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An electrical company at its core, Primero Solar is an Approved Solar Retailer that has specialised in Solar installations since 2013, completing over 700 solar projects per annum, 3.5MW annually.

Primero Solar Founder and Director, Martin Perez, holds an A-Class Victorian Electrical License and CEC Design and Install Accreditation.

Primero exercises quality control through its use of its own in house installation team. Primero does not employ third party install sub contractors allowing us to keep our staff up to date on developing products, industry best practices and regulations.

- Primero Solar prides itself on unique design solutions. No matter how complex the job is, the end goal is to maximize savings and produce clean energy. 

- Primero offers a 5 year installation warranty 

- Teams experienced in both domestic and commercial solutions

- Access to a vast range of products to keep options open for various requirements

- Primero Solar takes a long-term approach to all of our customer service - our post installation follow up service is important to us - Should any fault occur with your system we have a team of in-house technicians that be will available to service your system in a reasonable time frame

Reviewers report paying: $5,000 - $9,000 for depending on hardware choice and installation difficulty ( how is this calculated? )

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Original Review on 27-04-2023:

13kw Solar System with solar edge inverter

Excellent service through from initial quote to placing order, installation and after sales.
Also cheaper than same system from another installer.
ESV inspector was impressed with the installation.
Original ratings

Panel rating: 5/5
Inverter rating: 5/5

Value for money: 5/5
Quality of System: 5/5
Installation: 5/5
Customer Service: 5/5

10 months later we asked Derek: "Are you happy with the performance of your system so far?"

The system has performed better than expected.
The only issue that I was unaware of is the 5kW limit on export to the grid.
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Professional and efficient

Despite the appalling weather which caused a delay, our system was still installed within a reasonable time and by a professional and efficient team.
Now we can see how well our system performs.
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Original Review on 02-04-2023:


The sales person was really factual and explained everything very well. The installation went well except that they asked for extra tiles that I had to purchase on that day even though I had some there. The customer service was really good Original ratings

Panel rating: 5/5
Inverter rating: 4/5

Value for money: 4/5
Quality of System: 4/5
Installation: 4/5
Customer Service: 4/5

10 months later we asked FULTON ALOYSIUS: "Are you happy with the performance of your system so far?"

Yes it has performed to my expectations. However I got a question. My sister had the same system installed this year and she paid $4500 while I paid $7500 but different companies.
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Good quoting, average pre-install support, and ultimately have a good sub-contractor

Primero were quick to quote and have a good phone conversation. They weren't the cheapest, but offered good choices and were happy to amend their quote multiple times to an East/West tilt design for the garage roof. All other installers wanted to install flat on the garage, despite the negative 2 deg south roof.
They were hesitant to undertake a site inspection, but with some nudging, one of their sub-contracted installers came out. In doing so, (despite two other companies quoting on-site) they spotted a cable size issue to the garage sub-board, that would require a new trench between the detached garage/house.
Unfortunately the necessary trench work also made the job complex and Primero initially refused to quote/proceed further. A direct quote from the sub-contractor to keep feed to/from the garage separate from the solar install, brought Primero back into contention, and they stayed in the picture while also adding a battery to the quote.

Sungrow 6kw hybrid inverter
Sungrow 9.6kwh battery (3 modules)
Jinko Solar Tiger Neo 440w panels x 16

Once Primero was awarded the job and a deposit paid in September, install was scheduled for mid-December. Then began the long SolarVic process (mainly due to battery loan) that Primero didn't really help with. With the approvals only coming 2 days prior to the scheduled install, I was told I'd lose my 2023 install date, as opposed to offered support with SolarVic.

Dillon from Dillzap Electrical completed the install with care and patience. It was a full day install as commissioning the battery took hours, with network cabling issues. I was explained how to turn the system on/off and guided through downloading the app, before the system was turned off until inspected.

Despite being pre-Xmas, the system was loosely inspected 2 days later and has been running great since. Maybe a little lower real-world power output than I was expecting, but have been 94% self-sufficient since inspection power-on.

While I'd recommend Primero, I'm really conscious that the sub-contractor did the hard yards, with the site inspection; trenching quote/work; solar install. I'd probably contact them directly in the future.

