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Solar Link Australia

Reviewers report paying: $3,590 - $4,000 for depending on hardware choice and installation difficulty ( how is this calculated? )

Solar Link Australia is a Market Leader in Solar Photo Voltaic Supply and Installation. (EST 2010). Our team is committed to making renewable energy a major part of Australia’s energy base. Our solar energy solutions are guaranteed to deliver significant financial saving to both a Suburban Residential Solar Installation or a Large Scale Solar Commercial Installation, whilst at the same time assisting in reducing your carbon footprint.
Solar Link Australia, specialists in Solar PV Solutions offer a comprehensive range of Tier 1 Solar PV Bands. We have installed 10,000’s of PV Modules throughout the country assisting thousands of families to reduce their bills. Contact Solar Link Australia :

Solar Link Australia Solar Reviews

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Very poor customer service after sign up!

The solar link quotes and communication were very efficient until I signed up & paid the $200 deposit. I encouraged another 2 friends to also sign up (both signed up over 1 month after me & with no referral kick back received by me) and 1 of these who only lives just down the road, had (the same system as mine) installed days prior to me and has been receiving feed in tariffs for some time! When I questioned this, no one was concerned & just advised me that some people have to wait a lot longer than what I will have to wait!

When the installer did come, one of the panels was damaged - so he installed the rest of the system and had it working & informed me a new panel will be installed in a few days time! After a week, (and after the inspector had been and approved the installation) I contacted National Sales Manager at Solar Link and he informed me the new panel will be done next Friday and confirmed that the paperwork will be sent to the energy retailer for grid connection so I could start earning feed in tariff. It is now A MONTH LATER and after numerous phone calls and emails to Solar Link, I am STILL WAITING for the paper work to be sent to the energy retailer and the new panel to be installed. I have been very polite in my dealings with the Solar Link customer service people and now it is at a stage they will not answer my phone calls or respond to messages left on message bank or emails! Thankfully I have not paid the full outstanding invoice and it was confirmed by their National Sales Manager, that I do not have to pay outstanding amount until remaining panel has been installed and this will not effect them sending the paperwork to the energy retailer. However, their actions are not supporting their words as I have just checked with energy retailer and they has still not received the paperwork and the installer has still not received the new panel.

It is really fustrating to think that I encourged 2 other people to sign up to Solar Link (with an additional one still waiting for a quote), and at least one of these has their system fully installed prior to me and has been receiving feed in tariffs, when he signed up over a month after me for the same brand of inverter and panels!

The local sub-contractor that they used to actually intall the system was very efficient and I do not have any issues with them!

I consider that I have been very patient with this retailer and because I do not have a fully operational system or grid connection, together with no communication back to me (after a number of commitments to do so) I am providing this poor customer service feedback now!
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Avoid this installer

They underquoted and did not provide detials of potential extra charges until work had already started.
Had to have a metre box upgrade and they quoted for the wrong inverter which added further costs (nearly $2000 more than the initial quote).
Installed a faulty logger and i had to talk to and pick up a new logger from solis the manufacturer and install it myself.
Did not install the invoiced inverter and had to have many conversations about this.
Dealing with them was very frustrating.
The most unprofessional company i have dealt with, I would not recommend the to anyone.
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Review removed at the request of the reviewer

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Review removed. The solar business alleges this review is fake.
Waiting for reviewer to provide proof of purchase.

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Great job!

Solar Link were professional and prompt from the start. Given the complexity of my particular setup, they were happy to answer lots of questions and provide sound advice. I appreciated the time that Adam took to work through various options.

Jake did a great job of the install. I've never met a more pleasant and professional installer or electrician. Nothing was too much trouble and he was happy to give me options when available.

After sales service and documentation etc has also been great, with Ryan turning around questions on the monitoring software quicklyt and sorting out the setup of the software for me.

Overall, I'm very pleased with my new solar setup and the painless install from the SolarLink team.
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Solar at home

There could have been a little more help with the computer and preparation side of things the installation went well. Companies need to consider and have in place options for those who may not have the confidence or equipment to do things online.

