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About Origin Solar, Solar Installers

Origin Energy is Australia's largest electricity retailer with over 4.3 million customers, which is around 16% more than the next runner up, AGL. In addition to retailing electricity and generating it in mostly coal and gas power stations, Origin is a large installer of rooftop solar systems.

As of writing, SolarQuotes has received over 400 reviews for Origin Solar and they have received an average rating of 4.0. Their reviews have been exceptionally consistent. While less than 9% of responses have been 5 star reviews, very few have received 1 or 2 stars with the solid majority being 4 stars followed by a considerable number of 3 star reviews.

So while you may not get the type of dedicated personal service that I find often results in a 5 star review, you are also very unlikely to receive an installation which has faults that Origin will not rectify. Origin Solar appears to be a safe choice for rooftop solar installation.

Origin Solar Give A 5 Year Workmanship Warranty

Origin provides a 5 year workmanship warranty on their installations covering any damage they cause to your roof or defects in their work. This is far better than the 1 year warranty offered by a number of large installers, but only half the length of the 10 years offered by some.

Origin Provides a 2 Year 12 Cent Solar Feed-In Rate

At the time of writing in August 2016, Origin is offering a 12 cent feed-in tariff for two years with any rooftop solar system they install. This is considerably better than the 6 cents they normally offer and still better than the 8 and 10 cent feed-in tariffs that are currently available from Diamond Energy and Click Energy in most states.

For a household that installs a 5 kilowatt system and exports half the electricity it produces the 12 cent feed-in tariff would provide around $290 more than an 8 cent feed-in tariff over the two years it applies. This is a significant benefit but has the drawback that your options are limited by having to stay with Origin Energy in order to receive it.

Origin has a Two Year Interest Free Payment Plan

Origin allows solar systems they install to be paid back over two years with zero interest. Many people will find this useful. However, the zero percent interest means the cost of financing is built into a system’s asking price, so you won't really be getting anything for free.

When I see something being offered with zero percent interest I take it as a strong indicator I can talk the salespeople into giving me a significant discount for paying up front.

Origin Leases Rooftop Solar

Leasing rooftop solar currently is not popular in Australia, but Origin provides the option. They call it, “Solar As A Service”, and it is certainly possible you will feel well serviced if you use it.

When you agree to lease solar from them they will install a system on your roof that you won't have to pay for, but you won't own. Then they will sell you the electricity it produces at a price that is less than grid electricity, but infinitely more than the nothing you would be paying if you owned it outright. At the end of your contract you can either buy the system from them, or it you don't want it, you are required to pay them to remove it.

If, at the end of your contract, you think the solar system needs a rest and you ask them to place it in a location where the sun doesn’t shine, I’m sure they’d charge a removal fee for that.

Leasing your rooftop solar system would complicate matters if you wanted to sell your home, as you would have to explain to prospective buyers that the rooftop solar system on the house doesn’t come with the house.

While I recommend purchasing your own solar system over leasing one, it is a way for people who normally could not afford rooftop solar to get some of the financial benefits while helping the environment. But I do recommend people carefully consider their options before signing up for it.

Origin Installed - And Replaced - Defective Inverters

Origin used Sharp inverters in many of its installations that turned out to have a high failure rate. They replaced the inverters that failed, but failed to compensate home owners for the lack of solar electricity production while their systems were down.

Origin Performed Poorly In A 2014 Choice Survey

In a 2014 survey by Choice Magazine, Origin was the installer most commonly used by respondents. However, Origin performed poorly on customer satisfaction, obtaining a rating of 62% compared to the average of 79%.

Origin Energy Is Up To Its Eyebrows In Fossil Fuels

On their website Origin proudly proclaim they are Australia's largest owner of gas fired power stations. This is certainly true. As of 2015 about 45% of their generating capacity is natural gas. What they don't boast about the fact that around 50% of their generating capacity is coal, or that since coal power stations operate more continuously than gas ones, a considerable majority of the electricity they generate is produced from coal, which is the most greenhouse gas intensive and polluting source of energy.

In 2015 Origin owned approximately 6,010 megawatts of generating capacity which was around 13% of Australia’s total. In addition to coal and gas, around 4% of Origin's generating capacity is hydroelectric and 1% wind.

Origin's CEO Grant King Said Rooftop Solar Is A Free Rider

In an interview discussing renewable energy, and not when he was down at the pub with his mates, Grant King, the CEO of Origin Energy said, “The reality is that solar is free-riding the network and inevitably network charges are going up because they’re energy based.”