Panel rating: 5/5
Inverter rating: 5/5
Battery rating: 5/5
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Poor form

Primero was very proactive and helpful with providing quick and timely quotes which was great. After getting quotes from a few companies we went with Primero and signed a contract based on the fact they they were the cheapest and seemed to be professional. We paid the deposit and then was set up for an install date in December.

On the installation day, Primero's subcontractor turned up on site (who had not inspected previously) and decided that our roof was not suitable due to having old terracotta tiles and they did not want to therefore proceed with the installation due to the higher risk of damage to the old terracotta tiled roof.

Very frustrating because nothing had changed since the job was quoted, deposit paid and contract signed.

A waste of time, money & effort for all parties involved (myself loosing ~$600 of STCs this year and a day off work, Subcontractor and Primero).

Primero explained that it is too costly for them to inspect when quoting because if they are not awarded the job, they cannot recoup the costs of inspecting. Although it's Primero's risk to manage (quoting and subcontracting without checking site conditions), the cost of the risk ultimately coming to fruition is shared with the customer if they decide to exit the contract.

Overall, I'd highly recommend to others who might have an older house or a tiled roof to only consider engaging a solar installer who has actually inspected the site (which is common) and is aware of the site conditions when quoting rather than quoting from a desktop review only.
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Simple, smooth process. Good install and value

Simple and smooth process. Good install and value for money. Great communication
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Bad service

Bad service
I am so disappointed with Primero's bad follow-up service. I have been mucked around for months and months getting a replacement optimizer and now a replacement panel (our system is only 5 months old). Primero consistently fail to manage the replacement follow up and rely on me (the customer) phoning them. My messages to the service department get no reply.
Three weeks ago, I told them enough is enough- I want to establish a booking for the panel replacement which they have had in stock the whole time. They gave me a booking for today (15-11-23), so I organised (for the second time) and annual leave day from work. This booking has been in their system for three weeks now. So yesterday, I phoned their service department to confirm today's booking and ask what time. He ASSURED me the replacement is going ahead tomorrow and said he will call me later to confirm the time. At 6:00 pm last night, I was sent a text message stating they are busy in another suburb, and wont make it today. Thanks Priermo- Another wasted annual leave day from work. How do you think I am feeling at the moment. I am tired of being mucked around and tired of your service department not returning my calls. I am sad to say, your follow up service is disgusting and you leave me feeling that I am NOT a valued customer to you.
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Bad follow-up customer service

I am so disappointed with Primero's bad follow-up service. I have been mucked around for months and months getting a replacement optimizer and now a replacement panel (our system is only 5 months old). Primero consistently fail to manage the replacement follow up and rely on me (the customer) phoning them. My messages to the service department get no reply.
Three weeks ago, I told them enough is enough- I want to establish a booking for the panel replacement which they have had in stock the whole time. They gave me a booking for today (15-11-23), so I organised (for the second time) and annual leave day from work. This booking has been in their system for three weeks now. So yesterday, I phoned their service department to confirm today's booking and ask what time. He ASSURED me the replacement is going ahead tomorrow and said he will call me later to confirm the time. At 6:00 pm last night, I was sent a text message stating they are busy in another suburb, and wont make it today. Thanks Priermo- Another wasted annual leave day from work. How do you think I am feeling at the moment. I am sad to say, your follow up service is disgusting and you leave me feeling that I am NOT a valued customer to you.
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Overall Great System, Very Satisfied

Quote Process:

We ended up with five quotes from two suppliers across a range of prices, after discussing some options. Paul from Primero was excellent to deal with, taking the time to explain the various products being offered, the details of the quote, and assumptions like system efficiency. We get a bit of shade on parts of our roof and some times of the year, and we were keen to see how to get the most efficient system that would generate best from panels that have sun on them. Paul convinced us to go with the SolarEdge inverter which also comes with live monitoring via an app, which we were keen on, as we're also quite heavy power consumers and figured it would be great to see where we can make savings. We were shopping for solar for the second time. The first time, a few years ago, we didn't know about Solar Quotes and we went out to random suppliers, and ended up so confused we didn't buy anything. This time around we had the background info from Solar Quotes and Paul took us through the details.


