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Geelong Solar Energy Reviews

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About Geelong Solar Energy, Solar Installers

100% Geelong owned and operated we have installed hundreds of solar power systems in Geelong, The Surf Coast, The Bellarine Peninsula and The Greater Geelong District.

We specialize in solar power and renewable energy systems and can provide expert advice on all your solar needs.

What we offer our customers:

The opportunity to deal with a local Geelong based solar company that will deliver to you a high quality solar installation using only tier one solar panels and A grade inverters.

A product line that has been carefully selected for quality, reliability, efficiency and longevity.

Systems for all residential, business and commercial applications offering free on site quotes and expert advice.

Great pride in our workmanship, we believe in doing the job right the first time, we don't take short cuts and our tradesman will treat your home with great care and respect.

We take care of all the paperwork.

At Geelong Solar Energy we listen to our customers and we pride ourselves in delivering the highest quality service form the initial solar assessment to the solar installation and our after sales service is second to none.

Geelong Solar Energy Solar Reviews

We follow up with all reviewers after 12 months to see how their system is going since it was installed. These are all the reviewers who have responded to our 1 year follow up:
Steve from Geelong Solar Energy was fantastic from the beginning. He was the only installer that came out promptly and performed a thorough inspection. The quote was detailed and gave me good options from various manufacturers. I appreciated the follow-up and also attention to detail, right down to ensuring he had the exact specification of our roofing to select the installation method. We have just had the system installed and the tradespeople were on time, professional and did a very neat job - which we appreciated as it is a brand new house. This was a big decision to invest $17k in solar and we are very happy we went with Steve and Geelong Solar Energy. Show additional information
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Investigating solar systems by firstly understanding your power bills and how they work is fundamental to be able to determine is solar economically worth it. I wanted batteries as well to store power for nightly use. This turned out to be too expensive to be worth the investment by some $20,000. It will take a couple more years for the development of this technology to be viable for residential use I believe. I do want a system that I can add to in time, however. It is complicated understanding the various charges on your power bill as there are 4 different charges and 2 discounts available on mine. You also need to understand your usage as per kw/hour - Our power bills are expensive ie: $1,173 & $723 for the last 2 quarters and I want to reduce this cost. When you do this you can then begin to investigate the solar system and the economics.
Get 3 quotes - in my case, they ranged from the power retailer, another company people recommended and then Geelong Solar Energy which was recommended by the website Solar Quotes. Prices and systems recommended varied from $10,000 down to $6,890. You then need to understand panels and what is available in size (I have 20 panels @ 300 watts each totalling 6kw) The inverter system converts this to power in my house and the maximum you can have is 5kw without seeking approval to increase this. This limit is to make sure there isn't an overload of power back into the grid. I am not so concerned about generating power back to the grid but being able to generate power for my own use - this is the primary reason I have put panels on my roof which in turn hopefully reduces my bills. I estimate we should reduce same by $1,200 per half year which would repay the capital back in 3 years.
Geelong Solar Energy were the best provider on all counts - cost, service, systems and advice. I am not interested in slick salesmen or door knockers - I want good old fashioned no-nonsense service and price. The installation team were absolutely first class and the young guys were gentlemen in both manners and workmanship. I can only recommend them based on my investigation and experience. Time will tell on the validity of the system from an economic point of view.
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Who said getting solar was complicated and finding a great installer was impossible! Steve and the guys at Geelong Solar Energy tick all the boxes. I cannot fault the service, punctuality, quality or communication.
Highly recommended to everyone without question. Five stars.
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Geelong solar energy - don't have any hesitation in contacting Geelong solar energy. Thanks to Steve and his crew for looking after my fathers, brothers, sisters and my own house. I am pretty fussy when it comes to the quality of any work performed at my home. Not only were the installers polite and considerate of our dog, their quality of work is absolutely perfect. I highly recommend steve and his team at Geelong solar energy. Show additional information
still waiting for Origin For meter Upgrade etc Show additional information
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I appreciate your service which enabled me to obtain an excellent system from Geelong Solar Energy. Show additional information
This was the only company that did not treat me like an idiot because I am a woman.... All the other places I called for quotes spoke to me in the most infuriating and condescending manner.
Steve was honest, straight forward and reliable.
Any questions I had were answered promtly and with no bs !
Brad and Angus who did the installation were neat, tidy, well mannered and very proficient.
I usually feel uneasy about having tradies at my home. I did not have that unease with this company.
The panels are working perfectly, paperwork has been put in and I am already making more power than I need.
Thanks for everything !
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Very professional qualified company. excellent site visit and great installation on the day Show additional information
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We would highly recommend Geelong Solar Energy for their professional approach and workmanship. Show additional information
Steve & his crew along with Chris as sparky completed our install today.

Monitoring hardware was fitted and production / consumption available online.

Communication with Steve and Chris was prompt, expert and satisfied all our needs.

