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The following two tables have been created to provide Australian solar buyers a more in-depth understanding of how and why we have placed particular solar panel/inverter brands on our trusted solar brands charts.

The main criteria that qualifies a brand to be placed on our chart is:

  • Has an Australian office for warranty support
  • Has straightforward and easy-to-navigate phone/email support for warranty issues
  • Has a good reputation in the industry
  • Has not been flagged by the CEC for any major violations

We have researched all of the brands on our charts in detail, with their qualifications for each of the criterion listed on the tables below.

Trusted solar panel brands criteria:

---- Criteria -------- Risen -------- Longi -------- Phono -------- Jinko -------- Opal -------- Trina -------- Canadian -------- JA Solar -------- Seraphim -------- Suntech -------- SolarEdge -------- Qcells -------- Hyundai -------- REC -------- Winaico -------- Tindo -------- LG -------- Sunpower -------- SolarWatt ----
Australian office for warranty claims?No - OneStop warehouse is importer and responsible for warranty claims if original installer goes bust✅(Solar Juice)
Easily accessible via phone/email?✅(Onestop Warehouse)✅(Solar Juice)✅ - by email
Had no serious issues with the CEC?Minor issue
What is their contact phone/email?03 9021 7788Contact hereContact here1300 326 18202 9725 11111300 874 62703 8609 1844[email protected]03 9900 642302 8188 24501800 465 56702 9016 303302 9238 228303 9020 205602 8091 27711300 846 3671800 042 5681800 786 7691300 765 928
Industry reputationGood budgetGood budgetGood budgetGood budgetOnly quoted by select companies - Solar Juice good budgetGood budgetGood budgetGood budgetGood budgetGood budget/midPremiumPremiumPremiumPremiumPremium - rareRare - premium Premium PremiumRare - Premium
NotesCEC ping was essentially paperwork violation - reputation of panels themselves is goodOpal panels are rebadged from an OEMSolarEdge panels are rebadged from an OEM
Further information on brand/customer reviewsHereHereHereHereHereHereHereHereHereHereHereHereHereHereHereHereHereHere

What about “Tier 1” panels?

“Tier 1” is not a main qualifying criteria for our trusted solar panel chart, because while “Tier 1” status is a proxy for quality, there are quite a few “Tier 1” brands that we wouldn’t personally have on our own roofs – and there are also a few non-“Tier 1” brands that we would be more than happy to have on our own roofs.

Trusted solar inverter brands criteria:

---- Criteria -------- Solis -------- Goodwe -------- Sungrow -------- ABB -------- Delta -------- SMA -------- Fronius -------- SolarEdge -------- Enphase ----
Australian office for warranty claims?
Easily accessible via phone/email?✅ - PowerUp website
What is their contact phone, email or website for warranty claims?03 8555 951603 9918 39051800 786 4761800 222 4351300 335 823PowerUp Partners assist with warranty claim process03 8340 29001800 465 56703 8669 1679
Had no serious issues with the CEC?
Industry reputationGood budgetGood budgetGood budgetGood budget/midrangeGood midrange/premiumPremiumPremiumPremiumPremium
Further information on brand/Customer reviewsHereHereHereHereHereHereHereHereHere

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