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About MC Electrical, Solar Installers

MC Solar and Electrical's motto is "We Know Solar".

Here is what they would like you to know about them:

• There are less than 50 CEC Approved Retailers in Australia. We're one of them!

• Over 7000 Solar installs since 2009. That's why we know solar!

• We don’t use sub-contractors. All installers are long term in-house trained employees.

• Our free onsite measure and quote (including SunEye reading) will ensure the best possible install.

• Your quote will include everything. There will be no hidden charges.

• Talk to our Consultant about Greenloans – the secret behind zero cost Solar.

• As Electrical contractors and Master Electricians, we can also assist you with general electrical work.

MC Electrical Solar Reviews

We follow up with all reviewers after 12 months to see how their system is going since it was installed. These are all the reviewers who have responded to our 1 year follow up:
I did my homework and your site was very helpful and the suppliers you gave me were also very helpful, but once I had worked out the inverter and panels I was going to use I got quotes and asked all the helpful questions. In the end I had convinced my daughter to also go solar and they got on board with the same products and so my son in law new the company and checked out their prices. Then my brother also wanted solar so we all got a good price with the equipment we wanted and so far so good.
Thankyou for your help.
Gill Ormesher
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Everybody we spoke to from MC Electrical were excellent to deal with and were very formative. They got back to us very promptly to answer any questions I had. Show additional information
Your service offered 3 quotes but one of your referred companies did not respond. We had a third quote of our own but the 2 we received through you were stand out better professionally than the one we got on our own. Show additional information
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Top notch service and products
Highly recommended
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System will be installed in february Show additional information
MC Electrical installers went the extra yard on the day to ensure that all packaging, rubbish and working areas were cleaned up. Show additional information
My experience with MC Electrical, from their Sales personnel, through the installation phase, and job follow-up was excellent. They provided excellent advice, were honest in all their dealings and completed the job on time. The quality of the installation is highly professional, and the site was left exceptionally clean. Show additional information
I live in a block of apartments.

I obtained Body Corporate agreementto install solar panels which was undertaken by MC Electrical.

From the first visit to provide the quotation to the day of install and after, the service and quality of product has been exceptional.

I cannot recommend MC Electrical highly enough.

The Fronius Primo 5.0.1 wifi connected inverter works a treat. Monitoring of the system is as simple as opening the app.

It is now two quarters since the installation.

The amount of money which I have saved has been unbelievable. The system will pay itself off in a much shorter time frame than anticipated.

Lot Owners should give thought to installing solar.

It will take some negotiating with the Body Corporate but the result is worth the stress and time.
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MC Electrical were very good to deal with - I was impressed by the salesperson’s knowledge and the investment the company makes in researching products before they sell them (a lot of insightful formation can be sourced from the company’s blog on their website). Their knowledge of the equipment and the regulations regarding Max Power output to manage voltage spikes was better than a number of the companies some colleagues of mine dealt with. Most notably they took advantage of the ‘smarts’ in the Fronius inverter that monitors voltage and only imposes the Energex/Ergon 90% max output conStraint when the parameters programmed in at the time of commissioning are exceeded. The result is that my 6.5KW system has a max power output of 5.04wW, whereas those that don’t have the ‘smart Control parameters’ programmed max out at 4.5 kW (the benefit of this is close to 3kWh of extra energy on a good summer’s day... not a lot, but it adds up!).

