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Zhejiang Eifesun Energy Technology solar inverter reviews

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Zhejiang Eifesun Energy Technology solar inverter reviews

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Zhejiang Eifesun Energy Technology Co. LTD is a Chinese solar company founded in 2010 as part of BaoYi Group, a conglomerate of businesses operating in several different markets including new energy equipment, emergency rescue equipment, industrial valves, mechanical and electrical equipment, real estate and many more.

Eifesun specializes in the research, development and marketing of green vehicle charging stations, photovoltaic systems, wind power grid-connected systems, and other renewable energy production solutions, providing customers with post-sale assistance and maintenance. The company is based in China and has no local Australian office, so should you have any specific enquiry keep this in mind.

In the inverter sector, Eifesun manufactures on-grid inverters with a power spanning from 1 KW to 500 KW, and off-grid inverters with a power in the range of 1 to 6 KW. Also, the company produces and markets micro inverters, solar modules, and accessories for photovoltaic systems.

If you want to know a bit more about Eifesun’s range of products, make sure you browse the inverters listed here below to find the ones that best match your requirements and needs.

If you bought one of their inverters in the past, feel free to share your experience with us.

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Bought From: AGL Solar Review Date: 14 December 2016
Mike VIC 3977

Zhejiang Eifesun Energy Technology has 10 solar inverters in our database

Model DC Voltage AC Power Efficiency
EPV1.5KTL-S550 V1500 W96.50
EPV1.5TL540 V1500 W97.50
EPV2KTL550 V2000 W96.50
EPV2KTL-S550 V2000 W96.50
EPV3KTL550 V3000 W98.10
EPV3KTL-S550 V3000 W98.10
EPV4KTL550 V4000 W97.30
EPV4KTL-S550 V4000 W97.30
EPV5KTL550 V4000 W97.30
EPV5KTL-S550 V5000 W97.30
Zhejiang Eifesun Energy Technology