That’s an interesting point of view he has, and one I disagree with. On my last electricity bill, including all fees, I was charged 48 cents for each kilowatt-hour of grid electricity I used. The cost of generating that electricity was around 6 cents a kilowatt-hour or less, so I paid around 42 cents a kilowatt-hour for network charges. As a result, I certainly do not feel like a free rider. But I fully support the right of Grant King to have any wrong opinion he likes.

Origin Energy Is A Free Rider

Origin Energy is a free rider, along with other Australian fossil fuel generators, because they emit greenhouse gases and other forms of pollution into the atmosphere without paying for the harm they cause.

A portion of this cost was accounted for when Australia had a carbon price, but Origin’s CEO opposed its introduction. He has also opposed Australia’s Renewable Energy Target and promoted weakening it.

Some people take the CEO of Origin Energy’s comment that rooftop solar is a free rider seriously. And many people are saddened by his opposition to environmental measures, which are designed to limit the damage caused by greenhouse gas emissions. People who feel this way often refuse to use his company on principle.

Origin Solar Solar Reviews

We follow up with all reviewers after 12 months to see how their system is going since it was installed. These are all the reviewers who have responded to our 1 year follow up:
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Purchased a 1500W Rooftop Solar System with a Sharp JH1600E inverter from Origin in SA 5 1/4 years ago. There was a two+ month delay getting installation and when it occurred it was a very rushed process and was not set up to maximise rhe system output (faces east not west because the installer did not ahve time to install the necessary scaffolding available). Within a month the original inverter failed. It took a further month of pressure to Origin to get a replacement installed. This system has worked satisfactorily to nearly the end of the initial five year warranty period (since the installation was completed with a working inverter) when this second inverter has failed. Origin say this warranty does not apply to this replacement inverter, only from the original installation date! Also that they have no backup service facility currently in SA so even if they did recognise the warranty applied it seems they have no service facility here in SA to rectify a failure such as this! Show additional information
Really disappointed with the failure rate of my inverters. Have had 2 already. hope the panels are better made but am not confident on their lifespan. The original system was to have a payback of 6.2 years based on ever increasing electricity prices. original installation date was in 2011. With the second inverter failing after the 5 year warranty and a new one costing $1704 to install, my payback will now be around 9 years. This means that the whole solar deal is a complete waste of time. 9 years to recoup the original capital and maintenance costs......TOTALLY unacceptable. Why did I bother! Show additional information
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Avoid this product. Show additional information
I request anyone who think to install delta inverter, please think twice. Show additional information
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Not installed until Dec 13th. Hawking Solar never replied. Show additional information
Inverters are not good. Been through 2 in 5 years. When first one failed after 2 years it was replaced with 'refurbished' one - standard practice. Found out from solar specialist that 100 % of these inverters fail. Show additional information
Don't go with Origin or this crap Inverter in my opinion. Purchased in 2011. Waste of money. Always take extended warranty. Show additional information
Was very happy with the quick response in connection with the three quotes. All companies supplied quotes with pricing and full details of equipment to be used. They were also very helpful with phone enquiries I needed to make. Show additional information
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Green Solar & SAE Group were very close behind Origin but Origin were quicker to reply, explain & install my panels & inverter. Show additional information
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Show additional information
The action taken by Origin to get the faulty inverter replaced has been impressive, though there are a few stepping stones to negotiate in the process, eg I initially rang the original installers who asked me to ring Origin who asked me to ring Zeversolar who then had another contractor ring me to arrange an install time after the delivery man rang me to advise he had a 'refurbished' unit to drop off.
All this has happened within 3 days of me noticing the fault, so can't complain about the pace of the 'fix'.
The repair contractor did not really fill me with confidence in the future of my 5kW Zeversolar unit, claiming it is a Chinese make which is not being modified with the better SMA owned gear as are the smaller kW units, due to the fact the SMA 5kW unit is a worlds best seller and SMA don't want to have the Zeversolar unit compete with it.
I have a gut feeling I might be heaving a Zeversolar unit in the bin when it goes kaput, out of warranty, and ringing the SMA or Fronius people.
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Tripped out a few times and need to look at my metre every day which is annoying. I rang them twice and they told me the stormy weather can cause it to trip but it trips when it's not stormy and they did nothing about it. I have friends who have solar but not from Origin for the same length of time and there's don't trip Show additional information
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I would recommend Solargain as they knew what they were talking about, however the price was not matched. I will have the install this week. Show additional information
We received very little advice on how to manage our consumption with the change to a TOU meter.
We missed the deadline for getting a feed-in tariff so using the sun effectively was very important.
It took 3 yrs for us to understand that solar was only wired on one phase and that this phase supplied the pool only, the rest of the house was on the other phase. So when we ran the washing machine on a sunny day it was costing us 47c an hour. We couldn't understand why our bills didn't go down.
Origin said we had a Smart meter so for the first 3 yrs we thought Ausgrid was remote reading our consumption until we saw a meter reader enter our front gate and said smart meters don't work in NSW.
The NSW government is leaving it to the industry to decide when they will remote read meters and give consumers real time control over their consumption. Of course this won't happen for a long time.
We have not had an "actual" bill from Origin since May 2011, they have all been "estimates". So I think Origin are now at the point where they provide an estimate based on a previous estimate that could be based on a previous estimate.