The installer rang the day before, arrived on time, did the job cleaned up well and left. No hassle and the installation was then checked some days later by an independent assessor. I have confidence in the job and the way it was done.

The question about value for money can't be answered as only time and bills will tell.
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Excellent experience from start to finish.

Good customer service, very responsive and informative. The quality of the installation is excellent, I was also very happy with the installers, knowledgeable and experienced. Recommended. Show additional information

6 Years and into the Landfill

Yes, The complete system was dumped after 6 years

Had the 4kw system installed in 2014. I have been monitoring the output for the last year and found my monthly average output was around half of what I should receive. Cleaning the panels had no real affect.
Finally contacted Solarlink who refused to come and have look at the system without a upfront payment of $220.00+gst.
Never wanted to help or at least discuss the issue. When I adviced them that I will take the matter up with ACCC I was told (cut and pasted from his email) "You can call the ACCC. You can call the King of Denmark."

At the time of selling everyone is fantastic. The real test comes when you need help and the company just don't want to know you.

So please be aware whom you are dealing with. A good company should be with you for the long run, and not just at the time of installation

Supplier Reply

The System was installed in 2014. The client reported that the system was under performing. Solar Link advised that the 5 year onsite labor warranty had expired (5 year labor warranty is industry standard). The client was advised that a service call would be applied and if the panels were deemed to be defective they would be replaced under warranty. The client refused the offer. Instead the client demanded 'compensation' toward the purchase of a new hybrid solar system. All of this information is also in the trail of correspondence between both parties which the client elected not to mention. Show additional information

Solar Installations on our Property in Old Beach Tasmania

I got quotes locally in Hobart, Tasmania as well as a quotation from Solar Link Australia (Melbourne), All my local quotations were terribly high. The quotation from Solar Link Australia attracted my attention but requested for Hanwa Q-Cells and SMA Sunnboy Inverter. They considered my request as well as quotes from others which we submitted and SolarLink came to the party and agreed to a deal that I couldn't refuse. I got what I had requested. They did say that there would be a delay due to COVID-19.

As a Tasmanian customer, they had contracts with installers in Hobart, which I was happy with. As soon as the solar panels and the INverter arrived, I was contacted by the local installer Murray Roberts, a date was set to which I agreed. Two expert installers with years of experience arrived. Within two days they installed 20 panels. The men knew what they were doing and what needed to be done. They were quick to the job. They completed the task, showed us what we needed to do with regards to registering the Inverter, etc. SolarLiank arranged with TasNetwroks for the change of meters.

We appreciated the fact that interstate transport would be delayed due to COVID 19, In the end, all came right. We are satisfied with all the work undertaken by Murray Roberts and his team and fro Ryan tan of Solar LInk to keep tabs on where things are at and for following up. Overall, our experience has been very satisfactory. Petar Buac and Ryan undertook all coordination and communication and kept us to date. The inverter has a 5+5 year warranty. As soon as the warranty is confirmed, we will sit back and watch us save electricity costs. I would recommend SolarLoink Australia if anyone is looking to install solar panels. They are a wonderful team to deal with.
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Awful customer service - stay away from this company and their inept management.

The initial installation date was late by 4 weeks without any communication of a delay (when initial installation was finally booked, it was cancelled at very short notice).

The installation process was delayed, chaotic and poorly managed which was caused by their sales model which is to quote via satellite maps rather than measure and quote (lack of familiarity with my roofing resulted in a failed installation attempt and incorrect sizing of the order resulted in only 19 out of 22 panels able to be installed).

Another installation attempt failed due to the company ordering the wrong inverter.

Management were not proactive in sorting out issues requiring constant calls to prompt and chase up to get commitments to complete the installation. An attempt to pass on feedback and seek resolution with the owner was met with a defensive and dismissive tone and was not at all apologetic or conciliatory.

