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About Blu Sky Solar, Solar Installers

Blu Sky Solar

Blu Sky Solar is an Adelaide based company specializing in solar energy and solar hot water systems. They say that they only use products that meet Australian standards, and that their installers are all CEC accredited. The company uses ET solar panels and says that by using a more powerful panel you need have less panels on your roof, with the same output, lowering installation cost, better light absorption and high efficiency. Blu Sky Solar says that their panels come with a 25 year output warranty, and a 10 year materials and workmanship warranty. The panels are IEC61215 and IEC61730 accredited. The company uses Sunny Boy, Power-One Aurora, Xantrex GT and Samil Solar River series inverters.

Customer testimonials for Blu Sky Solar are available, and include the following:

“We signed up for solar and within six days our system was installed. A great experience.”

“The installers did a good job with the installation and were very professional in their conduct and performance of work.”

“Honest no frills and no hard sell tactics were main reason, since sale follow up has been good and installation was prompt, including new ETSA import/export meter.”

Blu Sky Solar Solar Reviews

This company had installed our neighbours solar only about 6 weeks before. The salesperson is a close friend of our neighbour. We had 15 monocrystalline panels and a Sunnyboy inverter. $5000.00 Show additional information
Installed in Nov 2012. The installers were very rough (damaged the roof and guttering and left components behind), unreliable and the communication with Blu Sky and, ultimately, to me was appalling. As I write this (July 2014) the inverter is showing an error message and I may have to replace it for the fifth time.

This would have to rate as the worst, most sustained, consumer experience I've had. I cannot explain why the company has such a good reputation here. I hope I can get warranty work through a different installer/supplier.
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Nick was very helpful - explained everything thoroughly. Couldn't have asked for better service.

We are very pleased to have the Solar Panels and Inverter installed and see it working - our electrical meter is now going backwards!! Now all we need is for ETSA to install the import/export meter and we are in business!

We were very pleased with the efficient manner in which the two young men, Wayne & Dmitry, from RTC Electrical, carried out the installation.

We are very happy so far - just waiting for ETSA.
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It was "pain free" with all applications etc. handled for us. The process from acceptance of quote to change of meter by ETSA was very quick. The sales rep, installers etc. were very obliging and kept us informed in a most professional way. We are glad we used the Solar Quotes site. Show additional information
I was very happy with their representative, answered all my questions and spent quiet a time doing so. He inspected the roof, took photos of the ETSA power meter. because my roof is not that big he suggested 250 watt monocrystalline panels (6) and I was able to change the inverter to a Sunny Boy.

BLU SKY Make all the necessary arrangements, certificates change of ETSA meter etc. they also spent the most time making sure I was comfortable with the purchase.
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Nick from BluskySolar was fantastic all the way through, no question and no system information change or configuration was too hard, and what impressed me the most was the fact I received a change confirmation and price adjustment in writing each time..And this was even before I made a commitment to purchase!!!

With the decision made I contacted Nick and made a time to call and finalise the paperwork. At the time I was told that RTC electrical will contact me directly after they come back to work in the new year on or about Jan 9. I thought to myself sure !!!! more like end Jan !! Happy to say I was very wrong.

On January 10th I receive a call from RTC stating they can come and install the system on the 13th , after pressing a few panic buttons we agreed on the day and the install crew arrived early morning. They install crew were fantastic !! Nothing was too hard !! They were quick, clean, and very efficient. I was given a full run down on the system and its operation before they left. As the inverter was going in the laundry next to my meter I was concerned about the looks etc, I had nothing to worry about !!! The install is a work of art…

The same afternoon I received an email from BluskySolar advising the approval numbers and meter change over booking date with ETSA, no more to do just sit wait for the day.

A 3kw system mounted on a purpose built platform with 10 ET 300W panels a Samilpower 3480 inverter has so far been producing far in excess of its stated average.

Thank you, Solar Quotes, BluskySolar and RTC Electrical for a hassle and pain free experience..

