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About iStore, Solar Inverters

iStore solar inverters review

For 10 years or more, the Australian company iStore has sold and installed heat pump hot water systems.  They now also sell residential hybrid inverters and home battery systems.  These are compatible with, and basically identical to, hybrid inverters and home battery systems that were previously sold in Australia by the Chinese company Huawei.

The hybrid solar inverters provided by iStore are compatible with the iStore home battery and the Huawei Luna2000 home battery.  This means if you need a replacement hybrid inverter for a Huawei Luna2000 battery, you can use one from iStore.  It also means an iStore home battery can be used with a suitable Huawei hybrid inverter.

As of June 3rd 2024, iStore offers three inverters.  Two are residential hybrid inverters that can be used with the iStore battery, while the other has a large 30-40 kilowatt (kW) capacity that makes it suitable for commercial solar systems or the very largest of home installations.

Residential Hybrid Inverters

The two residential hybrid inverters differ in that one is single-phase while the other is three-phase. Most homes have single-phase power and can only use single-phase inverters, while properties with three-phase power can choose between them.  The inverter's capacities can be set from 5 to 6 kW. 

Here are links to their datasheets with their technical details: 

Backup Power:  The iStore hybrid inverters will only be able to provide backup power during a blackout when they are paired with a backup unit called a Back Up Box.  As of early June 2024, iStore says this product is coming. 

Warranty:  The iStore hybrid inverters have a 10 year warranty.  At the time of writing, they also offer an additional 2 year parts only extended warranty.  To get this, the inverters must be internet connected.

Reviews:  If you have an iStore inverter and would like to leave a review, please click on the "LEAVE A REVIEW" button to the upper right.  The information will be helpful for those looking to get one.

iStore Solar Inverter Reviews

Bought From: Positive Energy Solutions Pty Ltd Show additional information
Bought From: Positive Energy Solutions Pty Ltd Show additional information
Great company to deal with and they know what works best for your home. The team is super friendly and eady to deal with. The Istore inverter preforms well and the Istore app easy to use and user friendly especially for people who aren't tech friendly.
If future hope to look at adding battery to our home
Bought From: Solargain
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Bought From: Positive Energy Solutions Pty Ltd Show additional information

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