The system was finally installed 2 months behind scheduled requiring 4 installation dates and with no attempt to make amends or provide compensation for the poor service.

Supplier Reply

The information provided in the review is false and misleading. This client was belligerent and uncooperative from the beginning.There was a delay on installation as there were delays on stock supply due to COVID-19. When we did attend to install the system, we had the incorrect roof brackets. This was due to the client not filling out the property self assessment correctly. The roof tiles at the house were made from a soft resin material and were glued to a ply-board. The client had incorrectly advised that his roof had cement tiles. We made contact with the original builder and roofer and specific fixings were sourced so that the installation could be fitted to this roof with an unusual Resin Tile roof. The system is now fitted and is operational. Its disappointing that a client would take the time to post such a misleading review. Show additional information

Solar Installation

Good quoting process with informative discussion.

Installation all went to plan. Good to discuss panel orientation with knowledgable installer.
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Avoid SolarLink and Installer Eazy Electrical

Ordering the system went smoothly until the installation was handed over to a 'brokered' electrican. I paid dep in July and the balance on 20 Nov and became very concerned with the installer, putting back the installation dates. Installation actuated on 17 Dec but the EWR was never submitted to Energex to connect to the grid - the solar system is redundant while waiting for the paperwork.

I sent multiple emails and called SolarLink requesting immediate submission of the paperwork but this has been ignored. Today is 29 Jan 2020. I have no clue if the system actually works while there is no EWR for our energy supplier to activate the connection. Reading the last reviews from others in Dec 2019 looks like I'm not alone in being let down. Poor form from SolarLink including their installation team.

Supplier Reply

The installation was fitted for Clayton Corp P/L (Peter Clayton Builders). The address was still listed as a 'Lot #' as it was under construction. The EWR was lodged post installation, however the NMI provided by the customer was incorrect, so metering was not carried out. When the correct NMI was finally received from the customer the EWR was lodged & metering followed. The review is misleading and fails to make mention of the extenuating factors that caused the metering delay. Show additional information

Need better communication with Customer after intall

Was very happy with all aspects of going through Solar Link through to installation. 2 weeks after installation I ask why we haven't been getting our feed in tariff and the answer I got is they haven't contacted the energy company as they are still waiting on the certificate from the installer. I ask them to follow up to why the installer hadn't supplied the certificate of electrical safety(CES) and the response I got was we have sent them another email. another week later I rang Solar link to find out what was going on and was met with a very rude person on the phone with comments like its a yes or no answer without giving me a chance to answer, then he answers for me. All this could of been could of been avoided if it had of got explained to me at the start that an independent inspector had to look at the system before the CES could be issued and then connected through the electrical company. Show additional information

Be very cautious using Solarlink

I provided my own Fronius. Solarlink provided panels and installation. After months of waiting installers finally showed up. They were contractors from out of town running up and down the cities along the north Queensland coast. The installers were pretty good and after the wait I was happy with the installation. However after 6 months and two further electricity bills Ergon confirmed for me there was no application in their system from Solarlink for my digital meter. I am paying for electricity I should not be and having now chased up Solarlink numerous times by email and phone they appear to be ignoring me. The system itself is still working and the work of the externally contracted installers seems fine, but Solarlink themselves appear to be a problem. I'm now at the point where I'm threatening to begin the complaints process. Show additional information

Quick installation & happy customer!

So far very impressed with smooth & quick installation & grid connection & good team work! Very good communication with provider! Show additional information

Solar Link Australia

Had a very good experience with Solar Link Australia. Whole process from start to finish was very smooth. Installers were very courteous, informative and the job has been done very professionally. I would have no hesitation in recommending them for solar installs. Show additional information
Our experience with Solar Link Australia was excellent, it was a smooth process from start to finish. The team kept us informed all the way. The installers showed up on time and worked very hard. We had a slight issue but it was fixed immediately. I couldn't recommend them more highly. Thank you Adam, Dimitri and Brandon! Show additional information
Really great people do deal with from office staff to installers to management- excellent. Show additional information
We found the company very efficient and easy to deal with Jim & Theresa Poulton. Show additional information
Our very first contact with Solarlink started a very happy experience, from the discussion about the
products available to receiving all the relevant information, the estimated time of installation, which
was at the time specified, and the professional conduct during this time was excellent. we would
recommend Solarlink to anybody contemplating solar power.