It went perfectly. Soon after we paid a deposit, we got an installation date locked in which was around four weeks hence. The guys turned up on time, were polite and great to deal with, taking the time to discuss and explain what was to be done, when they needed to turn the power off (we were working at home), showed us the system and the monitoring app (but we couldn't monitor it yet). They did a neat job and cleaned up after themselves, and were done by around mid afternoon. Couldn't hope for better.


We got our inspection by Energy Safe Victoria around two weeks later (that's out of Primero's control) - people looking for solar should know that the system stays turned off until it's inspected, and we're not complaining about the timing. There was one additional cost of $170 - the installers advised that an awning over the inverter was recommended to shade it from the sun. He recommended it to make sure it had the best chance of passing inspection. People shopping for solar should consider if the inverter is going to go on a north facing wall, you might need to get this added to the quote. I'm not bothered by the extra cost if it was needed to ensure a compliant system.

Then we were asked to pay the balance of the cost, and Primero booked our inspection and arranged the grid connection (meter reconfiguration) with our electricity retailer. All went well. People considering Primero should know that they'll ask for the balance of payment immediately after installation, and then they'll book the inspection. I understand some installers will ask for payment after the inspection. Prospective customers might want to consider if this is agreeable terms and conditions for them. I guess the only concern would be if it didn't pass inspection, you've already paid, and you need to get the installer to come back - but based on the reviews I read, a Primero installation was going to be good enough to pass inspection. I was a bit annoyed to get an auto-generated reminder at 6:20am the day after I paid. I would have hoped someone would check for overnight bank transfers before these are sent. But it's minor in the grand scheme of things.

We had to ask a couple of times for our login details for the inverter to get set up on the app - only a minor gripe in the scheme of things, I get that they're busy. Then we were up and running with solar, around 6 weeks after paying the deposit, which we thought was great.

Then we had an inverter fault after a week. Andre from Primero straight away contacted SolarEdge, who remotely connected to the inverter and updated the software. All sorted in a couple of hours which was great service.

System Performance and Value:

After a few weeks, it has been generating power at or above what Paul predicted in the quote for this time of the year, except for rainy days when you wouldn't expect it. The monitoring is fantastic and we can already see how we can modify our usage to get the best value out of the system. It tells us that we're sending a lot of power back to the retailer who is paying us a pittance for it, and already making us think about when we'll install a battery.

How do you rate value for money, when we had five quotes and opted for the most expensive? We're getting much more out of the monitoring than we ever could out of a basic system. The SolarEdge Home Hub inverter gives us the monitoring and options to go independent of the grid in the future. I always said that in a few years time I won't care that we paid a bit extra. So I rate it 5 out of 5.

And all up, minor things aside, I'd definitely recommend Primero.

Panel rating: 5/5
Inverter rating: 5/5
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Fantastic company to deal with. Very responsive, knowledgable and good pricing

Everything from the initial quote with Ash, to follow ups, queries and changing the quote to suit was done professionally and efficiently. Installation on the day promised took place without a hiccup with the installers very helpful. Would be happy to recommend them.
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Original Review on 25-12-2022:

Prompt and friendly service

Customer service was great. Installation team very nice, efficient to it all done in a day. Only fly in the ointment was the conduit to the new switchboard, a bit ugly & industrial Original ratings

Panel rating: 5/5
Inverter rating: 5/5

Value for money: 4/5
Quality of System: 5/5
Installation: 3/5
Customer Service: 5/5

10 months later we asked Carli: "Are you happy with the performance of your system so far?"

1 yr later I’m still very happy. Our bills are noticeably lower, even during winter when there isn’t as much sun or availability to do things during the daylight hours
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Professional from Start to Finish.

From my first consultation with Ash the system designer to the installation carried out by Michael, Danno and Aaron. Professional, Friendly and Punctual. It doesn't get better than that.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank Michael, Aaron and Danno. On the day of our install mother nature hit us with a very cold and wet day, unfazed those three boys went to work without complaint and did a brilliant job of the install. They are to commended on a job well done. Thank you to everyone at Primero.

