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About Skylight Energy, Solar Installers

Skylight Energy

Reviewers report paying: $2,990 - $8,000 for depending on hardware choice and installation difficulty ( how is this calculated? )

Skylight Energy specialises in High Quality cost efficient solar Systems and solar Battery Installations covering the Domestic and Commercial market and stock high end Tier 1 solar panels and Inverters suited to a broad range of clientel throughout Sydney Melbourne and Queensland.

With a dedicated sales and customer support Team covering a broad range of solar inquires and assistance relating to solar Installation and service we cover small medium to large scale projects.

Skylight Energy Solar Reviews

Absolutely Appalling!!

I had a quote of $5100 for a 6.6kw system 3 phase system from another company.

After discussing with Skylight Energy about the specific 3 phase system I was after they quoted me $4850. I accepted the offer and deposited $500 only for the quote to be sent to me stating a single phase inverter. I called him up immediately and he accepted that he made a mistake but told me the quote for 3phase product is $5150. I told them that it was now over my original quote so I don't want to proceed. He then proceeded to price match, I didn't accept the offer but merely told him that I will think about it over the weekend being it a Friday afternoon in which they accepted. I was given an astonishing counter offer on Saturday of $400 off from the original competitor company and I gladly accepted the offer but when speaking with them again on Monday (3 days later) about no longer needing to do business the conversation went into 5 different phases.

They scolded the company I was about to go with and noted they are a Indian based company and not Australian but we are Australians and that company has had issues with the ACCC.
MY RESPONSE: That is a risk I am willing to take, if it goes wrong then the regret lies with me and I would've wished I had gone with you instead.

They wanted to price match it and then followed with a counter offer of a further $100 off.
MY RESPONSE: As much as it is a good offer, I am content with the price I am at and unfortunately I will be locking in with the counter company. I told them they would make a much better profit margin selling their product for the better price that they intended on selling at $500 more.

They took it very personal that I wasnt going to proceed with them based on a $100 pricebeat and the counter company were a "Unreliable, have bad reviews and are not Australian based company" and started to doubt my mental capacity because their offer and their company was far more superior.
MY RESPONSE: Please I dont want to deal with managing quotes anymore due to the fact that it is overwhelming and stressful and the price I was getting was MORE than fair. That anymore discounts on it would be like stealing.

After all had failed the bad mouthing, the price beating and the insulting of my decision they ended up saying "wellllllll your moneys not refundable now so its either take our offer or you lose and walk away from your $500"
MY RESPONSE: I pleaded with them not be be unreasonable and irrational about the situation. They originally took my deposit on an incorrect quote. I am calling less than 3 days from the hour we last spoke on Friday. They acknowledged everything and tried their best to secure my job only to have the audacity to turn around to me and say I am not getting my money back for a service that hasn't been provided for me nor will be. Please don't let this tarnish your company's name.

This is where I heard eveything under the sun. "Mate you can't buy a burger at McDonalds, take a bite and ask for a refund cause you dont like it".. "Mate theres no refund because we're going to beat your quote so its up to you if you want to walk away from your deposit" "You can get a $500 credit, just like a airline company does. They don't give refunds they would give you a credit for your next flight" "hey listen send me an email and we'll chat through there because we are too busy to talk anymore about this with you.. thanks bye" and then hung up on me.

A couple of things I took away from this learning experience.
1. "AUSTRALIAN" or "AUSTRALIAN BASED" doesnt mean the same thing it used to mean to me anymore.
2. Bad businesses with NO compassion or humility DO exist in Australia and this is ONE!
3. The company isn't always what they seem. They were genuine and kind to me during quotation stage, seemed like a generous company but only to show their true ghastly colours and that they was absolutely nothing but a horrific and shaming excuse of a company to deal with at the end.

I hope this swerves my fellow GOOD people looking for honest solar away from this absolute rubbish of a company and towards another reliable company.

Please read reviews from google as well!
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Easier to deal installer.

Sales and quotation is easy and good explanation of the system, good customer service.

