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About AGL Solar, Solar Installers

AGL Solar

AGL Energy is Australia's second largest electricity retailer with over 3.7 million customers, which is around 14% less than the leader of the pack, Origin Energy.

As of August 2016 SolarQuotes has received 92 reviews for AGL Solar. This is less than one quarter the number received by their rival Origin Energy. The reason for the discrepancy is AGL has been very inconsistent in how much effort they put into building their solar installation business.

They started off strong in 2011 by purchasing the solar installer Rezeko (AKA Eko Energy) and rebranding it as AGL Solar. But despite getting this very foot in the door the year rooftop solar took off in Australia, by 2014 AGL had pretty much given up on installing solar and wound down the solar installation side of their business. Why they did this I don’t know. Maybe they didn’t like building competition to their central, fossil fuel generators.

But despite doing dirty business by expanding their coal generating capacity during this time, it appears they could not stay away from rooftop solar. In 2015 they spent tens of millions building a new solar and home energy storage installation division. Why they had a change of heart, I don’t know. Maybe they just decided there was money to be made. So far, they have shown no sign of backing out again.

Currently AGL has received an average rating of 3.9 out of 5, which is just a little worse than Origin. I would like to be able to report that AGL has improved their ratings since they started installing again, unfortunately the 23 reviews received in the 12 months prior to August 2016 only received an average rating of 3.7. But that is not a large number of reviews so we can’t be certain it represents a real decline in quality.

AGL uses quality tier 1 solar panels with a 12 year product warranty. They warranty their inverters for 8 years. And provide a 10 year workmanship warranty. This means most homeowners should not be out of pocket for repairs for at least 8 years.

Despite the less than stellar reviews received over the last 12 months, I would judge AGL to be a safe choice for solar installation and expect the large majority of their customers to be satisfied with their systems.

AGL Solar Panels Are Made By Hanwha

At the time of writing in August 2016, AGL uses only Hanwha Solar HSL 60S polycrystalline solar panels. These are tier 1 and reliable.

The company that makes them are called 'Hanwha Q-Cells' and they make panels under both the ‘Hanwha’ and ‘Q-Cells’ brands, Hanwha being the budget offering. So be aware that you will not get the more expensive 'Q-Cells' panels through AGL.

The Hanwha Solar Panels used by AGL have a product warranty of 12 years which is ahead of the 10 year industry standard. They also have a performance warranty of 25 years, but unfortunately this is of little use to most households. The details of solar panel warranties can be found here.

AGL Solar Inverters Are Solis Inverters

Currently, AGL uses the relatively obscure Solis brand of inverters which are produced by Ginlong Technologies in the city of Ningbo, just south of Shanghai. Normally they have a five year warranty but AGL gives a warranty of 8 years for the ones they install. This above average warranty means most rooftop solar systems are likely to have paid for themselves by the owner might have to shell out for an inverter replacement.

AGL Provides A 10 Year Workmanship Warranty

AGL has a 10 year workmanship warranty. This means if any damage occurs to your home or solar system as a result of their installation they will have it repaired at their expense.

Compared to the industry average the 10 year workmanship warranty is excellent. A 10 year workmanship warranty is the longest that is commonly offered.

AGL Offers 2 Year 0% Interest Repayment And 5 Year Low Interest Repayment

For solar systems from 1.5 to 5 kilowatts in size, AGL offers 2 years 0%* interest repayment or 5 year repayment at a current rate of 3.95%*.

Both those figures have an asterisk besides them because those figures:

“*...may not include all fees and charges.”

This asterisk information is displayed in literally small print, which is in grey font instead of black, making it harder to read. I hope people over 50 don't have to pay these fees and charges because after a few more years of aging that small print is just going to look like a grey smear to me.

AGL Leases Solar

AGL will lease you a rooftop solar system in what they call a Solar Smart Plan. I certainly think it would be smart to carefully consider if this is suitable for you before signing up.

With their Solar Smart Plan they will install solar on your roof for free and then charge you for the electricity it produces. The cost will be less than the price of grid electricity, but a heck of a lot more than the nothing you would be paying if you owned the system yourself.

