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About SA Quality Home Improvements, Solar Installers

SA Quality Home Improvements

SA Quality Home Improvements began its life as Quality Roofing Services back in 1988 but has since expanded its offerings to provide a wide range of domestic products.

It now claims to be one of the most experienced home improvement companies in South Australia - the company serves areas including Adelaide, Yorke Peninsula, Mid North, Upper Spencer Gulf, Lower Flinders Ranges and Port Lincoln.

SA Quality Home Improvements is a family business and only offers the services of installers accredited by the Clean Energy Council. Customers can request a free on-site assessment before committing to an installation.

SA Quality Home Improvements Solar Reviews

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I'm glad I chose SA quality to install my solar as they dented my roof whilst doing so. Given that they also did my reroof there was no issues with one company blaming another. Other than the dents in the roof, the installers did a good job. One panel is different shade of blue to the others which grates at the OCD in me, but otherwise they system is great.
SA Quality did a reasonable job at reroofing my house. They made a few mistakes and I had to argue my point a few times but I'm not sure if another company would have been any better.
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All good. Just waiting for the electrical company to install meter Show additional information
Very helpful salesman, answered any questions we had!

Not one problem with installation or supply, felt comfortable with the whole process.
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I haven't had my panels installed as yet. But I do want to say that your website has taught me more about solar than I have been able to find out of actual sloar companies in the past. You have great advice. I am very sceptical now when I see a very cheap solar price as I now know that they are most likely quoting for low performance panels and inverters. I have already recommended your site to so many friends that are confused about solar. Thanks Finn for your invaluble information on your site. Show additional information
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Everything seems to be going well. Meter is going backwards when the sun is shining. Show additional information
Our system was installed two days ahead of schedule with no problems. The whole process from sale to installation took twelve days. Show additional information
Due to inclement weather the installers were running about half a day behind schedule. The weather did not stop them installing the inverter and pre-wiring to the roof for the panels. We had a phone call on the Sunday for them to come and finish the job, which was fantastic as we then didn't have to arrange to have someone at the house on another day. The installers were very respectful of our property and made sure they took there boots and wet weather gear off before entering the house, which we were very greatful as most trades we have had just walked through. Very satisfied. Show additional information
The Salesman was very knowlegable and thorough with his inspection, answered all the questions asked about his product performance, even photographed the house and fusebox for the installers so they knew what they were up for with my 2 story flat roof.
The installers turned up a day early at 11am and were finished by 3.30pm, they used clamps to attach the aluminium rails to my fortnight old new King Clip 700 Iron Roof with not one screw hole drilled in the roof.
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They were the only company who were willing to look at applying for a maximum sized system that could fit on our roof whilst installing a smaller system with the ability to install a second system down the track (and get feedback tarrifs). In the end we decided to go ahead with the 9kW system to be installed in instance.

Other companies told lies that ETSA would not approve a larger than 5kW system before the June 30 tarriff (despite enquiring in April) or were not willing to look at a 2 stage installation process.

We are yet to have the system installed.
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As the system has just been installed and not connected to the grid it is not possible to give an honest opinion on top three questions. I was impressed on how the installers managed to get all panels on main roof. As for customer service, the salesman was the only one willing to get on the roof to measure accurately, and check the meter box to see if it would accommodate the new meter. This with a full explanation of the process was the main selling point in going with this company. Show additional information
Our choice was ultimately based on the fact that the chosen supplier has more than solar energy system installations in their portfolio, they were in fact, a very good customer with us in our former printing business, and we considered them to be than more likely still trading should anything go wrong in the years ahead. I have had associates buy solar systems only to find months later that that the supplier is no longer trading. All quotes were similar, but SA Quality Home Improvements provide the best information in understandable terms. I have since recommended them to others for this service. Show additional information
It's a pity ETSA isn't as quick to hook up the import / export meter. Show additional information
It's a pity ETSA isn't as quick to hook up the import/export meter. Show additional information
We are satisfied. The deal was done and installed in a month from signing. Show additional information
The supplier checked up at every stage and the guys they sent out to install were all great and really seemed to work well as a team. I felt very comfortable the way they do things. Show additional information
The solar quotes I recieved through your site were poor. Zen were very expensive when they finally got back to me. One of the others was impossible to caall back so gave up and the other was completely unrealistic on their price. I have bought solar before and I think most of these sellers are out to make a very quick buck from people who are making decisions under pressure to beat the fall in tariff on September 30.

Overall the industry has extremely poor follow up and we eventually went with our own choice as SA Quality Solar were the only ones able to justify their price and I know it to be a quality system, in fact it was $3000 cheaper than an identical system through ZEN Home Energy.
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Had difficulty with the price variations between city and country. Allowance for travel was a big difference. Show additional information
Overall you have to do the research youself because after time I became more knowledgeable than half the salespersons that came to give a quote. Show additional information
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