Installation is OK, with a few broken tiles and rubbishes left behind. Technician polite and punctual. All grid connection was organised by the installer. Overall is very good company to deal with.
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6.6kW system with GroWatt inverter installed 2 weeks ago

They provided excellent customer service. I have 6.6kW system with GroWatt inverter installed 2 weeks ago for my owned house after recommended for a few customers and they are very happy with it.
They also provide end to end service which I do not have to deal with my provider to change for the smart meter, they take care of everything. Strongly recommended
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Great job

Had great service from quote to finish..Steven did a great job in getting a price we were happy with.

Jean was lovely and friendly and kept me informed along the way. They installed on the date given and the guys were very professional, friendly and tidy can't wait for it to be switched on and see my electricity bills disappear. Thanks Skylight Energy
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Great Value for your Money.

Customer service was great.

Jean is very helpful and very prompt on answering all of our queries.

Installation was done very smoothly and looks very good.
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I would like to thank Carlos for the team work

Again I’ll like to thanks Carlos for guiding me to the best quality. The boys that installed the system. Show additional information

Fantastic sales rep and customer service

I have been dealing with Steven (sales rep). He has done great job. I got the quote on 1st April , since then I've made several changes (almost 4 times) to the quote. Hi listened to everything and amended until I got satisfied with price as well as the equipment. Finally I compared the quote with 3 other companies and decided to go with Skylight Energy.
I accepted the quote on Monday the 4th and made the deposit. I cannot believe that they said to me that they can do installation 7th May. I was so happy that I heard stories from other people saying that they have to chase other companies for the installation. But Skylight Energy is exceptional.

They have completed the installation today (7th May) . The installers and the electrician were very professional and did a fantastic job for me.

Jean is the Customer service staff who answered the phone all the time and prompt responses via email. excellent service.
As the installation completed today , Jean rung me and said that she will send the form for the grid connection by tomorrow. I have a confident that they will do this quickly as well.

I would recommend Skylight Energy for any one who wants hassle free process for their solar installation.
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Quick and efficient installation

Quick installation and process. If you need solar panels I highly recommend Skylight Energy. I can’t praise them enough. Show additional information

Professional Service

Steven, Jean and the team at Skylight are very professional dealing with their customers. The installation was done in less than 5 hours and the quality of workmanship is superior. Highly recommend their service for the competitive pricing.

I went with 20 panels JA MONO SPLIT CELL Solar Panels 330Watts + 5KW SOLIS Dual-MPPT inverter.

Quick, professional and prompt service !
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After almost 3 years still very happy, no problems at all

Overall, had a very positive experience with Skylight Energy.
Back in 2017, the installation team were great, and the process was very straightforward.
My 5.6kW system has 20 x Canadian Solar 280w panels with an SMA 5kW Sunny Boy inverter.
No technical problems at all to date.
The system is saving me 70% of my power bills, so far returning 30% of the cost of the system over 3 years.

Important: Before I could start selling power back to the grid, a new digital power meter was required (replacing the old analogue power meter) - thankfully AGL installed this free of charge.
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Up and going, well informed. Mark our salesperson was helpful and gave great advice

Great service and gave fair quotes with the many varied options that we were seeking. we didn't settle on cheapest but one that gave us a good outcome. Mark our salesperson was well informed and polite. Show additional information

The system works, but its not fully installed

The engagement with Skylight has gone smoothly enough - from consultation, through quote & proposal to schedule. They removed my old 6kw system on the Thursday & advised the Saturday for installing the 10kw replacement. It rained Saturday so they did advise 20/03 for installation. The electrician arrived 1 hour late, but the installers were another hour later. They ended up installing 20/30 panels on the angled roof no problems, but left 10 in my garage awaiting their return. Its the 30th today & I have not heard from them apart from a brief email from the office stating they were awaiting feedback from installers as to when they could return. Isaac the electrician was good enough to connect the 20 into the Inverter & setup the wifi. This all works very well. I have not paid anything apart from the 5% deposit. (Perhaps a delay due to Coronavirus) Show additional information

Installed with no fuss!!!!

