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About Rezeko, Solar Installers

Rezeko (or Eko Energy to its friends) is a national company headquartered in Melbourne. It was bought by Electricity Retailer AGL in July 2011 for a reported $15 million bucks.

Eko Energy began in 2007 through one man (Erik Zimmerman's) vision of a solar powered future after watching Al Gore's "An Inconvenient truth".

Erik walked out of the cinema and almost immediately mortgaged his home and bought a container load of solar systems which he on sold to friends and neighbours. And so Eko Energy was born. The company is now a division of Rezeko Pty Ltd.

Eko Energy describes its mission as: “We’re here to lead the crusade to help households, schools and businesses create their own energy and end their reliance on power stations that contribute to greenhouse gas. We believe each home has the capacity to provide its own energy from the vast renewable resources already available. Our challenge is to bring that renewable energy within your reach.”

As a well established company operating throughout Australia, Eko Energy says that it only uses qualified, experienced installers. They also say that they only use quality equipment from world class factories because they regard anything less as a bad long term investment. They rebrand the solar panels and inverters they supply under their own Eko Energy Brand.

Here are Rezeko's customer reviews as submitted by SolarQuotes users:

Rezeko Solar Reviews

We follow up with all reviewers after 12 months to see how their system is going since it was installed. These are all the reviewers who have responded to our 1 year follow up:
The system has worked very well until now (May 2018). Local supplier provided good service. Accessible by phone. Show additional information
Purchased the system from Eko Connect, they were superb across all your measures. Price was also sharp. In regards to the three quotes obtained throught your service, I was very impressed with David from Solar my home. He was very professional, interested and informative. Appreciate the follow up. Regards,Richard Show additional information
The smart meter is going to take 40 working days to install. The digital meters we have at the moment may add the solar power created onto our account. The digital meters were not made for solar power so we were told to leave them off until the smart meter is installed. That is quite disappointing that we have to wait so long for the power to be put back into the system.
I was also disappointed with trying to speak to the power supplier to get information off them to make sure we would get the .66 c feed in tariff. I was on the phone twice on hold for 50 minutes plus, and then they would give me no guarentees that we would get the high feed in tariff.
I just wait and hope.
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I found it was very complicated to compare one system to another, they could not even agree on average hours of sunshine, and quotes seemed to have various extras in or out. Ekoenergy was prepared to lower their price in regard to elevating brackets which we did not need in our situation.
I felt I was getting a fair deal from them and accepted their quote. I cannot answer the question of value for money:I am satisfied here, but other conditions could apply elsewhere, and my recommendation would be misleading.
The system is not switched on yet, but the panels and inverter appear to be well made, so my 4 star rating for quality of system is based on this, and not proven performance.
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Show additional information
The system isn't installed yet. However, all is running as scheduled, good customer service, great value for money, EkoEnergy weren't too pushy for a sale, so far very happy. Solarquotes were a fantastic help from start through, with small but very useful tips where and how to save power here and there, which I found extremely important to establish prior to installing solar panels. Highly recommend Show additional information
The brackets used to install the system under the tiles has resulted in stormwater damage. Tiles were lifted about 20mm and not re-sealed. Show additional information
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Show additional information
I requested information about the fixing of the panels to trimdek roofing sheets. I have this roof now for 26 years, zinc- alum sheets dont mix well with other metals and I needed to be sure there was not going to be a problem. I was given photographs of installations on similar roofs
and given to understand that there would be special brackets used, insulated from the roof sheets and made for the specific sheet type.
Well, I have worked for over 40 years with sub-contractors (EKO are using subys, but never made an attempt to hide that fact) and I was prepared for something to go wako. The suby arrived nice punch of yung fellows. No special brackets. One phone call and Eko had brackets on site within the hour. Together with an apology for the delay and the overside. It turned out to be a very good Job.
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As we have an old style meter we have immediate benefit as the meter reverses when panels are generating. Unfortunately ETSA will not install the next stage until end of September so there will be no payment for unused energy until then but at least we do have immediate benefit.

EkoEnergy took care of all paperwork even contacting ETSA on our behalf and we had nothing at all to do. Electrician sent was first class and done an excellent job. Only had our system for three days so haven't found anything going wrong but from our experience so far would expect quick response to any problems .
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Yes! You were a great help with lots of information thank you. Show additional information
Show additional information
Only two firms (out of 6) were willing to come out and explain the system and give us a quote there and then Show additional information
Could probably go with 5 - Fantastic for Value for Money and Quality of System but don't want to go overboard yet.

Geoff Keast of Keast Electrical was very helpful and knowledgeable.

Rezeko Pty Ltd gave us a deposit plus two year payment option at no interest with a monthly administration fee which is very customer friendly.
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Show additional information
Had several quotes and found Eko Energy best overall for our budget and quality of system. Excellent service and fast installation. All our questions were answered straight out without the complicated sales pitch jargon. Have recommended to family and friends. Still early to see results but nice to see our meter going backwards. Look forward in seeing results :) Show additional information
Installation was organised by a relative and took a couple of months to eventuate. However, the actual installation was very professionally done in a morning. However, placing the inverter close to aerial cabling was a mistake, as it interferes with digital TV reception. The construction appears solid and the system generates well on the few sunny days that we've had lately. The electrical inspector advised of a 3 month wait for the new meter. Show additional information
So far service has been good, due to be installed between 12th and 27th May.. Time will tell if its any good, won't it!!!! Show additional information
We received quotes only from Mark and Eko.

