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About Green Wiring, Solar Installers

Green Wiring is based in Western Australia and provides top quality solar panel products at reasonable prices. It believes that everyone should be able to benefit from renewable energy without having to compromise on the quality of their equipment.

The company has more than 25 years of experience in the electrical industry and has solar installation accreditation from the Clean Energy Council. The team at Green Wiring are said to provide installations of the highest possible quality.

Green Wiring Solar Reviews

We follow up with all reviewers after 12 months to see how their system is going since it was installed. These are all the reviewers who have responded to our 1 year follow up:
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Salesmen was understanding of our requirements and recommended system to meet our requirements. When I could not get the computer app. to work after installation telephone support to assist was great. Show additional information
Green wiring gave us the best quote for a fantastic price.
We purchased a 6kw system which included 24 Qcell panels and a 3 phase 5kW Fronius inverter for $5650.
Green Wiring were very professional and everything that I learned by reading information from solar quotes about quality inverters and panels Green Wiring confirmed. I knew we were buying a quality system and bought with confidence because of Finn Peacocks knowledge from Solar Quotes.
Green Wiring also came in 2K cheaper than another company for the same system.
After instalation it was all set up with WiFi and everything explained to us.
Very Happy with our purchase and have recommended Solar Quotes to many of our friends.
Thank you Finn Peacock we couldn't have made an informed decision without your knowledge.
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All 3 suppliers quoted although 1 (technaus) was a couple of days later than the others to contact us. All prices about equal for similar systems (+_ $200) however Green wiring seemed most interested in providing a service to us. Show additional information
Starting from the initial interview / quote through to the installation , these guys were a pleasure to deal with. their installation / workmanship is second to none..very neat job done by an experienced team Show additional information
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Really happy with Green Wiring. A bit of high pressure sales tactics but we had done our homework pretty thoroughly and so were pleased with the results.
Installation day was a fine day and the result was very pleasing - a good quality job.
We used Jinko panels and a Fronius 3phase inverter, so top quality stuff at a good price.
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Green Wiring were very helpful from the start. Their salesman Steve was not pushy and answered all my questions.
I certainly felt comfortable that they were a reputable firm and this was a major consideration for me. In addition, they
ended up being the best quote out of 3 suppliers so that was a bonus. The installation was very professional and the installers
were friendly and knowledgeable. I have since recommended Green Wiring to my neighbours.
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Thanx Finn - All good so far - 9 x 270 watt GCL panels with a 25 year warranty? - + Goodwe NS 2000 Inverter (5 years) - Dean & Matt from Greenwiring were in and out in 2 1/2 hours. - Did a good job. In the 2 weeks since installation - 123 kw through the inverter - which is on the western roof with my other 12 x 200 w panels (3 kw Zeversolar) on the eastern roof.
Since installation of my 1st Solar (Oct 2012) - by calculating the number of units thru' the inverter - deduct number returned to the grid (Ans number of units used on the property - ) The price per unit (kw) ADD FIT ($0.07135 per unit.) - From an xl/xls spreadsheet I did up in Nov 2012, I know that we have saved $3053 with an original outlay of $3500 - nearly money back.
My records since 18 Sept, indicate the rate of saving as almost doubling.
Since installation I've got around to erecting a cover/shade over both inverters situated on the south-western corner of the residence.
Thanks again Finn.
If you're interested in a copy of my spreadsheet - Feel free -
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As a person spending between 600 - 800 every two months on electricity bills it was time to change. Having no idea of solar products though it was a daunting prospect until I found this site. The three companies recommended suited my needs and gave me the information I needed to assist me in my choice.
I opted for Green Wiring and found that Steve was very thorough with his explanation of the system and clarified any questions I had. I felt more than comfortable going ahead with them as he just gave me exactly the type of info I wanted to help me with my decision.
I appreciate this site as it saved me a countless amount of time not having to plough through the many suppliers out in the industry when I had no real idea of what I was needing. With Finn having done all the groundwork I felt confident that my choice was a sound one.
Early days but I can already see I am reaping the rewards of going ahead with solar and would recommend it to anyone considering it - make sure you use Finn's recomendations though!!
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Green Wiring is a local company that is very close to my location. I was very happy with the installation and amazed that even on a cloudy day I am getting very good solar production. They also upgraded the solar panels from Jinko to Canadian, the inverter is Fronius 3.0.1 and on sunny days I am getting over 3.03kW from 12X270W panels. Show additional information
Steve knew his stuff and the price / value of system was reasonable. Good salesman
The gave me a free upgrade of solar panels from Jinko to Canadian solar. Loving making my own power!
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Very clean job done in 6-7 hours Show additional information
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As I don't have a printer I asked for the copies of the guarantee certificates to be mailed to me. Green wiring said they don't do this.
As a result I had to run around trying to find someone to print them of my iPad. I found their person in their office not very obliging . The installation team led by Chris were great.
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Green Wiring in Perth , W.A. are a terrific company to deal with. From the initial quote, to pre installation and installation, they are extremely professional, efficient, polite, high quality, very competitive and communications were great, they kept us informed the whole way and turned up on time when they said they would.
I thoroughly recommend Green Wiring to all Solar Energy customers.