Got a good quotation on the product. Was installed with no fuss, just had to follow up the installation after 8weeks of waiting. Otherwise all okay. Show additional information

Happy and disappointed

Amazing salesman, Carlos is very good to deal with. Incredible work done by installers Alex and Craig. The time was the only bad experience from rain and installers being unreliable. The ladies in office, Yasmin and Jean have been wonderful to work with. Thank you Show additional information


I had a great experience on the installation of our solar system.

Steven was very prompt and knowledgeable on what he do. The price is very reasonable.

Need to wait for the installation around 2 weeks or so but I guess thats ok and normal.

Installers are polite and professional. Did a great job.

The customer service is fantastic. Jean did an amazing job in coordinating with everyone. Installers, finance provider and energy provider.

I really never imagined that solar will give me a positive credit.

Would recommend having a solar system as well as dealing with Skylight Energy.
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Great installers and easy to work with but the office is not truthful

Solar quote was for 26 panels which was guaranteed at the time of quote. Only 21 panels installed, full payment made to them and was offered a very poor compensation for the five panels so I told them I wanted the five panels delivered to me. I have yet to receive the 5 panels and will be contacting the ombudsman and making a complaint.

Be very careful and demand a detailed quote not a lump sum quote because they are not truthful.
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Good System - Major headaches

Sales and Quoting was excellent and Steven went out of his way to help at every turn, working on Saturdays to help finalise the scope.

And that's where the service ended.

Once you have committed with a deposit, nobody wants to know you. I had to chase Skylight Energy almost non-stop for not meeting their commitments. Originally scheduled for installation in November, we were delayed to just before Xmas. Ok, no problem. Then I get a call asking if I would be available on January 15th for installation! After being told there would be 3-4 weeks after payment in October, this was too much. So after a strongly worded phone call, the installation happened before xmas... Ok.

To be fair, the installation looks great, performs well and was a competitive price, so no complaints there.

Only to find out the wifi module was not installed, so no mobile monitoring for us. And again the chasing began. This drives me mad, because everytime I call them, they tell me not to worry, they will sort it out (and call me back). Nope. I always end up chasing them again for answers.

These guys are tiring.

But the system is fine.
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Happy with the service and recommend!

I am happy with my exprience. Sales went fine. All my questions/requests were addressed. Salesperson was polite, prompt.
Installation was on time and without any delay. They did a good job.
Customer service was good and received all the help necessary including the connection to the grid.
Overall, I am satisfied with the service provided.
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They were late on installation however the install went through ok. Could they be better YES but I can confirm all these solar companies do not have their own Accredited Solar/Roof/Electricians.

Sales were fine
Installer could not be bothered doing the install and delayed me 3 weeks. Not that this is a show stopper. Finally got another crew to do the install who did not bother looking at the original design we agreed on and told me it would be better to put all the panels on the west roof when i had ample space for at least 10 on the north. They did the install but I could tell they were not really very experienced in doing the entire job on time as quoted originally which was 1 day. Took 2 full days and that was me doing some work with them to help them out. Long story short would I use these guys again. The answer is simple I feel I know more than the company doing the install minus the accreditation and license and labour skills. Anyway the install was finished and everything works as it should and the after sales was fine. Also I setup the Fronius Inverter and then configured the web interface on my own. Thought it was part of the install but again like I said I feel I know more than them.
This entire Solar game is a complete fraud if you are interested in buying come and see me give me your accreditation for solar and bring me a good crew I could sell the product and with good help could do a better job then all the companies who quoted me.
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Very happy, would definitely recommend to my friends

Had a very good experience with them. Starting with a great sales person, very prompt and polite customer service to professional installation.
The panels I ordered initially were out of stock, but the issue was resolved quickly and I got a free upgrade to better panels.
Installers didnt leave any mess for me to clean up

Customer service people sent all paperwork to my energy provider.
Very happy with all aspects of their work.
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Fantastic service, prompt answers to my questions and would recommend skylightenergy to friends.

