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Topsolar solar panels review

Overall Rating From 15 Reviews:

Average Customer Rating:
( 4.40 / 5 )

If you are looking for 'TopSola' panels - I've just heard that they are no longer certified for use in Australia (as of 22 April 2016).

Buyer beware - always go for Tier 1 panels if you can.

Topsola’s manufacturing lines and commercial offices are located only in China, meaning that Australian customers won’t be able to get in touch with any local office, should they have any particular enquiry or technical issue.

If you want to know more about Topsola’s range of solar products, read the reviews here below from customers who bought their solar panels in the past, or have a look at the photovoltaic systems listed on this page to find the ones that best meet your needs and requirements.

Rating Comments Name State Postcode

Bought From: SA Quality Home Improvements Review Date: 7 April 2016
Robert SA 5433

Bought From: Energus Pty Ltd Review Date: 24 March 2016
Henry NSW 2530

Bought From: Cola Solar Review Date: 11 December 2015
L VIC 3551
Made an excellent choice. Could not be happier !
Bought From: Green Wiring Review Date: 21 October 2015
Carolyn WA 6038

Bought From: Solar Sunwerx Review Date: 6 May 2015
Brian VIC 3136
We had 20 x Top Sola 250w Solar Panels installed to generate 5.0kw. These panels have a 12 year product warranty and 25 year performance warranty. On a sunny day the Growatt Shine Vision Monitoring Device shows we are generating something over 3kw but never 4.0kw yet. Usually we generate substantially less - I'm not overly concerned that we are not generating 5kw as there are so many factors involved - clouds, trees etc. - but I'm very glad we didn't install a smaller system. It would be really useful to have a monitor that worked (see below!) and connected to a PC and graphed on a weekly basis how much solar power we are generating, how much we are using of what we generate, how much is going back to the grid, and how much we are drawing from the grid.
Bought From: Solar Smart Review Date: 23 March 2015
Nick QLD 4556

Bought From: Park Orchards Electrical Review Date: 1 May 2014
Paul VIC 3136
Slight drop in power during the second 12 months, but that might improve when I clean the panels - which I plan to do soon.
Bought From: Solar Sunwerx Review Date: 14 April 2012
Bruce VIC 3130
Rated 3.0kWh..................but even on the best of sunny days they produce no more than 2.8kW On a good day they produce up to 18-20 kWh all up.
Bought From: Solar Sunwerx Review Date: 2 April 2012
Ian VIC 3939

Bought From: Solar Sunwerx Review Date: 21 March 2012
Carolyn VIC 3137

Bought From: Solar Sunwerx Review Date: 7 November 2011
Mary VIC 3186
producing the anticipated power.
Bought From: Solar Sunwerx Review Date: 10 February 2011
David VIC 3216
So far so good with absolutely no problems with either the equipment or installation.
Bought From: Solar Sunwerx Review Date: 20 October 2010
Ray VIC 3134
All good
Bought From: Solar Sunwerx Review Date: 29 August 2010
Neil VIC 3133

Bought From: Solar Sunwerx Review Date: 1 June 2010
Mr VIC 3223

Topsolar has 12 solar panels in our database

Model Type Size PTC Performance Ratio Californian Approved
TSM72-125M 165Monocrystalline16514789.21Yes
TSM72-125M 170Monocrystalline17015289.24Yes
TSM72-125M 175Monocrystalline17515689.31Yes
TSM72-125M 180Monocrystalline18016189.39Yes
TSM72-125M 185Monocrystalline18516689.46Yes
TSM72-125M 190Monocrystalline19017089.53Yes
TSM72-125M 195Monocrystalline19517589.59Yes
TSM96-125M 240Monocrystalline24021589.42Yes
TSM96-125M 245Monocrystalline24521989.47Yes
TSM96-125M 250Monocrystalline25022489.48Yes
TSM96-125M 255Monocrystalline25522889.57Yes
TSM96-125M 260Monocrystalline26023389.62Yes
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