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SAE Group Pty Ltd Reviews

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About SAE Group Pty Ltd, Solar Installers

SAE Group is a wholly owned and operated Australian company specialising in energy efficient technology designed by electrical contractors with over 40 years of combined experience.

SAE Group provide professional expertise in solar power, energy efficient lighting, solar hot water, air conditioning and all electrical services including level 1 and level 2 accreditation with Essential Energy.

SAE Group just won the best trade and service award in the Tweed region for the second year running 2011 & 2012. This award was voted by public. Great effort guys!

SAE Group also have an office situated at 2/8 St Jude Ct, Browns Plains QLD 4118

SAE Group Pty Ltd Solar Reviews

We follow up with all reviewers after 12 months to see how their system is going since it was installed. These are all the reviewers who have responded to our 1 year follow up:
It has just been installed so I can't comment on long term performance, but there were no issues with SAE or their installers.
Not overly impressed with the user interface on the Fronius inverter, and the fan is pretty noisy, but that's trivial really.
Installation is neat and tidy - labelling in switchboard is now messy and potentially a bit confusing as there are now two solar inverters feeding in.
Between the SAE office and Energex and the Christmas break, the system approval took close to a month to finalise, but again no real harm done.
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I did not rush into a decision when spending that amount of money you want your decision to be right. Best suit our needs , was a good quality product with good backup. Thanks for the advice and support . Finn and the team. Ron. Show additional information
I would be prepared to recommend SAE to others. Show additional information
We ended up receiving two very competitive quotes. Both sales persons provided excellent service and had a good knowledge of their product. All backed up by information from Solar Quotes. The company we selected had a slight edge because of size and longevity of company. Our price included installation with solar meter. Show additional information
The 3 guys who turned up were very courteous. Very amicable. Went about their business very professionally and we now have a system installed which is scheduled to be working by tomorrow midday.(2/9/2017).
After install the team leader explained all the things I needed to know and I hope that I will not let him down when it comes to ""Switch on"" tomorrow.
I have to say that SolarQuotes have been extremely helpful in all my decisions and it was well worth downloading their ""What you need to know about Solar"'
A lot of pages but well worth the effort.
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These guys were professional, showed up on time.
They were friendly and had a great work ethic.
They did an amazing job, so clear on everything. Highly recommend.
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I get random door sale people, texts, and phone calls from Solar companies looking for work fairly regularly. All use some rebate reduction, rising cost, and what ever else on the day to get a look in; and then waste my time and don't show up. I'm very happy I found Solar Quotes and educated myself a bit before getting the 3 quotes Finn suggests. All were different in their style, all were reasonably professional about it, and all had systems I believe that would work well. I felt comfortable with the process and felt like I had good control over it and not pressured or winging it in the dark. Show additional information
Recently had solar installed by SAE –
Salesman Mick fantastic! Really technically helpful and a really nice man, always returned calls and answered every question and just a really nice guy who was genuinely eager to help, a real asset to SAE!
Crew who put the solar panels on the roof – great, really helpful also, came the day they said they would and did everything they were meant to.
However – I received my invoice days after I had paid all monies and when I had reason to call, the office staff were not all that helpful.
Then we come to Ray – Wow! As the girl on the phone couldn’t seem to answer my question as to why the meter was not being installed in the timeframe given, I was passed to Ray, argumentative and rude and may be an idea not to let Ray anywhere near clients….
Overall, the whole process took way, way too long. All up it has been 3 months still have no solar power as I write this, but hoping it won’t be too long now….
Thanks Mick, even with Ray’s performance, you made the whole experience worthwhile.
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The solar company I used was supplied by you to a relative in Ballina (who also has had a 3kw system installed by them at the same time) but not sent directly to me by you. It was 'SolarEze'

Organisation and install was done easily in a timely manner with both systems up and running fine. I had a 2kw system previously which they removed as part of the install and left with me to do as I wished.
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I feel I have made the correct choice in choosing SAE SOLAR.The sales person knew what he was talking about not just a salesman.The installers were reliable and efficient and prompt.However it did take a while to get thesmart metre installed .Overall I found this company to be very friendly and helpful. Show additional information
One of the main reasons we went with SAE was that a representative bothered to come out and explain and answer our questions personally.another company did ring but the time was inconvenient. Never recieved a call back as promised. The third company didnt seem interested in talking until I read information emailed to me. I was left to decide what I wanted needed before they would talk to me. They did not seem at all keen to come out and assess our particular situation.

