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Based on feedback received in June 2023 as below it appears ALS Engineering Pty Ltd may no longer be around.

Reviewers report paying: $8,100 - $11,000 for depending on hardware choice and installation difficulty ( how is this calculated? )

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No solar, no contact, no point

Chose ALS as we wanted Ozzie made panels.
Paid $9500 towards 10k system. Tried to contact to advise we were ready for install but no email, no phone. Searched web for details. Informed ALS no longer trading. Will pursue with ACCC as two payments of $1000 were accepted by ALS AFTER the liquidation date. Tut tut boys!

Panel rating: 1/5
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What a disaster, If I could give zero stars I would

I paid my deposit in March 2022.
I went to great lengths to decide on ALS Solar. I liked the whole Australian Panel spiel etc.
Here I am in June 2023 with no panels, and seemingly have lost my deposit because ALS have disappeared. Websites have been shut down, phone numbers disconnected - and absolutely zero contact!
I had been chasing a follow up as recently as 2/6/23 when they sent me a text message saying they will contact me shortly.
Complete rubbish.
I've had no less than 15 install dates that have either passed with no one showing up, or I was given some bs reason as to why they needed to reschedule.
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What Installation - After Twelve months NOTHING !!

Discussions with sales staff were excellent. That's where anything good stopped. Order was placed in June 2022. Installation was scheduled for August 2022. When this didn't happen I contacted them and was told that it was delayed due to a supply problem from SolarEdge. Over the next six months this story was repeated whenever a installation date passed without installation or I asked for reasons. Finally I was advised that the parts had been procured and was given an installation date which passed without results. I contacting them and advised that if didn't happen I would cancelled the order. Two days later a crew turned up and installed the guide rails, but no panels. I was then given a definite installation date which passed last Tuesday without results. I sent an email cancelling the order but this was returned as the address was claimed to be incorrect. Checking the web site I couldn't find a new web address.
Since ordering, the experience has all been bad.
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Ripped off

Paid $2000 deposit and was to be installed early December 22. They called me and told me they were having trouble finding installers. Finance company emailed saying now your system is installed money will be directed debit from bank account. Stopped that. Rang als to get deposit back and was told they could do it in a fortnight. No thanks I would like my deposit. June 7 email from another company ALS has disappeared
Inverter rating: 1/5
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System not fitted yet but best combination of quality parts and best waranty I could find

ALS quoting system was excellent and quick
Installation not fitted yet but due in next week or two
Sales and follow up to date excellent
I will be following up next week to check on install date
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Do not engage and stay away!

Worst experience ever. ALS solar (ALS engineering) would not return my money. Had multiple delays over several months. Installation dates were rescheduled because of no-shows or was sick or had forgotten (how?) and whatever the next excuse was. My family and working life to accommodate their incompetence became too frustrating, I had to get lawyers involved. DO NOT engage with this company. STAY CLEAR. There are multiple clients that have experienced the same. My case has settled and can now offer my opinion and review. No-one is above the law.

Supplier Reply:

Hi Michael, we value your feedback as our business is constantly trying to improve its service to our customers. I do find it rather frustrating you slander our business without mentioning to actual facts. ALS Solar notified you that there was a nationwide shortage of supply directly from the SolarEdge manufacturing facility and that this was delay your system being installed. This supply shortage was felt by every single solar retailer in the Australian market and was completely out of our control.

We offered you the choice between an alternative solution which was available and could be installed straight away or a delayed install date and you would be installed as soon as this material become available as per our terms and conditions. You advised us you didn’t want anything and hung up on us while we were trying to resolve this matter and we then refunded your deposit even though it was against our contractual agreement. I feel deeply saddened to see your review after everything we did to accommodate you during a national material shortage in the middle of a global pandemic.
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Awful experience

Installation was very slow. Battery installation took three attempts, and is still not right. Once the contract had been signed, communication from the company was almost nonexistant. I am still waiting for a response to my last email, after 3 months.
Panel rating: 5/5
Inverter rating: 3/5
Battery rating: 3/5

Supplier Reply:

Hi Paul, we appreciate you taking the time to post this review. Unfortunately, your system was delayed as this was at the start of COVID where we had staff and contractors calling in sick. We would really appreciate if you updated your review as your system has been resolved and fixed and has been fully operational for over 12 months now.
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High quality service with Australian made panels

Australian made panels from Tindo drew me to ALS Engineering then the quote provided two recommended configurations rather than a range of 4 or 5 from other quotes with little but price to choose from.

It was a premium price but I believe it to be a premium, long term system.

The process was professionally handled by polite, friendly, can-do tradespeople. Care was taken to minimise disruption to neighbours. I'm very happy with the installation. In particular I still have safe access around my roof and the visual impact is nil. No rubbish was left behind. They even integrated my existing panel into the system.

All communications with suppliers and authorities was handled by ALS.

Congratulations to ALS for a job well done.
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