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About Adelaide Solar Systems, Solar Installers

Adelaide Solar Systems

Adelaide Solar Systems is a solar power installation company based in Flinders Park, Adelaide, and serves the State of South Australia.


The company says that its greatest asset is its staff, and believes that they are the best in the industry, maintaining a high level of installation quality for over 10 years.. With over 6000 installations, they have the experience necessary to find out the exact solar system you need. Come into their showroom to discuss your options in a relaxed setting. They also say that they are proud of the fact that a lot of their new business comes from customer referrals to friends. A local family run business, Adelaide Solar Systems say that most of their installers are company employees, and that they only use branded panels and inverters from well respected manufacturers with more than 10 years manufacturing history. They won’t confuse you with daunting, technical aspects of the installation and they get the job done the right way.


Adelaide Solar Systems are an associate member of Clear Energy Council of Australia.

They provide free on site consultation by trained designers, and it will take the hassle out of the rebate process. It will also arrange an up-front discount off your invoice if you so choose.

Adelaide Solar Systems Solar Reviews

We follow up with all reviewers after 12 months to see how their system is going since it was installed. These are all the reviewers who have responded to our 1 year follow up:
It was an easy process from start to finish, no money was outlaid and the installation was fantasitc. Show additional information
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I chose this organisation because they seemed very knowledgeable, gave great advice and were not pushy at all. They were not the cheapest or the most expensive quote I had, but seemed the most reliable, based on my impression, plus reading a lot of reviews and they seem like they will be around for a while. I bought the best panels I could afford (sunpower), thinking of upgrading with a better inverter and battery when it dies.
I ended up getting it installed a couple of months earlier than expected because of someone else cancelling. I am really happy with the system so far, and have found their service and communications overall to be really good. I had an issue with connecting the SMA to wifi and they quickly arranged a site visit to help me find a solution, rather than just telling me to google, which is sort of what I expected!
Highly recommend
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Very impressed with professionalism of sales staff, admin staff and installation contractors. The approvals and installation time frame was fast, without stress, well communicated and extremely efficient. Show additional information
I was contacted by the company after the sales person had visited my house, they informed me that the installation would start at 8.30am on 20th July, I waited in until 9.30am and then rang the company to be told that no installation had been booked for me and the installers were at another job. My job was then booked for 27th July and was commenced at that date, it took two days due to bad weather. After the installation was completed I was given an instruction sheet about connecting the Inverter Wifi to my computer, I have not been able to do this and sent an email to the company in Germany including a photo of the label of the Inverter, I was told that they would deal with it within ten days, it is now 22 days since I sent that email and I have heard nothing. Not happy Jan! Show additional information
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Informed and responsive staff and the whole job was done quickly and efficiently. Show additional information
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It was a simple job - invertor replacement. Everything went smoothly. Show additional information
Brilliant company to deal with ! Prompt competitive quote tailor made to my specific needs, accurant energy projections, and installations efficient beyond my receiving credits instead of bills. Cannot fault this company Show additional information
We haven't had the meter changed over yet, so can't tell how well the system will work, however, the salesman was an ex-installer so knew his stuff, (we have raked ceilings and other issues that made the quotation tricky) he spent lots of time talking over the options with us, and the installers were great. They took a lot of care to make sure that we were happy with the result, and even replaced some broken tiles which I knew were broken before they went on the roof. They had to come twice due to our roof issues, and they arrived on time both days. They were very professional and courteous to deal with, and we have had a follow up call to make sure everything is ok. I would be happy to recommend them to anyone considering tackling this process. Show additional information
We had delays with the installer submitting their paperwork which led to delays and confusion with billing from the energy company. Show additional information
Adelaide Solar Systems were the only company to want to view the site before installation.Evidently if your switch board is asbestos,ETSA will not have any thing to do with it and you will have to make another booking.Their deposit prior to installation was more than reasonable and no question was considered unnecessary. Show additional information
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Very pleased with the service and efficiency. A good experience overall. Show additional information
We had our system installed by Adelaide Solar Systems because they were recommended by two other people who had used this company and expressed great satisfaction with the service. They gave us firm dates for the installation and kept to them. The installation team were quick efficient and very approachable Show additional information
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I do not know enough about Solar Systems to rate the Quality of the System or Value for money. I would have preferred to pay LESS but, I believe I have better panels. I trusted Solahart completely and, coupled with the little knowledge gained from your website, I think my installation is very good. Show additional information
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We have been very pleased with our entire experience with Adelaide Solar Systems. There was no hi-pressure sales from Darren who provided a free quotation. He gave us a couple of options that would suit our needs and left us to decide what we wanted to do and get back to him. The other companies we spoke to only wanted to quote on their standard systems and some wanted a fee to come and provide an accurate quotation. Being a nonstandard system on a garage roof required some additional work by the installers but this was handelded very professionally. We now have a very good 2.75kW system which was the maximum that could be fitted in the available space.