Highly recommended.
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These guys are awesome Show additional information
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Only one other company contacted me, not very professional and didn't give a professional quote. Geelong Solar were very knowledgeable, friendly and handled all our questions and worries with care and attention. Show additional information
Steve and all the boys were fantastic. Easy to talk to and ready to explain everything! Had it all done very quickly as well Show additional information
Prompt, reliable service with good communication between all parties. Great to deal with local, knowledgeable tradesmen. Show additional information
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Very easy to deal with from sales person to installers to business owner. Good communication from all, I made one follow up call in the whole process. Responded quickly to initial enquiry. All upfront, no hidden surprises. Quick time frame from Quote to installation. Took half a day to install. Yes would recommend. Show additional information
Quick and efficient and no problems dealing with Steve and his team. Would highly recommend them. Show additional information
The company was efficient and thorough, even to the point of ensuring we were happy with the placement to minimise visual impact on the property.
Every care was taken to ensure that we were pleased and thoroughly informed of how the system worked.
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Have signed up and paid deposit but have delayed installation as we are having the roof painted first. Steve was great to deal with and was professionally prepared with a satellite image of the property highlighting the optimal placement of the panels (n/w) as opposed to the rival company who suggested the panels be placed on a n/e facing roof. Show additional information
At a past residence I had solar But was pressured into a small 8 panel system,( I had enlarged to 12) by a large Australian solar company ,That took lengthy 18 mths to get the solar system inserted and going . It was a horrible experience.
Totally the opposite to geelong solars installation ,, just put in that was smooth and easy , providing a suitable ,solar system that should future proofed for where I live now .
Note- last 3 months There was Multiple solar companies, I contacted Most companies didn't follow up on emails, quotes.,or phone calls. Of the 5 that did , they tried to push set installation of certain panels ( 10-12), and inverters , and prices.
All barely answering any questions ,mostly saying 'this is all we can offer.'
I felt 'geelong solar 'came forth with clear explanations of which solar system was best ,suiting ,this actual coastal location ,roof ,orientation,and type and even introducied a solar system of enough panels (20), and inverter level(5.9)(including Types ofpanels / inverters available )that invariably future.proof my house,. Pricing was even at reasonable, comparable rate .
Geelong solar owner ( Steve Moriati) knowledgeablely answered all questions ,no matter how trivial, and was easy to communicate with . His coordination of installation and .His fantastic team,who
worked in unison , enabled completion of the job quickly:.At all times they kept me in the loop,, as did the follow up solar inspector . Literally all I'm awaiting is the Powercorp rebate paper work to finalise
(I'm assured be only 20-30 days )
The only uncertainty I had ,at all ,was of date of installation ,after inclement weather -pushed my actual installations back in the queue.,by 2 wks..
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We were very pleased with Steve and his team as they were pleasant and helpful, as well as being excellent tradesmen. The system works well and we are really looking forward to a sunny summer to maximise the benefits of solar. Show additional information
From the first moment we dealt with Steve Moriarty from Geelong Solar Energy we could not fault the entire process. The quality of the system supplied and the value for money is exceptional. But above all the customer service from Steve and the team was exceptional throughout. We would highly recommend Steve and the team of Geelong Solar Energy. Show additional information
So Happy we could liaise with Steve and solve problems together with a great outcome due to tile problems.We liked how Steve always had our best interests at heart, very genuine and trustworthy chap. His staff cleaned up afterwards and Steve explained at length the system in layman's terms. We trust his workmanship and already our electricity is 44% lower according to the chart we log into. Thanks Geelong Solar, we recommend you to others. Show additional information
Being a technician for many years and also selling product, I never like hard pushy salesmen. Steve came out with all the information needed to supply me with a system that suited my needs not just got him pay packet.
Then he and his team got there on time install the system. No fuss while doing the job. Cleaned up after themselves and Steve followed up on the next business day to show us how to use the unit.
I cannot recommend these guys highly enough.
If you want the right system, at the right price and installed without any hassles call the guys at Geelong Solar Energy..
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Hi All,
We had a 5.4 kw system installed locally by Steve at Geelong Solar and was very happy with his honest approach and fantastic advise.
The installation was completed with 290W panels, on time and to an excellent standard with a great team of guys.
The system is working well and we would recommend Geelong Solar highly.
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Finn, Geelong Solar were fantastic. Didn't go ahead and get the other quotes as these people were local and could not have been better I have alrady recommended them to to other people. Show additional information
There were delays in installation due to poor weather. Steve kept me informed of these delays and carried out installation as soon as was possible. Very happy dealing with him and will recommend him and his crew to others. Show additional information
It was great to have someone that wasn't trying to sell you something that you knew you already wanted. Straight to the point, "These are the options. This is what I thinks is best for you. Here are the prices." Couldn't get any easier. Show additional information
Absolutely seamless experience. Very happy with the installer (Geelong Solar Power) and the installation. Show additional information
Very easy to deal with and very responsive. I would recommend them to friends for sure Show additional information
They were very helpful and gave us good service Show additional information
Dealt with Steve and Josh. I found them to be extremely helpful in going through the process of deciding which system to install, we started initially looking at a 5wK system, but in the end we decided to install a 10kW inverter with 7kW of panels, with a view to install more panels down the track ($$ constraints), and eventually installing batteries and going off the grid (hopefully). They were more than happy to supply us with a number of options including different inverters (Fronius, Zeversolar or SMA) until we found one that suited our needs (and budget). I would highly recommend these guys if you are in the Geelong area. Show additional information
The availability by GSE, prior to my purchase decision of an energy consultant who also advised me on my total energy systems and how to best utilize all together was very valuable. The company director is very professional. Happy to recommend Show additional information