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About Huawei, Solar Batteries

Huawei solar batteries review

China's Huawei has been in the solar components game for a long time. It is the world's largest manufacturer of solar inverters and has more recently turned its hand to manufacturing solar batteries.

Huawei's Luna2000 has been available in Australia since around May 2021. It's a modular battery system expandable from 5kWh to 15kWh storage capacity (and beyond with a parallel installation).

As for power, the single module 5kWh unit offers 2.5kW power output and two modules (so 10kWh) provides 5kW - and that's as far as it goes; i.e; the 3 module system (15kWh) is still limited to 5kW of power.

One of the advantages of Huawei's modular system is if a single module develops an issue, the battery can still operate on the other module/s.

For ease of installation and to keep acquisition costs down, you'll need a compatible Huawei inverter. Assuming you have one, it’s likely you can get a 10 kilowatt-hour Luna installed for under $10,000. But it's important to note that price doesn't include the Huawei Backup Box, which is needed if you wish to have backup power in case of a blackout.

One of the other aspects of the Huawei Luna is the battery chemistry is lithium-iron phosphate (LiFePO4); often described as the safest lithium chemistry. However, battery safety is as much about other aspects as it is about the chemistry of the cells. It's for this (and other reasons) it's wise to purchase a home battery manufactured by a well-known and established brand; such as Huawei.

For a more in-depth look at Huawei's home energy storage solution, check out SolarQuotes' Huawei Luna2000 battery review.

Given Huawei has enough experience in electronics manufacturing to build a reliable battery system - and a high probability of still being around to fix problems if they emerge - a Huawei battery probably represents a low-risk investment. Additionally, the company has a solid presence in Australia, meaning should you run into issues or just have general enquiries, assistance isn't far away.

If you have a Huawei home battery installed, share your opinions with other Australians interested in installing an energy storage system by leaving a review - click the blue button near the top of this page.

Huawei Solar Battery Reviews

Bought From: Perth Solar Warehouse Show additional information
Bought From: Perth Solar Warehouse Show additional information
10kw system, normally charged by 3pm and last the night. In summer it should be even better
Bought From: Solargain Perth
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Bought From: Westsun Solar Show additional information
Bought From: Perth Solar Warehouse Show additional information
Bought From: Mondiaux Pty Ltd Show additional information
Bought From: Perth Solar Warehouse Show additional information
charges up quite quickly and lasts through the night (in summer). Not sure how we'll go in the winter running the heating
Bought From: Perth Solar Warehouse
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Appears to be working well so far, but these are early days...
Bought From: Empower Solar Perth
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Loving the battery, getting 99% self sufficeny when sunny

Very happy with the whole system. Amazing to see how the battery, PV, Grid all work with our load (via the app). I had a small issue with the battery stopping at 15% left but fixed with a quick call (it was set to that on install), and now I am getting 100% discharge.
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Working well and so happy that I got a battery.
Bought From: Concept Electrical and Solar
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