Our installation is due in January, so I am expecting continued good service from SAE.
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Very helpful.
The only company that bothered to come to my house to quote.
They do all the work including meters,etc.
Offered good advice in regards to connecting to electric hot water system.
I can't comment on installation as it's going in next week.
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Seemingly a bit slow in completing the connection to the meter. Still waiting two weeks after installation of panels and inverter. Show additional information
The salesman was very knowledgeable and professional. They were the only company to come to site to inspect and talk about what was best for me. The other 2 companies wanted to do everything over the phone and email, which would be ok for a normal install, but I have a few different roof pitches. This is why I decided to go through SAE. True Value Solar offered a better product for a cheaper price, but I didn't feel as looked after.
The office staff were great in organising the install quickly, however I have no confidence in the tradies who did the install. They installed it in the wrong spot even though they had a photo showing them where we agreed. They came back 3 weeks later to move it, and I was told they would call me first so I could meet them, but received no phone call... They installed it wrong again!
They system is up, but haven't heard from Energex yet to do their part, so it's not operational yet.
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Firstly, I would like to thank you for your online information it was a great way to start my journey into solar. Through contacting a number of solar companies it amazed me at the variety of ways I could be encouraged to go with them. Have been told so many different things about my roof. Eventually I decided to go with Radnor Sansoni from SAE and he has handed the installation over to Sunco so that I will still have the government subsidy. SAE would not have been able to install in time. Radnor has been constant, dealing with any problems straight away. He explained the panels and inverter to me in a language I can understand. I am hoping the same will happen with Sunco. My solar should be on in about a month. Thanks again. Kind regards Sue Show additional information
SAE were to carry out an upgrade of our meter box/fuses but was not done.
System was to be a 6.5kW but they were unable to install the number of panels as quoted - the wife & I were disappointed as we have not got what was initially quoted - ended up being 6.24Kw - gave us a discount of $100.00 off original quote.
In all fairness the system is working fantastically - the installers from SAE did a fantastic job - at this stage we have not had a single call from the Salesperson since our system was installed on 3rd November (over two weeks ago).
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The whole experience was good. I felt very safe, as I know nothing of the intricacies of Solar Systems.
The Representative knew his product and was able to give comparisons which made the end selection easier for me.
So "thank you"
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Hi Finn,
Yes , the system has been installed but not yet initiated... waiting for the power company to upgrade the meters and SAE has to come back to upgrade the power box where the meters are located. That should happen on Tuesday.
SAE was the best price , and then upgraded the system to the 6 kw for little extra .
Can't answer the "quality" question until it is started.

Thanks for your input... most helpful to the unknowing to be given some guidance.
Regards Tony
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We are still waiting to hear from SAE when they will be installing the panels. Poor communication from SAE. Would be nice to know when they are coming so we can arrange our day. Show additional information
Still waiting for installation - appears to be a hold up with ergon. Show additional information
This company was very professional from the salesman to the installers i could not fault this company. Show additional information
Our system is in two independent arrays of 12x260w panels each one facing NE and the other NW. Only the NW array is running at the moment as we had to delay installation of six of the panels on the NE side due to awaiting installation of a verandah roof after which SAE will return and install them and hook them into the inverter. Since 4 Aug when it was turned on (still awaiting Energex to provide the feed back meter) we have averaged 11.62Kwh of power/day so expect to at least double that when the full two arrays are operational. Given we are only a retired couple, and the average Oz household uses 18Kwh/day, we expect to be in a credit situation even only getting a FIT of 6 cents/Kwh. An additional bonus was the installation of a timer on the electric HWS which turns on power only between 0900 and 1500 and since we shower at night we have enough hot water to wash the dinner dishes as well and it's still warm to hot in the morning. This means we are using the sun to heat water albeit in a round about way. Well done SAE. If you like I can provide an update on things once we get a power account after operating a cycle on all 24 panels with the FI meter. Show additional information
After talking to the three companies that you recommended to quote, we would have no hesitation going with either of them, all fully professional. Show additional information
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SAE were very helpful although i havent got to install yet, some delays with ergon being a bit difficult and will only allow 1.9 kw grid feed in my area which is not much of my 6.2 kw system , hopefully in the future (maybe 5 years)will be installing a battery system so not too concerned , thanks for all your help solarquotes, i would have been lost without you and paid twice as much for an inferior system Show additional information
I would recommend them. Show additional information
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The system is due to be installed within the ensuing 4 weeks. The service I have received so far has been very good and that is what my choices are based upon. Show additional information
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1. It takes more than a week for somebody to come to check the system after reporting problems.
2. SAE seems to have little knowledge about the product they are selling
3. At this moment waiting 15 days since somebody came and 22 days since reporting the fault.
4. At present waiting to have either the inverter replaced
Or it is only a software problem and an update will fix it, quote Solax "We have a solution which is currently being tested and will be available early next week."
5. The Solax monitoring system is only working partly because some equipment was not installed (a meter to check power going back to the grid) but SAE informed me for another $300.00 they will add a meter.
Or I can see part on my computer and then go outside past some houses in our complex and get additional info from the meter installed there.

I am of course wrong, expecting a fully working monitoring system to be included with my Solar system for $ 10.000.00
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As per email, a 15kW system has been installed and fully approved for feed in to Energex that rating. We have 3 phase that helps I guess. SAE were very good to deal with, and were successful in getting an oversized system approved, excellent!