This arrangement continues for as long as your contract lasts and you can roll it over if you wish. If you want to end the contract you can buy the system off them for its initial cost less 5% of that original amount each year. So after 20 years it's free.

Personally I don't recommend solar leasing, but it can suit people who want the environmental benefits and some of the economic benefits solar provides but can't afford to buy a system outright or borrow money at a good rate.

AGL Is Australia's Largest Generator

While AGL comes second to Origin in the number or retail electricity customers it has, no one beats it on generation. AGL owns more generating capacity and produces more electricity than any other Australian company. While AGL owns the nation’s largest wind farm and largest solar farm, the vast bulk of its capacity is fossil fueled.

As a result of its fossil fuel holdings AGL is the largest emitter of CO2 in Australia.

AGL Owns Australia's Largest Wind Farm And Solar Farm

AGL Energy owns Victoria's Macarthur wind farm and the Broken Hill and Nyngan solar farms. Despite being the largest fossil fuel generator in Australia, AGL is not opposed to renewable energy in principle, they are just opposed to not making as much money on their fossil fuel assets as they possibly can. So while they recognise the inevitability of switching to a renewable economy, they will lobby to make as much money from their aging fossil fuel assets as they can, or alternatively they will work to convince politicians to give them tax payer’s money in return for shutting down fossil fuel capacity.

AGL Pushed SA Wholesale Electricity Prices To $1.25 a Kilowatt-hour On 7/7/16

AGL is the largest generator in South Australia which gives it a lot of market power. In July 2016 they were able to take advantage of this to push the price of wholesale electricity up to very high levels and on July the 7th they averaged $1.25 a kilowatt-hour. This was 20 times higher than normal.

AGL did nothing illegal in demanding such a high price in return for supplying electricity to the grid. Extracting as much money as they can within the letter of the law is what large corporations do. Expecting AGL to not charge high prices when it can is like expecting a crocodile not to bite your hand off after you punch it in the tongue.

One of the best things you can do to reduce AGL's monopoly power is install as much solar on your roof as you practically can. If you are a fan of irony you can use AGL Solar to do this.

AGL Is A Low Risk Option For Solar If Your Conscience Allows It

If you use AGL to install solar it is likely to be professionally done. The panels will be of high quality and the 10 year workmanship warranty is far better than the one year some shonky installers offer. The inverter probably can’t be expected to last a terribly long time beyond its 8 year warranty, but after that time they are sure to be cheaper to replace than they are now.

While AGL recognizes solar power and battery storage will play a large role in Australia's energy future, they are not willing to do anything that endangers profits from their fossil fuel assets which are currently endangering millions of lives through their greenhouse gas emissions. As a result many people refuse to use AGL on moral grounds.

AGL Solar Solar Reviews

I think that the system is fantastic value given it was less the $6k compared to Energy Matters which was more than double; although the system has been installed and is operational we are still to gain the benefit of the power being generated - awaiting the meter to be calibrated by the Distributor (hence my rating of N/A for Quality of the System) and a 3 rating for Customer Service, as it is a painful exercise trying to contact AGL via phone or email due to the time delay and follow up required!! Show additional information
Due to approvals and cooling off periods the installation and commissioning took a long time. Show additional information
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I purchased solar panels through AGL quite some time ago and had it financed through them as well.

Roughly a year later i was contacted because parts of the solar system were faulty and i have to turn my system off until the issue can be resolved.

After no contact for 3 months i contacted AGL to see why it wasn't fixed. I was met with a reply "They will be in your area in Febuary" (4 months would have past by this point)

Mid February i got a call saying that there is someone in your area to fix your panels however they would not be able to come outside "normal hours" I told them that i work 6 days a week and i was met with a reply "what cant you take a day off"

My livelihood is depended on working as many days i can work and i WILL NOT take a day off to fix a problem that AGL has stuffed up by using inferior/faulty parts on.

