about 10 cents in feed in tariffs and that he would send me a cheque for this amount.

The supposed CEO made constant attempts to intimidate me.

At the start of the call he asked if I would like a refund, I agreed. He then said "Well you're not getting one". He offered to send me a recording of our conversation, then said "You're not getting it!" He then claimed to have been in contact with my electricity supplier and claimed to he proof that I was feeding energy into the grid (I rang my supplier the day before they said they wouldn't submit the paperwork for three more days), I asked for this evidence and what a surprise was told..... "You can't have that either!"
Before he ended the call I was told that Hello Solar would not be taking my calls.
The CEO thought he had hung up on me, but hadn't, I then heard him laughing about the phone call with his colleagues.

If the CEO treats customers in this fashion you can imagine what the rest of Hello Solar's employees are like.


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The supplier was able to provide install and equipment at a reasonable price for the equipment install standard etc. Install by qualified and insured electricians not labourers overseen by qualified persons. Roof penetrations expertly sealed. Software installed. System delivering close to expected results, averaging over 30Kw/hrs per day at this time. Glad not to have salespersons who were not qualified and/or did not spuik rubbish either in equipment standards or expected results. I specified equipment and in consultation achieved what I hoped for. Show additional information
Unfortunately all the companies you provided were much more expensive for smaller systems, and despite promises of better quality components they were generally the same for higher prices. Basically the systems are becoming commodity, and the providers you supplier were approx 50% more expensive when comparing like for like. Show additional information
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I had a 6.1kw solar system installed by Hello Solar on 9 May 2018 and were told everything was organised etc for it to be connected. In September 2018, on receiving our power bill, we found we were not getting any solar credits. Contacted Hello Solar who said it must be a problem with Energex or our retailer as they had done everything as promised. Multiple calls and hours later, we found out there were two forms that needed to be submitted and Hello Solar had not submitted one of the 2 forms. I wrote emails and contacted them every week for 6 weeks. Since mid Sept. They still have not responded and continue to ignore me. I have lost over $600 in electricity payments now and am furious at the lack of reply or care they have shown. I finally got them to send through the right paperwork almost 5 months late. Completely unacceptable. Of course I am powerless to compel them to correct their breach of contract. This company is not interested in you once they have your money. BEWARE AND AVOID AT ALL COSTS.
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I have no idea if we got a good quality system or not... but they had good warranty offers and were cheapest for the biggest system. Show additional information
Hello Solar rock!! Confirmed and paid the deposit on Friday, the system was up and operating on Wednesday. Took all their mess very neat install very courteous guys just an easy installation. Show additional information
All nice prior to sign up then a long wait with many re-deadlines before installed, then a month before the system was able to operate because of poor installation. Worked well for 6 months then inverter blew up lots of back and forth for more than two months with many excuses and dates for repair made , still waiting!! Show additional information
Worst decision i have ever made. All good on phone. soon as installed and issues started to arise no help whatsoever. Over charged as well as deposit was not subtracted from total price. Would avoid them at all costs! Still trying to get it sorted after months with no luck. Show additional information
Hello Solar gave me a good competitive quote, a good system which I am to experience over a period of time to properly assess, they have kept me in the loop of whats happening, and where they are with the installation, they have had a heavy installation load but have kept me in contact. Show additional information
Had a call from Chris, very good to talk with. The fact that he wouldn't give a written price was a bit strange, since the verbal price was given Hello Solar increased the price verbally then when I paid the deposit and received the invoice the price has increased again.
So will see how they go moving forward
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I had the solar panels installed, within the first three months a number of panels started to discolour. I sent photos to their support team which they asked for. I then received an email that they had their technical people look at the photos of the panels and said that they did not look right and could be replaced. I received an email and phone call saying that the panels would be replaced and they would let me know when this would happen. That was a last month and I have not heard from them again even after I sent a number of emails the find out where they were at.

I could not recommend them.
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If it wasn't for talking to the other people you suggested l wouldn't have known all of the facts. By doing so I gained a great deal of knowledge that helped me immensely. So thank you for the opportunity to be able to make an informed decision. Frank especially gave me most of the information that I needed.
Regards Peta
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