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Delta solar inverter reviews

Overall Rating From 32 Reviews:

Average Customer Rating:

Delta Energy Systems is a subsidiary photovoltaic company of Delta Electronics PCL, which is, in turn, a subsidiary of the main company Delta Electronics Group, a multinational company operating since 1971 in several industries, including industrial automation, power management development, and renewable energy manufacturing.

Delta Energy Systems produces and markets power supplies suitable for different applications in the medical, IT and industrial markets, including networking systems, healthcare devices, electronic components for ICT equipment, mobile power supplies and more.

The company, since 1999, has also been producing solar inverters like the ones in the Solivia and Solivia TL series, which are suitable for any kind of small to medium-sized solar application.

Delta Group can rely on manufacturing plants and marketing offices all over the world, specifically in China, Taiwan, Mexico, Thailand, Europe, India and Australia. The Australian office is located in Notting Hill, Victoria.

If you want to find out more about Delta Energy Systems’ range of solar products, have a look at the inverters listed on this page to find the ones that best match your needs and requirements, and if you bought one of their inverters in the past, please feel free to leave a comment to share your experience with us.

Rating Comments Name State Postcode
I have had no issues - everything running according to plan.
Bought From: Green Wiring Review Date: 1 December 2016
Cheryl WA 6150

Bought From: SolarEZE Review Date: 5 December 2016
Peter QLD 4285
No problems at all.
Bought From: Green Wiring Review Date: 21 November 2016
Richard WA 6162
The Delta invertor with the Phono panels seems to be a great combination. No issues at all and the system is performing better than predicted expectations.
Bought From: Advanced Solar Technology Review Date: 18 September 2016
Gavin WA 6060
Convenient and easy to read output information which is useful when deciding whether there is enough power being generated at a particular time to commence use of appliances etc. throughout the day. This equipment is installed in a convenient location in the garage so is protected from the weather and easy to access at any time. Neat and tidy installation.
Bought From: Advanced Solar Technology Review Date: 5 September 2016
Wendy WA 6065

Bought From: Green Wiring Review Date: 14 June 2016
Les WA 6028

Bought From: Green Wiring Review Date: 16 April 2016
Glynn WA 6020

Bought From: Advanced Solar Technology Review Date: 1 January 2016
Ken WA 6148

Bought From: Advanced Solar Technology Review Date: 8 December 2015
Peter WA 6030
one year on- no problems with the two inverters that I have with my system
Bought From: Advanced Solar Technology Review Date: 14 November 2015
Simon WA 6027

Bought From: Advanced Solar Technology Review Date: 15 November 2015
Cliff WA 6149

Bought From: Green Wiring Review Date: 7 July 2015
Jonathan WA 6021

Bought From: Solar Energy Environment Review Date: 29 May 2015
Philip VIC 3672

Bought From: Green Wiring Review Date: 28 May 2015
William WA 6028
The overall installation was good however some very unprofessional hand-written permanent marker pen was used both in the meter box and the inverter itself to show voltage and current measurements. A machine-made label or printing would easily take care of this ugly sight which is unfortunately there forever.
Bought From: Green Wiring Review Date: 6 April 2015
William WA 6021
Useful to be able to view daily, weekly etc. stats
Bought From: Green Wiring Review Date: 31 March 2015
Roy WA 6107

Bought From: Green Wiring Review Date: 20 March 2015
Virginia WA 6030

Bought From: Green Wiring Review Date: 8 February 2015
Ken WA 6055

Bought From: Gryphon solar Review Date: 31 January 2015
David WA 6155

Bought From: Solar Energy Environment Review Date: 25 November 2014
Wayne VIC 3687

Bought From: Origin Solar Review Date: 20 May 2014
Chris VIC 3030

Bought From: Green Wiring Review Date: 25 April 2014
David WA 6037

Bought From: Clean NRG Pty Ltd Review Date: 26 May 2014
Tom WA 6168

Bought From: Green Wiring Review Date: 1 May 2014
Rusdy WA 6164
Quite easy to use in terms of data recall but I was a bit disappointed that it wasn't set up by the installers and I had to set the date, REBS buyback rate and other relevant data. I did mention this to the installer who said he would ensure this was done in future but when I checked this out on a friend's system that they installed (on my recommendation) the data on his inverter, also a Delta, was still on the factory settings. Its a very basic inverter but it is hardy and does the job very well. I concede that not many people actually check the data available on the inverter.
Bought From: Kdec Solar Review Date: 9 January 2014
John WA 6031

Bought From: Energy Assist Group Pty Ltd Review Date: 4 May 2012
Sue VIC 3038

Bought From: SKY POWER ENERGY Review Date: 28 February 2012
Chris VIC 3040

Bought From: Solar Dynamics Review Date: 24 April 2012
Roger VIC 3195
seems fine to me. Don't REALLY know how it should rate, but I'm happy with it
Bought From: Solaworx Review Date: 19 October 2011
Peter SA 5290

Bought From: SIVCORP SOLAR Review Date: 15 April 2011
Kim SA 5415
Bought 2 years ago. I just finished payments to this product. Now it is not working. 20 days ago I have requested a technical support. Thanks to grate service, I am still waiting. Very poor service.
Bought From: Origin Solar Review Date: 28 December 2016
Chinthaka NSW 2760
Our Delta Solivia Inverter was installed with the System in December 2012. Unfortunately, it failed sometime in early 2014. Because there is no monitoring, and it is down the side of the house where no one goes very often we did not notice until we received an electricity bill with zero solar input. Unfortunately, the company who installed the system was not around anymore, however we eventually found someone and the Inverter was replaced under warranty, no questions asked. The warranty is 10 years parts and labour at it appears to be working properly.
Bought From: Solar 2000 Review Date: 14 July 2016
David SA 5162

Delta has 20 solar inverters in our database

Model DC Voltage AC Power Efficiency
DDP-260AB-1 A5926096.00
DDP-260AB-2 A5926095.00
DDP-260AB-2 B5926095.00
EOE45010272 (Solivia 2.5APG3)540 Max249096.00
EOE46010259 (Solivia 3.0APG3)540 Max300096.00
EOE46010260 (Solivia 3.3APG3)540 Max 3300 96.00
EOE46010301 (Solivia 5.0APG3)150-540 498095.60
RPI H3A_02X600V3000VA97.50
RPI H3A_12X600V3000VA97.50
RPI H4A_02X600V4000VA97.50
RPI H4A_12X600V4000VA97.50
RPI H5A 020600V5000VA97.50
RPI H5A_02X600V4000VA97.50
RPI H5A_12X600V5000VA97.50
RPI-M20A1000 2000098.30
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