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Solar Miner is a Solar Power Installation company based in Jimboomba and serves QLD. Here are their reviews as submitted by visitors to SolarQuotes
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Damaged houses with no assistance

Great while they want your business. Solar Miner called and emailed almost daily while trying to get my business. The solar systems (2x installed) themselves work fantastically, however both installations resulted in damage to the roof.

Both premises had significant roof leaks that caused damage to the houses. One of these was only six months old at the time.

Despite the damage occurring in March 2022, Solar Miner has provided little to no support to fix the issues. They have failed to assist with the process, failed to respond to emails, and even failed to have the dangerous mold removed from one property which was caused by the leaks.

The latest suggestion was that a "friend" could come and repair the damage. This work should be completed professionally to return the buildings to the same state as they were prior to the damage occurring.

Happy to get your business, not happy to follow up when it all goes wrong.
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Original Review on 05-05-2021:

Affordable prices & quick installation

Quoting process was quiet smooth. Only company that gave me option of no out of pocket expense with mid tier inverter sungrow & longi panels. Installation was quick with in a week, nice & friendly people, cleaned up after themselves, arrived early morning on time & worked hard until late afternoon to finish installation. Grid connection was also quickly organized by the company & got connected with in a week after solar panel validation by the inspector. Whole process took about a month from start to finish. Original ratings

Panel rating: 5/5
Inverter rating: 5/5

Value for money: 5/5
Quality of System: 5/5
Installation: 5/5
Customer Service: 5/5

8 months later we asked Vineet: "Are you happy with the performance of your system so far?"

Yes the system is performing as per my expectations. Payback period is roughly 4 years. I got it with no out of pocket upfront & 38$/month interest free installment from Vic solar for 4 years. Negative bills are directly credited to my bank account which in turn is paying for the monthly installment.
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Poor services, and misinformation and ignoring customers. Lack of following up.

Been delayed since mid July, yet haven’t got anything in place until now yet!! Ignoring when customer followed up with installation date. Kept saying I will call back and disappear the whole day!!! I have life to live with other work too! Poor sales management and rude. Didn’t direct me to the right person to talk to and just said something to pass time!
At least should treated me with respected than this!!! Not just fake promising day to day!
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6.66 KW Longi panels, 5 KW Sungrow Inverter

Excellent communication; recommended specification and quotation quickly provided by Solar Miner.
Prompt Installation. Work by Installation team very clean and tidy - installation team well presented and polite.
Excellent after sales communication and support.

Panel rating: 5/5
Inverter rating: 5/5
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Do not deal with this company

I ordered a system in October 2020. I rang regularly to see when the install date was, and was constantly told - call next week. After 5 months (right through spring and summer when the solar would have made the most). I said to them that they needed to have a commitment within 1 month. After another 3 weeks they turned around and said they couldn't do it on my house. No one ever visited, after I ordered, NO ONE EVER CALLED ME. I had to call every time. They would not respond to emails. I calculated that it cost me over $1000 in lost production from my place. Although they are cheap, if I had of put that extra money into the order with another company I would have had it in under a month. SO THEY ARE NOT CHEAP IN THE LONG RUN.
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Efficient and pleasant and quick at installing

The price quoting was very well handled
The installation went ahead smoothly were punctual polite and left the area clean and tidy
The customer service was great and did everything that they were supposed to do

PS I have also recommended your website as a great way of finding and having explained about solar
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Roof Leaking

Right before installing solar panels I had concerns if it will cause roof leak, they said it will not. On the day of installation we asked the electricians again, they said it will not. Guess what? Only one month after the installation, it started leaking rain through the air vent. Wet insulation, plastering damage and roof damage causing 6k to fix. Of course it's going to leak, they don't even do waterproofing before they install the solar panels!!! Spoke to the warranty team and it will take at least a week or two for someone to come inspect it. Our house never had roof leaking in 10 years, thanks to solar miners.

After installation it had issues with solar victoria approval, there was things they needed to fix before the inverter can be turned on.

Their contractors are inexperienced and irresponsible and stuffes our roof.
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best company

The suppler you gave me just one was so much over priced they wanted after rebates was $2500 . and for the same system with the supplier I chose only $645. So no brainier there I just feel you need to research the people you get quotes from better. as we feel we would have been ripped of using the one you gave me.
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3.7KW 10 Solar panels installed quickly and professionally

Customer service excellent by Sandy, regular updates as delays due to Covid. Installation quick and professional. No broken tiles, no upfront costs, everything handled by Sandy. Stress free from start to finish. Just waiting on final inspection before it is turned on.
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Bad customer service-dodgy - been waiting since October for install

We have been waiting since October for the install, they keep putting the date off and won't answer any recalls - we can see why they are so cheap now. we will not be going ahead with them - after reading many reviews, most are unsatisfactory with them. We will be contacting solar Victoria and cancel all the paperwork we had approved and use a different supplier.

