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About Chint Solar Zhejiang, Solar Panels

Chint Solar Zhejiang solar panels review

Astronergy/Chint Solar is a subsidiary of China's CHINT group. The company claims it has 3.5GW module production capacity. Aside from China production, Astronergy has a 350MW solar cell production facility in Thailand.

Chint Solar Zhejiang Solar Panel Reviews

Bought From: SunEnergy Show additional information
Honestly don`t know about these products, only what I am told.
I trusted this company for what they told me..
So far all is performing very good.
Bought From: Hielscher Electrical and Communications Pty Ltd
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I've been tracking output for over two years, while it's still early days, the panels seem to be holding up very well so far.
Bought From: Hello Solar
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They struggle to get to the 6.6kW, or else the inverter cannot deal with the 6.6kW.
Bought From: Technaus Solar
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The panels are fantastic
Bought From: Into Solar
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Incomplete installation so unsure
Bought From: TradePro
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after a moderately difficult install (because of ceramic tiled roof),electician installer did a compact /tidy installation that is pleasant to the eye and they haven,t missed a beat
Bought From: Clewers of Clare
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Brand: Astronergy
On a good day panels output 10% higher than rating.
Bought From: Pedler Naracoorte
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(Astroenergy brand)

AGL only installed 7 panels, and as a result it has never reached the promised 1.5 kw - the very best I have seen, being 1.465 Kw at the height of midsummer. in full sun, at about midday. The panels do require cleaning every 3 to 4 months.which improves the performance. Perhaps AGL should have installed 8 as on most other installations I have seen.

I also do not believe that the installers chose the correct angle for the latitude of our home, simple using the fixed angle of the roof.

Better placement of the panels would certainly have given a better result.
Bought From: AGL Solar
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Chint Solar Zhejiang has 30 solar panels in our database

Model Type Size (W) PTC (W) Performance Ratio
CHSM5612M-185 (72 cells)Monocrystalline18516890.81
CHSM5612M-190 (72 cells)Monocrystalline19017190.00
CHSM5612M-195 (72 cells)Monocrystalline19517690.26
CHSM5612M-200 (72 cells)Monocrystalline20018190.50
CHSM6610P-245 (60 cells)Polycrystalline24522290.61
CHSM6610P-250 (60 cells)Polycrystalline25022690.40
CHSM6610P-255 (60 cells)Polycrystalline25523190.59
CHSM6610P-260 (60 cells)Polycrystalline26023690.77
CHSM6610P-265 (60 cells)Polycrystalline26524090.57
CHSM6611P-275 (66 cells)Polycrystalline27524789.82
CHSM6611P-280 (66 cells)Polycrystalline28025290.00
CHSM6611P-285 (66 cells)Polycrystalline28525790.18
CHSM6612P-260 (72 cells)Polycrystalline26023289.23
CHSM6612P-265 (72 cells)Polycrystalline26523789.43
CHSM6612P-270 (72 cells)Polycrystalline27024289.63
CHSM6612P-275 (72 cells)Polycrystalline27524689.45
CHSM6612P-280 (72 cells)Polycrystalline28025189.64
CHSM6612P-285 (72 cells)Polycrystalline28525790.18
CHSM6612P-290 (72 cells)Polycrystalline29026290.34
CHSM6612P-295 (72 cells)Polycrystalline29526690.17
CHSM6612P-300 (72 cells)Polycrystalline30027190.33
CHSM6612P-310 (72 cells)Polycrystalline31028090.32
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