Graham & Lyn
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We had very helpful, efficient, courteous & punctual dealings with this Company their staff and subcontractors.

Thoroughly recommended, would use their services again.

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Installation 2 weeks after order and done very well despite difficult weather conditions.

Installation team were first class.

System is running beautifully.

Very pleased with the outcome.
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Very easy to deal with. Good value for money - a quality system at a competitive price. Brilliant installers who achieved an excellent result in trying conditions. Show additional information
Panels 3.27 kW Inverter 5 kW. Only just installed. Will be Switched on middle July. Can't rate yet - too early.

House extension later will allow for more panels on roof to make up 5 kW.
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The Rep who called was excellent and actually got onto the roof to measure it and then gave us options on what they could supply. Also went into more detail on the panel efficiency and quality of inverters. That and not their pushy sales pitch some of the others came up with. Show additional information
After a few initial communication issues, we have now had our system installed and it is fully operational. The installers, Warren and Peter went out of their way to ensure a 1st class installation on what turned out to be a difficult install due to weather conditions on the day & minimal access in the ceiling space. I even suggested a couple of shortcuts but Warren refused as he did not wish to compromise the install quality. They worked from morning until dark on a day when rain showers persisted, but none the less they completed the job in one day.

The salesman Bill visited a few days later to ensure everything was OK and to answer a few questions I had for him.

Thanks Guys! A great job.
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Andy Turner from Adelaide Solar had a terrific knowledge of solar systems. Placement of panels. Back up of service if required. Installers were professional. Can't say enough of product and service. Show additional information
Our system has not yet been installed but I am not happy with the service to date. Since contacting them a month or so ago and accepting their quote, the only contact that has occurred has been on my instigation. I know there is a delay on the meter install but they need to keep us up to date with the progress. Show additional information
I did initially receive 3 phone calls in response to your website. The first 2 phone calls I received had very poor English never got back to me with a quote.

I had even emailed them our shed plan where the panels were to be installed. The third person I spoke to was so pushy, obnoxious and condescending, who more or less forced me to have an appointment where he would assess our needs over approximately 2 hours, (the shed was not yet installed, and our home was a building site) that I cancelled the appointment the next day as there was no way I would deal with a pushy salesman he was from the Mark Group) and I had already done extensive research.

The panels face direct north and there are no obstructions and never will be however his aim was to baffle us with bullshit I presume. The initial call went for 25 minutes, in which he blew his and his companies trumpet - totally nauseating.