I have disconnected everything i have from AGL and will not be returning
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Main Installation prompt but ridiculous delay in getting digital meter installed to finalise the job. Panels etc installed 27/11/17 but meter delayed till 22/01/18. Show additional information
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No, thank you for your efforts Finn. Show additional information
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Show additional information
After sales support bad.
Installation faults now agl can't find a installation member to assist leaking water in roof as conduit leaks when it rains and destroyed our ceilings and dangerous electricity wires wet. Poor service.
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Bought it 5 weeks ago, still waiting for first contact Show additional information
Although I was happy with the service of Go Solar they could not match the price with AGL even though the systems were similar in size and Kw and quality.

The system hasn't been installed yet due to the Christmas break but will be in installed in January 2017.

Thanks again for your insight and fantastic website it really helped in my decision making.
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The inverter AGL uses is Solis.
After 10 months a couple of DC plugs were burnt out.
But As thought before installing, the company was still out there to go back to get it fixed.
The customer service was not excellent but not very poor either.
It took nearly 3months to get it replaced with right size inverter.
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I will tell you when its finally installed Told us 1 - 3 weeks now 4 weeks Paid in full over 1 month ago If you send me the survey again in a few weeks will be happy to let you use as a review Cheers Dian Ps thanks for all your information Show additional information
Hard to know who to trust. CHOSE TO GO WITH agl in the hope that would be prudent Show additional information
There was a bit of a delay with my installation due to stock not arriving on time or something but that was the only real hickup, I was expecting it to be installed a little bit quicker than it was but it made sense why there was a hold up and the customer service was kind enough and every other aspect was great. Show additional information
I went with AGL in the end as they were able to provide the 3 phase battery ready inverter brand that I wanted. The companies recommended by SolarQuotes were also providing the same brand inverter but were simply not able to compete on price. The difference was almost $3k. That was mostly because AGL discounted their price to match another competitors quote. The deal also included a 12c feed in rate. Show additional information
I went with AGL because they're a company that's been around for a long time and their prices were reasonable. There was an initial waiting period that was quite long (around 5 weeks) but this doesn't matter as I was expecting this as they were up front about it. When it came to installation, it was quick (done in 2 days) and now the system is performing awesomely. Very happy so far. Show additional information
Installation very good , I day in and out .
Everything works very well
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I got lucky that AGL matched the price Show additional information
AGL appeared very keen to get the buisness. Frequent follow-up and discounting to match other similar offers. Show additional information
Show additional information
They got the photos on the installation wrong
The 14 panels did not fit vertically as one had to go horizontally
Show additional information
Too early to tell if performance and savings are as good as promised, as the system was only activated two days ago. But I reckon it is a reasonable deal from $4000 fully installed, and a feed in rate of 12 cents, with a big company support. Show additional information
Two of your quoters gave me information and prices. One supplier wanted me to do the work for them and supply them with too much information (they got nothing from me) The Denman price quote was ridiculously high and they will be out of business soon. The other was over a thousand dollars cheaper. AGL (with an employee discount) was three thousand cheaper for essentially the same system. I am Upset and disappointed as I didn't know to what was the right questions to ask and fell for marketing and spin again!
Meaning that all the solar company's did not tell me about the true output operating losses (26%) which made my calculations of cost verses benefit and pay off time useless.
I felt lied to and manipulated again (rage). I will not be recommending any of the company's to anyone. The feed in tariffs stated were also marketing BS. I'm not getting the advertised 6.1c but 5.4 c (more rage and I mean rage) I have actively bagged the lying spin master Solar panel industry to at least a half a dozen people. So I probably influenced at least 3 not to go solar.
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Don't bother.
AGL will reschedule, tell you in writing that they will reimburse you for loss of money from your job, and NOT pay you anything
They will tell you that your system is fully operational and integrated, but it wont be.
Your power bill wont go down but your bank account will and your frustration will be the only thing going up.
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Am happy with service provided by supplier, but disappointed that system appears to have never (despite good sunny conditions) as yet generated more than 75% (and often less) than capacity. So already wondering if the expense of system was worth it.

