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About Origin Energy, Solar Installers

Origin Energy

Reviewers report paying: $5,000 - $9,200 for depending on hardware choice and installation difficulty ( how is this calculated? )

Origin Energy is Australia's largest electricity retailer with over 4.3 million customers, which is around 16% more than the next runner up, AGL. In addition to retailing electricity and generating it in mostly coal and gas power stations, Origin is a large installer of rooftop solar systems.

As of writing, SolarQuotes has received over 400 reviews for Origin Solar and they have received an average rating of 4.0. Their reviews have been exceptionally consistent. While less than 9% of responses have been 5 star reviews, very few have received 1 or 2 stars with the solid majority being 4 stars followed by a considerable number of 3 star reviews.

So while you may not get the type of dedicated personal service that I find often results in a 5 star review, you are also very unlikely to receive an installation which has faults that Origin will not rectify. Origin Solar appears to be a safe choice for rooftop solar installation.

Origin Solar Give A 5 Year Workmanship Warranty

Origin provides a 5 year workmanship warranty on their installations covering any damage they cause to your roof or defects in their work. This is far better than the 1 year warranty offered by a number of large installers, but only half the length of the 10 years offered by some.

Origin Provides a 2 Year 12 Cent Solar Feed-In Rate

At the time of writing in August 2016, Origin is offering a 12 cent feed-in tariff for two years with any rooftop solar system they install. This is considerably better than the 6 cents they normally offer and still better than the 8 and 10 cent feed-in tariffs that are currently available from Diamond Energy and Click Energy in most states.

For a household that installs a 5 kilowatt system and exports half the electricity it produces the 12 cent feed-in tariff would provide around $290 more than an 8 cent feed-in tariff over the two years it applies. This is a significant benefit but has the drawback that your options are limited by having to stay with Origin Energy in order to receive it.

Origin has a Two Year Interest Free Payment Plan

Origin allows solar systems they install to be paid back over two years with zero interest. Many people will find this useful. However, the zero percent interest means the cost of financing is built into a system’s asking price, so you won't really be getting anything for free.

When I see something being offered with zero percent interest I take it as a strong indicator I can talk the salespeople into giving me a significant discount for paying up front.

Origin Leases Rooftop Solar

Leasing rooftop solar currently is not popular in Australia, but Origin provides the option. They call it, “Solar As A Service”, and it is certainly possible you will feel well serviced if you use it.

When you agree to lease solar from them they will install a system on your roof that you won't have to pay for, but you won't own. Then they will sell you the electricity it produces at a price that is less than grid electricity, but infinitely more than the nothing you would be paying if you owned it outright. At the end of your contract you can either buy the system from them, or it you don't want it, you are required to pay them to remove it.

If, at the end of your contract, you think the solar system needs a rest and you ask them to place it in a location where the sun doesn’t shine, I’m sure they’d charge a removal fee for that.

Leasing your rooftop solar system would complicate matters if you wanted to sell your home, as you would have to explain to prospective buyers that the rooftop solar system on the house doesn’t come with the house.

While I recommend purchasing your own solar system over leasing one, it is a way for people who normally could not afford rooftop solar to get some of the financial benefits while helping the environment. But I do recommend people carefully consider their options before signing up for it.

Origin Installed - And Replaced - Defective Inverters

Origin used Sharp inverters in many of its installations that turned out to have a high failure rate. They replaced the inverters that failed, but failed to compensate home owners for the lack of solar electricity production while their systems were down.

Origin Performed Poorly In A 2014 Choice Survey

In a 2014 survey by Choice Magazine, Origin was the installer most commonly used by respondents. However, Origin performed poorly on customer satisfaction, obtaining a rating of 62% compared to the average of 79%.

Origin Energy Is Up To Its Eyebrows In Fossil Fuels

On their website Origin proudly proclaim they are Australia's largest owner of gas fired power stations. This is certainly true. As of 2015 about 45% of their generating capacity is natural gas. What they don't boast about the fact that around 50% of their generating capacity is coal, or that since coal power stations operate more continuously than gas ones, a considerable majority of the electricity they generate is produced from coal, which is the most greenhouse gas intensive and polluting source of energy.

In 2015 Origin owned approximately 6,010 megawatts of generating capacity which was around 13% of Australia’s total. In addition to coal and gas, around 4% of Origin's generating capacity is hydroelectric and 1% wind.

