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About Origin Solar, Solar Installers

Origin Energy is Australia's largest electricity retailer with over 4.3 million customers, which is around 16% more than the next runner up, AGL. In addition to retailing electricity and generating it in mostly coal and gas power stations, Origin is a large installer of rooftop solar systems.

As of writing, SolarQuotes has received over 400 reviews for Origin Solar and they have received an average rating of 4.0. Their reviews have been exceptionally consistent. While less than 9% of responses have been 5 star reviews, very few have received 1 or 2 stars with the solid majority being 4 stars followed by a considerable number of 3 star reviews.

So while you may not get the type of dedicated personal service that I find often results in a 5 star review, you are also very unlikely to receive an installation which has faults that Origin will not rectify. Origin Solar appears to be a safe choice for rooftop solar installation.

Origin Solar Give A 5 Year Workmanship Warranty

Origin provides a 5 year workmanship warranty on their installations covering any damage they cause to your roof or defects in their work. This is far better than the 1 year warranty offered by a number of large installers, but only half the length of the 10 years offered by some.

Origin Provides a 2 Year 12 Cent Solar Feed-In Rate

At the time of writing in August 2016, Origin is offering a 12 cent feed-in tariff for two years with any rooftop solar system they install. This is considerably better than the 6 cents they normally offer and still better than the 8 and 10 cent feed-in tariffs that are currently available from Diamond Energy and Click Energy in most states.

For a household that installs a 5 kilowatt system and exports half the electricity it produces the 12 cent feed-in tariff would provide around $290 more than an 8 cent feed-in tariff over the two years it applies. This is a significant benefit but has the drawback that your options are limited by having to stay with Origin Energy in order to receive it.

Origin has a Two Year Interest Free Payment Plan

Origin allows solar systems they install to be paid back over two years with zero interest. Many people will find this useful. However, the zero percent interest means the cost of financing is built into a system’s asking price, so you won't really be getting anything for free.

When I see something being offered with zero percent interest I take it as a strong indicator I can talk the salespeople into giving me a significant discount for paying up front.

Origin Leases Rooftop Solar

Leasing rooftop solar currently is not popular in Australia, but Origin provides the option. They call it, “Solar As A Service”, and it is certainly possible you will feel well serviced if you use it.

When you agree to lease solar from them they will install a system on your roof that you won't have to pay for, but you won't own. Then they will sell you the electricity it produces at a price that is less than grid electricity, but infinitely more than the nothing you would be paying if you owned it outright. At the end of your contract you can either buy the system from them, or it you don't want it, you are required to pay them to remove it.

If, at the end of your contract, you think the solar system needs a rest and you ask them to place it in a location where the sun doesn’t shine, I’m sure they’d charge a removal fee for that.

Leasing your rooftop solar system would complicate matters if you wanted to sell your home, as you would have to explain to prospective buyers that the rooftop solar system on the house doesn’t come with the house.

While I recommend purchasing your own solar system over leasing one, it is a way for people who normally could not afford rooftop solar to get some of the financial benefits while helping the environment. But I do recommend people carefully consider their options before signing up for it.

Origin Installed - And Replaced - Defective Inverters

Origin used Sharp inverters in many of its installations that turned out to have a high failure rate. They replaced the inverters that failed, but failed to compensate home owners for the lack of solar electricity production while their systems were down.

Origin Performed Poorly In A 2014 Choice Survey

In a 2014 survey by Choice Magazine, Origin was the installer most commonly used by respondents. However, Origin performed poorly on customer satisfaction, obtaining a rating of 62% compared to the average of 79%.

Origin Energy Is Up To Its Eyebrows In Fossil Fuels

On their website Origin proudly proclaim they are Australia's largest owner of gas fired power stations. This is certainly true. As of 2015 about 45% of their generating capacity is natural gas. What they don't boast about the fact that around 50% of their generating capacity is coal, or that since coal power stations operate more continuously than gas ones, a considerable majority of the electricity they generate is produced from coal, which is the most greenhouse gas intensive and polluting source of energy.

In 2015 Origin owned approximately 6,010 megawatts of generating capacity which was around 13% of Australia’s total. In addition to coal and gas, around 4% of Origin's generating capacity is hydroelectric and 1% wind.

Origin's CEO Grant King Said Rooftop Solar Is A Free Rider

In an interview discussing renewable energy, and not when he was down at the pub with his mates, Grant King, the CEO of Origin Energy said, “The reality is that solar is free-riding the network and inevitably network charges are going up because they’re energy based.”

That’s an interesting point of view he has, and one I disagree with. On my last electricity bill, including all fees, I was charged 48 cents for each kilowatt-hour of grid electricity I used. The cost of generating that electricity was around 6 cents a kilowatt-hour or less, so I paid around 42 cents a kilowatt-hour for network charges. As a result, I certainly do not feel like a free rider. But I fully support the right of Grant King to have any wrong opinion he likes.