I also thank Solaquotes for their fantastic website and putting us into contact with the 3 quotes, of which Green Wiring was our choice.
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Early days yet but so far no complaints. Thank you. Show additional information
Very easy to deal with. The upgrade to Canadian panels was the icing on the cake. The instal was very quick and you can see the quality and pride in their work. Show additional information
From the time i sent a request to Finn (Solar Quotes), once i had decided to Install Solar Panels, everything has gone to plan perfectly.

After sending my request to Finn, i had a reply email with an hour, advising receipt, and was issued the three quoting companies within the next 24hours.

All three companies contacted me within 3 days, and all made the time to come to my house, to see what they were quoting on.

I would strongly recommend only dealing with a company, that is happy to come to your house and quote at the start.

Steve from Green wiring was the first to make contact, and luckily for me was the last to come from Wangara to Rockingham to carry out the quote.

Steve,s presentation was first class, as he had Brochures, and Information on the types of Panels and Inverters, available so i could see exactly what i was being quoted on.

The other two companies did also come to my house, one did not even look in the meter box, the other did but failed to see that the meter i had was the wrong one for use with Solar Panels.

The company that failed to see if my meter was compatable. also told me my electricity box need modification, at a cost, which was not true.

The configuration of the panels to fit on my roof was also incorrectly advised to me, and the person quoting should have know better.

I say i was "Lucky" that Steve was the last to quote, as i was able to discuss the previous information i had been given from the other two companies, regarding the set up.

Steve was the only one who saw straight away i had the wrong meter, also refuted the need to do any modifications to my electricity box, also advised the panel distribution advised by one of the companies was incorrect, in the way they were going to split the panels on my rooof.

After Steve had left i made enquires with regard to i cora toon Steve had given me, and he was 100% correct on all aspects, that differed from the. other two companies that quoted.

I picked a date to have them installed and they were installed on that date, as promised.

The Installer i cannot say enough about, he was on time, amazingly did it on his own, cleaned up any mess, had a great attitude. and you could tell he really enjoyed the job, and carried it out with perfection.

If you are thinking about Solar, I would 100% suggest you make sure Green Wiring, is one of the companies you use for quoting.
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We had no problems with installation,the guy was very polite and cleaned up before he left. All went ahead at the given time. I would recommend the company. The solar is working well and we have not had any problems to date. Show additional information
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Good working teem a nice clean job. very happy . Henry Show additional information
First price was $5000 which was around $1000 cheaper than similar quotes. When I was asked what discount I would want for signing up on the day I said 25% they came back with 20% so final price was $4000. Wouldn't hurt to ask after you get the quote.
Installer decided to install panels in a different position on roof to what was agreed without telling me till the end of the install despite me being home all day.
Make sure you have it in writing where you want your panels if its important. It was important to me and I was offered no real solution to the issue after they had done it.
2 scratched panels were replaced after waiting for two weeks and then only given 20 minutes notice by text they were coming. Communication was poor.

