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AGL Solar Reviews

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About AGL Solar, Solar Installers

AGL Solar is the solar division of AGL: a large energy company operating throughout Australia.

AGL has a large portfolio of renewable energy assets and is currently building three wind projects: the huge Macarthur wind project in Victoria, as well as Oaklands and Hallett 5.

AGL purchased Rezeko in July 2011 and rebranded them as AGL Solar. By 2014 they appeared to have wound that venture down. Fast forward to May 2015 and they are investing tens of millions to set up yet another solar division to have another crack at the solar (and storage) market.

In terms of customer reviews: one reviewer noted that the company offered a two year interest free payment system, while other customers mentioned the company's long history as being a major factor in deciding to go with them for solar installation.

Fair enough - Although I'd wager that they don't get many installations in the beautiful Hunter Valley these days...

Here are all their reviews as submitted by our lovely SolarQuotes users:

AGL Solar Solar Reviews

We follow up with all reviewers after 12 months to see how their system is going since it was installed. These are all the reviewers who have responded to our 1 year follow up:
Too early to tell if performance and savings are as good as promised, as the system was only activated two days ago. But I reckon it is a reasonable deal from $4000 fully installed, and a feed in rate of 12 cents, with a big company support. Show additional information
Two of your quoters gave me information and prices. One supplier wanted me to do the work for them and supply them with too much information (they got nothing from me) The Denman price quote was ridiculously high and they will be out of business soon. The other was over a thousand dollars cheaper. AGL (with an employee discount) was three thousand cheaper for essentially the same system. I am Upset and disappointed as I didn't know to what was the right questions to ask and fell for marketing and spin again!
Meaning that all the solar company's did not tell me about the true output operating losses (26%) which made my calculations of cost verses benefit and pay off time useless.
I felt lied to and manipulated again (rage). I will not be recommending any of the company's to anyone. The feed in tariffs stated were also marketing BS. I'm not getting the advertised 6.1c but 5.4 c (more rage and I mean rage) I have actively bagged the lying spin master Solar panel industry to at least a half a dozen people. So I probably influenced at least 3 not to go solar.
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Don't bother.
AGL will reschedule, tell you in writing that they will reimburse you for loss of money from your job, and NOT pay you anything
They will tell you that your system is fully operational and integrated, but it wont be.
Your power bill wont go down but your bank account will and your frustration will be the only thing going up.
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I went with AGL in the end as they were able to provide the 3 phase battery ready inverter brand that I wanted. The companies recommended by SolarQuotes were also providing the same brand inverter but were simply not able to compete on price. The difference was almost $3k. That was mostly because AGL discounted their price to match another competitors quote. The deal also included a 12c feed in rate. Show additional information
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Installation very good , I day in and out .
Everything works very well
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I got lucky that AGL matched the price Show additional information
I have read some negative reviews about AGL Solar.
Though I have had nothing but a good experience.
Everything happened as it was stated in the contract.
I think some people don't fully understand the process of having solar installed and get disgruntled through their own ignorance or impatience .
The sales rep Jalrath was extremely honest and helpful.
Thank you
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AGL appeared very keen to get the buisness. Frequent follow-up and discounting to match other similar offers. Show additional information
System installed in 2012, and the ECO2000 brand Inverter stopped working Mid January 2016 and despite numerous calls and assurances made each time that a Tech would come out, nothing has happened, not even a courtesy return call or email to advise status. I chose AGL as a supplier because i assumed that being a large Australian company, i would get warranty service, sadly this is NOT the case, rather once they have your money, your ignored and forgotten. I cannot possibly recommend AGL Solar for their aftersales "service", their warranty is only worth the paper it is written on, It is Shameful for them to call themselves an Australian Company. Ombudsman seems the only option left. Show additional information
There are just too many PV system "brand" options which is then reflected in the price of installation.
Decided to go ahead with AGL as they are the current energy retailer and had a 2 yr interest free payment option.
System components are not the best however with manufacturer warranty and assumptions that AGL will be around to resolve problems is key to my decision.
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They got the photos on the installation wrong
The 14 panels did not fit vertically as one had to go horizontally
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I have spent 10K on solar panels with AGL Solar, when you talk to the sales people they are full of promises and are so lovely to speak with. Just wait until after you have a problem with anything, they are evasive, and found they speak over you when you are talking and seem too big for the boots they are in. They will not listen to you, they will drive you basically crazy. The after sales support you receive is woeful. Seems like the support staff have no clue what they are doing, always have to call you back and never do. You ask for a manager and you get someone else call you. The only word of advise I can give you is to go with somebody else, stay clear of AGL Solar.

The solar command dashboard they will try to sell to you has not worked for me, it does not give accurate consumption readings, and do not even try to make an inquiry on one as no-one seems to know anything about it and you will get a pre prepared email read out to you.

This is my two cents on this company.
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There were variations to my contract and AGL are quite reluctant to pass back the credit on 2 solar panels that weren't installed.
Solar command is also given to you as part of their Solar Solution however they've told me I'm not eligible due to cost???? Then they tried to tell me my standard switchboard would require significant rewiring..... Needless to say they still haven't resolved my issue... Don't deal with them. I may need to get the ACCC involved....
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Am happy with service provided by supplier, but disappointed that system appears to have never (despite good sunny conditions) as yet generated more than 75% (and often less) than capacity. So already wondering if the expense of system was worth it.