Don't waste time with them. they are all glitter and no substance,
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Would not recommend- spend your money elsewhere!!

Installation has been completed but customer service is extremely poor. The wi-fi module that was supposed to be included with my system is missing and solar miner will not help- I have attempted to contact the service/ customer support and the person was extremely unhelpful. they eventually sent me a youtube link to setup the wifi module, however as I wasnt supplied the wifi module in the first place, this is useless!!!!! I would not recommend Solar Miner...
Inverter rating: 1/5
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Caused Damage

Solar miner damaged our roof, we ended up with water damage and a damaged ceiling. It's been almost 12 months of phone calls, emails, videos and photos of the damage.

Still has not been fixed and still can't get a response, they hang up on me when i ask to speak to a manager. Now recording phone calls as they have become abusive. DON'T USE.

They also were banned from the vic solar rebate system. But i think this has been lifted again.
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Original Review on 01-01-2020:

Still waiting to see - delayed over Christmas

Sales and quoting all good.
Customer service a little slow but they get back to you.
Original ratings

Panel rating: 5/5
Inverter rating: 5/5

Value for money: 5/5
Quality of System: 5/5
Installation: 3/5
Customer Service: 3/5

8 months later we asked John: "Are you happy with the performance of your system so far?"

Very happy with the results. Clear reduction in our power bills
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An excellent job by Solar Miner

An excellent product perfectly installed. The customer support was very good from the start. Alan and Austin called me regularly to update the status. Very good price $4002 + subsidy. The independent assessor was also very happy with the product and the way it was installed.
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Excellent institution

Well done solar miner team mainly Alan Johnson. I had no problem getting all done from the day one to the day finish.
Happy happy
Thanks Alan Johnson
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Worst customer service! Do not choose solarminer for solar needs.

I had solarminer install my solar system, 6.6 KW ZnShine panels with solaxpower invertor. During their sales process, I was provided written specifications that peak performance of these panels is 97.5% during first year and reduces .7% each year. I raised an issue with solar miner regarding output of my solar system after comparing the output with a 6kw system (installed near me) where a 6kw system was producing more output than my 6.6kw system. The issue is that my 6.6kw system, north facing, can never produce more than 4kw on a full sunny day at any point in time. A lot of times I had to chase them to provide a solution. Their technical team is so technical to that they fail to understand simple problem of peak output and always tried to divert it average output. It has been many months now but there had been no resolution. I would strongly recommend that do not use solar miner for your solar requirements at any cost. I am still in a regret for having them as my solar provider.
Panel rating: 1/5
Inverter rating: 1/5
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You pay what you get.

Cheapest price compared to other installers offering similar brands. But service has much to be desired.
During consultation stage, they didn't properly assess or measure the roof. Just based on satellite images. After installation, didn't properly brief or inform us about how to utilise the system or how to configure the app. Had to troubleshoot the app installation myself.
System performed well in the end and price was extremely low compared to other competitors.
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Worst customer service don’t get in to their trap

They suppose to install my solar system on 28 of October 2019 they called on that day and told me that they dont have solar panels what I have been quoted for and offered me some other Chinese panels which I dont have a clue about I told them its not a proper way of dealing customers they should have given enof notice after lot of arguments they told me they will install my system as per my quote on 6 of November that is Wednesday this time they called me at 10 am and saying today installer coming and inspect my property But no installation and they will call me back about update info But no one turned up and no one called as usual such a irresponsible staff they have dont know when they gonna finish my job.
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Job well done

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Fast installation without any trouble.

Sales man gave me very good offer as I had two more friends who accepted the offer and had installed. And installation took almost one and half day due to rain. But it was great tidy and installed perfectly. But only one thing I didn’t get when installer said that it will impact the efficiency of panels if I have the inverter installed in garage. As he suggested me to install the inverter out side the house near the meter on north wall. But I wanted to have it installed in garage so they installed in garage.
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Sofar So Good

Great and informed quotation
Quality hardware at competitive pricing
Very helpfull and now for the installation
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Most companies did not understand our situation in an embedded system in over 50 lifestyle Park. Did not want to come out. Claimed could quote via sattelite. Not good enough as house has very high roof and we also did not want to be connected to the grid.

The company we used eventually got it but more knowledge of embedded systems needed by all solar companies.
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The three quotes that came from your website were very costly, the companies wanted to push us towards being completely off grid and spend large sums of money with them. They all tried to get us to finance the shortfall. All we wanted was a 6.6kw or thereabouts system, not something that was too costly or the Rolls Royce.
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