I have no hesitation in recommending Bluskysolar to anyone who is considering a solar power system purchase.
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We found Paul from Blu Sky Solar very genuine with his advice & follow up service. He was a real gentleman & a man who stuck by his word. We would highly recommend this solar company above all others because of their high standards not only in their installation but also their business ethics. Show additional information
Great service!
Easy to talk to!
Gave you options and they didn't talk you in to anything!
Did all the work for you!
Very quick!
Great work :) !!!!
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Would highly recommend anyone to go through this company. Had no hassles from the word go, everything was organised and ran on time and fitted right into the budget. Excellent company. Show additional information
Dear Nick and crew at Blu sky,

Thank you for the receipt and our kindest regards for the brilliant, efficient service and installation of our solar system. We are thrilled with the overall service and assistance we received from Nick selling us the unit to the installation by your friendly, prompt installers. Our recommendation for your company would be gladly given to anyone looking for solar.

Sharon and Tony
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Blu Sky Solar made it so easy for me to understand solar and were so friendly with no pressure, I will highly recommend them in the future! Show additional information
We got faranda solar and electrical, and from the time i contacted him he came straight out,and discussed the deal with us ,and had the installation done within 2 weeks,we are very pleased with the service,and price,we would recommend them to others. Show additional information
I found BluSky to be very solicitous, and they held my hand all the way through the process from initial consult to installation. No heavy selling, and genuine discussion of the options. Solar has been working for 3 days, and performing above spec in spite of shading issues that I need to deal with. Very highly recommended. Show additional information
The salesman from NOW Energy recommended I install Micro inverters but the salesman from Blue Sky said they weren't very robust and that they had recently stopped using them because of replacements frequency. I had a Growatt inverter fitted because both agreed they were acceptable and " Did the Job". The Micro inverter system was around $9K and the one I ended up with was nearly half that amount. I still don't know if I have installed the right system but it certainly cost less than my mates' system that cost him approx $8K or so. Looking forward to my power bill and then I can say more. Show additional information
After doing the research with soalr quotes and other sites and deciding to go with a micro ac system after almost a year since install there was an early failure of 1 micro unit in the 1st month (I had added that into to my original research of the possibility) but replacement was quick and easy. All the information supplied by Kyle and Blu Sky was correct and it has even been surpassed with a full 10 kw generated at stages from east west facing panels. I've had to pay no bills from time of install and no bills in winter (even with the electricity company putting their prices up again) summer is looking like a time for some nice records and no bill shock. Show additional information
Was a little bit miffed when he said he would 'throw in the Bluetooth for me' then when I read up on the manufactures webpage and discovered that all there units came with Bluetooth standard.

Installers did a fast tidy job.

I had a huge headache with the GGG as they came out and quoted me first and put in for my solar credits, then I had to go to the GGG head office with a stat dec signed stating that I didn't want them to do my install!!!
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Still waiting on install, hopefully in the near future. Show additional information
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The main reason I went with Blusky Solar was their promise to install the system within 1-2 weeks of signing the contract. I should have known this was too good to be true. The install instead took about 6 weeks.

The installation contractors were a mess, they came 5 hours late on a Friday so some of the job had to be postponed to the Monday after. They never showed up on Monday and after many calls came to finish their job about 2 weeks later.

Hopefully the system will perform better.
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Blu Sky Solar are hands down excellent. Don't hesitate to inquire. Here's why....

We purchased a 5KW APS Micro Inverter system from them a while ago at a truly great price. In an AC micro inverter system each panel is individually tracked, optimised and any problems are easily identified and isolated only to the panels involved, unlike in a DC system where it can affect the entire string. They work in very low light. Often referred to as an "AC system" they are consequently safer as well.

It's great for our power bill. It produces decent power even when it's quite overcast. It even produces power when it's raining!

APS Micro Inverters also have a 25 year warranty.