Cheers, Rog
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I was very impressed with the initial contacts of 2 of the 3 solar companies Finn recommended. Also, both of them commented Finn was considered a solar expert and his opinion is highly respected. The installation team was also friendly and efficient, and my system is working well as promised and expected. Show additional information
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The only problem was delay in installation, told us 3 weeks & took nearly 3months, there was a problem with getting the Inverter (poor communication) from office but, overall the service great, Radnor Sansone (marketing Sales Person) excellent, (tends to exaggerate a little) but, helpful in every way.certainly recommend.
Only just installed .
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The salesman was Excellent but the office failed to provide any aknowlegement of our payment until threatened with office of fair trading or ACCC Show additional information
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Value add would be leaving better reference material after install Show additional information
We shopped around with advice from your site....we found the companies varied hugely with price.....your site was valuable for us to learn what questions to ask each of the representatives.....the company who's quote was the highest by $4000, did not bother with any follow up calls, another company did not bother to come and have a look at the roof area, he just looked on google earth, the fellow we chose was the most thorough of all of them, and an ex electrician, so understood the electrical side of installation better than the others., and as very nice fellow as the moment we have not had solar installed, just paid the deposit Show additional information
We've had our solar system for 2 months now but it's only been operating correctly for 2 weeks. There are faults displaying on the Solax Inverter system. We informed SAE as soon as we noticed this and since then there have been a series of phone calls - 6 in all - trying to arrange for someone to come and fix the problems or replace the inverter. Whilst the staff have been pleasant on the phone nothing has actually been done. We were promised that someone would come 2 weeks ago but they did not turn up. We received no communication from SAE to explain why or to arrange another day. After spending more than $6000 on a 6 kW system with a Solax Inverter, you'd think there would be a little better service than this. However, SAE seems more interested in ensuring you pay their bills rather than providing any kind of follow-up service. So far we've found their communication to be appalling and to say we're not happy with either their service or the Solax Inverter is somewhat of an understatement. SAE keep telling you they've won awards for their service but we have yet to see any evidence of good service from them. If you're thinking of using them our advice would be to think again. VERY VERY DISAPPOINTED! Show additional information
I allowed 30 days to seriously consider 16 quotes, most came in person. I found SAE Group very helpful, honest, giving me all the time I needed and answering every possible question I could think of. They presented me with the cold hard facts and figures, then left it to me to make the final decision. The installation took 5 hours by three installers, all working harmoniously together and all cleaned up after them. The team leader clearly explained how the system works, what I needed to know and what I can expect. Since installation I have had two follow up phone calls from their office, all within 10 days. So far I could not be happier! Show additional information
I went with SAE Group because the technical salesman was very informative and gave me various options based on my requirements. Price was not a large factor in my decision but was very competitive once quoted. Once the installation in complete i will give some feed back, but i am more than confident that it will be top quality like the service i have received so far. Show additional information
SAE Group exceeded our expectations being first time solar system purchasers.
Their information they sent to us was of the highest quality and really assisted us to make the daunting choice as to who and what size system to go with
in the eventual installation. Their salesperson arrived at our house when he said he would, explained everything to us and answered all our questions.
They supplied an aerial photo of what the system would look like on our roof, as well.

The installers turned up when they too, said they would, and explained everything that they would be doing, and after installation on the roof, took us through the
power process that will eventually happen. Their after sales service has been of the highest customer service. All in all a great experience from SAE Group.
I have recommended them to work colleagues and even friends in Sydney.

The only downside is we are still waiting for Energex to come and connect us to the grid. It has been more than 2 weeks since SAE installed our system!!!!
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After some initial communication problems, everything came together and the install is first class. SAE were one of the only companies that had a real person actually come to my home and quote. Craig Gleeson is the local agent and has given excellent service. System is up and running and now hopefully our bills will reduce. Show additional information
Thanks to for putting me in touch with 3 reputable companies. Two of the three companies provided quotes. We were adding capacity to an existing 5kW inverter which we acquired when purchasing the property. The existing system was light on for panels and was only operating at ~20% of the inverters capacity. There was scope to add capacity and we purchased 14 x 260w panels from SAE Group. Very happy with the process from initial consultation + quote through to instillation and follow up from SAE Group. As part of the instillation SAE made the existing system compliant with current regulation (isolation switches on the roof and at the inverter). They also switched our hot water across from off peak to mains power and installed a timer on the hot water (allowing us to remove off peak access charge and take advantage of increased solar capacity). SAE Group were proactive in contacting my energy supplier to advise that the off peak tariff had been removed. SAE’s technicians spent more time making good of the original system than the installation of their new panels. The original system was clearly installed by a less then reputable company with substandard workmanship. SAE Group will be my first point of contact when we upgrade the original panels. Show additional information
The salesman was informative and explained all my queries. I was able to understand everything I needed to know about my solar installation including any extras that were required ie new meter backing board, and a new smart meter. The installation went smoothly, the installers were knowledgable, competent and friendly. It's interesting looking at my inverter with the wifi ap and seeing how much power the panels are generating. Show additional information