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Perth Solar Force Reviews

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About Perth Solar Force, Solar Installers

Perth Solar Force is a leading provider of solar energy systems in Western Australia for both residential and commercial applications. We are WA owned and operated with our head office located at 7 Bombardier Road, Wangara WA 6065. Perth Solar Force provides end-to-end solar solutions for both residential and commercial applications.

The Perth Solar Force staff have more than 40 years combined experience in Electrical, Electrical Logistics, Solar installations, Management, Solar Electrical and People Management. We are intent on bettering all of our competitors not only on price but also on quality workmanship, customer service and only using the most reliable quality products. We will never over promise or under deliver. With a friendly customer service team based right here in Western Australia, you can rest assured that any assistance you may need is only a phone call away.

Perth Solar Force offers finance and leasing options for businesses, and can make their solar investment cash flow neutral. These are just some of the reasons Perth Solar Force has been a top choice for commercial solar power in Western Australia. We provide systems that make your cash flow positive from day one for $0 deposit.

Perth Solar Force only uses the most reputable quality products through Australia’s largest solar providers. This allows us to introduce the latest advancements in technology from around the world and gives you a greater range of choice to suit your needs. We accommodate all kinds of requirements, whether it is residential, small business or large commercial, we have solution for every type of solar need.

Perth Solar Force Solar Reviews

We follow up with all reviewers after 12 months to see how their system is going since it was installed. These are all the reviewers who have responded to our 1 year follow up:
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Our system is being installed as I type this email. The salesman was patient, professional and was happy to answer the huge amount of question i had.
The installers are professional, polite and as I type doing a great job.
The installer being a qualified electrician is also happy to discuss the installation as we go.
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We are located 600km from Perth, so finding some one who would do the work wasn't easy. Perth Solar Force (PSF) were the cheapest by $800 for the same system, they even cover any travel for the warranty. Due to our location we went for a bottom end of the best inverter (the only reason for four stars). They were very very help full in planning the system and we were able to get a good idea of the best set up for the system by sending photos by emailed.
I rang a couple of times to ask extra questions and they were happy to answer them all and wait an extra couple of weeks while we waited for an other quote.
They come on the day they booked and had it up and running and checked out on that day. The installation was clean and well finished. I only had to meet them for about 30 min at the start to finalize the install set up. By the time I got home from work they had gone and run through the wireless setup with my wife and lit was a breeze to connect the computer and app on the phone.
After about two weeks we seem to be getting a lot of inverter errors so I sent an email over the weekend asking if someone could look into it on the Monday. I got a reply that weekend and a phone call from there office on the Monday to get some details. On the Tuesday I got a phone call from one of the technicians confirming that there was a problem which he believed would be fixed with a software update. The following day the errors stopped around midday and there hasn't been a problem since.
The system is putting out more power than ever and we would not hesitate to recommend this company.

Well done PSF and great service for remote areas.
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Yes others on your list should not bag out their competitors. Very poor form. Show additional information
Arrived on time. Finished within estimated time. The workmen were a bit unlucky that their boss was sick so had to ask me where everything was to go. Apart from that all good. It means I can use my pol pump all summer and enjoy the pool virtually free. Show additional information
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I did like Infinite Energy and was going to go with them but had my doubts over Canadian Solar panels. I also wasn't able to stretch to Sunpower panels on budget.
Techhaus wanted to push panels even cheaper (but price wasn't cheaper) and the guy didn't offer me too many other options.
Green Wiring contacted me and said they don't do two storey houses anymore but I actually appreciate they were upfront and honest and responded the fastest.
In the end Perth Solar Force gave me what I wanted even though their sales was a little pushy. I got REC twin peaks panels which I'm happy with, install was done well and I have a Goodwe inverter which I'm ok with because my neighbours both have the same. I expect to upgrade inverter in 5-10 years when battery storage technology evolves further.
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Of the three quotes, I chose Perth Solar Force as they were willing to put the panels where I wanted them. The salesperson was very thorough in his explanation and the App he showed me proved that the position I wanted the panels was acceptable. They weren't the cheapest quote but I felt they were the most accommodating.
I feel that I am not really qualified to assess the quality of the system, installation or value for money as I have nothing to compare them to and this is not my area of expertise.
Their follow up was thorough, the installers arrived before the stated time and everyone I dealt with from the company was pleasant, helpful and professional.
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Thanks Finn and SolarQuotes for a great service. The information on your website is invaluable. As soon as i found it i stopped looking any further. I will certainly pass your details on to any friends who are in the market for a solar installation. I am a licensed electrical technician myself so i can quickly spot the BS when i see it and you offer none of that. Even for non-technical people the information available is clear and easy to understand and mean that new customers are well placed to make sensible decisions on size, type and brands etc.. Thanks again. Show additional information
Whilst I did not go with any of the three suppliers you referred me to I did engage a supplier that is regularly provided as one of SolarQuotes recommendations, Perth Solar Force.