The only negative experience was with the STC variation provision in the contract - the STC price rose significantly at the end of 2017 (by approx 20%), but when I asked to take advantage of the contract clause that allows the buyer to claim the price increase, I was told that they lock their STC prices in at the time of quote. A reasonable thing to do, but this should be reflected in the contract.....
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Your advice and direction for someone who knew nothing about solar choices was an amazing help. We believe we have made an informed choice based on your guidance and our new knowledge. MC Electrical and Absolute Energy Solutions shone in terms of time spent with us and explanation of how the systems and process works. We were very happy with our choice. Show additional information
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initially, the team were very accommodating to install in a short timeframe. The team arrived and departed 10 mins later saying that my roof was dangerous and they would not install the panels. I had to call and call to get any answers, and it was only after getting hold of the owner that anything happened. He was very good, and personally sorted out the issues (there was nothing wrong with my roof....). The install finally happened and was satisfactory. Their issue resolution process was pretty average, but got there in the end. Show additional information
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We shopped around and what made us choose Adrian and the team at MC Electrical was the excellent service and honest advice. The end result was our first bill costing us just $21 which is a brilliant result. We would have no hesitation in recommending MC Electrical. Show additional information
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MC Electrical were fantastic. The initial query was immediately followed up and appointment booked in. Salesperson was on time, knew her stuff, very knowledgeable, provided quote within timeframe, very responsive when we wanted any questions answered.
Once decision was made, extremely efficient and prompt back office system took over, install was extremely efficient, within timeframes and after sales service and follow up was amazing.
Very very happy!!
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Great customer service and professional installation all the way around.
Trent our sales person organised to come and speak with us once the system was installed so we learn how we can get the best out of it.
Before visiting, Trent identified an issue that we would not have known about if he hadn't pointed it out. He is extremely knowledgeable and had this issue fixed immediately without any fuss or falseness on the day he visited.
We really value MC Electrical being a local company keeping up with global trends and the changing environment of solar.

