KACO solar inverters review

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KACO solar inverters review

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Kaco is a German company established in 1914 in Heilbronn, and today the company can count on tens of offices and warehouses all around the world. Kaco’s Australian branch is located in Sydney.

The company started operating in the solar industry in 1994, under the name of KACO ELEKTROTECHNIK Bach GmbH + Co; this division was created thanks to the knowledge accrued in 30 years of experience in the relay technology field and today is a DIN EN ISO 9001/2 certified manufacturer.

Kaco’s production lines specialize in the production of solar inverters and other PV products suitable to power systems and applications of any size, from small households to huge solar parks, thanks to an output range up to one MW.

Residential users can choose their solar inverters among the products in the Blueplanet and Powador series, which is also a viable choice for commercial applications. On the other hand, for utility-scale applications, users can also go for the IPS series, which is specifically designed for this kind of use. The company also supplies products that are designed for off-grid applications.

If you want to find out more about Kaco’s line-up of products, make sure you read the reviews here below from customers who previously bought their solar inverters, or have a look at the PV products listed here below to spot the ones that best meet your needs and requirements. If you want you can also check out this video:


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Bought From: Nickel Energy Review Date: 21 May 2014
Henry NSW 2480
Provides lots of information, so cannot fault it
Bought From: Adelaide Solar Systems And Solahart Mile End Review Date: 21 October 2012
John SA 5159
I can't judge the above criteria because I don't really know them/have no comparisons. I only know that the inverter does work when there is enough light, that it is easy to read and that it sums up the daily and overall production nicely. It also switched off promptly during one very heavy and close thunderstorm.
Bought From: Adelaide Solar Systems And Solahart Mile End Review Date: 7 October 2012
Tilman SA 5152
It just works so I don't even think about it.
Bought From: Bellingen Solar Review Date: 11 September 2012
Rod NSW 2447

Bought From: Solar Connections Review Date: 11 September 2012
Anon VIC 3806
Unsure if the conversion rate is as good as orginally stated
Bought From: Adelaide Solar Systems And Solahart Mile End Review Date: 9 September 2012
Rob SA 5162
Easy to read.
Bought From: Sun Empire Solar Systems Review Date: 7 September 2012
Pam & Joe VIC 3021
Good German quality product
Bought From: Great Southern Solar Review Date: 4 September 2012
Peter WA 6330

Bought From: AGL Solar Review Date: 4 September 2012
Gerald NSW 2077
Its 3.2kw and is bigger than what I needed - I can still add more panels
Bought From: Adelaide Solar Systems And Solahart Mile End Review Date: 4 September 2012
John SA 5097
Given the increasing cost of electricity, the savings made are quite reasonable on our account.
Bought From: Bellingen Solar Review Date: 4 September 2012
Colin NSW 2454
Not sure why my other Fronius sounds like a passing aircraft with it's fan noise when the Kaco is able to operate silently? Perfect German engineering at it's best. Faultless since 2010. The only thing is getting data from the Kaco needs an aftermarket solution. I'm trying to find something that will connect via the RS232 socket, and wirelessly transmit.
Bought From: Inverter Review Supplier Name Withheld Review Date: 12 April 2018
Joseph NSW 2450
7 and half years old and has not missed a beat. Perfectly quiet with no fan. Glad we picked a good quality inverter.
Bought From: Cablelogic previously Renewable Logic Review Date: 21 March 2017
David WA 6155

KACO has 38 solar inverters in our database

Model DC Voltage AC Power Efficiency
10.0 TL39000100098.00
12.0 TL3230 V10000 W98.00
14.0 TL3230 V12500 W98.00
1502xi240 V1500 W95.50
18.0 TL3230 V15000 W98.00
2.0 TL1240 V2000 W96.50
20.0 TL3230 V17,000 W97.90
2002125-5101650 95.90
2502xi240 V2500 W95.50
2901xi240 V2900 W94.00
3.0 TL1240 V3000 W96.50
30.0 TL3350-800 Max 10002500098.00
3002200-510 250096.00
3200350-600 260096.60
33.0 TL3350-800 Max 10002800098.00
3502xi240 V3500 W95.50
36.0 TL3350-800 Max 10003000098.00
39.0 TL3350-800 Max 10003330098.00
4.0 TL1240 V4000 W96.50
4200350-600 345096.60
4202200-5103500 95.90
5.0 TL1240 V5000 W96.50
5002200-5104200 95.90
5002xi240 V5000 W95.50
5300 supreme350-510440097.20
6.0 TL34950100098.00
60.0 TL3200-1000Vdc4990097.80
6002200-5105000 95.90
7.8 TL36500100098.00
9.0 TL31000750098.00
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