Inverter rating: 5/5
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The entire process was great

Ash was very polite and prompt in answering our questions
Andre organised our installation date and it all went to plan
Dillon and his boys did a fantastic job, with the installation they were very clean and tidy.
Dillon connected up everything to the grid and explained what was happening. He also helped us instal the app and showed us how it all worked. He organised the inspector to come to switch it all on, said it would be around 10 days.
The inspector came the very next day after the install.
We had a very positive experience thank you.

Inverter rating: 1/5
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Excellent installation team

I was very impressed by the installation team and their knowledge of what was the best option for our installation.
Panel rating: 5/5
Inverter rating: 5/5
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Primero electric and solar

For all your needs Primero electric and solar are awesome , Ash from sales is a pleasure to work with for quotes and needs , he went above and beyond.
Install team are awesome polite , friendly and tidy , install is faultless
Customer service is pretty good , no complaints
I highly recommend Primero electric and solar , be sure to consider these guys for a quote as they are very price competitive and won’t rip you off , they were over 2 k cheaper than my first quote with exactly the same products.
These guys do battery’s too , I went with the solaredge inverter and battery (brilliant)
I won’t comment on price as there are many factors to consider for install
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Primero Review

Primo Energy
Overall a fantastic experience, installers were fantastic, arrived early and on time, completed the job with no mess and clear communication.

Sales team provided me with a list of options based on my budget, answered all questions I had and made sure all my concerns were addressed

Independent inspector was extremely quick, system was up post 3 days after installation, and grid connection was done in less than a week (Origin)

So far system running great no issues to be mentioned

Only “downside” was the pricing was slightly more expensive than other quotes.
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Well prepared, Well executed

The salesman presented an excellent shading program that highlighted shade that my installation would be subject to. This helped to make an informed decision to go with a micro inverter system.
Installation was hassle free and follow up happened in a timely fashion.
No problems in being connected to the grid and the integrated monitoring system has validated the move to solar.

Panel rating: 5/5
Inverter rating: 5/5
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Very Helpful Sales Person and super efficient installation

The sales person was the most helpful of the the companies that provided quotes and came up with a range of different options which he was happy to discuss until I was happy with the best one to proceed with. The quotes were comprehensive with full details of the components and projections of the likely savings. The installers were extremely efficient and went through what they were doing before they started. Cleaned up after themselves and finished quite quickly. They are organising for the inspector to come out as part of the process. I would have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone. We have a 3 phase electricity to the house.
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Made the process easy

The Installer (Primero) finished the job in less than a day, kept the job site tidy, and once installed, explained how the system works. Primero were great to work with. We're new to solar so it was important that they could explain the rebate processes and then do the background work to meet all requirements. Very happy.
Panel rating: 5/5
Inverter rating: 5/5
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It was really difficult to separate the companies in the end; they all provided lots of advice on products and installation suggestions. In the end it came down to price.

Quotes were quick and well detailed with item costs - and they kept providing adjusted quotes as I asked for changes to products in order to stay within my budget.
Installation was prompt, punctual, polite and tidy. They also made a more complex and difficult adjustment to electrical cabling to suit my preferences.
Still waiting on inspection and grid connection but they said this would be done.
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More knowledgeable than other installers and their answers to my questions assured me of a good install

Punctual. I ended up getting 5-6 iterations of the original quote, and Paul talked me through all the options, pros and cons etc. Every question from the 10 or so that Finn recommends asking were answered well. In the end, we made a last minute move to not get Chinese panels or inverter, and they were helpful making changes to the layout too.

Very satisfied with the install. My only quibble was the electricians left a bit of dust and a lot of micro-plastic shavings all over our front yard rather than drilling into parts where the plastic could be cleaned up easily. But otherwise Primero were the best!

Inverter rating: 5/5
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Great system, seamless install.

Primero provided me with 3 quote option after a quick phone call with customer service.
I ended up going with the largest - a 10.2kw system - as I wanted to oversize my panels to my inverter.