Origin's CEO Grant King Said Rooftop Solar Is A Free Rider

In an interview discussing renewable energy, and not when he was down at the pub with his mates, Grant King, the CEO of Origin Energy said, “The reality is that solar is free-riding the network and inevitably network charges are going up because they’re energy based.”

That’s an interesting point of view he has, and one I disagree with. On my last electricity bill, including all fees, I was charged 48 cents for each kilowatt-hour of grid electricity I used. The cost of generating that electricity was around 6 cents a kilowatt-hour or less, so I paid around 42 cents a kilowatt-hour for network charges. As a result, I certainly do not feel like a free rider. But I fully support the right of Grant King to have any wrong opinion he likes.

Origin Energy Is A Free Rider

Origin Energy is a free rider, along with other Australian fossil fuel generators, because they emit greenhouse gases and other forms of pollution into the atmosphere without paying for the harm they cause.

A portion of this cost was accounted for when Australia had a carbon price, but Origin’s CEO opposed its introduction. He has also opposed Australia’s Renewable Energy Target and promoted weakening it.

Some people take the CEO of Origin Energy’s comment that rooftop solar is a free rider seriously. And many people are saddened by his opposition to environmental measures, which are designed to limit the damage caused by greenhouse gas emissions. People who feel this way often refuse to use his company on principle.

Origin Energy Solar Reviews

Very slow to get their act together. Sales, installer and meter supplier all independant and not well coordinated.

Sales group ok, plenty of communication and follow-up. Cost of system offset by higher feed in tariff.
Installer competent but it did take a while before work happened and it took two days.
Grid installation was slightly chaotic and required me to sort separately.
It would have been more convenient if I had one person to deal with not three.
Overall the process was ok...4/5.
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Origin Energy a reputable company to deal with.

Every thing from start to installation has been fantastic. The installer was safety conscious and detailed. Show additional information

Excellent installer

Had contact at my home form [horan and bird/origin,] sales rep, was very good and easy to talk to explained everything, no pressure, quoted system I was interested in and the cost was ok.

The installation was very good and excellent job, even in bad weather the got the job done. The workers were very polite and knew what they were doing, i would recommend this installer to anyone.
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10 months, no rebate

Install of panels: moved planned roof install and reduced by 3 panels.
Quality of install: not square on the roof, having waterfall issues over the gutter line.
Quality of product: inverter shuts down in the rain
Origin new connection: took over 10 months to sign up as a new customer and get feed in tarrifs
Overall, pretty disappointed of paying top dollar for a reputable company to do a below average job.
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Excellent Job

Very quick response and turnaround with quotes.
All very competitive.
Selected Origin due to high feed-in tariff fixed for two years. I'm also an employee of Origin so I know their commitment to safe work is genuine.
Installer (AIS) Electrical - absolutely fantastic job. Very neat installation and workers very diligent with safety precautions during dangerous work at heights.
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Good. Potentially very useful

Quoting was thorough. Accurate. Installation went well. Quick and efficient. Customer service. So far so good. Show additional information
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Good price of system and buy back electric higher than alinta

OK I have not had installed the solar yet so need to wait till I get it Show additional information

Easy and transparent process

I chose Origin energy after a recommendation from a neighbour who have been elated with their energy savings after installing a solar system with Origin. I originally explored the idea of switching providers from Energy Australia who had been my retailer for more than a decade, and who I believed had been price gouging me for more than a year, and selected Origin on a large saving comparitive to actual energy consumption at two different addresses. The quoting process was clear and transparent and the installation itself seamless and professional. Show additional information

Product and Installation Good but you have to deal with Origin and they are the worst

I went with Origin due to convenience - they weren't the cheapest or most expensive but it was easy and they had interest free.

The installation and equipment are fine, no problems there and I was very happy with the guys doing the install. All went well until there was a problem with my direct debit. I phoned up to get it fixed and somehow they messed up my solar payments, I ended up in credit on my electricity and debit on solar. Customer service was useless and had no luck talking to solar people. I have screen shots of being on hold for over an hour - never got through to them. They ended up putting a default on my credit record even though it is paid. Impossible to talk to someone. I suspect it is a scam because now if I apply to another provider they reject me so I'm stuck at Origin. I use Red Energy in my business and opposite when it comes to customer service - very helpful.

I'm writing this because a friend mentioned Origin had good solar reviews.

Before considering Origin Google 'Origin energy reviews' and proceed at your own risk.
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Feed in tariff decided the supplier

Quick one day installation. Full support from Origin service team in organising the installation. A bit longer wait for the transfer from one provider to another, and meter upgrade. Show additional information
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So far, So good.