No installation is required on the side of the house, just a small Energy Communications Unit (ECU) plugged into an existing wall socket inside. The ECU connects to our home wi-fi. We monitor our system directly with a PC or laptop, it's updated every 5 mins. The ECU also connects to the APS website where we have a personal account that gives us a plethora of info about our system. This includes detailed performance graphs, overall and/or each individual panels, daily and over it's lifetime... even an animation of the panels' energy production over any day selected! Quite incredible. Any issues can easily be identified... to the exact panel, day and time it occurred!

Blu Sky's rep was friendly and not pushy. Blu Sky produced the best panel outlay design and not only were they were quite knowledgeable about microinverter systems when we inquired... they were positioned to supply the system with quality ET panels at an excellent price. All the warranties offered were as good as anybody else's, if not better.

The installation crew were professional and efficient, the quality of the materials and workmanship was excellent. We would give them 5 out of 5 except they made a small change to the original design for convenience sake and we have had some minor qualms as to the impact of these changes. Whilst we are not sure as to the exact amount we are confident it is of little significance (if any) overall. And being a micro-inverter system it is confined to only a couple of panels and not the whole string. Just make sure you are fully informed as to the ramifications of any change to the original plan in regards to shading and power generation.

After service has been great since the installation, which was about a fortnight after signing. Not long after, whilst monitoring the system online, we detected a panel failure and it was promptly and cheerfully addressed. A bit later the ECU failed and APS showed such concern they express freighted a new one and paid to have the old one freighted back.

We were tardy with this review but it's given us a chance to say so far that we have nothing but praise for Blu Sky Solar; in both the sale and follow up service, and are very happy we went with them.

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Very well informed, friendly and helpful from the first call to the commissioning of the system. Very professional operation. Very happy to recommend to anyone looking for a no nonsense system, good price and excellent service. Love your work!!
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Blu Sky Solar were very easy to deal with, very friendly, quick to respond to any questions and understood our needs. I wouldn\'t hesitate to recommend them to any of our friends or family. Show additional information
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One of my panels failed shortly after installation. I phoned the supplier (Blu Sky) and they quickly arranged to have a replacement panel installed and the system reinstated. I had failed to notice that the system was down as the inverter was on the far side of the house where I do not often go . Perhaps thought should be given to providing a monitoring device which could be mounted internally and thus easily visible from a high traffic area inside the house. Show additional information
Still waiting for our first power bill since the installation. Hoping it reflects well. Show additional information
. Show additional information
We had many qoutes most cheaper and some dearer but Brett the sales person was the reason we chose Blue Sky and up to now we are more than Happy. Show additional information
Were very helpful in coordinating installation during construction of new home and completing installation in stages. Show additional information
BlySky installed our system 12/12/12 within 5 days of payment, in the first 6 months our 5kW system has generated over 3,300kW at an average 18kW per day.

Thankfully ETSA took 3 months to supply the new meter so when we were generating the most power over summer months, the exported power was turning our meter backwards and we were getting full value for the exported power. Now we get 75% rebate of the import price for the power we export, but we try to use as much of our daily consumption when the sun is providing our power (washing machine, dishwasher etc) so it is free energy!
Our first power bill was $500 less than the previous bill so the system is doing what we needed it to do.

Wayne only supplied 2 of the 4 LED light globes promised on the website when we signed up, but they work well...
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The performance of the system advised by Blu Sky has exceeded their projections by more than 25%
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Blu Sky Solar made the whole daunting process just so easy, from the initial interview (personal visit in home) to the quotation price, handling the various approval and installation processes, to the final installation by fully qualified local installers. Everything was done quickly and efficiently. High quality equipment was provided at a competitive price. Overall an excellent experience. Show additional information
Have not had system installed as yet but it will go ahead next week. Installers were quick to book job within 1 week of contract signing. Nick from Blue Sky Solar has been a pleasure to deal with - sound advice with no hard sell. Very refreshing. Show additional information
Nick Annese certainly knew what it was all about and offered a number of options to consider. A very professional operation and I was provided with a comprehensive technical package which is clear and concise to understand.