Very prompt
installation was punctual no mess for me to clean up and very polite installers
yes they will send paper work to my energy provider
over all very good service
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Highly recommended

From the get go to the Feed-in tariff stages the information from Steven (Sales) and Jean (Admin) was excellent. Very professional, they do what they say they will do.
Skylight Energy has provided us with excellent service, the installation went well and we were generating solar power from day one. All in all a "Great Experience".
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Terrific group to work with. More than happy

After 2 other members of my family and a friend have had Skylight install their systems and sung their praises I decided to also go with Skylight. I researched the quote given with other suppliers just to be sure and found the price very competitive.
Quoting was quick easy and accurate.
The installers were punctual, polite and did a very professional job, cleaning up well after themselves.
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Quick and easy

Referred by my brother in-law. Seen Carlos and team. System got installed on a timely manner. Great system. Producing Great output bill has gone from 550 to -220. In credit now with origin. Show additional information

Quick Efficient Installation and Helpful Responsive Admin Staff

Skylight was referred to me by my brother-in-law, who had a solar system installed at his house for the past 10 years or so previously, so he knew what to look for this second time round for his upgrade. After satisfied with the installation of a new Siren 6.6KW system about 3 weeks ago, he referred Skylight Energy to me, and I went ahead with the same size system. Installation was carried out today very smoothly, no incidence, and not one broken tile. They arrived an hour earlier than expected. All team member were friendly, knew their function, and went about it professionally. They left the place nice and tidy. Show additional information

Very pleased with professional installation.

Skylight Energy were very responsive and followed through with all arrangements. The installation was very professional. Show additional information

Good customer service and great pleasant installers

My experience with Skylight Energy has been friendly and honest, The time from begin to complete install the system was only 3 weeks.
All paper works was went easy and smoothly without me to chase it up.
Installation was done professional by their contractor. Commissioning was 35 kw on the first day
The administration staff (Jean) were helpful and friendly.
Highly recommending Skylight Energy to anyone looking to install the solar system.
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Everything I expected

After calling several solar providers to gain more insight into understanding solar and a system that would suit me all i got was sales talk and the offer of a cheap system not information. Carlos at Skylight talked me through various options and i settled on a Qcell/Huawaei 6.6kw combo which i am extremely happy with, which hit 35kw output recently. Installation was a minor irritant with rain affecting times & dates. Installation was quick and without incident. My expectations were low and I came away more than satisfied. Show additional information

Solar installation with Skylight Electrical

I went with this company because I considered that the product was good as far as the equipment can go in relation to the price offered.
Second reason is that I payed the advance fee and after four days I wanted to cancel the contract but the guy from customer service replied that they already did work for the job and they won’t reinburs although the cooling period was 10 days. Be careful with this if you're planning to pay upfront.

Everithing regarding the installation went smoothly. I asked the installers (contractors) if there is anyone in the team acredited but no one was able to confirm that...only the electrician was qualified...
As I have concreate tiles they only broke one tile and they put silicone on the broken piece to fix it without informing me about the issue.
After installation I found a full hand of white small cable-ties on the grass in front of my house, a couple spots of silicone on the pannels, two pannel fixings loose on one of the pannels.

So far there was no issues with the system...
The installers came on time and finished the job very fast with no dramas.
Not a good experience with the customer service as they were a proferssionaly the best in the far. Hard to get information from them, all confusing and dificult to deal with in some extend.
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Tradesman very good and everything went well

Everything went smoothly. Tradesmen were on time. Everything seems to be working well. Show additional information

Joyful Experience

It was pleasure to deal with Skylight starting from Sales to Admin to Logistics to Installation and Commissioning. Jean was on the ball and kept me updated all the way including invoicing and payments. Needless to say, I am totally impressed with Jean's professionalism and commitment. Jean took the time out to arrange the meter upgrade works well before the installation started.
on the other hand, the Gem Installation staff were great and professional in their work and made and impression by removing all rubbish and leaving my premises very clean.
I have no hesitation in recommending Skylight Energy to anyone looking for their solar system.
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Fantastic installers.

Very happy with installers who were very friendly, tidy and professionals.