My installation of 30 panels and the inverter occurred yesterday 20 July 20 and all went well.
The installers arrived at the agreed time and introduced themselves prior to commencing work, which I found a nice gesture. The work was carried out professionally and seamlessly. One of them even replaced a couple of broken tiles not associated with the actual work site. Again, a lovely gesture. The installation team were friendly and helpful and didn't mind me asking questions throughout the installation process. Now I wait for Origin to configure my meter which should be in the next ten days or so. So far I'm very satisfied with Origin Solar but we are not over the line yet. I'll update when our system is switched on and I see the results first hand.
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Complete professionalism throughout

1) Kept me informed by email throughout each phase.
2) David senior installer was knowledgeable, professional, clean and and left his work area spotless.
3) Everything was done by head office including organising the meter to be changed after filling an online form.
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Not installed yet

All 3 companies were punctual and pleasant to deal with.

One’s quote was way too high.

One was worryingly low.

Only one was a specialist solar company, which gave them the edge over electricians who dabble in solar.
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Took along time to complete the installation from quote to operation, but was given a discount. Show additional information

Very helpful from first enquiry to completed installation

Hi response as per questions
1. Very helpful and informative
2. All three examples but they did break 14 roof tiles
3. I had to contact Origin for the Smart Meter to be fitted which is supposed to be within 15 days but as yet has not been done
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Your site was most helpful and informative
The quotes supplied were competitive but the FIT could not be matched
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Expensive and disappointing after installation water leaking and roof vent missing

Lots of happenings after solar installation. first they took longer time to schedule your appointment and secondly, since they installed solar, lots of things are happening, which haven't happened before. For example, water leaking from our ceiling after installation. and missing roof vent from our roof. after bushfire, Raining has started this week but water leaking from ceiling. We called origin to fix it or where is the roof vent? they got upset and didn't fix it and said next they will charge $199 if we call them.and not responsible for any item missing. Show additional information
First inverter lasted about 2 years,, no problem with warranty replacement. This time 5 year warranty is over.. This product is in a clean sheltered environment. Most other inverters give much better reliability. Show additional information

Pathetic service

I have signed them 2 months ago considering they are big company. I agreed to pay even extra compared to what is offered in market by only considering they are big. 2 months passed, no updates yet. Whenever I called them they said yes please wait. I confirmed the contract for approx 2 months and now it seem they will install in winter probably. First they promised a fixed price and latter they are asking extra money I have a brand new house in which I have modern fittings but still they found something to charge extra. I don’t recommend them at all !!! Show additional information
Origin warranty is all care and no responsibility. Which for the inverter meant putting all responsibility on manufacturer Zeversolar to supply a replacement which occurred at a snails pace and was a refurbished unit with a visually poor condition face plate. Show additional information

Good Service and Products and better value than solarquotes as $0 upfront

Good Service and Products and better value than solarquotes as $0 upfront Show additional information

Ongoing will be installed soon

We wanted 3 quotes one from you and 2 we organised. One of our quotes cancelled to appointment 10 minutes before they were supposed to arrive and wanted to reschedule. We told them not to bother as we had 2 other quotes. The other 2 were great and explained everything well. It came down to $ . We went to Origin Solar. We are still working through the installation. Delays over Xmas, which is understandable. They have arranged the connection to Endeavour energy and will arrange the new meter. We are now waiting for installation. Show additional information
Even though the installation went OK we are still waiting for meter box to be reconfigered to 3 phase before we can start producing power. Show additional information

Good value

I have do far been happy with the service , cost and speed of replies , the install will be I two weeks . A total of 5 weeks from purchuse, I was expecting much longer turn around and am pleasantly surprised Show additional information
Yes also a few months after the installation, the switch for the inverter in the main fuse box the fell apart, I informed Origin about it IO told them what was wrong, to my suprise for a faulty isolation switch in the fuse box, they arranged for POWERCOR, to come out to check it out to find if the voltage output onto the grid was correct. It must have costed Origin a lot for that testing. All the time it was a faulty switch, I had discussed this issue with one of Origins solar technician, to me he seemed not to have any idea of what was happening at all, he must have been a greenie on the job. My profession was in the Engineering trade, I have had worked along side A grade electricians, so I knew the isolation switch was faulty. At the end Origin sent out an electrician to change over the isolation switch. Show additional information

Big boys, no joy in service!