If you wish to use my review on website, you may do so IF you only use my Initials and state.
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Very informative, installed in a day, 5 minute power interruption Show additional information
AGL Solar subcontracted the install to a second company (Skybridge), who themselves subcontracted out the physical install. Quite a few issues from that arrangement! Rooftop isolators were installed incorrectly, with the weather shield on the side, rather tan on top of the isolator. Panels installed a little crooked, and untidy work around the inverter. Physical installer was sent back to correct these issues.

Biggest issue so far: the inverter supplied (Solis) appears to interfere with our Electrolux induction cooktop. When the inverter is on, the cooktop cannot be used as it throws up an error code. This means we have to turn off our solar to cook, or wait till dark. The installer has swapped out the inverter for another identical brand and model, and guess what? It still interferes with the cooktop. The Solis manufacturers obviously blame the cooktop, and the cooktop engineer we had out blames the inverter!

AGL Solar have now offered to swap out the Solis inverter for an Aurora, and I am still waiting for that. Also all three parties involved keep saying it is one of the other parties that will arrange the metering work. I am waiting to see if the cooktop issue gets rectified, then finding my own sparkie.

The "interest free" credit comes with "administration charges", so works out to be an additional $300 over the 2 year finance period. Having said that, the paperwork stated clearly not to sign if not fully satisfied, so to date I haven't. I think this has been a very useful thing in moving to the resolution of the cooktop issue, as each time I speak with AGL Solar, I am able to remind them they still have not been paid yet!

I fully understand that this problem with the cooktop was completely unforeseen, and I really appreciate the efforts being made by AGL to find a solution. They offered me the option of changing the inverter, or paying halves on a new cooktop, plus meeting its install costs
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AGL and their installer SEQ Electrical were amazing in the service that they provided from start to finish and even after installation. Show additional information
Thanks for helping me with questions I had no idea about. I appreciate the advice given. Show additional information
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Two of the suppliers you suggested were prompt and provided good information, so I was happy with this. Although I selected a different provider in the end, their information was valuable and relevant for me to make a decision Show additional information
The thing to remember with Solar these days, is that it is more worthwhile if someone is home during the day and can use the surplus power. The feed in tariff is only 8 cents per KWh. The cost to buy power is more like 26 cents per KWh. Keep your high power usage to 11am to 2pm depending on your system. Shutdown all you can at night to get the most out of your system. Solar was a good option in our case since I am working from home and can make good use of the power when it is available. Show additional information
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AGL use contractors to install and they have some issues with their customer response. Show additional information
Fantastic customer service, could't be happier.
Very fast, detailed and informative quoting and cost breakdown with all the relevant product information you'll need, including warranties, step by step installation processes and FAQ's all in one package. No 'grey areas' and I had a peace of mind knowing what I'm buying and from who...
You will know exactly what you get and how it is done.
AGL arranged everything from the first site inspections to SA Power bookings. All I had to do is read the updates (email + text) and follow the progress. All done in under 3 weeks from quote request to Panel and inverter installation.
Big thank you for Michael H. in AGL Solar for good service.
Now just waiting for the SA power to come and install the meter in 3 weeks time...
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AGL not great at customer service once they have your money, our next step will be to the ombudsman. Show additional information
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Yes, make sure that the meter has been arranged for when installation takes place as you may have to wait for a few weeks after installation as we did as the company did not arrange this until after and meters are on high demand so they need to be ordered.

If looking at adding more panels at a later date opt for a larger converter at installation as if your converter is not large enough you will need to pay for a new converter. All of this information would have been useful before our installation.
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Was looking forward to changing my tariffs to 'time of use' but have found that this is not an automatic process and also not a process that was encouraged by my provider(who also happens to be AGL).

Due only to my picking the brains of the sub-contractors who installed my system was this discovered and rectified. This aside, the system seems okay; user friendly buttons etc, no faults thus far. Have yet to see whether our change in use habits are effective; the first bill I'm sure, will inform me of any micro-changes that need to be made.

Also, have financed my system through AGL on 2yrs interest-free; will have to wait and see how that goes too.
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Thank you for a great service. Show additional information
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My experience with Mark Group was not good there people skills were appalling. Show additional information
I found solar power a bit of a minefield. Trying to read all the material and understand it, whether the brands that people use are of a good standard. In the end I went with AGL who were offering customers a deal. So far, they have installed the panels and seem to have done a good job, no roof leaks, just waiting on the electrician to come now and hook it up. Show additional information
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At the last minute AGL switched the panels I originally bought with outdated inferior ones without any compensation. Also during the install they put a hole in my inside wall! Show additional information
In addition to best price for what seems a good quality system(time will tell), AGL offer a backing which is stronger and lower risk than others.

Have not really had much testing yet and so do not know how we'll it will perform vs. expectations suggested by supplier.
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I got conflicing answers when I asked how the rebate worked and if I changed suppliersfor an increased rebate would I get the normal rebate if I went back to my original supplier. Some said yes others no. Show additional information
Wish we had chosen one of your three your web site made a massive contribution to our decision to buy a system. Show additional information
Energy Australia quoted for a meter to complete system, but their installer tried to tell me I should have a Gross meter which is apparently not used now. Bad service there. Show additional information