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Mastervolt solar inverter reviews

Rating From Single Review:

Mastervolt solar inverter reviews

Average Customer Rating:
( 2.00 / 5 )

Mastervolt is a solar company established in 1991 and headquartered in The Netherlands. The company, to guarantee its customers all around the world an efficient pre and post sales assistance, and to strengthen its international presence, has set up several offices and branches all around the world including the UK, Germany, France, USA and New Zealand.

The company specializes in the manufacturing and marketing of marine and motive solutions; in the photovoltaic field, Mastervolt supplies solar monitoring systems, solar system design software and solar inverters with a power ranging from 1 to 30 KW in the Soladin Web, Soladin 600 and SunMaster ES series.

Mastervolt’s solar solutions can be used both on grid and off grid, meaning that they can also be used in remote areas for applications that are not too energy-demanding.

If you want to find out more about Mastervolt’s line-up of solar inverters, just browse the products listed below to find the ones that best match your needs and requirements

Rating Comments Name State Postcode
In 2013I bought a Mastervolt XS3200. Thinking: it is produced by a Dutch company so service would be close at hand. But this was a deception. When the inverter started making strange noises a few months ago I tried to find service. The Mastervolt dealer wished me good luck because Mastervolt was split up and sold to American investors. Now they redirect former customers of XS3200 to this new company called: All they did was recommend to buy a new inverter. Being an electronics engineer I was curious and had a look inside before I threw the thing out. I was shocked by what I found inside. It reminded me of a 3rd world favela : wires running everywhere, cardboards, improvisations upon improvisation. I can imagine that by splitting up this company and leaving former customers to sort it out made someone rich very fast.
Bought From: Inverter Review Supplier Name Withheld Review Date: 9 September 2017
Herman SA 5524

Mastervolt has 14 solar inverters in our database

Model DC Voltage AC Power Efficiency
ES3.6TL2303600 97.50
ES4.6TL2304600 97.50
ES5TL2305000 97.40
XL3300100-600 3300 96.00
XL3301100-5503300 96.00
XL5000100-600 5000 96.00
XS2000100-450 150095.70
XS2000 (SW)100-450 150095.70
XS3200100-600 2500 95.40
XS3200 (SW)100-600 2500 95.40
XS4300100-550 330095.60
XS4300 (SW)100-550 330095.70
XS6500 (SW)100-600460095.60
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