Origin Energy Is A Free Rider

Origin Energy is a free rider, along with other Australian fossil fuel generators, because they emit greenhouse gases and other forms of pollution into the atmosphere without paying for the harm they cause.

A portion of this cost was accounted for when Australia had a carbon price, but Origin’s CEO opposed its introduction. He has also opposed Australia’s Renewable Energy Target and promoted weakening it.

Some people take the CEO of Origin Energy’s comment that rooftop solar is a free rider seriously. And many people are saddened by his opposition to environmental measures, which are designed to limit the damage caused by greenhouse gas emissions. People who feel this way often refuse to use his company on principle.

Origin Solar Solar Reviews

We follow up with all reviewers after 12 months to see how their system is going since it was installed. These are all the reviewers who have responded to our 1 year follow up:
The Inverter failed after 10 years and 2 weeks. The replacement inverter had settings too low and wouldn't any more than 75 watts. It was adjusted (after some weeks) and seems to be working OK. It's now nearly 12 months later and the readout is still not working correctly. The daily power generated reading stops when the reading reaches 3.277 Kwhs. The installer was notified of this problem shortly after the voltage adjustment was made. I'm still waiting for the readout to be fixed. The feedback originally was "it will be corrected when they get the new software update".
I can get Lathe parts from Korea in 3 days. Why is it taking Fronius so long to come up with the new software? Begs the question as to whether they are still installing units with same problem.
As an Electrical Engineer I find this p.....s poor service, communication, product and selection of Service Technicians.
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Request 3 quotes from you, received 2. The first to respond was extremely good over the phone but offered a system far larger than required. This was after supplying copies of current accounts. They requoted after a detailed phone explanation on my behalf, but still quoted a 6 kW system.
The second supplier, DQ Electrical, was extremely professional and visit our premises. If it were not for the deal and quality of the system offered by Origin, I would have used them
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Each time it has broken down, it just happened to be at the beginning of summer. When the sun is high and bright in the sky. Lost solar credits mount up as the weeks and months go by waiting for the system to be replaced.
Due to my location, I've had to have the replacement inverter delivered by courier then arrange installation by local electrician. Trouble is, licensed Solar installers are rare in in my town and installation costs have to be reimbursed through Origin. A lot of rigmarole involved each time. I could do without this kind of inconvenience.
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Installer came within a 3 week period of settling deposit. Worked a full day while installing and all completed within 4 days. Great bunch of workers easy to communicate with and helpful in answering any questions and resolutions we had. Show additional information
I went with a flexi-rent type deal.

After initial dealings with salesman, service was appalling.
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Fin The pick of Origin was for a number of reasons which are:-
1: Their salesperson made the best impression when asked questions by me with the knowledge I gained from your website.
2: Their finance plan was fantastic. $5200 paid over 24 instalments.
3: I also changed my electricity supplier to Origin as they pay 17c per KW and if you install through them charge 17c per Kw for electric supplied for 24 months.
4. The panels supplied rated well on the table in your website.

