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Solar Smart
Solar Smart is a Solar Power Installation company based in Swansea and serves NSW. Here are their reviews as submitted by visitors to SolarQuotes

Solar Smart Solar Reviews

Great sales pitch but fails to deliver service

Sales representative was very good and enthusiastic to our needs, but once we had signed up things start to go downhill. Electricians they use are not very considerate of the house, leave rubbish waste in your roof space and gutters, put down conduits along the walls that suit them and not aesthetically pleasing for the facade. They even partially blocked a skylight with a panel. Took 3 months for them to finalise the installation and still waiting for them to arrange modifying our meter to feed into the grid. Hopeless. Show additional information

Solar Smart

Best value for money out there. Installation was quick and no hassles. Show additional information
Of the 3 names that your company "Solarquotes" sent me, only one company actually gave me a quote, the other two companies initially talked to me but didn't do any more than that, and no quotes were sent to me. Actually one of these companies that didn't bother to send me a quote put my email onto their mailing list and I am getting promos from them every few days about their wonderful deals! So I had to do my own research as your supplied contacts were not very helpful in this regard. Show additional information
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System cannot be connected. Show additional information
I was happy with the quotes and tech advice received and thank you for a great service. Show additional information
Engaged Solar Smart SA 19/11/2018 invoiced 28/11/2018 installed 5/12/2018 to date 12/02/2019 no solar connection due to installation not including change of a back board to electricity box. I still have no solar connected and no offer of compensation over two months later... they asked me to pay towards $1000.00 to fix the board to get the solar up and running when the electrician who came out to change the box said it was a 5 minute job and should have been done by the installer when the solar panels were installed.

I worry that some people may pay this to get the system on not knowing that it is the installers job to quote for such things prior to installation. NOT HAPPY no solar and no date given to when I can expect my solar system connected.
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Not the cheapest system but certainly the best quality. The reason I went with them as the person who inspected my home and sold me the system is the person who was going to do the installation. Not just the salesperson who is happy to promise you anything and everything but who isn't there when installation occurs. Show additional information
I also decided to go for a Fluksometer metering system, but as yet we've not been able to hook this up to our PC to see daily/weekly/monthly etc generation/usage/grid activity etc, however SolarSmart are actively working on this to get it working - this is a learning process for both of us as monitoring systems are not their speciality (or any of the other panel companies we saw except perhaps one that was very expensive) . This is a minor issue and not really related to the installation and the system, which is working perfectly Show additional information
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We were fortunate to apply when a special was on and got a big discount. The sales person/inspection went very well and helpful. Office back up has been relatively straightforward but could keep us informed a little better. Installers were pleasant and had a difficult job with our roof but everything in place. Just waiting for the last steps to start feeding the grid. Show additional information
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The electrician wired the circuit breaker wrongly and it was picked up by Western Power Inspector. Western Power inspector called him and the electrician came straight away to fix it while the inspector still around. Inspector told me that it was a common mistake and he picked up one or two per day. He also told me that in WA, Western Power inspectors checking every single solar system installed. Thank goodness for that!! Show additional information
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