We were not very happy with the customer service provided for the fact that not only the installation dates were deferred due to weather reasons but also that “we have back log so we have to push your date back”, 3 times in total.
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Easy installation (No DRAMAS)

A very fast easy and smooth installation from from skylight energy.
I got a 10kw system with sungrow and The longi 315 panels the sales staff was very friendly. Yuri explained to me everything about solar and how it works, I was very happy with the customer service, cheers mate the system wiped out me whole bill mate?
Top Auzi installers did the job in a week's time for me after I signed up 10 out of 10.
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Excellent Solar Company

Excellent company and great investment! Carlos is very professional and helpful. Very pleased with the customer service. The installers are experienced and very courteous! Super happy with the performance of the system! I will definitely recommend them! Show additional information

Excellent solar company

Great experience from start to finish. Steven was very helpful and the installers did a fantastic job (clean and tidy). Would definitely recommend Show additional information

Fuss free service

We have now had our solar installed and connected to the grid for over a month and are very happy with the service provided by Skylight Energy. The quoting process was very easy to understand and all our questions were answered clearly and promptly. The installation process also went very smoothly - the installers were happy to move the inverter a short distance from the meter box to a more sheltered and less visible position. Very neat job as well. Grid connection proceeded without us having to chase it up. Show additional information

Great job and no hassles!

Our experience with Skylight Energy has been professional and honest.
From Sales to Admin to the installers - everything went 100%.
No rubbish left behind, the installers turned up on time and did the 12 Kw installation in 7+ hours
They installed good quality rated products and at a reasonable, competitive price.
Very happy!

Gary Johnston
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I have had an outstanding experience with skylight energy. They have installed the German Q cell panels on my roof. The installation was fast and SMOOTH, and now my house is generating free electricity. I am very pleased to have done business with skylight energy especially Carlos who sold me the system. The q cell panels generated 28 kW on a cloudy DAY, on a sunny day they normally generate more than 30 KW. EVERY day I am so happy because now my electricity bill has been reduced by a substantial amount thanks again skylight energy regards Aaron. Show additional information

Excellent service from start to finish.

Skylight did an excellent job for us, I am very pleased with the service we have received. The Installers did a great job very neat and clean very professional service. Cleaned up after the installation no rubbish left behind. We got the Canadian panels installed very happy with the performance of the system so far even though its winter cant wait to see how much it will generate in the summer. Staff are very friendly answered all our questions over all extremely happy with this company and highly recommend them thanks. Show additional information

I took them to the Tribunal to remediate poor installation resulting in damages/loss and won

Negative feedback is hard for any business owner to hear. However, I am providing this review in hopes that the company looks at it as an opportunity to push themselves to be better. My feedback allows others to be aware of my personal experience in trying to get these issues resolved over a period of a year. The rigmarole from signing up, to having to chase up the business who had moving goalpost installation dates, to the ceiling/roof damages, to the incorrect installation, and the remediation of the same was a very unpleasant experience. The services the company provided was not with due care and skill. Even though the solar panel system is functioning better than before, it took the lodgement of the application with NCAT to make this happen.

I would not suggest anyone use them. I live in NSW and they installed 20 of their 310 W panels to form a 6.2 kW system and had their GoodWe inverter. I had a leak in the master bedroom ceiling which stained. The roof tiles were cracked and although I provided replacement roof tiles, there were more roof tiles which cracked than could be replaced. The Installer simply caulked them without letting me know. The installation was not up to Clean Energy Council standards (based on a Tribunal recommended Solar Audit). I lost the Solar Financial Benefit which one would have normally expected to receive for nearly a year (until the Tribunal requested that they remediate the damages). Even after the Solar Panel System was rectified and the roof tiles replaced, I had to still continue the Tribunal hearings to recover the damages/loss. The Tribunal found in my favour.

When you sign up with a solar system provider, make sure you ask for a full written quotation and contract before signing up, including:
* The total price of the system
* Proposed start and completion dates
* Specifications including quantity, size and output of the solar PV panels as well as the inverter specifications
* An estimate of the average daily and annual electricity output of the system
* Estimated production in the best and worst months of the year
* Warranties and guarantees
* The responsibilities of the respective parties, such as the solar panel retailer and installer, your electricity retailer etc.
* The solar installer's policy on them breaking roof tiles.
*Ask the company to put in writing that they agree to use a CEC Accredited Installer
* Check that the solar contractor and/or tradesperson is qualified and/or licensed to do the job by checking it on the Fair Trading website:
If you don't do the above, the "Department of Fair Trading" will do very little for you. You may even lose if you take it to Tribunal if you don't collect this information upfront.

