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About Solar Sunwerx, Solar Installers

Solar Sunwerx

Solar Sunwerx went into voluntary liquidation in September 2015.


With over 15 years experience in solar energy including solar power, Sunwerx is an Australian owned and operated company with its base in Melbourne.

The company says that it is committed to making solar and energy efficiencies an affordable and preferred option for Australian home owners, community buildings, schools and commercial buildings.

Solar Sunwerx has a 30 year history in the building industry and says that it can even design and build your home or extension, incorporating your ideas with the most appropriate solar panel solution. They say: “Reduce your stress and let us do all the work.” They also say that they can provide project management services for major industrial and commercial solar projects.

The company says that for every installation they provide two qualified installers with Clean Energy Council certification. [Finn’s Note: That’s quite rare in solar industry as a CEC installer ain’t cheap to hire!]

Customer testimonials for Solar Sunwerx are available, and include the following:

“We were given great advice and prompt service from sales through to installation.”

“Excellent service; these guys are highly recommended. No fuss, from quote to install. The installers were fantastic; extremely well informed, totally professional installation and advice.”

Solar Sunwerx Solar Reviews

Pity about the company now in liquidation

Having purchased a 16 x 250w Topsola panel and 5 kw Growatt inverter PV system in June 2015 from Solar Sunwerx (at Solar Quotes recommendation), I now understand that Solar Sunwerx went into voluntary liquidation in September 2015. So much for the 10 year workmanship warranty that was included in my contract! I was and remain satisfied with the installation and can only hope that the manufacturers warranties for the panels and inverter are honoured if required in the future. Show additional information
Solar Sunwerx sent their best installer Lloyd to perform remediation on a badly installed system from another company I do not wish to name. The panels themselves were poorly mounted, and in a location where shading from a tree was affecting performance to a large degree for seven months out of twelve.

Lloyd and Jamie resited the panels to the south roof with tilt frames facing North to remove nearly all shading issues. There were some small electrical issues resolved and obviously in resiting the panels were remounted properly unlike initially.

The remediation work was on the pricey side even allowing for the cost of tilt frames. The price for the system is what Solar Sunwerx would have charged for the install inc. tilt frames, panels and inverter - unfortunately the remediation work plus the first installer’s cost was about a third more than this price.
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Had 2 systems installed by this company
1st paperwork wasn't done properly have had troubles ever since ,getting feed in tariff ,then had fire in dc isolators almost burnt the business down!
2nd installed in home has had cracked solar panels
Twice bitten never to recommend or use again no help from company!
Judging by reviews this isn't isolated!

Supplier Reply

With Michael, a customer who purchased solar back in 2012, we have assisted him in his claims and also sent him all relevant document that he wanted via email. We don’t have hard copies because liquidators took all the hard copies of the previous company. As you know we went through voluntary liquidated back in Sept 2015. We have new owners since then. The owners bought the name but no liability. So as of 2015, We have moved on, still servicing all the old customers and helped them with any insurance claims. Show additional information
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All companies who quoted gave me professional and timely responses. All offered what we felt were very similar quality products and services, so the final choice was based essentially on cost. Show additional information
Have not had system long enough to rate value or quality but it all seems very good.
Thank you for your assistance
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Using your site, references and checklists is a must before making a final decision. Show additional information
Solar Sunwerx visited and were very professional and answered all questions authoritatively and did some creative problem solving at the visit. Their range of panels and inverters includes innovative technology and I was confident in their research material and vetting of gear. Sufficient to go with a Solax inverter with wifi live monitoring of output (via website on mobile or iPad or PC - and it works a treat!). Hope it has longevity too! The installer was fantastic and came when he said he would and did a very smooth job. The paperwork was completed within 24 hours and the system certified within a couple of days! I received a professional set of instructions and a kit of information. I have only had the system 8 weeks but couldn't be happier and highly recommend Solar Sunwerx. Show additional information
Do not use solar sunwerx. They installed a system at my place a few years ago. Still under warranty an item called a DC isolator burned out. On inspection it was installed incorrectly and not in accordance with australian standard. Solar sunwerx refuse to fix the problem. Show additional information
Unfortunately this company went through a "Restructure" is what they called it, but we were caught in the crossfire, many delays and a lot of uncertainty we final got our system installed over a month later from signing on, tho they did get it here and installed my confidence in this company is still very negative, but on the plus side there installer Lloyd is a sharp operator, very professional and quality workmanship, I highly recommend him but cannot give the same glowing review for Solar Sunwerx Show additional information
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Solar Sunwerx were the first to respond, visit and provide a quotation. I had prepared a detailed list of questions and they were the only supplier who replied in detail to all the questions in an email. Show additional information
The company is very diligent and so far I would give them top scores. The installation will take place next week and they made sure that everything is ready and on hand well ahead of time. So far I am very happy with them. I must add that True Value had a slightly better price on offer but they ignored all my e-mails for a while. I do not regret my choice. Show additional information
Solar Sunwerx were genuine, with good installers and a reasonable price - yes you can get better systems - but will they pay back any faster - No!

