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S-Energy solar panels review

Rating From Single Review:

S-Energy solar panels review

Average Customer Rating:
( 4.00 / 5 )

S-Energy is a Taiwanese company born as a spinoff of Samsung Electronics, one of the most renowned brand in the world operating in the commercial electronics industry. S-Energy was the first company to supply solar panels to the Taiwanese market, when the field was still new and not many players were around competing on the ground of the solar industry.

Nowadays, S-Energy’s production chains are able to supply almost 200MW of mono and polycrystalline solar panels with a power ranging from 240 and 305 Wp making them a good choice for any big seized residential application or even for commercial purposes.

Specifically, the company can supply a variety of PV products such as: crystalline modules, BIPV module (that can be used also as construction material), desert modules, light modules and stand-alone systems that can be used for street lightning, telecommunications, remote location power generation, agricultural and residential water pumping, for commercial and household applications.

The company is headquartered in Taiwan, but its international presence is guaranteed by a tight network of offices in Europe, USA, and Asia. In Australia, S-Energy’s customers can refer to the company office in Meadow Brook, QLD.

If you want to learn more about S-Energy line-up of photovoltaic products, make sure you browse the reviews here below from customers who bought their solar panels in the past, or have a look at the photovoltaic systems listed on this page to find the ones that best fit your requirements and needs.

Rating Comments Name State Postcode

Bought From: Origin Solar Review Date: 17 June 2010
Graeme NSW 2640

S-Energy has 5 solar panels in our database

Model Type Size PTC Performance Ratio Californian Approved
SM-230PC8 (60 Poly cells)Polycrystalline23020689.70Yes
SM-235PC8 (60 Poly cells)Polycrystalline23521290.30Yes
SM-240PC8 (60 Poly cells)Polycrystalline24021790.33Yes
SM-245PC8 (60 Poly cells)Polycrystalline24522190.37Yes
SM-250PC8 (60 Poly cells)Polycrystalline25022690.44Yes
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