Some further feedback is that it is a little confusing as to whom we should call while the whole process was being planned. Eg. Needed to shift date of installation. Do I phone electrician, sales person or account manager in the office? Had to make a couple of phone calls to organise. Would be great to have just one point of contact for customers.
May not be possible and just a small thing but I thought it was worth mentioning.
Thanks very much - we are very happy with the overall product and company.
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Very professional; organised; strong emphasis on communicating with customer. Show additional information
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Getting solar is not cheap, it can be, if you don't get the right advice or service and back up. There is a huge difference in panels, inverters and installation. We researched (thank you Solar Quotes), shopped around and yes there were much cheaper options out there, offering significant savings, but our fear was that they would turn out to be more expensive in the long run for us and OUR HOME. We found MC Electrical. Their consultant (Antony) was great, taking us through the process, the office (Francis)was great with great follow up from start to finish. The installers (Michael and his workmate) were on time and did an absolute great job. When it was finished, they took the time to go through the system with us and explain everything. Any negatives? NONE, just all positive and I will be certainly recommending MC Electrical to whoever wants to listen. Want the right system, the right panels and the right inverter and a great installation? Now you know where to go. Just great to find a company that does what they say they are going to do and backs it up. Check out MC Electrical, if I could give them 10 stars, I would. Show additional information
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The sales and service that MC Solar and Electrical provided is second to none. The initial sales person and after sales contact were extremely professional, prompt and explained each step of the process thoroughly.
I was very impressed with the installers, they were professional, discussed various options and had my needs and care of my property as their priority.
I am extremely impressed with the entire company of MC Solar and Electrical and the service that I received.
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The team at MC Electrical were head and shoulders above the rest! I met with, and received quotes from, 4 different solar companies and Nicole from MC Electrical was by far the most knowledgeable. She worked with me through many meetings and phone calls to determine the best configuration for my rooftop. I also spent an hour or more at the office in Eagle Farm where I was shown the different equipment (inverters and panels) that would be installed so I fully understood what I was getting installed. And on the day of the install, the electricians who came out to the property to do the installation were some of the most friendly and professional 'tradies' that I have ever dealt with. It was a pleasure to have MC Electrical quote and install our solar system. I would have no hesitation recommending them to friends and family for their solar installation. Show additional information
Suppliers were reasonably quick to respond and book the initial meeting. From there I found I had to chase all of them for updates and amendments - it seems they were expecting me to take 2 to 3 months to make up my mind. Unfortunately none of the suppliers addressed the issue of shading on my western roof. I manged to find a site which helped me understand the shading I could expect for each month of the year and I could calibrate tree heights with what I observed in November. Most suppliers designed the system with Western and Northern roof panels, which I had to change to North and East.
Finn, your site really helped me get beyond the marketing hype that I found from all suppliers and get a better handle on understanding the facts as well as the many items to consider when purchasing a solar system. My main reason for rating customer service as average was having to chase the sales person to get updated information and being given warranty and product documents that were not applicable to Australia, which I then had to get replacements for.
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When looking for a solar installer I wasn't purely focused on price. Reputation counts for alot in the solar game and from my research MC Electrical had a good one. To me the winning formula is Good Reputation + Great Customer Service + Reliable Quality Product + Seamless Installation = Good Value. The whole team from sales and customer service through to the installation team work together seamlessly and for the customer. The great experience doesn't end with the sales pitch that is where it begins. MC Electrical have delivered on every promise and I have no hesitation in recommending them for the overall experience that they have provided me personally. Show additional information
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MC Electrical is very professional, not the cheapest but after doing my research and realising issues that can occur with panels I decided 100% on MC Electricals proposal, During my research I learnt about micro fractures in panels, build quality etc a few days before making my decision I noticed my neighbours getting solar installed, their installers had the panels loose in the back of a trailer, not even laid horizontally with protection in between, just leaning side up against one another. My first thought was those panels will have reduced efficiency before even being installed on the roof. Then the panel positioning was as such that they would receive a lot of shading. Straight away I decided price was not the deciding factor, but quality of the equipment and the quality of the installers. Solar isn’t like buying a toaster, the equipment and installers are not all similar, so my advice... don’t let price drive your decision, do some research. If it’s 4K cheaper elsewhere, ask yourself why Show additional information
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Supplier has lived up to recommendation and expectations. I am very happy with the service. I will have no hesitation in recommending MC Solar & Electrical to others (and in particular in our retirement village). Show additional information
I would recommend that the installers sweep up the tile dust before finishing. I had just had the roof painted and now have white patches where the dust has set like concrete and will not wash away. Show additional information
Good and professional team, they showed up right on time, very polite and helpful. The quick and neat install. No doubt, I would recommend or use this company again. Show additional information
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Had a 5.8 kW system (Fronius Primo inverter and Sunpower panels) installed yesterday. Every part of the process was handled by people who were efficient, friendly, professional and knowledgeable.
QUOTING - sales person timely, friendly, not pushy, was there to determine what best suited our needs;
INSTALLATION - very good quality of work, installers timely, friendly, very efficient, professional, open to suggestions, helpful (e.g. suggested relocating a whirlybird because it might cast a shadow over one panel in the afternoon);
PRODUCT - very good quality, easily performing to specifications (admittedly only after one (cloudy) day);
OFFICE STAFF - friendly, kept us well informed at all times.
Am very pleased with the result and have no hesitation in recommending MC Solar and Electrical.
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Just had a 6.6kW system installed. I have nothing but praise for MC Electrical. Nice, friendly and knowledgeable for everyone involved throughout the whole process from sales to installation. There were no surprises, everything they said they said they would do, they did. Definitely recommend giving them a call if you are looking for a system, I would use them again. Show additional information
Very professional at all stages. Show additional information
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I would definitely recommend MC Electrical for solar installation. The whole process from quoting, system design, answering (many) questions and then installation was managed exceptionally well by all involved (sales, admin, installation team). I am very pleased with the result. Everything was completed in accordance with agreed timelines, to a high quality, and ran very smoothly. Show additional information
Still waiting for Energex to install new meter Show additional information
I haven't had the solar installed yet but the presales have been very good and attentive to my needs as well as looking to future-proof my purchase Show additional information
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The system is yet to be installed scheduled date 7 December. Show additional information
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