Supplier Reply

Customer approved panel location prior to starting installation, customer was advised that due to the roof structure we would need to mount some of the panels landscape as they wanted to keep all the panels on a specific roof above existing pool heating. after installation was complete we received an email stating panels were fitted in the wrong spot, on reading this we confirmed with installation team that normal process had be carried out and customer was informed prior to us starting work and they had agreed and what the reason was for mounting some panels landscape, we then sent a detailed email to customer explaining this including photos. in regards to marked panels this was brought to our attention and were replaced as requested, all issues were resolved prior to the customer paying Show additional information
The solar system i have is unbelievable . Steve the rep was very helpful. At the moment we are using 8 units a day and he said it should produce nearly double, but its producing a lot more it has hit 19590kWh on a good day. And also Dan was an excellent installer and and both were very helpful. Show additional information
The Green Wiring team were very professional and efficient. I would recommend them to anyone considering a solar installation in Perth. Show additional information
They were very competent, quick to respond, available for additional discussion. Did not try to sell bigger system Installation was very efficient and so far (less than a month), so good. Show additional information
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Could not ask for a better experience than dealing with Green Wiring. Totally professional and a pleasant way of doing business from the Salesteam to the installers. Show additional information
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I thoroughly recommend Green Wiring. Their sales service was prompt, knowledgeable, courteous and patient. Installation was quick and neat, carried out by a very competent and pleasant installer. Show additional information
I chose this company because of their great reviews & also because it is a small, local business, the owner isn't interested in the company getting too big & they only do one job a day & do it well. They're very customer focused. The salesman Steve was great. He was very knowledgable & more than happy to answer all my questions & I had LOTS of them. The installers were on time almost to the minute, cleaned up their mess & took all the packaging & rubbish with them. They also explained everything to us about the inverter & the new wi-fi option. I feel I got a good quality system at a great price! Highly recommend "Green Wiring" & having a Solar Power System.

It was installed on mid November 2016 & the package was $4,699 & has: 24 x 260 watt "GCL" Panels, total system 6.24 watts. 5 kw "Fronius Primo" Inverter.

With 10 Panels on the East side of the roof & 14 on the West side. "GCL" Panels were about $1,000 cheaper, they're made by a huge multi-national company that makes the actual solar cells that make up the panels & now they've decided to start making their own panels, so it was a calculated risk, I guess. Our first full Synergy bill was only $97.20 - normally would've been about $350.00 - $400.00, so I was more than pleased!!!

*** Please be aware & read the "terms & conditions" of the Automated REBS Payments, in particular 3. (d)
3. To be eligible to receive Automated REBS Payments:
(a) you must be registered for REBS on an active residential Synergy account;
(b) your Synergy account must not be part of a grouped account;
(c) you must be registered for paperless billing and direct debit; and
(d) your Synergy account must be in credit by $75 or more on the first business day of the month following the receipt of your last bill.

If you don't have that extra $75+ in your Synergy Account you won't receive the REBS credit - I got caught on one bill but now I make sure I am at least $75 in credit not including the amount owing of that bill.
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I have a system of Panels from Jinko, and a Sungrow inverter. The system was installed two years ago, and after one year, inverter failed. It was replaced after about 6 weeks. Now the inverter is faulty again.
If I may recommend, never use this inverter again, maybe go for ABB or other german inverter.
This company have no real service, they never investigate the faults, just replace the unit as part of the warranty program.
This time I have to wait more then 6 weeks for the replacement of the inverter, and surprise, surprise, they forgot to send the required paper to the supplier. I don't know how long will take to have the unit back.
And for the future, when the warranty will be over, I was informed that, I have to buy a new product.
Final advice, the system is indicated, but go for a company that give a better service and go for quality products. Don't believe all the sale persons about Chinese products.

Supplier Reply

Issue was reported by customer on 11-08-2017 via phone. we contacted Sungrow service department and advised them of the issue, Sungrow service department said they would call the customer and resolve the issue, we received a call on 30-08-2017 from the customer checking on status so i followed up with Sungrow and confirmed they were going to send a replacement unit out. we are still waiting on replacement inverter to arrive and have confirmed with Sungrow that it has been Sent. unfortunately we are not able to repair or replace an inverter without prior authorisation from the manufacturer as it would effect future warranty claims Show additional information
Everything went well from beginning to end. Steve was very friendly and knowledgeable and we choose Green Wiring to do our installation because the system we researched and wanted, we got at a very competitive price. The installers were friendly, on time and cleaned up afterwards. They could only install a part of the system at first as the weather turned bad but they were back in a few days to complete the job. Now all running smooth and I am saving money. Show additional information
Good friendly install team that have gone out of their way to please.

Customer service is lacking in WA and dealing with Green-wiring was a real pleasure.

There was a small mark on the inverter and the installer has ordered a new cover to replace the damaged item.

Would recommend this company with no hesitation.
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Installer was brilliant. It was a very stormy day but he did the job anyway! I thought they'd cancel but turned up on time and completed the job in between thunder and lightning! Show additional information
After installation found out that you don't get tariff if system is larger than 5Kw.No one told me of this.
However i don't know if this refers to size of solar panels ie 6.48Kw or inverter @5Kw.Maybe you know.Other wise i'm happy with your info.& overall installation.
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