Supplier Reply

We sincerely regret any problems that this customer has had but please keep in mind that this was 1.5 years ago with installers we no longer use. In addition the customer had a terracotta tile roof with limited amount of spares provided. We have done our up most to lift the quality of all our installations in the past year as evident by our excellent recent reviews. Show additional information


I purchased a 6.6 kw system with a Goodwe inverter 21/315w Longie panels (They actually installed cheaper less efficient 22/300w Trina panels)
Paid my deposit in April was told it’ll be a two week installation(Took 10weeks)
Day of installation I was told the system was to big for my roof (Had to purchase optimises to make the system work efficiently +$330)
Installer broke roof tiles. Was told it’d be to hard to replace them because of the position of the damaged tiles (I paid a qualified roofer +$350 to repair)
Received my first power bill and found out the the system isn’t feeding back into the grid at all (+$550 power bill)
I have been ring and emailing Skylight Energy almost everyday. The Standard response is “I’ll call you back within the hour with a solution” (Which hasn’t happened)
Been in contact with Fair Work Australia trying to get this $8000 dollar disaster rectified.

Supplier Reply

The system was sold for $4000 not $8000 with the customer already receiving a $400 discount. Customer has terracotta tiles which are brittle and break easily. He had no spares as what was required as part of our terms that he signed off on as part of contract. Customer hasn't had full quarter with smart meter following install to see full benefits. Show additional information

Excellent company

Our whole experience with the company was excellent. Everyone was very professional. The administration staff were helpful and friendly. The installers were efficient and clean Show additional information

A solar company with excellent customer service and real product knowledge

The sales team has the expertise and knowledge. Carlos and the Team at Skylight Energy are (In my view), the best in the business. Pleasant yet professional. They know the products that they offer and would listen and understand your requirements without being pushy.
Pricing is competitive compared to other solar sellers. Their panels are the best in the industry (Canadian Solar), which coupled with a German engineered SMA inverter would give you the best of both worlds.
Installation was done professionally by their contractor. Commissioning was seamless and coupled with a call to SMA Australia I learned a lot more about solar systems.
I would highly recommend Skylight Energy to anyone needing a modern and quality manufactured solar system.
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Great pleasant installers did a great job

Quoting was informative and detailed each product.The installers were on time explained what the system to me tidy and neat electrical work and the customer service was good Show additional information

Very Professional. Great customer service.

Sales process was very professional.
Construction of my house was delayed. Skylight Energy held my quote unchanged for 12 months.
Customer service follow up was always helpful and polite.
Installation went smoothly.
Skylight handled the whole process, including grid connection and meter from my provider.
Would happily recommend Skylight.
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Great to deal with..good customer service i got a 5KW system ..they came and installed the whole system within the time frame about two weeks after I signed up .. I would strongly recommend them. Show additional information

Efficient, neat work and good communication

Communication was a little slow in the beginning, I made clear what I wanted and the type of electrician who will give me a good job and that’s what I got, electrician was great. Communicate well, was gentle on my roof. Work was neat and in timely manner with no rush.
I was very satisfy with my new 6.5 solar installation. They follow true with the right brand of equipment.
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Good Installer

Steven is very professional to deal with. Customer service is a five star! I highly recommend Skylight Energy to anyone who owns residential or commercial property. Show additional information

Great solar panel system service from start to installation very happy customer

Great product service from Maria and Carlos over the phone, we had Scott and Moses install our solar panels very tidy work ,very polite highly recommend Show additional information

A good job well done.

The sales team were informative and punctual without being aggressive at any stage. All my questions were answered fully. The installers arrived on time and carried out a very neat job efficiently. They were polite young lads who cleaned up on completion of the job and answered any questions about the system. Customer service is very good and they are dealing with the paperwork required for the new meter installation. Show additional information
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