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Inverter Review Supplier Name Withheld Reviews

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About Inverter Review Supplier Name Withheld, Solar Installers

Here is where we upload feedback received where we interpret it as an Inverter brand issue rather than an installer issue and as such do not disclose the installer name.

Inverter Review Supplier Name Withheld Solar Reviews

System initially worked poorly (minimal export and often going offline) and Spark Electrical / Selectronic diagnosed that the input grid voltage was too high - Essential Energy visited and adjusted down the grid voltage to correct spec and since then the system has worked perfectly.

Diagnostic logs on the Selectronic system are very comprehensive and give a great picture of what's happening - so troubleshooting is relatively ea

The additional Selectronic optional "" component is well worth it as it gives Internet connected real time monitoring of the system.

System exports up to a peak 5.500 kWh in the middle of winter - so this also tells me that the system is working optimally - it will be interesting to see how it goes in summer when the sun is higher (6.4kW is the theoretical maximum).

We have had several grid outages recently and you don't even notice - the battery and solar combination during the day covers all power demands - we only use grid power for off peak HWS heating.

We previously had an SMA PV inverter system and we were going to go with a new SMA based system, but I'm now very happy we went with an Aussie based system (Selectronic) - it works very well and their after sales support is first rate, especially with all the questions I asked as I learnt about hybrid systems.
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Very disappointed Show additional information
Yes, don't buy a Solax inverter. Show additional information
Samil’s head office in Australia at Lidcombe is empty. The Dept of Fair Trading tried to contact Samil for us without success. We had paid extra for an extended warranty on the inverter but this is useless. Unfortunate because when the inverter was working a lot of power was generated - up to 11.5 kw/day in summer on 7 solar panels. Show additional information
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I bought the house with the system in place shortly after it was installed, so I don't know who fitted it. Show additional information
The company were really good, it's just the inverter we are not happy with Show additional information
I have chosen to get the best possible quality products available in the market at the time for two main reason, performance and warranty for 25 years on Panels and Inverter.
The system installed is a 7.6KW with 22 state of the art at the time panels 340W Sunpower with a 500W optimisers and 7300 series solaredge inverter.
Importantly the reason why the solaredge was deployed is due to the functionality and visibility of the system.
Over the past 8 months the system is installed I have raised many questions about the performance of the system with mainly the solaredge company as the rest of the system and the panels are definitely over performing so full stars ******* for the sunpower panels there.
Can't say the same for the solaredge unit as I have been spending quite some time analyzing its performance and output I have found that the company is misleading their customers by providing information that the unit is accurate of its operation and capabilities to perform as per the systems design.
Over the many months of daily analyzation of my system and benchmarking it across a couple more I have proven and discussed the low performance and translation of power the unit is displaying being very inaccurate.

Here some faults and facts I have found:
1. Inverters Error recording software page on the dashboard has stop communication: This page is important to review errors the unit is producing incase of a shutdown etc. The solaredge company had not idea about this bug which they introduce during a dashboard upgrade late in 2017. 3 months later the issue is still there with no feedback as to what caused it and how they will fix it.

2. Solaredge Performance translation and peak power inaccuracies. The unit is recording clearly Power from the two strings correctly at the string dashboard area including the losses which we expect to have for example when both strings provide a 6.5KWS for a period of more than 30 minutes which is enough for the unit to record, however, the unit fails to translate and display correctly the true input to the output power with a result of not working to its output performance for its design. in fact the output power for this case is recorded at 5.6kWs with a grid voltage at 247.5V
The issue has been noticeable even more with a new software installed from solaredge remotely which in my view is throttling the unit to provide peak power even when the Grid voltage is well with in the limits and under 255V which is the limit for the Ivertors to either turn off or limit the output power. In my view the solaredge company is programing clearly these unit to lower the power of the output when the Grid voltage is only found to be with in the limits at 248V to possible look after the unit for their interest but they are stealing power from the owners in my view as the limits are not even close. This is something that no ones is explaining during the sale of the system.

3. The unit intermittently after the new software installation stops communicating with the cloud server and the unit must be hardware and power rebooted at this stage.

Overall: The engineers at solaredge do see all of these issue for now 3 months with no resolution while their manager who we have escalated these issues is finding every excuse in the book to run away from the problem by blaming the electricity company in the area providing a high Grid power which is clearly with in specification of the Australian standards and the unit must be programmed accordingly and not over programmed as found. The inconsistencies and misleading information received form the solaredge company is a joke at the moment as they are hoping that people will not analyze or capable of doing so their systems since that's the reason they are in the market leaders.
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The supplier was great but the system is terrible as are the people who make the system. Show additional information
I would strongly advise others to think twice before purchasing Solar Edge products.
Customer service is non existent and a less patient person would honestly believe they are avoiding any contact at all.
Multiple unanswered phone calls, multiple unanswered voice mails, multiple unanswered text messages.
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My inverter died 4 years after it was installed. My electrician was of little help, having to chase him to get warranty order with Samil.
Leaving me to make over 30 phone calls 3 of them were answered. Inverter was collected to be repaired on the 15/02/17 it's now 26/10/17 still no inverter. Repeated phone calls no answer. This company is the worst ever. Don't buy any thing from them.
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Don’t use apsystems as the head office seems not to be interested in you as a customer unless you want to become a distributor. Show additional information
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It certainly is an experience dealing with these people. If you actually get someone to answer a phone or reply to an email in regards to your issues you will simply get the old run around until you give up and go away. Steer clear of anything to do with this mob. Show additional information
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be wary of Samil. Show additional information
Sungrow Inverter was installed (SG1K5TL) in May 2011 with a 10 year warrantee, This unit failed in August 2014 (3 years later) Sungrow replaced with a new Unit - Aug. 2014. This SECOND unit has now failed. Got in touch with Sungrow who advised they no longer stock 1.5 models. They suggested we upgrade Inverter to a larger model - but that means we lose the rebate we receive from the original contract. Show additional information
Surely a reputable Company should be able to be contacted easily, have someone that you can communicate with rather have the only option of leaving a message. Why sell it on having a 10 year warranty when it only lasted a day? Taking a week to replace is poor, what happened to overnight freight ?
I may have been unlucky but customer care from Fonius is extremely poor. It appears that the installer did their best in dealing with a company with poor customer service values.
The new one has lasted 2 days so far!.
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Purchased the SW2524 in April 2015. Broke down for the first time in Oct 2015, again in November 2016 and again in February 2017. Service quotes are misleading as it is impossible to tell if the quote is for your machine! The photos can be of any unit and the last quote I received was for someone else's unit! Cannot obtain a quote from any other supplier as they refuse to provide wiring diagrams for the boards in use. Company is large and service is very poor. Unable to speak to anyone with any decision making ability so constantly being shuffled from one call center respondent to another.
Would not recommend Schneider equipment at all.
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I purchased a Samilpower SolarRiver 5200TL-D inverter which has failed, with 14 month warranty still to go. Samilpower do not honour their warranty obligations. Their Sydney office is non contactable, with the phone line being dropped continuously by their system on both numbers listed. The only available electronic communication is pre-scripted and fails. My system supplier is in the same situation and will never deal with this company again. I would not recommend Samilpower to even my worst enemy. Very dissatisfied customer. Show additional information
So are they ever gonna answer back or what can we do to get some response ? Show additional information
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