RTC Electrical, who were contracted to carry out the installation, were very courteous and carried out a top quality job.

I would recommend anyone to consider Blu-Sky Solar as their preferred supplier/installer.
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One of the 3 installers given to me never replied. Blue sky Solar answered promptly and sent a rep. to give me all the details etc.It seemed a good deal so I signed up with him.
It was installed a few weeks later and they arranged for the meter to be put in and so far everything seems OK. Will have to wait for Electricity account and hopefully find it is paying off
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Blu Sky were very at attentive and the sales consultant was very thorough and informative.
Installers very professional.
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I complained in writing, with photos, about the poor aspects of the installation. The manager rang me personally to discuss, and offered to arrange for the installers to remedy the items. However, I considered the installation errors so fundamental that I fixed them myself and rejected the offer, given the risk the installers would in fact do more damage. Many customers would not be able to critique installation work, let alone fix it themselves.

This continues to be a 'cowboy' industry, where short cuts are common, particularly in supervision by the certification holders.
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One of the 3 suppliers chosen by SolarQuotes - Blu Sky Solar - did not contact us. Show additional information
It was a very quick process and although we were left feeling a little bit overwhelmed by all the information on what we needed to do the main part of the process was relatively painless.

The before sales service was great and I thank them for that, but I still feel in the dark what's best for us now and feel that more after sales service is definitely required.
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Very impressed - have recommended to family and friends. Show additional information
The salespeople were very nice and came out to the property quickly. The panels were installed fairly soon after signing up. The electricians explained everything about the inverter and main switches etc. Just waiting on ETSA for the new meter which is the weak link in the chain. They can't install until early December so we can't turn on the panels or ETSA will charge us for the power we create because of the digital meter we have now!! Show additional information
We had an architect's drawing of panels on our roof and a large north face with a skylight and chimney. We had a lot of trouble getting a consistent story about what could be done from companies quoting. One company would not visit the site. Two companies visited the site but didn't look at the roof.

We chose a company that checked out what we asked for with their 'technical person' and said they could do it before the end of June. We signed up. Our information was handed over to an installation company.

The installer set a date promptly. An installer came one week before to check out our roof because it was potentially a slightly complicated job. After getting on the roof, installer agreed what we wanted could be done. On the installation date, one week later, a different installer arrived at 7.30am, said it couldn't be done. He advised splitting system between North and West roof. Decided to ring office, do his second job for the day, get office to ring us, and come back in the afternoon. Didn't come back. Office didn't ring back. Eventually at 3pm office said installer who came the previous week made a mistake, didn't know the law, but since he had promised to do it, he would come and do it on another day. I refused to accept an installation the installing company now said wouldn't meet the law. I agreed to have system split between North and West roof. Original installer came next working day and installed on two faces. He was apologetic and professional.

For us, this was a horrible experience. From the beginning we got conflicting advice for companies, from salespeople, architects and installers. I wish we had been able to deal with an installer from the beginning. No-one had the whole picture.

Did we get the best outcome? I have no idea. Does it work? I presume so. We won't know until ETSA adjust our meter in a few weeks time. This is a dreadful way to do business.
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We cannot comment on the performance of the system, as we haven't been connected to the grid, as yet. The sales consultant for Blu Sky was first class with information regarding the system and
questions we asked. The installation occurred promptly and appears to have been done well.
We are now awaiting to be connected to the grid by ETSA utilities.
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Information provided by Blu Sky Solar was excellent and answered all our questions compared with the other two quotes. Installation was completed nine days after signing up and deposit paid. Payment was on completion. ETSA are to install new meter 9 weeks after installation which is okay given the backlog due to record numbers. Show additional information
BluSky Solar was thorough, and when a concern was raised after installation, their customer service was second to none. The guys that did the installation also made mention that of the 6 or 7 companies they install for, in their opinion, Blu Sky Solar was the best. Show additional information
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