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About Solar Link Australia, Solar Installers

Solar Link Australia
Solar Link Australia is a Solar Power Installation company based in National and serves VIC. Here are their reviews as submitted by visitors to SolarQuotes

Solar Link Australia Solar Reviews

We follow up with all reviewers after 12 months to see how their system is going since it was installed. These are all the reviewers who have responded to our 1 year follow up:
I run Bimbi Park in Cape Otway, we wanted to install 5 new cabins totally off the grid for environmental reasons. I sent all the information to 2 solar installers, the quotes where 1st solar company $109k, 2nd Solar link $55k. The $109k was double the size of solar links, when I told Adam he said we didn't need it, it would be a waste and if we found we needed to upgrade the system we could have in the future. Adam was right, overnight the 5 cabins are lucky to use 20% of the battery charge (saved $50k). He is very knowledgeable and always answers my calls. We highly recommend Adam and Solar Link. If you want to see the system in action come and visit Bimbi Park. Show additional information
All my questions and concerns were answered in terms I understood. The electricians and office staff were polite and very helpful with anything I wanted to find out or if I had a query. Highly recommend! Show additional information
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Very professional, on time. No complaints Show additional information
Have a 10kW system with battery back up they are using imeon 3 phase inverter and I'm still waiting for the system to work this has been going on since January 2018 has any body else had problems with
1/ Solar Link Australia
2/Imeon 9.12 inverter
3/imeon representative in australia
4/the inverter is a french product
5/ have only paid a deposit
6 what can i do to fix this problem
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The solar company was efficient, reliable and did the work on time. I have recommended them to friends and family Show additional information
Installed but not hooked into switchboard as I do not have any spare switches.
So waiting for that to be completed.
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The Salesperson stated claims that clearly was never doing to happen. The Zeversolar Solar Inverter unit was supposed to sync with my mobile phone, but not the model Zeversolar unit that I had received. Inverter never generated any power, over 5 months simply because it never worked. I was unaware the Inverter wasn't generating any power until my electricity provider told me 5 months later. The actual installer was too busy to explain how the inverter operated so when I advised Solarlink that his installer did not give me any advice whatsoever- He's direct reply was READ THE MANUAL.
So, in essence, i paid $9,000 for something that did not work at all. 6 months later I got a new inverter under warranty. This unit works, however no compensation for zero Solar Power for 6 months
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3 inverters in 4 years and now they don't even reply to me. It has averaged 3 months to get an inverter replaced until the last one. Its now been over 3 months since the last inverter failed and no contact for over 2 months. There last statement was that a technician would be replacing it in a few days, that was their last contact. If you want back up customer service, avoid Solarlink. They are great in selling you a system but wont want anything to do with you when something fails. Show additional information
To us as consumers you have to go by price of course the cheapest price doesn't mean it's a good product,this is where you have to do your research.i thank you for the 3 quotes you organise for me,so I'm back to square one,I've got to take there word that there product is the best, So we went with Solar Link,their background seem to be better,speaking to the installers after the installation, I'm quite happy I chose Solar Link. I hope my experience can help u in some way. Regards. Kevin. Show additional information
3 failed inverters in 4 years. 3 months to get the first one replaced, the next one 10 weeks, and the last one-I notified them on 25-01-2017 and was told on the 6th-2 that someone will be around to install the new one in a few days. It is now the 13-04 and nothing has happened. Follow ups have gone unanswered so I have gone elsewhere now. I am out of pocket when I shouldn't be but I cannot cop Solar Links complete disregard of warranty and customer problems.
The first inverter required myself to pay $220 up front before they would arrange someone to come up and look at the inverter (it was 15 months old) as labour to fix the inverter is not covered under their warranty........
I have had to chase the contractor, and requested to liase with the contractor to determine the problem and then advise Solar link.
They tried to get me to pay for the labour of the second inverter even though it was only 10 months old.
The 3rd inverter...well the silence has been deafening. They were advised on the 25th of Jan 2017 and still nothing (currently the 13th/04).
Plenty of literature suggests most people will have problems with inverters over the years so if you want after sales service steer well clear of Solar Link. They have no concept of after sales support and only care about installing new systems. You have been warned.
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The installers were great. Professional, efficient, pleasant and easy to deal with. Show additional information
From a long list, Solarlink were contacted due to a competitive price, no sales pitch was offered. Initially and since, Adam of Solarlink has calmly answered all questions ranging from dumb to difficult in a confident, rational and factual manner without hesitation. My 5KWh installation which included electricity company paperwork, was completed in one day at planned time by a team of two qualified tradesmen with minimum disruption to the owner. The system, now just two months old is performing well up to expectations and answers previously given. If only all transactions of capital expenditure could be so simple. I would have no hesitation or pangs of guilt in recommending Solarlink to any friend or family. Show additional information
�I found Solar Link Australia a pleasure to work with, the quotation was competitive and was completed remotely without the need to spend all afternoon talking to a salesperson. Solar Link do not operate as a pushy sales company and once quoted they allowed you time to review and compare quotes. Once decided the process was quick and easy, with a complete system installed within 3 to 4 weeks of application submission. Installation was completed and fully operational within 1 day�. (Steve McCollin �WA, September 2015). Show additional information
Finally I decided a supplier from outside cairns region purely because of sales tactics. I was about signup with a local supplier when he started pressuring me to signup asap as they were very busy. I simply told him if you are that busy you do not need my business.
With Solar link for a bigger system and a better inverter (Aurora) I paid $600 less. It was installed last wednesday and I have already generated over 45KW of power
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These people did not go on about their product as being the best that is available, and did not put other installers down. they provided good information on there product and supplied a good warranty support and product information was informative. Show additional information
Very impressed with website as it has all prices listed with various inverters Show additional information
Installed yesterday - all going smoothly so far. Show additional information
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Used licensed CEC qualified electrician and 2 off-siders.
Did a good job and were helpful and friendly.
Spent around 1 hour assessing and planning before starting any work.
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