Origin Solar. Why we choose? Hoping to get back up service if ever needed. Would we recommend? No. Why? Sales info was not very informative, just enough to sell you a system. System not properly explained, no help with online monitoring, poor product knowledge. Expensive system. We had Trina panels fitted with Fronius inverter. We were told by a sales person that Trina solar panels are a premium product, only to find out they are not, entry to middle road at best. LG, etc are premium panels. Install was poor. Unfortunately we hadn’t received quotes from solar quotes in time before we made our decision, equivalent quotes using upgraded Trina panels with in house solar craftsman were $1500-$2200 cheaper then Origin. Install Included damaged panels, inverter not fitted neatly, twisted panels, bolts loose, placement of panels not great, over all lack of real care. We would have been happier with a solar craftsman. The installers were punctual and tidied up after themselves which was good. Customer service is pretty hopeless, if you have a problem you get shifted from one department to another, from one person to another and no one seems to ever know what’s really going on. My advice is to deal with a smaller accredited solar company that use premium products and take the time to explain things carefully, use in house solar craftsman and give you the personal service you need and expect. Show additional information

Panels sorted!

Quoting process was easy, generally pleasant process and didn't cause me additional grief Show additional information

Solar Installation

I found that Origin handled the whole process from initial quote to final installation and access to the grid in a very professional and seamless manner. The quote was done by telephone and email, utilising high-quality aerial imagery. Their installer was very professional and thorough, even to the point of replacing a broken roof tile without any problems. Origin organised grid connection themselves and this was done quite expeditiously. Show additional information


Sales / quote process all easy and open
Will be installed in 4 days so can only base any expectations on previous reviews
Same for grid connection although preliminary experience has all been positive
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Great installer, but will need research and understanding

The installers were great. As a recent buyer, my recommendation is do your research, and understand what you really need for your home (for the long term). Show additional information

Great installer, fantastic system.

The entire process from getting and quote to the final installation was quick, informative, clear and I was able to negotiate an additional discount and very good FIT. The Origin sales team was easy to deal with and very helpful. The installer was fantastic: turned up on time as scheduled, worked quickly through the installation taking care of safety and my needs. Absolutely hassle free. Swap over of the old meter for a new smart meter was a great experience as well. My system was installed and connected to solar within a month of getting a quote and giving a go ahead. Well done to all Origin team and keep up the great work. Show additional information
Allowed a doorknocker to send around a salesman but he was only interested in selling us a 5kw system, didn't offer any others. His main focus was to keep emphasising how much we would get for the kw we fed to the company and that would pay off our loan(I found out later his feed in tariff was way above the going price). When I mentioned we would like to pay cash and asked for a superior inverter he jacked up the price by $2,500. When I told him as an elderly couple we always take overnight to think over offers before we sign on the dotted line he lost interest and when I asked to keep a brochure about the better inverter he wouldn't give it to me.
I must say we have had a better experience with Origin. The installers said because of the position of our house the sun would be shining directly on the inverter most of the day so they advised us to put it inside the garage. This meant we had to have an isolater installed in the fuse box at a cost of $50. Because it has been so busy before Christmas the installers were late coming to do the pre install inspection so Origin waived the fee. Our install should be happening within the first two weeks of January and we can't wait.
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Good quality system, installed with care and consideration

Sales and quoting process was smooth and not pushy.
Installation was done well, very neat and tidy, no rubbish left behind.
Grid connection has taken a little while but in the time frame that we were told.
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Request 3 quotes from you, received 2. The first to respond was extremely good over the phone but offered a system far larger than required. This was after supplying copies of current accounts. They requoted after a detailed phone explanation on my behalf, but still quoted a 6 kW system.
The second supplier, DQ Electrical, was extremely professional and visit our premises. If it were not for the deal and quality of the system offered by Origin, I would have used them
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Gave me the best F.I.T. Of 23 cents over the next best of 17 Cents and as I did it for an investment, it stands to reason to get the best return. the three quotes I got though you were on par with Origin but Origin supplied my power and looked after me.
because of you I was able to eliminate the crappy installers.
So I thank you very much...cheers. Stan Gillam
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As per usual it doesnt matter who you go with,they all manage to get caught in some sort of delay when getting you online Show additional information
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Show additional information
I found many of your quotes were interstate companies who I've never heard of nor would I trust given the market is full of scammers, crooks and con men. This isn't to say I'm not impressed with your service but rather I think State-based or industry leaders are the way to go. Show additional information
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