But I think the biggest problem is that if you have a pool chlorinator on a timer and you set it for 4 hours during the day so you get the suns energy you realise that when you have a few cloudy days running at 47c per hr, that quickly negates any savings you make from the solar. So now we run the pool at night for 8 hrs at 10c per hour.
Or if I'm home and it's sunny I turn the pool chlorinator on, but being retired and away baby sitting a lot thats not convenient.
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I just thought getting system interest free was the way to go and as i stated what i wanted to all quotations received so i got apples for apples i really think i got a good deal.

How can any one beat that price with quality panels.inverter and interest free which they said you pay no more for.

It is also a battery ready system.

I also got $39.00 for my STC.
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Don't be put off by the sales staff at Origin - their knowledge and advice of the product is poor. The installation team were excellent. They were all far more knowledgeable then any of the sales people we had dealings with. First class installation team. Show additional information
Sadly all the solar companies you ask to give me a quote did not get back to me for a couple of weeks and then there was only 2 out of the three that did. I was not prepared to wait that amount of time and did my own research.

I selected Origin because they have tier 1 components and a good price. Origin also offered 24 month interest free which was a real winner for me. Most other companies don't offer those payment terms.
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After four and a half years of the installation it failed in the inverter, having been told not to hold my breath trying to get a response from Origin I can only say that the service from Origin was excellent. Reported the fault on Monday Origin called to confirm on Tuesday they then called on Wednesday to arrange a time for the serviceman on Friday , New unit supplied and fitted on Friday under warranty, Well done Origin. Show additional information
SEC quote expensive - concerns about supplier being located in Tweed Heads and distance to supply service to Highfields (2.5 hours travel). SEC did follow up after quote supplied but took some two weeks for quote to arrive - supplier did visit when in the area to discuss issues.

Solar Blessing (Stanthorpe based) quote some $2500 dearer - concerns about micro inverters on each panel and also possible battery linkages later on.