Finally thanks for your efforts on the website. They helped so much.
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There was a variation to the installation between the quoter and the installer who actually does the work. This sort of thing goes on with other businesses so it is not just with solar companies. Show additional information
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System not installed yet !? Show additional information
When I rang solar suppliers to get the failed inverter checked. They stated that this model inverter Clenergy SPH-15 was in their experience a highly unreliable inverter and that they have many many calls with the Ground Fault. In the majority of cases it is not a fault with the system but a inverter failure only. In fact they said on 30-04-2018 that they have had a spate of SPH-15 failures on the gold coast. This was also stated to me by another Gold Coast solar company when I rang to book a service call. As soon as I said I had a failed ORIGIN SOLAR SYSTEM. They immediately told me the model and the fault without prompting. "SPH-15 Ground fault?" she replied. She then said they also have had a rash of calls in the last few weeks with people with the exact same problem. Show additional information
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Customer service has been good so far but it is only early days .The system was only just installed on 3/4/18. Show additional information
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Thank you for your website it was because of your site that we had the knowledge to ask all the right questions and a great starting point as we knew nothing about solar when we started and are now recommending the site to our friends Show additional information
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Had a 1.5kw system installed by Origin in 2011, had problems with the performance straight away. had the Clenergy inverter die in 2015 & changed , now that one has died & Origin wont change it because it out of warranty,I think they knew about the inverter problems & keep changing them with the same inverters knowing they will fail & only had to wait until after the warranty ran out. Don't buy anything from Origin, they don't stick by their customers. Show additional information
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Thank you for a comprehensive guide to the solar maze. I went down so many dead ends before finding your website. My husband and I watched your videos on our TV so we both got the same information at the same time. Whilst we didn't go with any of the suppliers that were supplied by you, I would recommend two of them to anyone due to their wide knowledge and professionalism. It came down to the better feed-in tariff with our energy provider that swayed us. Show additional information
Thank you for your information. Show additional information
We are the same as another review. We have been through 3 inverters in 6 years only to find out that the 2nd and 3rd inverters were all refurbished and each only lasted for two years which makes me think the first inverter probably was also a refurbished one. clenergy sph 15 have proven to be faulty and we too have been told it is no longer under warranty. We have had several arguments with Origin. We offered to meet them half way on cost price for a new fronius inverter which they at first agreed on cost price of $1100, then became $1300. We agreed to pay $650 but now they wont accept that and want us to pay the $1300. Later rang back offering $1000. We shouldn't have to pay anything, We are taking our case to VCAT as a reliable inverter was not installed in the first place. How about some of you who have had similar problems do the same. This is atrocious treatment by a big company and one we have been with all our lives. In the meantime we have solar panels on our roof but no inverter since Sept 2017. My advice to people is to put your money in the bank to pay electricity bills and don't touch solar, TOO MUCH TIME AND MONEY WASTED Show additional information
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We purchased premium quality 3.24kw System in November 2017. The sales person lied to us and said it would generate electricity during a blackout which is vital to our situation. After installation we discovered from a qaulified electrician that the system actually turns itself off during a blackout, regardless of whether the sun is shining or not. In Australia most retailers don’t tell customers this fact. We complained to Origin Solar about being mislead and lied to and they said “they were not legally required to tell us that information”. All customers need to know this information so they can make an informed decision before a purchase. Origin solar lack integrity. I recommend you take your business elsewhere. Show additional information
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Short story: Origin are a poor excuse for a business, bloated with cash and don't care. Vogons exist.
A bit longer: 3 days good work by the installation contractors to install the system. I would recommend their contractors in a flash,. 23 days so far to move an ( electronic) form to SA Power networks! They repeatedly make basic mistakes, their Customer Service folk have a good sprinkling of sociopaths, and also some excellent people. The pre-installation with them was moderately irritating and the 2 or 3 stuff ups from them was relatively easily resolved. But for some reason, they will not let go of that electronic form........ This after assuring me a week ago that there is no problem with it. They just won't let it go.
Yes 23 days so far!
I put installation as Awful because:ORIGIN- THE JOB ISNT OVER UNTIL THE PAPERWORK IS DONE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So, they are a large, generally incompetent organisation that will probably eventually have provided me a working set of panels and battery, and they will probably support and honour their warranty if I keep my documentation handy.
Dealing with them will age you considerably and make you bitter.
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Purchased a 1.5 kW Sharp Inverter from Origin. Had to wait over 2 months to have it installed. The inverter failed within the warranty period. It was replaced by a refurbished one, at the time I assumed it was a new unit with a new warranty. When the refurbished unit failed as well, was told no longer covered by warranty. I have now purchased a Fronius from another company as I didn't want to spend money trying to fix a made in China refurbished inverter. Show additional information
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Origin were very professional in their advice and were happy to tailor a package to our needs. They weren't the cheapest on the market but gave us decent quality products. They also offered a 16c feed in tariff for 2 years which ultimately led us to go with them. System installed within 30 days of acceptance from Ausgrid. Show additional information
After several attempts, we were unable to obtain a site visit and/or quotation from SAE so contacted our energy supplier Origin. They were very supportive and provided detailed information. We have accepted their quotation that included an attractive feed-in rate and the system will be installed next week. Heinz also contacted us but by this time we had decided to go with Origin Show additional information
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Think carefully about solar system my electrician said buy German inverts only but even then they might fail after 10 years and it's a 2k + item Show additional information
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the only thing that let the whole process down, and that was possibly my electricity retailer + their wholesaler at fault here, is the lack of information about the next step - getting a 'level 2' certified sparky to change the meter (some $600) so we can start getting FIT. Not that I included _any_ FIT in my calculations for pay-back of about 6 years. Show additional information
no, not yet enegex is hooking it up on 21/8/17 Show additional information
Origin supplied my solar panels and associated hardware. The inverter was covered by a 5 year warranty. The inverter failed within a couple of years and a replacement inverter was installed. That inverter has now failed within the following couple of years. When I rang Origin to complain I was informed that a technician would be out within 48 hours. It took a week for him to arrive. I had to pay $175 on day of booking or Origin would not send a technician. When the technician did arrive he appeared very efficient and explained it all to me. He also advised me that the new inverter would be covered by a warranty for another 5 years. I was quoted $1025 for a new inverter. When I rang Origin to inquire why this inverter was not repaired under warranty I was informed that it had been a repaired inverter not in fact a new one. This apparently is the norm for Origin and is why there are so many problems with Origin products. When I told the salesman that I would not be proceeding with the repair he still wanted to charge my credit card with $1025.

At the moment I am considering going to the ACCC as the products they are selling are obviously not fit for purpose.
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Got my solar setup by origin more than 4 months ago and am still waiting for paper work, pics and also the grid connections. Every time customer service rep promise to organise but nothing has been done yet. Regretting for choosing origin energy Show additional information
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