Just get a reasonable system from a Local genuine company with a bit of history for an affordable price, and then knuckle down and make the Solar work for you.

Do your own maths - you know how much you use and when - my estimate is that the system will pay for itself in 2.8 years. It will take some effort to maximise the Solar - but that's why I committed to it.
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We are pleased with the result and happy we chose this company. They were professional and we have no problems to date. Show additional information
We went for a 4.4 Kw system as well as an evacuated tube solar hotwater system, it was all installed in one day and up and running.
The installers weere fast, efficient and cleaned up, didn't even know they had been, apart from the panels up on the roof :-)

The solar hotwater stopped working after the first day, and it was a dud thermostat, the wife was a bit upset that they couldn't fix it on the day, but they ended up coming out the next afternoon and installed the replacement part.
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We did not go with the cheapest quote. After looking at the various inverters and panels offered and the professionalism of the sales people, we went with Solar Sunwerx. It proved to be a good decision. They were very professional before, during and after the installation. They recommended a Wifi model invertor and monitoring program, along with a smart meter monitoring program from our electricity supplier. The combination of these two software packages has allowed us to get a good idea on how much and when we use power. We are then able to adjust our time of day usage to our solar generation. Show additional information
very nice mob to deal with
competitive price and professional neat installation.
actually 5.5 kw of panels (22 Jinko panels) run through a 5kw Solax inverter fully installed for $6150
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From the moment Solar Sunwerx visited to completion of installation, the service was first class. I had many questions, and many reservations, as I knew very little about the mechanics of solar energy. After Michael's (our salesman) first visit, I had acquired enough information to make an informed decision. Michael was also readily available to answer numerous questions after his visit. I received quotes from two other companies, neither provided the level of time that Solar Sunwerx did. Once I'd signed the order, Solar Sunwerx walked me through every step of the process, advised in writing what to expect and a timeline that was spot on. The sub-contractors who installed the unit (Jinko 205W panels and Solax 3kW Single MPPT Inverter) were professional, efficient and spent time communicating what will happen once they leave the property. To add to the already excellent service I received, Michael popped in on his way home to check how installation went and if I was happy. Of course, the delay is with the power distributor and signing off on the feed-in tariff. After 3 weeks, I'm still waiting for them to do their job. Show additional information
I found Gryphon too "pushy" and the sales rep arrived late. Show additional information
Every company who contacted me said "do you have any other questions "
Even after reading your site I still didn't have the insight needed to ask the really important questions .
what happens next !
Its been 5 weeks now since installation I'm still waiting for my energy company to give me the go ahead.
I have missed summer and can only hope we have a good Autumn .
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I really cannot fault the service and quality we got from Solar Sunwerx. We had done a lot of research and used Solar Quotes to discover a lot about systems before deciding on what we wanted. Some companies tried to talk us out of what we knew was best but Solar Sunwerx worked with us, advised us intelligently and helped us design the best system for our situation. And, to top it off, they were much less expensive than similar systems from other companies. When the installers came they were quick, friendly and professional. They did a great job - so much so that the electrical inspector said it was one of the best installs he'd seen. A great company with great service. Highly recommended. Show additional information
Very professional setup and kept informed of progress and inspections done promptly. Show additional information
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The price range above is limited to $10K to 15K. Our system was in the low $11K - so pretty fine value for money for a 5.32KW system. Show additional information
I was expecting maybe a problem or two after signing up but installation was fast . . The crew turned up on time and finished the same day. The people at Solar Sunwerx were reassuring and patiently answered any questions I had. They said what they would do and they did what they said.
5 stars to Finn at Solar Quotes, too. Excellent, friendly service and wealth of information.