Technaus Solar failed to speak to me and provided their quote premised on the detail provided by SolarQuote and a NearMap image. They only communicated with me by email.

I was impressed by the salesman and quote from Green Wiring until I did some cross checking of the quote against the PV specifications. Whislt the quote was for a 5.4Kw system the system would have only delivered 5.0 Kw. When I asked the salesman about the discrepancy they failed to respond to me.

Equally the salesman and quote from Advanced Solartech appeared to be good value but he insisted on having the contract signed on the night of the meeting and would not guarantee the price if I did not sign up. I needed to do some comparative research and am aware the cool off period does not apply to an invited meeting so chose not to proceed.

I decided to go with Perth Solar Force on the personal referral from a friend of mine who had them undertake a recent installation. He received his referral from SolarQuotes. They were able to provide a competitive quote for an equal quality system and were easy to deal with.
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Cheers guys for an awesome job. Nothing beats a non pushy sales rep and great customer service. The installation went smoothly, the guys explained how everything worked and even set up my wifi for me. Keep it up. Show additional information
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Our system was installed today so it is impossible to respond confidently to the question about the quality of the system, since the quality depends, to a large extent, upon its perfoirmance. However, the Fronius Symo inverter seems to be highly regarded and the 270W Jinko panels also appear to be well regarded, and indeed reviews of the performace of such a system prompted us to opt for these elements. Show additional information
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I waited to get my first bill before wanting to leave a review, and safe to say I was very impressed. Thanks to the whole team at Perth Solar Force for giving me incredible service and support throughout the whole process. The installers were very friendly, showed me the working system, set up my wifi, and were very clean - I hardly noticed they were there. This was a no brainer and very happy we went ahead. Would highly recommend them. Thanks Jason for all your help. Show additional information
Overall the experience was excellent from start to finish. After doing a lot of research from a number of companies, Perth Solar Force by far the best. The installers were efficient and professional as was everyone else I dealt with in the office. All my questions were answered and everything was thoroughly explained. Appreciate all your help, and look forward to saving some money. Job well done. Show additional information
I highly recommend Perth Solar Force. They truly understand the relevant technology and market and offer sensible options with clear explanation. Their service (promptly answering my many questions) and installation were excellent. I have faith in the quality of the system but the real proof will be in the actual performance, which I've not yet been able to assess as the system has only just been installed. Show additional information
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Bit of a stumbling block if one hasnt wifi Show additional information
Salesman Will Cucuzza is very clear & responsive to questions before and after installation.

We are also having a 5KW system installed at a second property on 12th September using the same excellent company and their installers.