Bayswater North
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My reply to Solar Link
Thanks Adam,
We would have no hesitation in recommending Solar Link....efficient, professional and trustworthy. A high end product supported by excellent tech advice and information....not to mention extremely competitive on price considering the top end quality.
Thanks again Adam.
Kevin Archard
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Testimonial: I have recently had a 6.6kW solar system installed by Solar Link Australia. It should be noted that I live in a rural area in Queensland so Solar Link needed to travel a reasonable distance from their home base to install my system. Consequently Solar Link coordinated my installation with others in this region. The processing of the paperwork to get the program moving was quick and efficient. And once the Installers arrived on site they were professional at all times. The Installers were always cognizant of the Owner's needs and wants and included the Owner in all decisions regarding the installation. I would recommend Solar Link to others. Job well done. Show additional information
Testimonial for Solarlink
We are pleased that we turned to Solarlink upon deciding to “go solar”
Were impressed by Adam Dolkin’s professionalism and cordial assistance and advice.
The installers arrived promptly on the day and the set hour, were well-skilled and cordial and had completed the job by mid-afternoon. The electrical work was also completed expeditiously and professionally.
We also were satisfied with the follow-up and administrative side of things.
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We found the professionalism of all concerned to be exemplary, from Adam the director who initially helped out to the installers/electricians who did a great job on a hot January day. Our electricity costs have certainly reduced and the feed in tariff is an added bonus. It has only been a few months but so far so good. I would highly recommend Solarlink if you are considering solar panels for your home. Show additional information
We live in the small country town of Jindabyne in N.S.W. and had a really bad experience with another solar provider who promised to provide a system for us but did not deliver. Solar Link were completely different. From the start their approach was friendly, professional and they kept us informed of each stage of the operation from initial choosing of the right product through to completion of installation. We are very happy with the final result and it is just lovely to go outside on a sunny day and read off the inverter almost 5kW of power being produced by the system. I can thoroughly recommend Solar Link as a company to deal with if you are looking for a quality installation of a solar system on your rooftop. I also appreciate the personal approach and follow-up service from the director of the company Adam Dolkin. In summary, if you are thinking about installing a solar system, I can recommend this company based on our personal dealings and experience. Show additional information
I run Bimbi Park in Cape Otway, we wanted to install 5 new cabins totally off the grid for environmental reasons. I sent all the information to 2 solar installers, the quotes where 1st solar company $109k, 2nd Solar link $55k. The $109k was double the size of solar links, when I told Adam he said we didn’t need it, it would be a waste and if we found we needed to upgrade the system we could have in the future. Adam was right, overnight the 5 cabins are lucky to use 20% of the battery charge (saved $50k). He is very knowledgeable and always answers my calls. We highly recommend Adam and Solar Link. If you want to see the system in action come and visit Bimbi Park. Show additional information
All my questions and concerns were answered in terms I understood. The electricians and office staff were polite and very helpful with anything I wanted to find out or if I had a query. Highly recommend! Show additional information
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Very professional, on time. No complaints Show additional information
Have a 10kW system with battery back up they are using imeon 3 phase inverter and I'm still waiting for the system to work this has been going on since January 2018 has any body else had problems with
1/ Solar Link Australia
2/Imeon 9.12 inverter
3/imeon representative in australia
4/the inverter is a french product
5/ have only paid a deposit
6 what can i do to fix this problem
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The solar company was efficient, reliable and did the work on time. I have recommended them to friends and family Show additional information
Installed but not hooked into switchboard as I do not have any spare switches.
So waiting for that to be completed.
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The Salesperson stated claims that clearly was never doing to happen. The Zeversolar Solar Inverter unit was supposed to sync with my mobile phone, but not the model Zeversolar unit that I had received. Inverter never generated any power, over 5 months simply because it never worked. I was unaware the Inverter wasn't generating any power until my electricity provider told me 5 months later. The actual installer was too busy to explain how the inverter operated so when I advised Solarlink that his installer did not give me any advice whatsoever- He's direct reply was READ THE MANUAL.