Origin quote speedy, and actioned within 24 hours of acceptance of quote - also offered $500 discount and negotiated with local energy supplier Ergon promptly.
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I found the solar panel education on your website plus frequently asked questions to be very helpful in making my decision.
The ability to look up and compare solar panel specifications was excellent.
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Everything ok until something goes wrong,they tell us 8wks untill someone can come and inspect system,so we lose a $1000 while we wait ! Show additional information
1) The system when installed caused significant interference with AM radio reception. The installers eventually fitted a suppressor which corrected the problem immediately, but it took 3 or 4 months of harassing Origin to get some action.
2) The Clenergy inverter failed in January 2015. (Ground Current Fault). The reaction from Origin when the fault was reported indicated that it is a common problem as they were awaiting a shipment of inverters 'in about 3 weeks'. It's now 8 weeks and the latest advice from Origin is a further 2 week delay.
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Hi everyone had the 2kw system put in about three years ago had nothing but trouble with the glenenergy inverter we are about to get the third one replaced under warranty wonder what will happen when out of warranty!!!!!! Show additional information
This field a waste of MY time & energy---after providing LOTS of useful info. I get advice that CHARACTER LIMIT is 1K---you've shot yourself in the foot & wasted my time & effort.---so I deleted the lot & provided this---what I initially wrote was very informative about the process. Show additional information
17 November 2014
There are two main issues here. Firstly the cost to us for damage and leakage caused by Origin’s faulty system and poor installation, secondly the missed rebate and warranty caused by the delay processing paperwork by Origin.
On 18/5/2012 we purchased a solar hot water system from Origin Solar Energy due to having solar electricity. We expected that we would receive the rebate for the system and due to Origin taking three months to process it we were told that we had missed out on the rebate due to the time lapse. I also paid $500 for the installation and was never provided with an invoice or receipt. They didn’t even get my name correct on the paperwork.
Contacted Origin immediately and they took ten months and repeated requests to finally come and fix it on 11 April 2014. As a result the gutters of our house have rusted out.
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Originally wanted 4,5 kw, but installers needed extra width ( spaces between panels not previously advised,) so we settled for 4 kW Contract was amended on the spot ( after a bit of hassle!). Performance to date as claimed. Show additional information
I set up a 24 month payback and after the first payment there was a week freeze on my credit card I rang and told them and they said they would take out a week later. They Didn't !!! I rang them a month later and they said they would take out payment within 24 hours and THEY DIDN'T!! Today I get a call from a debt collector so I called them and asked what they were doing they had breached their legal contract by not taking out when required and I was told tough pay the debt collector. NEVER NEVER NEVER USE ORIGIN !!!!!! unless you want your first experience with a debt collector. Have no idea what to do. Show additional information
Origin prices were around the same as the quotes provided but they had a much better payment setup, interest free over 2 years. Show additional information
This has been the worst experience of my life, failure to connect to the grid due to unfinished paperwork from installer
Inverter failed after 11 months repaired after 1 month no compensation and no new warranty
Inverter failed after 24 months repaired after one month again no compensation no new warranty
Inverter failed ater 3 years 3 months to repair offered $400 compensation for all the lost power generation and hours on the phone
Now inverter has to be relocated as it was incorrectly installed waited 4 months so far Origin waiting on contractor quote who was here to evaluate 3 months ago (maybe he died)
Continual lies never return calls and are stalling to get through warranty period
Come and take it off my roof Origin and give me my 10k back I would be happy
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They were prompt with delivery,came on time on the appointed day and finished the job with no fuss. The installers were polite and friendly and took time to explain the system and how it works. Show additional information
The major problem Origin have is their dependency on SHARP as the supplier and servicing agent for their inverter system. My first inverter failed 5 minutes after installation. In fact I called the installers immediately as they had only just left. For any other purchase a customer could have expected immediate replacmeent of the product. With Origin / SHARP this became a two month plus roundabout of phone calls and emails. Origin in those days wanted nothing to do with it and kept referring me to SHARP. No compensation payable for the lost months of supply.

They have upgraded their process to some extent now. My replacement SHARP inverter failed again after two years. It was still under warranty. This time Origin wanted the report made to them and even have promised to pay compenstion for loss of supply - still to see the cheque, but it is a promise. Meanwhile SHARP are still blamed as the problem - a huge backlog (given the failure rate it is little wonder). It has so far been two months, and still waiting.
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Show additional information
I have a solar power system which is on the NSW $0.60 per KW rate.

I bought the system through Origin energy and have not had to pay an electricity bill since it was installed in October 2010

I have both gas and electricity so my usage is lower than most . I have also been able to pay 2 gas bill with cash return from the excess power generated.

Even at the current power tariffs I am at a breakeven cost wise

My roof faces north and there is no overshadowing, so I have an ideal installation

My solar power system sits on the roof and has never failed to perform in the last 3 years since installation.

I would happily recommend that all homeowners should at least investigate the economics of installing solar power.

I will be installing a new solar power system on my next house.

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I found having the opportunity to talk to several different installers gave me more confidence about the sort of questions I should be asking. Show additional information
We have had our inverter inoperative for over two months and still cant get any one from Origin to tell us when it will be replaced. Despite repeated written requests for action on the matter we are now being totally ignored and cannot get any help from anyone. We would advise others not to deal with Origin if possible. Show additional information
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Show additional information
Very disappointed with the industry, quotes are not clear, very vague. I get the impression they are not building clientele, just profits. Show additional information
So far , after more than 2 months of ongoing delays, without any installations going ahead in SA since the first week in December, we are yet to see the installers. 2 changes of dates, with no explanations beyond the original "systemic operational problems"- no one seems to know what this means and there is no one you can talk to to find out! The supervisor knows no more than the poor frustrated phone staff, left fielding angry customers for months. No timeline was offered either. Not one attempt was made by Origin to contact me in this time- I had to call them every time to get the same bland response. After the last cancellation I demanded to speak to someone and get some information- only an email complaint line was mentioned. No one has bothered to respond to my email and 6 days have passed. I'm left astounded by their poor customer service and am on the verge of cancelling all my business with them. I would not choose this service currently. I will amend this review if some explanation is forthcoming soon. Show additional information