Having done most of the research. I found your 7 lessons tedious and repetative as well as lecturing to the converted.
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I am not really comfortable in this survey untill it is installed and running, until so some answers in rating supplier may not be accurate Show additional information
Show additional information
EcoEnergy arranged on-site inspection, followed by quotes showing full details.

The appoinment for installation was delayed by a week due to wet weather but the installation was completed the following week in a professional manner. I am very impressed by EcoEnergy, the staff involved and the quality of the system installed.
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At the moment we are sorting out our final quote with eko energy. We have not had it installed but were very pleased with the professionalism and the way they return calls.
We also got three quotes Seymour field days. We only got two responses through the people you suggested.
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Other service providers could learn a thing or two about customer service from EKO Show additional information
It is very hard to compare "apples with apples" when gathering information regarding solar systems. Every installer seems to have slightly different specs. We chose Eko Energy as their price was the most competitive, with flexible payment options and an extensive warranty. Show additional information
One of the 3 suppliers you recommended for a quote is the local agent for this supplier. Show additional information
Show additional information
Eko Energy are very professional. They always return phone calls and go out of their way to resolve any problems or issues. I have not had the system long enough yet to judge its effect on my bills, but the readouts on the inverter show it to be performing as expected. Show additional information
This firm was highly recommended. I also had all my questions answered promptly. They also kept in touch frequently. Show additional information
Unlike other recommended suppliers Eko Energy were very prompt with a reply to my request for information and gave me very good initial info plus followup as requested.

Their salesman was prepared to spend time on the 'phone clarifying queries and appeared to give straight forward answers without "flowering".

Contract was clear cut and precise and they have honoured their part of the bargain.

The system was fitted on 31st Jan 2011 and although connected I am awaiting my supplier to fit the Smart meter.

During a short test by the inspector on a sunny day it was making 3.2Kw and building.

At this stage I am satisfied I made the correct decision in my choice of supplier.

In my mind only time will tell if I made the correct decision in having the system fitted at all - we can only hope as I guess a lot depends on what future decisions are made by governments.
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Show additional information
Macfarlanes also quoted. They were great. Came to the house; informative; helpful but much dearer. After we made the decision they came back with a lower cost option. Show additional information
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Show additional information
the service was great,although we are still waiting for the installer to get back to us about the grid connection. Show additional information
There is a lot of them out there who just want your deposit and not able to give you a fixed price from start to finish as they won't come near your place except via Google Earth! The industry needs stricter standards in what they can say and can't say to prospective customers.
While Rezeko haven't installed the system yet I was happy with a 5.55kw (30 panel) system with 3 X 2 KW inverters for $17600! Nicholls was over $19000 for a 5.1kw system so they were a second place probably including service and quality of system!
Thanks for providing some competition as in the end I got over 6 quotes! Nicholls was valuable for the information but you didn't have much on your books to compete for this area. Goodluck with this rapidly growing industry!
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I had Rezeko Energy Pty Ltd trading as Ekoenergy solar supply and fit a 2kw system for a much better price than all others that I contacted and I got the type of panels that I wanted as well. I think that I may have said to you earlier that there is a lot of cheap and, I think, nasty types of panels being pushed out there and if people don't do there research there will be some people very disappointed with what they end up with. My system is rated at 500 volts in peak sun hours and on a cloudy day with no sun under test it produced 430 volts so I am happy with that.
Don McKinnon
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Eko energy $899 deposit and balance over 2 years interest free, which made it very affordable. they also have a 2kw inverter with their 1.5kw ststem so you can upgrade later if you want.The whole system was $3474 fully installed in Victoria with recs and is about $800 less if in N.S.W. system will be installed in August. Show additional information
I went with a neighborhood scheme as the product was the same and the installer is local but the savings are significant when buying with a group. I suggest you find a buying group in your area to save money and get a system right for your situation.Having a local person qualified to give a quote and advice on a system is what you need. Show additional information
I was booked to have the install over a week ago and I still have not been told when it will be installed yet. Show additional information
I was surprised a big company like ORIGIN would be so much dearer than the rest. Their booklet "Electricity from the sun" is a very good explanation but it lacks info on a page to calculate payback time.

I'm surprised (as an Electronics Engineer) at the extra cost to have a larger inverter (to cope for future expansion) most companies were quoting $1k(+) to go from 2kW to 2.5 or 3 kW inverter yet the change in hardware is minimal.

The company I've chosen quoted a much higher figure for Meter installation than my local electrician. It pays to check around.
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We are very happy with our system. The installer was very prompt and the company was very easy to deal with. Show additional information
Excellent customer relationships. Always willing to answer questions and explain in layman's terms.

As with all suppliers it is very hard to compare as they use different panels and different inverters, but as a "gut feeling" I felt this was the best value for money.

Their personal intervention and interaction was excellent.
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Show additional information
I already had a 1Kw system so could not get Gov. assistance this time, hence the seemingly high cost. ( I also paid for a 3KW inverter (and 2.1kw of panel power) so as to be able to add more panels if i choose to do so in the future)
Rezeko (Eko Energy) fitted the first system. I asked them for a quote on the later 2Kw system not expecting them to be competetive but they were the most competitive - and I liked thier service.

Thank you for your part in my quest for the best deal.
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Sorry, cannot rate instalation yet as that is booked to happen in July. Show additional information