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United Solar Energy Reviews

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About United Solar Energy, Solar Installers

United Solar Energy is a Solar Power Installation company based in and serves . Here are their reviews as submitted by visitors to SolarQuotes

United Solar Energy Solar Reviews

Very happy. Excellent sales person, Joyce, very knowledgeable. I rated the system good as I haven't had it for long and still getting used to it. I may give a higher rating if I had an electricity bill to compare with solar and without. Show additional information
Since purchase was able to get better price from another company. Using SMA Inverter instead of Solax and same Jinko panels. Difference in pricing was $2000 dollars. Show additional information
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Very happy with all aspects of dealing with United Solar Energy, however I should have insisted on a site visit to discuss modifying the mounting system to move the panels across a building ridge more to the south of the building to get them out of the shade from trees. Show additional information
The initial experience with sales was satisfactory even though the sales guy was very pushy. After that the experience was woeful with the installation being rescheduled twice because they didn't have the right parts. It was virtually impossible to get hold of their admin person Odessa even though she said she called me numerous times when she didn't.(Even if I missed the call I do have voicemail and I would have rang them back).
Then came the installation which was eventually finished and I was extremely unhappy with it because of the placement of the panels. At no stage did the installers or united solar inform me how and where they were mounting the panels on my flat roof and subsequently mounted one bank right at the very front of the roof which ruined the aesthetics of the house. I am sorry now that I didn't get up on the roof and check what they were doing but of course you expect professionals would know better.
The final straw was when Odessa took the balance of the payment out of my credit card without notice. She told me that this wouldn't happen until I was contacted which surprise I wasn't contacted. She went on to say that she contacted me and once again more BS.
Now a month and a half after the installation I am not connected to the grid because according to Alinta they stuffed up the paperwork.
After contacting the installer directly he said he will move the bank of panels if I pay him $350. I will never recommend this company to anyone I know.

Supplier Reply

Hi Lawrence, we are sorry to hear that you are so unhappy with our service. As an approved retailer of the clean energy and also a 5 star rated company on the independent customer review website WOMO, unhappy customers are not something that we usually get.

Our company has won the customer service and customer satisfaction award nationally in 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017, and we have just been nominated for the Optus Business awards National retailer of the year awards for 2017, so it is very rare to receive such a negative review.

We are sorry that you took our sales consultants attempts at following up and providing you with service as someone who was being pushy. Sometimes we are damed if we do and damed if we don't, we have had instances in the past where we have been criticised for NOT following up, so we were really just doing our job.

As for Odessa, it is also a first to hear that customers had trouble getting hold of her, she works in our office from 9am to 5pm Monday to Thursday and only leaves for lunch for a short while, so not sure why you could not reach her?

As to Odessa calling you when you say she didn't...the wonders of modern technology allow us to track incoming and outgoing calls made from our internal VOIP system. I would be more than happy to provide you with the data showing you the exact dates and times that Odessa did in fact contact you if you wish....because she did.

Panel placement. On this one, you were spot on. The professional did in fact know better, and as discussed with you, the panels were placed where they were to get maximum performance and minimum shading issues, now we are sorry that in order to get your system performing to its optimum efficiency, that resulted in ruining the aesthetics. If you perhaps had of informed the installers on the day that you would prefer a lower performing system, we could have placed the panels further back.

The final straw was when you had to pay for your install? is general business practice that when a job is completed that you in fact pay for is also written into our terms and conditions....payment to be made in full on the day of install. Again we have recorded information where Odessa did in fact contact you informing you that the balance would be deducted.

Lawrence, we are always happy to take criticism, and we take feedback, both good and bad very seriously, but negative feedback needs to have some substance, and be factual. Claiming that we don't call, when we can show records that we do, is frustrating. Calling sales people that are doing their job, pushy, is again a little frustrating. We are just trying to help and provide you service.

We are truely sorry that you found it necessary to take the time to provide somewhat inaccurate negative feedback, but we sincerely hope that your system goes on to perform and give you many many years of trouble free service. As a reputable company with over 10,000 installs and 10 years in business now, we will be around to honour any warranty issues if you ever need us.
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Excellent service with contact being kept throughout the whole process Show additional information
I chose United after looking around. The Salesman there followed up very quickly. Nevin gave me my quotes, date of installation, no bull crap up sell rubbish.
I knew what I wanted & how much I could spend. United followed through. The Director follows up personally as well as phone calls. WHAT COMPANY DOES THAT? Professional technicians install the tiles. I am very happy.
Looking forward to paying less in powerbills.
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You shall do your independent research re size of system, type and brands - comparing like for likes.
You should as well know where to best position panels and do not blindly rely on neither sales person nor installer... e.g. if you may be at home (using energy) more during noon or afternoon, a big difference where to best position more panels (facing North or West).

The installer - which ultimately makes THE difference as all brands and products are identical for all vendors at the end of the day, was the best. His name is Mark and I can only highly recommend him and his team. Clean job, all conduits (25mm) nicely layed and sealed, no damage to tiles/roof.

I chose a Schneider-Electric inverter vs other brands, as it offers a scalable solution with minimum regret costs to expand (battery storage) at a later stage/time. It also offers a very good monitoring system, which other brands usually do not offer. Check functionality than just blindly WiFi or Bluetooth capability, as there is a lot of junk. Don't go fo cheapest brands, unless you want to sell your property soon - there are as many bad reviews as good ones, but in doubt and if conservative rather up than downgrade.

Re company... Seamless progression of paperwork and certificates, the rest is with your own Electricty retailer.
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The only company prepared to send a representative to our home in Lara. Disgusting service from all others. Lara is located 13 klms from Geelong between Geelong and Melbourne with a huge potential for solar installation with many new estates coming on line. Some businesses deserve to fail. Show additional information