After paying the deposit, the installation was penciled in for approximately two and a half weeks later. After just a week or so, I got a call, asking if I was available for installation the next day. Thankfully I was, and the installation went through the next day. Install was easy - just decide where I wanted the inverter on an exterior wall, and a simple 20 minutes without power. The installers were done with my 26 panel system by 2pm. Testing was done, and I was able to see the production of my system in the monitoring app.

The system was then shut down pending an inspection by the power company. The inspector, who was unaffiliated with Primero - was uncommunicative, as I was expecting to be informed of a time for the inspection - but a quick message to Primero was promptly addressed, and they reached out to the inspector.

After a few days of operation, I noticed occasional drops in power output, while in full sun. A quick message to Primero, and they reached out to the manufacturer of my inverter, who remotely updated the system's firmware, fixing the issue.

Primero also organised the feed-in connection with my power provider and operator. I had to take almost no action myself.

Customer service was top-notch, with an issues (all out of Primero's control) remedied as soon as practical.

Panel rating: 5/5
Inverter rating: 4/5
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Great Price and Service

After a simple quoting process, our installation was booked shortly thereafter. Communication was a little slow when it came to booking, but besides that, everything went smoothly. The installation team were punctual and completed the solar installation by midday. They explained how to connect to the system via the app and any questions I had were answered. Primero organised the grid connection which made it effortless.
Panel rating: 5/5
Inverter rating: 4/5
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Super easy install process

The sales process with primero was similar to other companies. They were happy to rework the details to suit us and their solution for an 8.8kw system was cheaper but also the quote was clearly set out and understandable.

There was no pressure to sign up. However, when we agreed the quote, the install was organised quickly. On the day of install, a team turned up on time. The design needed some mods once the roof was inspected. Then work was underway. We were consulted about inverter position and was done as requested. At the end of day, they cleaned up well.

Inspection happened in a few days and we were up and running within a week. We needed some assistance to get the phone app working from both primero and sungrow, which was happily provided when requested.

Overall a very seamless experience.
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Excellent system

I was very happy with the end to end process. I just wish batteries were more affordable.
Panel rating: 5/5
Inverter rating: 5/5
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Post installation service knowledge ?

Great installation, installers were very approachable and obliging.

Later, when I had inquiries about the inverter disconnect during a power outage, the company lacked expertise. They referred me to the inverter company & sent me info for wrong inverter. My inverter questions remain unresolved.

Grid connection: still not enabled, 3 weeks after Solar installation.
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My 7.9kw Solar system

At first I chose Primero Electric & Solar for my 7.9kw Solar system because they were the first sent me quotes out of three installers. It was very important for me, I appreciated that. After that, it was so great to have such an easy process, painless and quick response from Paul and team. Our schedule worked out and they were able to come by the schedule and was finished before noon. Everything installed, working and cleaned up less than a day. Paul gave us many suggestions for functionality and cost savings which were much appreciated on a project of this size. Now our solar system is functioning properly, plugs are in good places, switches make sense and most importantly I feel safe knowing Michael (Installer) brought everything up to high standard. This morning the Inspector came to inspect the system and everything very good and tidy and he said that I am so lucky to have Primero Electric & Solar as the Installer, one of the best installer in Melbourne, he said. Well, Thank you for the great job guys! I highly recommend this Installer!
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Fantastic Install and Service

I used this supplier for their Sales and Installation Services, they are prompt, listed to what I required and gave me options in the quoting process.
Installation was done to perfection and was a great team of installers, they also listened and explained the reason why.
Overall I am very happy customer...

Panel rating: 5/5
Inverter rating: 5/5
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Professional company !!

The sales process was very complete , with any queries I had , answered straight away
The installation was done very quickly and professionally, the workers arrived on time on the day, were polite, and all OH&S requirements were complied with, they also cleaned up after themselves when finished.

Grid connection was organised by the company, the only problem was that we were not informed that the after work is complete, the panels should be turned on by a inspector no later than 4 weeks after notification that they are ready, we were informed this by the inspector, not the company !!

This was the only hiccup in an otherwise professional and excellent job !

