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About Halcol Energy, Solar Installers

Halcol Energy
Silver Partner

Established in 2010, Halcol Energy has its head office on the Sunshine Coast at 392 Nicklin Way, Bokarina, 4575 and concentrates from Brisbane to Bundaberg.

We offer premium tier 1 products with our own teams of experienced and qualified installers. We are both a Sonnen Diamond Partner and a Tesla Powerwall Certified Installer.

Halcol Energy has withstood the uncertainty of the Solar market and is now coming out of the dust stronger and fitter than before. With our exclusive partnerships with the Flex Corporation, Tesla, and Sonnen, we are leading the way in smart home technologies. We have expanded our office, staff and installation and service departments to keep up with the ever-growing demand of the Sunshine Coast. Our systems are smoother, our products and warranties securer, and our outlook brighter. This is all a testament to our strong belief in service, quality and staff.

Halcol Energy is the real deal. Let us help you smash your bills and achieve your energy efficiency goals today.

Halcol Energy Solar Reviews

We follow up with all reviewers after 12 months to see how their system is going since it was installed. These are all the reviewers who have responded to our 1 year follow up:
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A reputable company with a history who provided excellent service, expert advice and professional installation. Show additional information
Why doesn't the wifi on the inverter connect. Your tech guy assurred me it was working but I get the message "not connected" really frustrating. So cant tell how efficient the system is when asked by neighbors and friends who are considering Solar.

Supplier Reply

Hi Terence ,
We understand technology can be frustrating. Our records show your system is working well, but unfortunately you didn't have the internet connected to your home when we did the install. The inverter needs a WIFI connection to monitor the system remotely. We attended your property and connected your phone to the inverter as requested, but as detailed in the email to you dated 30th August this has its restrictions. My understanding is you now have internet connected, but you are not able to connect the inverter to the network using the links/videos we sent you. This is usually because the WIFI router is too far away from the inverter. Please call our service department to book our service team to come to site and pair the system for you.
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We had solar panels installed when we lived in Brisbane and were very disappointed with the installation, having our ceilings damaged in the 2011 rains due to cuts in terra cotta tiles for brackets not being filled with silicon. This was related to a company contracting out installation, rather than this being done by company employees.
We were happy with the work ethic and attention to detail that we experienced with our Halcol installers (who are employees of the company).
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Very pleasant installers who stayed to ensure all installation processes were complete. Show additional information
Don't know yet what quality the system is as it is not operational yet. Show additional information
We recently had Solar installed at our home. The staff were extremely informative and gave us several options to choose from especially to suit our individual living needs with competitive prices to.
Reliable, efficient and professional at all times. Even a few weeks after installation we had a few questions as it was our first time having Solar & the staff were quick to respond & very helpful without any hesitation.
I would highly recommend and we will most certainly use the Halcol team for our future properties. Also if you have any enquiries about Tesla - Halcol are very much up to date on the product. Thanks Again Andrew
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Sales staff efficient and non-pressuring, very pleasant. Installation date very tardy (six weeks wait), but communicated reasons for this, and delay was understandable. If Halcol lives up to their promises we should have a very good service. Show additional information
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Follow up service excellent from Halcol and would highly recommend them to anyone. We selected to have 8 panels on east roof and 8 panels on west roof. Panels recommended are Flex panels at 290 watts inverter 5 kilowatt Mass brand all with excellent warranty and backed by Halcol. Installation was on 21 September. system performing extremely well. Thanks for all your input and advice. Show additional information
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We are grateful to respected Sunshine Coast builder L&J Friend Constructions Pty Ltd for their referral to Halcol Energy Pty Ltd for their supply and installation of our 6.44kw Canadian Solar System (23 x 280w
panels), Mass Energy Inverter with Tesla Powerwall Battery System. We've been impressed with Halcol's dedicated professionalism and competence, not to mention the state of the art technology comprising the product. That we can comprehensively monitor the detailed operation on our mobile devices was an attractive surprise. If considering solar we have no difficulty recommending the obviously competent Halcol outfit. If our positive experience is any guide others contemplating solar would do well to listen to what Halcol's experienced engineers may have to say. We now enjoy virtual immunity from power outages, negligible (if any) further electricity bills and by default, securing an effective in-house UPS.
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Could not have got better service anywhere Maurie Show additional information
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Tony, the salesman, fielded all my questions and coped with my indecision. Decided to go with a single phase inverter despite having 3-phase power. The installation was a week ahead of when I expected it and Tim & Alex, the installers, were here on time and worked like Trojans to get everything in place. Still waiting for energex to change the meters over and hook our overflow into the grid but that's apparently going to happen next week. Overall very happy with the service. Have to wait for our electricity bill to see just what we're saving. On the basis of our experience so far would be very happy to recommend Halcol. Show additional information
Told Halcol before I decided to use them that I expected a decent follow up after solar installation. Told them they were lacking in this area according to other reviews, but they assured me they were addressing it and I would get a follow up check after installation.
After the install I could not get the wifi enabled inverter working properly. Contacted them and they told me they were too busy to come around within a couple of days. Was told it could be at least a week. When I told them they weren't getting paid until my system was fully functional, they seemed taken aback that I could suggest such a thing. They quickly got back to me and told me that suddenly someone was available to come around the following day. It was the salesman that came around the following day and he didn't have a clue about setting up the wifi inverter. Had to call another person to come around to help. Funny how when you request a quote, the salesman break their neck to come around, but when you need help/follow up.......oh sorry we are too busy to get around any time soon.
Halcol also told me that if I wanted to buy extra panels further on down the track, that the cost would roughly work out to a $1 per watt of panels installed. Contacted Halcol the other day to see if my inverter could handle more panels. They said I could go to 6kw no problem and gave me a quote....double!! what they originally stated it would cost. Won't be using Halcol again. Running a business isn't only about how much money you make. It's about reputation as well.
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Company was excellent from go to end Show additional information
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Halcol were very efficient and friendly. System working well but still waiting for Energex to install solar meter. Show additional information
After instalation there was a small issue. The installers returned within a day and quickly sorted things. Very efficient and pleasant. Did a very neat job. Show additional information
From our first contact with Halcol Energy P/L to the final sign off after installation we have been very impressed by this company. The staff were friendly, highly competent and clearly like working for the company. We were kept informed at every step of the process, from quote to purchase to installation. Their attention to detail was excellent. We highly recommend Halcol Energy P/L . Show additional information
Was quoted 280w panels 270w panels were in stalled was told about this the morning of install,the installers didn't know how to hook up wifi to the inverter was just left for me to hook up,after several phone calls to the manUfacturer tech support was told smart meter wasn't installed, couple of more phone calls back to Halcol and they fitted the smart meter but left meter cabInet and meter board wide open in the rain for the night and again was left to me to connect to wifi three weeks after install and many phone calls to manUfacturer finally got wifi app working very disappointed with service and communication.