If you wish to use my review on website, you may do so IF you only use my Initials and state.
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I have read some negative reviews about AGL Solar.
Though I have had nothing but a good experience.
Everything happened as it was stated in the contract.
I think some people don't fully understand the process of having solar installed and get disgruntled through their own ignorance or impatience .
The sales rep Jalrath was extremely honest and helpful.
Thank you
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Very informative, installed in a day, 5 minute power interruption Show additional information
System installed in 2012, and the ECO2000 brand Inverter stopped working Mid January 2016 and despite numerous calls and assurances made each time that a Tech would come out, nothing has happened, not even a courtesy return call or email to advise status. I chose AGL as a supplier because i assumed that being a large Australian company, i would get warranty service, sadly this is NOT the case, rather once they have your money, your ignored and forgotten. I cannot possibly recommend AGL Solar for their aftersales "service", their warranty is only worth the paper it is written on, It is Shameful for them to call themselves an Australian Company. Ombudsman seems the only option left. Show additional information
There are just too many PV system "brand" options which is then reflected in the price of installation.
Decided to go ahead with AGL as they are the current energy retailer and had a 2 yr interest free payment option.
System components are not the best however with manufacturer warranty and assumptions that AGL will be around to resolve problems is key to my decision.
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I have spent 10K on solar panels with AGL Solar, when you talk to the sales people they are full of promises and are so lovely to speak with. Just wait until after you have a problem with anything, they are evasive, and found they speak over you when you are talking and seem too big for the boots they are in. They will not listen to you, they will drive you basically crazy. The after sales support you receive is woeful. Seems like the support staff have no clue what they are doing, always have to call you back and never do. You ask for a manager and you get someone else call you. The only word of advise I can give you is to go with somebody else, stay clear of AGL Solar.

The solar command dashboard they will try to sell to you has not worked for me, it does not give accurate consumption readings, and do not even try to make an inquiry on one as no-one seems to know anything about it and you will get a pre prepared email read out to you.

This is my two cents on this company.
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There were variations to my contract and AGL are quite reluctant to pass back the credit on 2 solar panels that weren't installed.
Solar command is also given to you as part of their Solar Solution however they've told me I'm not eligible due to cost???? Then they tried to tell me my standard switchboard would require significant rewiring..... Needless to say they still haven't resolved my issue... Don't deal with them. I may need to get the ACCC involved....
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AGL Solar subcontracted the install to a second company (Skybridge), who themselves subcontracted out the physical install. Quite a few issues from that arrangement! Rooftop isolators were installed incorrectly, with the weather shield on the side, rather tan on top of the isolator. Panels installed a little crooked, and untidy work around the inverter. Physical installer was sent back to correct these issues.

Biggest issue so far: the inverter supplied (Solis) appears to interfere with our Electrolux induction cooktop. When the inverter is on, the cooktop cannot be used as it throws up an error code. This means we have to turn off our solar to cook, or wait till dark. The installer has swapped out the inverter for another identical brand and model, and guess what? It still interferes with the cooktop. The Solis manufacturers obviously blame the cooktop, and the cooktop engineer we had out blames the inverter!

AGL Solar have now offered to swap out the Solis inverter for an Aurora, and I am still waiting for that. Also all three parties involved keep saying it is one of the other parties that will arrange the metering work. I am waiting to see if the cooktop issue gets rectified, then finding my own sparkie.

The "interest free" credit comes with "administration charges", so works out to be an additional $300 over the 2 year finance period. Having said that, the paperwork stated clearly not to sign if not fully satisfied, so to date I haven't. I think this has been a very useful thing in moving to the resolution of the cooktop issue, as each time I speak with AGL Solar, I am able to remind them they still have not been paid yet!

I fully understand that this problem with the cooktop was completely unforeseen, and I really appreciate the efforts being made by AGL to find a solution. They offered me the option of changing the inverter, or paying halves on a new cooktop, plus meeting its install costs
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AGL and their installer SEQ Electrical were amazing in the service that they provided from start to finish and even after installation. Show additional information
Thanks for helping me with questions I had no idea about. I appreciate the advice given. Show additional information
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