Inverter rating: 5/5
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Responsive and detailed. Installation very professional.

Sales and quoting was very good.
Installation was excellent.
Customer service very good.
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Installer helped us navigate the many options for our solar system.

Primero were first cab off that rank to provide us with quotes. They listened to our concerns and tailored the system to address our requirements. Staff were friendly and easy to talk to and were happy to explain things carefully to help us understand the various options and their impact, if any. Come the week of installation, we got bumped UP in the queue and our system was installed several days early; this suited us to a tee. The installation team arrived promptly, exactly at the time they had specified they would, and the installation appeared to go very smoothly; they were finished just as dusk was approaching, which tends to be quite early as winter was fast approaching. Apart from the new panels on the roof and electric control panel, it was almost impossible to see that they had been here; the installation team left everything as clean and tidy as when they had arrived. They demonstrated that the system was operational, then we needed to wait only a day or two until the safety inspector called by and switched the system on full-time. Even in winter we began to observe the system producing energy that we were able to start using. Primero quickly provided the necessary links to get the system organised for final connection to the grid. Awesome service from all involved.
Panel rating: 5/5
Inverter rating: 5/5
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Great service

Great service, prompt and professional
Nothing was a problem and all work was completed with minimum fuss.
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Made the process really easy

Customer Service was great, was willing to provide was much info and detail as required.
Installation was really easy, team turned up on time and we’re super efficient. Everyone was lovely to deal with.
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Very happy with the total experience

Everything exceeded my expectations. Quotes very happy. Install crew worked in rain all day but were totally professional and polite. Awaiting system safety check for connection
Inverter rating: 2/5
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Primero Electric and Solar -Complete Confidence from Initial Conversation to Installation.

From the initial contact right through to complete Installation, all Staff had very good knowledge of the various Brands, could answer Technical Questions that I needed an answer, and the process from Quoting to installation was very measured, assured and even the day before installation, they could accommodate a slight change in request re Installation, that I added to the Installation.
Installation was thoroughly professional and completed in a very safe and polite manner and site was left completely tidy.
As it is only 7 days from installation, the final check from the Gov't Inspector has not happened - we were told it would be 10 - 15 days after installation before this would be done.
Arthur Clark
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good installer. good after install service

We had our solar system installed last September.
Prompt and professional communication before and after install.
Ash was good to deal with for quoting. He answered all of my extensive questions I had. I liked their quoting process as it allowed you to compare several different product combinations for the panels and inverter.
The install went smoothly and on schedule. They ask you to have spare roof tiles on site in case any get broken. Only 2 or 3 were needed.
They sorted out the mandatory inspection and grid connection.
We had issues twice with the inverter (solar edge) within a couple of months of the install. Andre was prompt at having the issue looked at remotely fixed. We haven't had any further issues.
Price was reasonable compared to other quotes we got.
Would recommend them.

Panel rating: 5/5
Inverter rating: 4/5
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Best Service!

Sales team was very informative. Installation was seamless and connection to the grid was all taken care of. Post installation support was great for follow up queries I had.
Panel rating: 4/5
Inverter rating: 4/5
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Great customer service and professionalism.

Sales person was very helpful. Communication was excellent. Installation was smooth and professional. The Inspector also was very impressed with the job. I would highly recommend Primero Solar.
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Great communication from start to finish.

Everything went really well. From the guy on the phone (Ash) to the 3 guys who turned up on the day to do the install, (Aaronwas the main guy we spoke to), the whole process was professional.
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Very good service and installation

The customer service was very good and the installers were punctual / polite / tidy / explained things well
Inverter rating: 4/5
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Prompt response with good customer service

The whole process was made clear and went smoothly. The system was tailored to my needs and expectations and all questions were addressed before the contract was signed.
The installation went well. They were punctual and efficient and it was done within the day.
They helped with rebates and grid connection, and the app for the system is easy to use.
Very happy with Primero, and would recommend their services

Panel rating: 5/5
Inverter rating: 5/5
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Super helpful and easy to deal with, didn't seem to get frustrated with my changing mind and re quoting.
Installations was completed on the day set despite the poor weather conditions. They took all rubbish and left the site clean.
All inspections were sorted and was connected up to the grid within a few days.
Only issue was a power reading issue, in which the installer was back on site within a few hours of me telling them and sorted it all out, was a software issue and an easy fix.
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Absolutely amazing services, install and customer service

Quote was seemless and hassle free, with no pressure to proceed
Kept me UpToDate with the installation process as soon as we agreed on the products.
The external hook ups to the grid and additional administration was all taken care off stress free.