So, in essence, i paid $9,000 for something that did not work at all. 6 months later I got a new inverter under warranty. This unit works, however no compensation for zero Solar Power for 6 months
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3 inverters in 4 years and now they don't even reply to me. It has averaged 3 months to get an inverter replaced until the last one. Its now been over 3 months since the last inverter failed and no contact for over 2 months. There last statement was that a technician would be replacing it in a few days, that was their last contact. If you want back up customer service, avoid Solarlink. They are great in selling you a system but wont want anything to do with you when something fails. Show additional information
To us as consumers you have to go by price of course the cheapest price doesn't mean it's a good product,this is where you have to do your research.i thank you for the 3 quotes you organise for me,so I'm back to square one,I've got to take there word that there product is the best, So we went with Solar Link,their background seem to be better,speaking to the installers after the installation, I'm quite happy I chose Solar Link. I hope my experience can help u in some way. Regards. Kevin. Show additional information
3 failed inverters in 4 years. 3 months to get the first one replaced, the next one 10 weeks, and the last one-I notified them on 25-01-2017 and was told on the 6th-2 that someone will be around to install the new one in a few days. It is now the 13-04 and nothing has happened. Follow ups have gone unanswered so I have gone elsewhere now. I am out of pocket when I shouldn't be but I cannot cop Solar Links complete disregard of warranty and customer problems.
The first inverter required myself to pay $220 up front before they would arrange someone to come up and look at the inverter (it was 15 months old) as labour to fix the inverter is not covered under their warranty........
I have had to chase the contractor, and requested to liase with the contractor to determine the problem and then advise Solar link.
They tried to get me to pay for the labour of the second inverter even though it was only 10 months old.
The 3rd inverter...well the silence has been deafening. They were advised on the 25th of Jan 2017 and still nothing (currently the 13th/04).
Plenty of literature suggests most people will have problems with inverters over the years so if you want after sales service steer well clear of Solar Link. They have no concept of after sales support and only care about installing new systems. You have been warned.
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The installers were great. Professional, efficient, pleasant and easy to deal with. Show additional information
From a long list, Solarlink were contacted due to a competitive price, no sales pitch was offered. Initially and since, Adam of Solarlink has calmly answered all questions ranging from dumb to difficult in a confident, rational and factual manner without hesitation. My 5KWh installation which included electricity company paperwork, was completed in one day at planned time by a team of two qualified tradesmen with minimum disruption to the owner. The system, now just two months old is performing well up to expectations and answers previously given. If only all transactions of capital expenditure could be so simple. I would have no hesitation or pangs of guilt in recommending Solarlink to any friend or family. Show additional information
“I found Solar Link Australia a pleasure to work with, the quotation was competitive and was completed remotely without the need to spend all afternoon talking to a salesperson. Solar Link do not operate as a pushy sales company and once quoted they allowed you time to review and compare quotes. Once decided the process was quick and easy, with a complete system installed within 3 to 4 weeks of application submission. Installation was completed and fully operational within 1 day”. (Steve McCollin –WA, September 2015). Show additional information
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These people did not go on about their product as being the best that is available, and did not put other installers down. they provided good information on there product and supplied a good warranty support and product information was informative. Show additional information
Very impressed with website as it has all prices listed with various inverters Show additional information
Installed yesterday - all going smoothly so far. Show additional information
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Used licensed CEC qualified electrician and 2 off-siders.
Did a good job and were helpful and friendly.
Spent around 1 hour assessing and planning before starting any work.
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