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About Australia Wide Solar, Solar Installers

Australia Wide Solar

In 1992, Australia Wide Solar installed the first on-grid solar PV system in NSW, and one of the first in Australia, leading the way in generating renewable energy for households. Since then we have installed thousands of reliable solar power systems for homes, schools and businesses throughout Australia.

Our years of experience installing solar systems have taught us the best and safest methods for installation and our systems are attached to roofs using only the best hardware, ensuring a seamless integration. We have built a solid reputation for finding solutions that match each client's power needs and budget. We have fully CEC accredited solar engineer/ designers with many small and large projects under their belts. Our licensed electricians also have CEC accreditation for grid connections.

As a designer and installer of solar electric modules and systems since 1992, we have the experience and expertise you can count on. We are recognised by both industry and government as a market leader in providing innovative and effective solar solutions.

We can custom-design any solution to suit the needs of your home, vehicle or business. Our experienced team of technicians are highly experienced and are always available to provide ongoing technical support. Each of our systems are designed and installed by a Clean Energy Council Accredited designer and installer. Our Solar Panels and Inverters are accredited by the Clean Energy Council as complying with all required Australian requirements.

Not only do we use quality solar panels and inverters, we have also selected panels that have amongst the highest efficiencies in the market for proven equipment.

Australia Wide Solar can help with design, photovoltaic modules, batteries, wind energy turbines & installation of any standalone project you are considering. Solar photovoltaic is a mature technology with a long operating history, so performance and operating costs are highly predictable when compared to unproven new technologies. We build our systems to last with very little maintenance so a quality Australia Wide Solar system will last for many years.

Australia Wide Solar Solar Reviews

We follow up with all reviewers after 12 months to see how their system is going since it was installed. These are all the reviewers who have responded to our 1 year follow up:
Your site was very helpful in assisting me make my choice of a quality system & to wade through a lot of the BS that abounds around the solar power industry.

Thanks, Andrew
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Very appreciative of all the information on your website and the email updates. Also thank you for providing names of 3 possible suppliers Show additional information
actual installation was quicker than expected. installers arrived on time very efficiant and left everything tidy and cleaned up. in all a wonderful experience Show additional information
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This has taken a lot longer than I thought it would. I was probably naive. The panels took a while to source and then the installation has taken place over a number of days over about 2 weeks. Please note that my install is probably more complicated than most. The panel connection will be completed today. I live in a house built in the early 1900's with a rear extension and access under the house in some areas is quite difficult. I know I have been there. I still need to wait until mid-end November for the battery which is on a container ship somewhere. I added in a Reposit Power management system which hopefully will allow me to sell back excess power at a higher rate during times of high demand. This also required me to "switch" electricity suppliers to one that supported Reposit Power. Not really a problem as I was looking at that anyway but the "5 minutes to switch" slogan is a bit misleading. Mine took over a month and I was leaning on the new retailer because I was on a trial of Reposit Power for selling back power. The switch took so long I think mainly because I had an old spinning disc meter and needed a new Smartmeter before the other stuff could kick in and the old one was only read every 3 months. Even after the Smartmeter is installed it can take 3 weeks for everything to settle down and full switch and meter reading is completed.

Note "nicest sales person" means to me the one that walked me through the major pro's, con's, and possible problems - though more came up ;-)

I am hoping for a return on investment of about 8% P.A. and hopefully that will rise as power prices increase though the line rental is a constant I cannot get rid of at this stage.

It has been a learning experience but I still think it is worthwhile until someone comes up with affordable cold fusion.

An unsolicited plug for SolarQuotes - Although I didn't go with one of their recommended suppliers their website gave me a lot of information and the suppliers they gave me allowed me to make a reasoned decision on how to move forward and the parameters on which to choose.
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The installer will be here on Wednesday next week. However, the supplier will be attending in person - only one other company bothered to do that - Blue Mountains Solar, however they were using a bank of 2kWh batteries which I found too expensive.

One problem I had with many companies was that they were prepared to install whatever I mentioned - despite my repeatedly asking fro their expertise/input. They failed to design a system suited to our requirements - they just wanted to sell product. A very short-sighted and insincere approach.

Australia wide solar have been very easy to communicate with. I'm very impressed with their conception, planning, explaining to a non-technical person like me their design and mentioning ahead of time any otherwise unforseen extra charges/system glitches.
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Great advice, great tradesmen and patient with our queries. Show additional information
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