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We have a lot of shade on our roof at various times of the year. Also it has two levels and many small and angled areas. We asked the three suppliers recommended by this website to quote. All three refused the dimensioned drawing of the roof instead relying on photos from or similar. Sunwerx offered an ac system that dealt with the shade best. The others offered the traditional dc systems where several panels in a row are limited in performance by the least performing panel unlike the ac type. We also liked the APS controller with feedback on each panels performance in realtime. The unfortunate part was that only 1.5kW was installed when 3kW was quoted. When Sunwerx's most trusted and very qualified installer got on the roof he could only fit half the panels. Otherwise the installation and follow up paperwork has been handled efficiently and we have produced 829kWh since it was officially switched on in Jan 2014
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Very impressed with knowledge of supplier during home visit and his willingness to assist answer my questions. Although our system has yet to be installed, I am very satisfied at this time and would like to state my great appreciation for the assistance of F. Peacock and his web-site!!! Would be pleased to provide a personal reference for both F. Peacock and/or Sunwerx to anyone thinking of obtaining solar power. Show additional information
Customer service has been good all along.
Installer very helpful and cheerful.
System has not yet been accredited by our supplier.
Although system is rated at 3kW the best output we seem to get (March) is about 2.8kW.
We have averaged an output of about 11.5kWh/day during March.
The above ratings are very subjective as we have only had the system for 3 weeks.
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Great guys, service and follow up. Highly recommend. Show additional information
Solar Sunwerx were the only ones to respond and give me a quote. I don't know what happened to the other 2 that were supposed to get in touch with me through your site.
I had already got 3 quotes myself and were very impressed with Daniel from Sunwerx as well as Sam and his installation crew. It all went ahead on the day of my choice and they were punctual and did an excellent job.
Information was forthcoming at every stage from Carol in the office.
It was an enjoyable experience and now we are waiting for Aus Net to re configure the meter. Even then Carol said if it doesn't happen in three weeks, ring her and she will sort it out.
This is old fashioned service that should be applauded in this day and age. Thanks Finn for putting them in touch with me.
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Good value for money, working very well. Show additional information
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The sales consultant - Graham knows his product and takes the time to make sure the system will best fit the users' needs. Sam and the installation team could not have been more professional / helpful. Show additional information
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The panels weren't available on the install date, so all the installation was done minus the panels initially. I had plenty of communication with Sunwerx so it was just a matter of waiting another week for the panels. Show additional information
One quote was a shocker, pushy and refused to come out unless we purchased from him, offered a 20c per KW rebate which we later found out had many strings attached. Continually telephoned and said he wasn't going to visit unless we signed up.
Other companies were polite and helpful.
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Thanks for your service and the information resources you provide Show additional information
Very efficient company to deal with. Gave us all the information we asked for. The installers were excellent and clean. The system is working just waiting now for the Provider to do their bit, I understand that can take a bit of time. We'll see. Show additional information
Delays in connection inspections between the energy retailer and the distributor are frustrating, as are the limited connection plans to get started - but these issues were beyond the direct control of the solar company.

Solar Sunwerx have been exceptional in their communication and advice, especially in providing detailed information (hard copy and web-based) to answer all our questions - there have been no 'hidden' costs or false expectations; a thoroughly professional (and personable) team.
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System is working as per monitor, however the bureaucratic system to start using the power generated is very slow, took 2 weeks for inspection, now waiting on power supplier to notify us that it has been allocated to our account. Show additional information
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