Supplier Reply

Dear Paul,
I am sorry that you feel that we have performed so badly and I hope that you find that the system performs for you both now and in the future. I understand that we cannot please everyone but our aim is to achieve exactly that, on that note I have read through your concerns and will make adjustments to our systems in the hope that this does not happen again. I know that at the time we informed you that we only had the 270 watt panels and you were given the choice of waiting but you advised you would like to go ahead with the installation. The supply of the energy meters, as I explained was held up which once again I can only apologise for. The quality of the system is I feel high with Canadian Solar panels (Tier 1) and a Fronius inverter, the quality of install which I have reviewed is I feel high on reviewing the installation pictures, but please let me know if you have concerns on either of these points. I apologise if the installation crew did not connect to your Wi-Fi system as this they should have been able to do as they have now been with me for over 5 years installing our solar systems. I hope that you understand that we are here for all of our customers over the long term and will deal with any issues that arise. If you do have any concerns either now or in the future please do not hesitate to contact us.
Kind Regards
Andy Hall
[email protected]
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Ok to use name Show additional information
Halcol Energy have been very supportive and answered my questions with plain english, so everything was understood right from the start.
I would recommend Halcol Energy to anyone.
Thanks Carol
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Went back to my first quote after seeing another (4th). Tony from Halcol was the friendliest up-front gentleman by far and an absolute pleasure to deal with him (I believe he's overseas getting married now) ZERO Salesman BS . Upfront and honest.
Thank-you for recommending me to Halcol (esp Tony) Both mine and my dad's installations were done within 5 days both by the same friendly team 2 days apart.
All contact with this company has been enjoyable, friendly and professional.
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We were very happy with all the companies you provided except enviro projects. Thank you so much. Show additional information
Only downside to experience was not once but twice after setting day and time for quotes to be assessed no one turned up and no phone call to say couldn't make it!! Show additional information
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Excellent advice given as to how and when to use to get best use from free electricity. Show additional information
I would like to thank you for your website. The information you gave allowed me to understand the whole process and feel confident when I talked about an installation with a salesperson. I chose Halcol - they were well recommended on your site - and have been very happy with entire process. They were prompt, courteous, helpful and efficient. However, there are so many brands of panels and inverters out there I cannot comment on the brands they elected to install - I feel that I had to trust the company to make those choices. Show additional information
Having a Wi Fi setup where I can check the amount of solar electricity production each day determines the use of household electrical appliances is a bonus considering the disgracefully low buy back feed in tariff ,
So the government has just agreed in Paris to cut back the reliance on fossil fuel (that runs electricity generators) so why such a low feed in tariff ? Because the State/Territory Governments have either sold or leased the electricity grids and gave a assurance on growth and projected profits to the private companies .
If the Australian Government is serious about climate change they would encourage greater use of small scale solar generators.
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Halcol energy installers were very professional in the install, answering any questions that were asked, they went about the install in a business like manner, were easy to deal with and I would recommend them to anyone else. Show additional information
Pros: We took a long time to decide on which panels and installer we wanted. Chris, the salesman, was great as he always answered the questions I had promptly and visited us twice to discuss everything. The installers, Luke, Paul and Alex, were all friendly and professional. The installers and salesman get 5 stars.

Cons: The inverter (Mass Energy) was installed a few days later than the panels as they were on order. No big deal however the invoice was given to me by an installer when they installed the panels and then the same invoice sent to me the same day by email and then yet again sent by email the day after the inverter was installed (which was actually sent after I had paid). There's no need to send an invoice 3 times, especially when 2 of them are sent before the work is even complete!

I'm now able to monitor the output from my computer too so that's great as we work out how much power is generated and when. The manuals are written in Chinglish but it's fairly easy to work out and the actual inverter is more compact than other manufacturers.
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Very professional and great to deal with. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone else. Show additional information
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Every thing went well, the sales man came gave us a quote and after we put the deposit on we didnt hear from anyone till 3 days before the installation date and now that the system has being running for about a week, were not sure if it's runing correctly or if set up right cause no one has contact us to see if were happy with the service and to check if were happy with it all....
I think they need ti spend an hour with the customer after a week or so and check that there happy with all the experience. ....
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