Will be recommending Finn, Perth SC AND Will Cucuzza to friends, family & neighbours. Best customer experience for a long time!!
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Professional, approachable and contactable from start to finish, and from the sales advisor to the installation person in charge, everyone I dealt with at Perth Solar Force have been great to deal with. Highly recommended! Show additional information
Being pointed in the right direction by Finn made it so much easier, the suggested questions and the ability to sense check what was being done was tremendous. Show additional information
All three quotes suppled by SolarQuotes were very professional in their presentations and in quoting on good quality product (mid range and just above).
The beauty of going through the SolarQuotes website, is the amount of background information provided on Solar Systems and what to look out for, and also that all quotes provided are coming from installers that have a proven track record in the industry - they have been around for a while. Looking forward to having it installed in Sept.
Many thanks Finn and SolarQuotes.
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Installing solar on our house was too difficult, because of the shade patterns and roof shape, until a friend recommended Perth Solar Force. Jason and his team were terrific. Professional, reliable, well priced and committed to getting everything right. Show additional information
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Solar force were very good from beginning to the installation . Glen took the time to explain everything to me using basic explanations that I could understand. Not pushy at all and not pressing me to sign the contract immediately. . Also phone me back promptly when I left a message for him. The installation guys were so polite and very clean. I think my garage floor was cleaner once they had completed. Have not recovered any bills as yet so can not comment on this. Show additional information
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still waiting for Synergy to install new meter Show additional information
Extremely helpful sales person, not pushy and provided lots of information. Installation team were excellent and very thorough, the installation work is a real credit to the company. More than happy to recommend Perth Solar Force to anyone considering a solar installation. Show additional information
I was happy with every aspect of our dealing with Perth Solar Force. The Sales Consultant (Luke) was friendly and not pushy. Everything happened as expected in the time frame as promised.

I was kept informed at all times and 2 days before installation I received a call from their office to ask if I would like a slightly better panel that had become available than the one that was going to be installed for no extra cost. The installation occurred smoothly on 31st March 2017 and all the installers (4 of them) were friendly and very good. I had 24 panels (6kW) installed.

After installation I called the office for help getting the monitoring app on my phone connected to the inverter. The guy couldn't have been more helpful. He was able to log into my system whilst I was on the phone and helped me set it up so I can monitor the system from anywhere I have internet access. Since then I have dealt with the office again with another query that was also very promptly answered.

I had a great experience with Perth Solar Force and am happy to recommend them.
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We went with Perth Solar Force not because they were the cheapest (the came in second from a total of 5 quotes- 3 through SolarQuotes and 2 others I had obtained before I discovered SolarQuotes), but because they were up-front about possible additional costs given our house (2 storey and a steeply pitched roof). The salesperson (Will) was also very informative and gave ALL the relevant information on the first site visit to quote (one of the companies did not fully disclose all relevant information which in turn made us feel we may end up with a few surprises come installation!). The only issue we had was that the installation took longer than the 1 day allowed and they did not come back the next day to complete (a Friday)- rather we had to wait until Monday and because it was the afternoon when they arrived and they finished right on nightfall we had to then wait until Tuesday for the system to be commissioned. The installers were neat and respectful when on site and we needed a sub-meter installed which wasn't quoted for and Perth Solar Force absorbed this cost which was again, a nod to their customer service. I have recommended them to my sister and will also recommend to others as we are overall very happy. On an aside, thank you to SolarQuotes for your exceptional service and follow-up it certainly assisted us a great deal for which we are very appreciative. Show additional information
Sales person was helpful in all our questions on the solar panels. Explained every thing in simple terms .Gave us quotes to suit our pocket. We are very happy with our choice. Show additional information
I am completely satisfied with Perth Solar Force and their advice.
They were my first choice largely based on the high percentage of good/excellent reviews recorded - this was the deciding factor.
Time will determine the quality of the system but appears to be good.
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All 3 supliers you recomended were excellent to deal with and I would have been happy to go with any all of them.
I decided to go with Perth Solar Force who provided me with excellent service and advice from start to finish.
The lnstalled system is producing very good results with much better than expected even on cloudy days.
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I am completely satisfied with Perth Solar Force.
They were my first choice based on reviews recorded. Pricing was the same as another quote.
Great to deal with.
Will was very helpful in quoting and explaining the choices in systems they offered.
The installation was completed quickly and cleanly with no mess to clean up.
There was an issue with the wi fi connection which was quickly looked at and followed up.
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I have rated quality of system as "good" because it wasn't the more expensive system on offer from Perth Solar Force. I have now had the system for nearly two weeks and so far everything seems to be going well. I guess I would be able to say more about quality after more time has passed.
The installer was friendly and diligent about his work. A small crack was made in our ceiling board during the installation process. The installer immediately showed us and explained how it would be resolved. In good time I received a phone call from their office explaining that a tradesman would be contacting me to set up the repair job. This happened timeously and the man has now repaired the damage. I have been completely satisfied with Perth Solar Force from the start to date.
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Yet to have system installed-will provide an update regarding quality of system and installation once its done. Show additional information