So, I went back to the drawing board, and purchased a 5 kW system from Adelaide Solar Systems who are local, have very good feedback on all internet forums, and promptly supplied me with a quote and further information without hassle.So whilst getting the quotes via you was a waste of time, the information on your site contributed to our choice.
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Bill was fantastic. His explanations were thorough yet clear and understandable. He turned up on time when he said he would. He emailled through lots of spreadsheets and information for us to review in deciding which size system to go for.\r\nThey turned up when they said they would to install the system and it has worked fine. They did everything they said they would exactly when they said. So no time wasted sitting around waiting for tradespeople or salespeople to turn up. Show additional information
I had a bad experience with Melbourne firm so I changed to Adelaide LOVE ENERGY. NOT the cheapest but really good service and installation. The installers are employees of the firm and not subcontractors. Show additional information
They were not the cheapest, but everyone that referred me to them raved about the quality of the system and install. We have had the system for a week now and are delighted with the results. They were professional and great to deal with. Show additional information
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We have our system installed but as yet not hooked up to the grid Show additional information
It`s such a big decision, we got 4 quotes and decided to go with Adelaide Solar. They were not the cheapest quote we received but offered a quality product and good service. A few friends have already gone with Adelaide Solar and all have been very happy with service, product and reduction or elimination of electricity bills. We soon hope to have a BIG reduction in our electricity bill...our panels are due to be installed this week!! Show additional information
2 of the 3 companies responded and provided reasonable quotes. I sourced 2 others independently, one of which was a complete rip off (Ecoplus)- don't even bother as they try the good old fasioned high pressure sales tactic, and try to baffle you with the sales pitch.
The other was successful (Adelaide Solar Systems), their pricing was mid range. However, I felt more comfortable they would be around for the long term in case of warranty issues. Also the many favourable responses received by them on this website was a determining factor. The installation took place ~3 weeks from deposit being paid and the installation guys were very good and efficient. I would highly recommend them.
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I have been looking at a 8-10KW system for some time . By doing research on panels and inverters finally went with Adelaide Solar systems
They may not of been the cheapest price but they were very competitive. Buy expensive cry once, buy cheap and cry every day. The components - 250 Watt C Sun Solar panels and SMA 10,000 inverter were the best quality. I liked the fact they have there own installers and guarantee their work. The installers were very friendly and professional.
Overall I can thouroughly recommend Adelaide Solar Systems
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The salesman who visited was also the installer - his extensive experience and helpful manner instilled in me a great deal of confidence in the company. He also got on the roof (only one other company did this) to check out the best options. Show additional information
I chose Solar Electrical for 2 main reasons. Firstly, Daniel was both installer and salesman and he was the only sales person to look at the roof properly and work out the best positioning for the panels with relation to shade etc. And, secondly, he had a good maintenance plan. Moreover, the service was excellent. I was leaving the country 3 weeks after getting a quote from him and he managed to fit me into a vacancy and it was all done and running before I left. Show additional information
The salesperson was spot on with all our queries. One of the other salesperson didn't have correct prices on brochure and another had to be told from when the sun rises.

Very pleased with speed of installation.
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Solar Wholesalers took a long time to contact me. Then told me they would ring later to organise a time for a quote. They did not ring back and to this day I have not heard from them. Show additional information
Adelaide Solar Systems where not one of the companys that where giving to me by Solar quotes but after reading the reviews for Adelaide Solar Systems on this site I choose this company because, the staff where very helpful and most of all not just salesmen trying to sell you a product that they think you know nothing about.

There where also the only company that priced me for what i wanted at the best price, where as one of the other companys which was chosen by solar quotes quoted me on a system, then told me that they could not guarantee that the same panels would be used (190w down to 175w panels for same price) without telling me until install NOT GOOD.

The other two companys could not give me what i wanted or only parts of.
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The supplier was consistently informative and helpful. We had an on-site conference, when he gave us as much time and information as we requested. This was very good, as we knew very little to start with. He also inspected the site, answering other questions. Before and after the consultation, he was very helpful with clear answers to our phone calls and emails. There was absolutely no 'hard sell'.

The written quote included a very detailed specifications list. We showed this to a specialist electrician friend who is, himself, considering branching into solar installing. Our friend was able to confirm the reliability of all details of the quote, and was impressed by the helpful documentation. So were we. This, and possibly the fact that the supplier himself has had much hands-on experience, influenced our decision. It was close, as we were also very happy with one of the other suppliers. The third one seemed good, but there were some factors that were probably okay, but a bit harder to verify - e.g. some supposedly excellent components that were new to the market.

Our system installation should take place within a few weeks. [We'd been told about the delay.] We're looking forward to it, and hope that all will go well. If you'd like to contact us, we'd be happy to comment on this too, when it happens.
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My system has not yet been installed. So I can not say much about the Service. So far the dealing with the representative who visited my home has been very good.

As for choosing Adelaide Solar System:

This Company has been around for a number of years and known as Solahart and I Trust that it will be around for many more years.

Finally, thank you for providing me with the names of thr three Solar Installers.
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We had five quotes but found Adelaide Solar explained every question asked, and being an Electrician myself I knew what they were telling me was what I expected to hear. It took ten weeks from beginning to end. Everything occurred exactly as they said it would and within the time frame advised. I could not have asked for any better service. At this stage we haven't had rain, so I don't know whether it may leak, but my experience so far has been excellent. I would have no hesitation in recommending Adelaide Solar. Show additional information
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