Inverter rating: 5/5
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Simple process start to finish

Quote was easy numerous options re price and quality which let you tailor the systems to your wants / needs
Panel rating: 5/5
Inverter rating: 5/5
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Sales process was easy and professional, installation was exceptional.

1/ Received our quote and Paul was helpful and, on the ball, he was easy to deal with and quite knowledgeable, explained Solar it in simple terms.

2/ Install crew was exceptional, worked very well together and were very safety conscience. they were so tidy that when they left there was no mess, and you would not have known they were on site. really well coordinated install team.

3/ Customer service, disappointing, frustrating (let's just leave it at that).
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Excellent service and installation

I was very impressed with my dealings with Primero and the quotation given. Ash gave me all the details I was after and we had a chat a second time around to deal with specific questions that I had. The guys came and installed hassle free - they were very professional and also installed an EV charger. The quality of installation appears to be excellent. I am now just waiting on the connection and performance to see how it all goes.
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Great service.

Excellent service from start to installation. Helpful and informative throughout. We had 24 x panels installed and the team came on time, were polite and very efficient. Had an initial issue connecting inverter to our WiFi but came back the next day with an expert who resolved it.
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So far, so good

Good sales process. Turns out the original design was not going to work (something about "strings") and the system was reduced at install time from 32 to 28 solar panels.

Installers were on time and quick - arrived at 9am and done by 2pm. They ended replacing more than the expected number of roof tiles, so it was lucky I had a few spares.

The installers left the system switched on which didn't please the electrical inspector at all, but he was impressed by the quality of their installation work and the system passed with flying colours.

I've been thoroughly disappointed so far with my electrically retailer. They suggested I move to a new plan that was outrageously expensive. I'll be switching from them in the coming weeks.

Loving having long periods during the day of consuming no power.
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Original Review on 03-05-2022:

Great service from Primero

From the moment we received our quote from Georgina at Primero we were extremely happy. Great price for quality components, system installed only a short time later and the installation went smoothly. There was a minor problem with the new power board but what was important was the prompt service we received and the issue was quickly fixed. Original ratings

Panel rating: 5/5
Inverter rating: 5/5

Value for money: 5/5
Quality of System: 5/5
Installation: 5/5
Customer Service: 5/5

10 months later we asked Wayne: "Are you happy with the performance of your system so far?"

Meting all our expectations.
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10 out of 10! Install with confidence.

Our experience with Primero was amazing. You know when the electrical inspector comes over and says “Primero is one of the top installers. They always do a fantastic job” … you made the right choice.

Paul did the initial quote. He came out to the house and answered all our (many) questions. His response to our follow-up emails was unbelievably quick and his answers were very helpful. With his assistance, we were able to make our decisions confidently (8.715KW, GoodWe inverter 10KW). Quote was very detailed, easy to understand, and the price was very reasonable (excellent value for money).

Sign-up was smooth and we were guided through all the 7 steps: 1) rebate approvals 2) DNSP approvals 3) installation booking 4) installation day! 5) balance payment (final invoice) 6) grid connection 7) let the sun shine!

Installation was smooth and extremely professional (Thanks Ethan and team). There were a few adjustments to the layout of the panels and location of the inverter. All options were explained to us in detail, so we could make the choices that worked for us. We were kept informed throughout the day and the job was done brilliantly. They even moved the TV antenna to the South side so the panels would fit better.

A few days later the inspector came out and turned on the system - and it immediately started pumping out 7KW.
We are extremely happy, and we strongly recommend Primero Electric & Solar as your Solar Panels installers.

PS: We recommended Primero to family members and they were just as impressed with Paul and the Primero Electric & Solar team.
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